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194 - The Nearly Infinite Lives of Frank Chen

2021-09-15 | 🔗

Frank Chen is here. Frank Chen is here. Frank Chen is here...

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Age, every greener here thinks one: begin to everyone who signed up to the night fail patriotic and also all of you upgrading your membership the summer. We cannot do this without you if, putting our show is something you are able to do right now and you want to get cool things like directors notes for each episode. writings from me and Joseph from before we even made Knight veil regular zoom hang with us and even an ad free night, veal, podcast feed check all of that out, patriarch dot com. Such welcome to my real. Also, if you want more fiction pot ass from us, the new season of within the wires starts October. Twelve. If we have not heard within the wires found audio from an alternate twentieth century timeline. Each season is set in the same world, but each season is also its own standalone story, so you can start with the news,
season. Six. This October, which is a ghost story, told through biomedical journals or the season one it's a prison escape told through relaxation cassettes- are season three, a political thriller told through Dick to phone recordings. It's your call, that's within the wires dot com or just subscribe. Wherever you get your podcast, you probably have a dealer. Ok, that's it enjoy! This episode and hey thanks Hey Jeffrey trainer again, so I have three cats Reba, Carroll and bury, but today I am going to focus on bury berries, lawful, evil, she's, the boss, she's the law, and she has a story rule about when we eat and when we sleep and when we play unfortunately she's a little tyrannical at times and because she looks like a ten pound panda bear. Her first little iron fist routine is super adorable berry. Why I use pretty little pretty literate,
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top of the news, Frank Chin, that's right! Back in November of twenty twenty judge, Chaplain issued a ruling in the case of the family of Frank Chin, verses fail. This really required that the towns of night fail and the sheriffs secret police returned Frank Chin to his family. Exact, the as he was on the day of the murder. If they did not come I within one year the family of Frank Chin would receive full ownership of the town of night veil. First, the sheriff tried cloning, Frank, but that was ruled to not fit the requirements and then They tried using a time machine to retrieve a living Frank Chin from the past, but that ended making a real mess of the timeline which we are still trying to sort out, me and Michel winner cousins. Now somehow anyway,
tariff, announced today to a room of rapporteur. It was me I was the only one there- that they have finally, finally gotten Frank Chin. Judge Chaplain issued a request for everyone to meet her in court. Saying oh yeah right and ok sure we'll see more soon, but First election season is coming up, and so with his time to talk about your civic responsibility. Remember here and now fail. We are a democracy and ever gets one vote There is only one vote in the entire city and it represents everyone- and dismayed by the voices deep in hidden gorge. please remember, don't do anything Trying to vote is illegal thinking. voting is illegal. Reading up on the issues is not illegal, but is at best crap.
and we'll get you sneers engineers at all. The finest country. Clubs The voices in hidden gorge have our best interests at heart, and we trust them a good citizen. Do your duty do nothing and he didn't gorge this reminder brought to you by the dairy farmers. Association of Northern Wisconsin and a word from our sponsors. Today broadcasting is brought to you by the last bank of night veil, the bank. You can trust their slogan carved in marble over their front door. Is we were here for the beginning. We shall be here for the end and, if that doesn't, if you feel like you're money, isn't safe hands. I just don't know what will the last May if they fail, is proud to present the fall fair, which will be taking place on the grounds of the night, build elementary school this Saturday, their will
carnival, rides, carnival, games, carnival secrets and carnival dark tunnels leading to carnival caverns. There will be men and overalls whose arms are thick with matted hair and whose smell of old cigarettes. These men will leaned against the metal frame of the fairest, we'll laughing in thick hacking. Coughs, lung spent and sputtering. There will be a woman sitting in a car at the back of the parking lot looking, finally in the distance and crying, although she does not know why she is crying, and she will think that soon she will be born a new, although she has no idea why she should feel this way. Also, there will be a raffle first prize of this. Raffle is a ninety. Ninety two Cadillac Eldorado Second Prize is a set of stick knives third prizes you're fired. Thank you to the last bank of night fail for what sounds like a delightful civic affair, tariffs, secret police have arrived in court with their Frank chin.
