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195 - Silas the Thief, Part 1

2021-10-01 | 🔗

The prisoner reveals his secrets. (Part 1 of 2)

The voice of Silas is Jonathan Atkinson.

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wash your hands before you touch me. I don't like the way you fuss over me. I never have I'm not what you think I am, but to taunt care You only see what you want to see and yes, fine. Yes, I'm sick. And I appreciate your attention but call someone with the medical degree. Wrapping your arms around me and sobbing isn't helping either putting your hands on my face. just an infection. Its mild, also. I have a fever and
not digesting my food very well, I'm old older than I should be? I'm not supposed to be here, but you wouldn't know that Would you even care if you did trap in this prison, its humid all ways and the lighting is poor. Actually, Those are the nicer qualities of this place. It smells of urine and worse, but I do. Thank you for feeding me every day I used to eat finest restaurants, Sandra Van and I went to elbow ye one summer in process we ve dined at keen to kneel and w de fifty and white rabbit? and the naughty Sawa. We had an ear. One hundred dollar bottle of Bordeaux Adorn, who you in Buenos Aires
It was not the most expensive bottle of wine we ever ordered, but it was the first. Unreasonably priced bottle Some plan said Silas, it's too much and I said: counterpoint love, it's never enough. She smiled when the glass was poured, but it was one of those tight, polite smiles. You did her for that. I wish I had told her in the moment years pass and people die and disappear, and you never have the chance to tell them what a difference they made in your life, how much each truly despised them, but in Buenos Aires. I said nothing
we were still flying high from them. We say on ass. You are now living outside of this in Santiago. Have you ever seen? Ludovic deadlines paintings? Of course you haven't. Look at you, you ve probably never even left night veil, let alone the country. Well, if you don't know death, man he's a german impressionist, there's a real van. Both essence
His work a simpler mind in fact might assume that what you were saying was of on both, but it is not dead. Man's paintings were far less pretentious. He valued color over form, which accentuated natures true face, rather than the rigid techniques of says, an or the dull I'd blobs of data. I was rude, I like Sazen, and they got just fine bungle to adore them, in fact, but I never stole one of their works, so perhaps it's just sour grapes. Could I get my hands on a Ludovic Batman? I could I did as some plan and I over indulged in wine that cost perhaps more than you paying rent deadlines. oil painting picnic.
Hidden inside the attic of a body cables demanding Condo condo was owned by an american investor named, Curtis Schwab Curtis Schwab does not, exist. He. and his money and his paper work were manufactured by some plan. She was very good at manipulation that wits, I dont say which derisively by the way. Well I do a bit but also she was literally a witch. Thought. The whole thing was ludicrous. First, it was terrible carts, Ben palm readings, then chart and tinctures, and send recitations she's top celebrating Christmas and instead wanted to honour solstice each December. And June Equinoxes too,
I haven't gone to mass since I was a boy, so I shouldn't have cared, but it was the prince People of the matter to me cry Miss is Christmas. regardless of your thoughts on Jesus, is the time of year we have all agreed to honour, giving and family and love it, is a time for gathering together eating and talking sometimes loved to point out how selfish and limited my world view was. Who is that? All who agreed on Christmas, who counts as getting to decide she would ask But so what I Christmas is beyond religion. It just is silence. I'm plan would lecture me. Sir. This is important to me It means something to me spiritually what
does it matter if you celebrate in the exact same ways only under a different name? I went knowing she was right. Only a few days apart, it's just the way she said it should. Taking something for me just to take it. She was always doing that. I recognize it at first, because reading I t leave, seemed harmless parlour like newspaper, horoscope or picking up, A key penny rich Rules are good, yes, but effective scientifically provable Absolutely not Who was a fool to doubt that which she Are you to the sun? Sometimes she prayed to the trees, sometimes to the universe itself.