The man in the courtroom certainly looks on the surface like Frank but he is in many other ways very different he's where fedora caught at a jaunty angle, has a pencil thin moustache and is smoking a hand rolled cigarette bon jour. No, he said judge, chaplain and winked what the chaplain said exactly is happening here. Sheriff Sheriff SAM said yeah. So this It can only speaks italian. This is in no way our frank, shouted paycheck. Representing her family come on this one is obvious. It does in pretty obvious said, judged chaplain yeah, ok said Sheriff SAM. This one is in our best work, but you have to but he has some kind of Frank Chan, scuse me because I had at all francs to the sheriff the judge.
Thanks your gavel obviously not know. She said out the sheriff drugged and lead whatever version of French, and this is out of the court room May collapsed in her chair from exhaustion and false hope and the months of waiting and thinking. Maybe this time, maybe this time, hated herself for losing control in public and hated herself for having herself, because wasn't it ok to be vulnerable? Fine, she said although no one had asked I'm fine now, the children spun fact, science corner today. Let's learn about astronomy. First, there are planets these can be green or orange or blue and any size from miniature up to. Gotta have it we ourselves live on a planet which is called Hugo. I mean That's not what we call it, but we are.
the only ones in the universe who have named it and sometimes it's nice to get outside of your cultural box. Then there are doors these. very hot, and if you tried landing on one your feet would start melting in your parents would get very annoyed with you. You're getting melted feet all over the floor and didn't I tell you not to go walking around on stars. Then there is the void This is most of it. Almost all of it is just void, there's not a lot to do or sea and the void. But there is a law of distance people. Really underestimate how roomy space it's. If you, looking for privacy sometime you yourself, you could definitely do worse than space Finally, there is you you are part of space,
strong farmers have named you Nimbus heretical pride, which is name, even if it wasn't what you thought. Your name was, and I think that about covers astronomy. This is, in the children, spun fact, science corner I've done some looking into the Frank Chin situation which I mean I sent an intern to do some looking into the breakfast situation in Jessica Charles was sent with a list of questions to the office of the sheriffs secret police. Now I thought Jessica would just wrong off the list and asked them to send answers over to the radio station at their convenience. It seems instead, she, ignored her duty and poked around trying find out secret, and he didn't information now entered Jessica, that It's not what journalism is
Journalism is asking officials, questions and then printing ever they say as though it were the truth. If we were gonna start trying to find out what actually is true, our work will never end anyway, in turn, Jessica found a door that glued with a bright purple, darkness and gave off a home that scrunched the skin and flickered the eyes she stepped bravely through the door and found herself scattered across several universes at once. She He had time. To briefly call me, and let me know what was going on just as her very being was torn across a thousand worlds, and she simultaneously entered every possible moment of space and time to the facts. Lee and friends of internal Jessica, Charles. She was fine She did ok
It's been better interns, but we can all be the best that aside. This is interesting in for me, because I think I know exactly where this Frank Chin came from. You see there are infinite, possible other worlds and it seems that the sheriffs secret police have opened a doorway to all of them and plucked an alternate frank chat. One who apparently likes the doors and only speaks italian judge. Chaplain is not gonna like that. we're on this soon, but first, the can unity calendar this Thursday, Frank Chin, the owner of dark I'll records will be hosting and eightys night. So you're over. Seventy nine and under ninety Go Boogie your little eighty, something you're old heart out for
the afternoon the school board, headed by Frank, Chen with Frank, Chen, Frank, ten and Frank Chen in attendance will consider whether pudding children in forever jailed because of a concept we made up cold school lunch debt is a good or a bad thing. Sunday morning, frank trend will be leading a jogging group at Groove Park. Put on your choose and run like something's chasing you, because who knows something might be Saturday, you beg the like bill. Cinemas will be showing a quaint and guarantee no retrospective from early work, like toys, Laurie and a bugs life. All the way up to his recent masterpiece, frozen two film scholar, Frank Turn will be on hand to provide introductions and context for each film Monday is free Apple day at the farmers market, don't ask why there free said market manager, Frank Chin, you wouldn't like
the answer and finally, Wednesday will all be hiding. Don't ask why, think of it as a fun games. If that helps, as long as you hide all day, this spend the community calendar. Okay, so as you might have picked up on something in that last section and if he didn't dump your bad, it was very subtle, I, only noticed because of highly trained and keen journalistic instincts but it does seem that he merely infinite amount of frank trends are pouring out of the doorway to other worlds and taking over life around our town. There are. Frank chains from worlds of disturbing robot wars and sanctions from worlds where material goods are shared equally and frank trends who speak French, so many frank chance
yet we ve got a real mess in her hands and it will take us a while to sort all of these ranks out. While we do that Please have a listen to today's weather, yeah
the fact that it is their job,
so your pulling down there has now been your blood
those green jobs due to the bath. Always when we set the pace ass, it were
what. All of the franks had been placed back in their proper universes, thanks to the dedicated work of the night, failed Department of Sanitation or They might not be in the correct universe for them, but at least are no longer in our universe, which is the important thing these francs.
have scattered back through every possible plein of existence, living different lives, making different choices, a nearly infinite variation on the theme of Frank, Chen one Frank, but a subway franchise did lost, during one of the many once in a lifetime financial collapses in his lifetime, He moved in with his brother, took too Painting late at night, the only ever sold one painting at a local art, fair where he had on a whim, rented a table, the woman who what the painting loved it very much and pass it on to her son who pay it away in a closet and forgot about it. One Frank was the president of the United States? this basically universe where each of us is the president. So that's not that surprising for Is it? Ok, president, these pretty good speeches and everyone likes the presidential parakeets, but his power
see platform of war on trees, complete deforestation now is a little more controversial. Frank, was a composer for movies. He never composed for anything any one would have heard of. He must We scored tv movies hallmarks. Staff or reality shows specials about cute cats, mind it was I'm interested in artistic respect, mostly here being able to play his instruments and get paid for it, one, for was a park ranger who gave tours for children, show then the poor tracks of local animals and teaching them what to do. If they ever got lost in the woods, you should cry, he would say sometimes it's good to cry and you'll feel like you want to you feel like you want to cry: you should do it here. other advice, of course, but he did want it clear to them that they could always cry.
One Frank ran away from home. Is a teenager moved to New York changed his name Life was hard for a long time. Then a little easier. It was never completely okay, he had to run away, but he had to escape but he found a life for himself, and that was enough for him. Baker. A longterm patient at a care facility, Grad student in design and architecture, a mayor of amidst eyes, city of three of one of zero dead at twelve, Twenty at thirty seven at fifty four at eighty never died and never will of these francs spiralling out around us every possible frank in every possible world and not a single one of them is our Frank chin.
The one person that all of this, as has been about- and it was the only one fully absent from our story. Judge Chaplain- is very displeased enough. shenanigans. The judge said You have one and a half months before November. First, if you can't do this by then the chain family gets to own. The town. Fair is fair The trends themselves have not indicated what they would do with the town if they owned it. DAWN, Chen has suggested just Donating it. For the tax write off well know how I feel about our town being taken away from us, but, as the judge said, I suppose it's their stay to next for aid low boom.
From somewhere far beyond the horizon good night night veil, goodnight welcome tonight fail is brought to you by progressive. Have you tried the name your price tool, yet it works just the way it sounds. You tell progressive how much you want to pay for car insurance a day will show you the coverage options that fit your budget. It's easy to start a quote and you'll be able to find a rate that works for you. It's just One of the many ways you can save, with progressive get your quote today at progressive, got, come and see why four out of five, New Otto customers recommend progressive, progressive casually insurance company in affiliates price and coverage match limited by state law.
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