She asked for things like alignment. I told her. She should ask for a key code to the tape, moderns vault and she scoffed. She always scoffed at my jokes. They're. Just jokes, I would say, semantics she would reply, but before the occult, before all of them, before I got put here trapped in this awful. place this pit of despair. Or my body turned on me before you don't on my every movement, my report heartbeat. did. I mention that I appreciate the attention you pay me, but I also resent it. I do not like how close you come to me. I can smell your breath, Before any of this were happy, brilliant,
We were thieves and we were very good at it. there's, no one way to steal and artwork Every thief is different, The gallery is different every security detail different I can only tell you how I would steal and artwork how we would I can tell you this now because whose Two. No, I don't Look the same idea. have the same name. Anyone who knew Silas well enough to arrest him thinks he's dead, Silas was last seen at the J P, Morgan Library in New York City. Was only there as a visitor, mind you and then taking a train to Maintop long island from there Anyone who cared enough to look would have accounts of me hiring account to a cottage along the beach and after but nothing
maybe I escaped to Europe or Canada. maybe I threw myself into a cold and turbulency somewhere on a rocky shore. Maybe I was murdered well off. those assumptions are wrong. A story is much worse. Please don't touch my legs stop, stop it. I do not like that. Before taking you I know you are only trying to help and you not understand me, but do look in my eyes red my body, language know that I do not like your touch and, after all, these years imprisoned in this terrible place. I still do not trust you. Did you understand me just now you like, oh, thank you.
you should watch that cut. I just gave you in cold water. You should also get some antibiotic ointment for your wound, not feeling well, which eyes but do. Touch me ever again. Where was stealing artwork? Yes, while some plan was a master of forgery. I, was a master of disguise. The skies mind. You is not about costumes and make up Those are important tools, of course, but skies is about motion. you carry yourself. If you move with confidence, if you speak with confidence, people will believe you or better yet they won't have to believe you, because they won't even notice you first you go to the museum
reconnaissance, You dress like a common tourist, don't to interested in the art, not that anyone, thinks you're going to steal the art, but act to fascinated with a painting. And someone might talk to you you a big Kandinsky fan too, they might ask Now you have a witness someone who remembers your face, someone who can talk to the police later find the work you want study the quick, or least objectionable egress. Also, where wig and glasses. Nothing gaudy it look normal and natural to anyone standing near you A baseball hat is also okay, but only in America or Canada pay close attention to how the dose and stress When you return to the museum go on a busy day, this
that will have less time for questions on a busy day dress. Like a doesnt, you should be able to get all the materials you need at any chain. Clothing store aunt. forge a name tag. These will allow you to get into the back halls of the museum. make a mental map, particularly of the places. Doses aren't allowed Many of the off limits offices will not be locked if they are The locks are common and easy to pick And personnel files for security find out, who patrols at late hours. learn their names theirs. Supervisors and do if googling before you show up for work as a museum guard. Sometimes you don't even have to go this far. You can actually bribe someone to assist you sometimes multiple people
a phone call, a thousand dollars and a more account go a long way. And that How you steal in artwork. Your mileage may vary. Every job is different completely different in fact, its harder than it sounds, but some plan- and I made it seem easy and it wise it had gotten hazy. Minnow opt minor was the one who gave us the assignments not really so much boss as a benefactor, We didn't have to accept every job. some seem to dangerous or didn't pay Very well, or both minor wasn't offended. If we said no, once a month on the teeth. To be precise, ice minor. Would call with a proposal. our airfare first class
our hotels, five star our car rentals, luxury, black Sudan's and suvs. These reservations were made under false names and before we left on any trip, we would receive a package with fake passports and visas. I know also centres, forty per sent payment up front, an advance, Then, if we failed the payment still hours to keep my I considered it an investment minnow was. A model benefactor wheat stood him fully. I wish I had not. But for about fifteen years everything worked perfectly. We pause
a four thousand year old indonesian charm in Tunis, we walked out, the front door of the gallery and Sydney with France Fond meet his masterpiece. We sway. A strata various from the violinists apartment in Manhattan, while she it was in the kitchen making breakfast. Some plan a neighbor, quite a team on Myths could never be correlated with level too far. to widen array of objects for anyone to notice are patterns. Some plan would hide the prizes in various bear that their she owned across the world. And then she would deliver them to minor for the rest of our payment. We, you were happy. until minor, wanted a Louise Bourgeois from us oh sure garden in Dallas, I did not want to take any sculpture. I could not carry in one hand or hide in a bag
some ten insisted we take it. She Door Louise Bourgeois, but we don't. get to keep the art some plan. I argued We steal it from minor and then we get paid. We are not collectors. I didn't care She just wanted the opportunity, if only for a couple of days to be in possession of a bourgeois original. to have the experience she said, and I said no again and again It was a ludicrous plan from a ludicrous woman and though She argued she knew that this was my business. We equally. Split the money, but she was not the man in charge. I was the man in charge. I propose. quitting altogether we plenty of money we might even have enough to buy a bourgeois of our own.
We certainly had enough for some plan to buy her terror. decks and man did crystals and books of spells. She could be as which, as the day is long for all, I cared Why risk it for an object? We couldn't lived without hiring others to help and the or people. You know the more who know you and I dont want anyone. Knowing me son plan, it unsafe sheaf round. it was a frown. I hadn't not seen before and the next morning she was gone. Oliver things were gone too. I followed her I should not have, but I did. I knew She had gone to Dallas. I knew She was going to take that sculpture and I try to stop her from making a fool of herself and of me
watched the museum every day never saw her enter, but one night I saw her leave debt on a journey. I had seen the police arrive without lights or sirens I had seen them surround the facility I had heard a shout, then a gunshot, then several gunshots and I ran into the street ass. They wheeled her out. The police forced me back, but I saw her bullet to the head and chest. A detective nearby mumbled to another that the suspect opened fire on officers first. I didn't believe that for one second, but there she was
dead and gone that I believed I left before the cop started, asking me why I looked so interested, as far as they knew. I was just an overly curious pedestrian. On the drive back to my hotel began to reign hard I didn't even turn on the wipers. I let the windshield smear and observed how my ability to see was dependent on the weather.
Building walls and pounded. But where is the note when we're done, you will leave wordy houses for awhile, where no one in this way is trust between their trail. Sad Brown, God gave me wailed whispered the fields too weak to resist both dragonettes through replaced our forests with swords inland bills to ensure a steady growth. We buy their drugs. So why do we say when I can stir? I knew I was gonna. Do this bad guy baffling gladly watch.
Bravo. Minor didn't reach out for six months and then On the nineteenth of the month, he called the month after that, and so on. I didn't take the calls I was too busy thinking about sometimes death. It took off. Two years before I forgave myself, it wasn't my fault.
She wanted her own life, sap from my fine, She got what you wanted. She got what he deserved. I helped her. She me too, but I showed her that path I lifted her from the dirt and she thought that men she could fly. My nose monthly cause continued. was two years and three months I finally answered and agree to take another job on one condition. I told my now that we get to meet in person and My no agreed hours later I landed a J F K, a car took me to the Saint reaches and the next morning I visited the Morgan, and by early afternoon I was on a train to mine, talk. in a little cabin on the beach
run down and unassuming. I saw my now for the first time. There was no art work in the home now Even on the walls except cracks, stains mine, was standing on the back deck looking at the water. argue that morning I was confused, disoriented, and when my new turned around I gasped it's hard to imagine why it was so surprising, looking back It seems obvious. It was some plan the whole time fifteen years of our perfect life, she was mine. Now she faked her
she did it to get away from me from my selfishness. Might massage any might narcissism, but she missed me, I told myself. This is why she kept calling me she still loved me. But how can I believe this
She mocked me in my skill, aided me pretended to be my woman. Instead, she was by puppeteer and when I saw her eyes spit on her, she didn't move. She didn't change expression. She said what you try again. I would- and I did this spit landed right across her deceitful lips. She lifted one hand and without even touching me, I was cast into the air across the deck and plunged into the gray frigid waters of the Atlantic. I tried to swim, but I couldn't I was certain. She was drowning me pulling me under my lifeless body, never to be found Then I heard her voice. Won't kill you Silas I dont want revenge.
You to learn, and your first lesson is to know what it's like to be alone. Even when you live under the care of another understand, it all went black, then there was lights, dull, flickering depressing light and tiled blue walls and the stance of urine, maybe my own- and I became this this I hate this. I hate you to leave me alone. Stop putting me stop. Finally, stop putting me I am sick and there's not a thing you can do about it. Wait I do I thank you for taking care of me
It's not your fault that I am here. It's it's my fault. You leaving Already know, don't go. Ok, you're gone see you tomorrow. same time,. And my name is Silas not parsec! Ok, ok, Welcome to my fellow sponsored by better help online therapy. Talk therapy has been amazing for me having someone to not only listen to me, but who helps me. Listen to myself. Listen, you're feeling depressed are struggling with relationships are having differ, but he's sleeping or meeting goals better help offers online prefer
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