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19B - The Sandstorm

2013-03-15 | 🔗

A dangerous sandstorm threatens Desert Bluffs. Plus, baseball opening day, a look at financial news, and Kevin finds himself in a strange new place.

Weather: "Eliezer's Waltz" composed by Larry Cardozo and Ron Fink, and performed by The Ventura Klezmer Band venturaklezmerband.com

Music: Joseph Fink

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Produced by Night Vale Presents. Written by Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor. Narrated by Kevin R. Free. More Info: welcometonightvale.com, and follow @NightValeRadio on Twitter or Facebook.

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with your supplies are limited, welcome to desert Bluffs good afternoon desert bluffs. This is Kevin. Bringing you all. Your news and good spirits were another gorgeous day in the bluffs, but before get you comfortable. There are some news about that gorgeous day, we're getting than a sandstorm is moving in toward us. Authorities are telling us that it is a duty and that we should all stay indoors Nothing to worry about just stay out of the way it was oh pass. As with life, and, as with all things, it will pass the sun will be upon us again and it will be like two mornings in a day: yes a two morning day, a rebirth reawakening. What do you think of that,
Is it laughs In turn, Vanessa did point out that sandstorms can do a lot of damage to cars and if you have access to a garage, you should bring your car in all get those pets inside desert bluffs. We don't want all those cute little puppies and spider isn't baby raccoons getting lost out in sandy breeze. Bring those loved ones inside. Ro factoid for you TED are staff. Whether man says that no one really knows what causes Sandstorms God, he thinks or maybe they're just big gusts of wind that carry big things of sand. How much do you think there is in the world? There's got to be a lot, art of sand who even counts at all, while big since today, desert Bluffs big questions so Keep your radios tuned in here.
I will bring you all. The latest reports from today. Sandstorm and how you can make up for all this last time hiding from nature is taking away a lot of business productivity, desert bluffs, but I'm sure you'll find time to get done. What needs to get done? You won't discipline your town her home, I even you so now the time you cowering from the weather, gay and will work, that time back into your schedule, great and listen get all that time in before the weakened, because this Saturday, its baseball season again desert Blue, says just a great team. This year, new manager, Samantha figures is not only the first manager to get hired straight out of business school, but she also be is a powerful ethos of teamwork. Fun Andrews fancy. Last year's sunbeams team had some excellent games, but they spent
a lot of time just sitting on the bench with nothing to do, because only one person gets too bad at a time. This season Fijians play is to keep her boys active with customer orders and accounts. Receivable spreadsheets baseball is not an individual sport They're, all in it together has figured says, it's not about winning and losing or who you're playing its about, building the strongest possible team brand The sunbeams also welcome a new owner in twenty thirteen strikes, upset or incorporated. Look around you strength. Look inside you strikes, go to sleep strikes believe in a smiling God strikes Corp. It is everything. Let's have a peek a traffic. The highway departments, as all roads are running smoothly, smooth roads smooth
concrete, smooth tyres, the slow undulating buzz of cars over slight hills, hard time streets, gently gliding us all to our jobs back home, the beat beat beat of society's healthy heart, as we all play parts in its exquisite by oh. I'm getting one report- that there are several stalled cars in the northbound, boundless of root, eight hundred near exit, sixty six, police or on the scene dealing with fist right in the middle of the road. Now I can't imagine why, in a beautiful town with so many kinds of yogurt stores and pony stations, anyone would want to fight his neighbor. So Hopefully that gets cleared up soon with the song and I want to thank all you listeners for your calls and emails. The sandstorm came to town more quickly, unexpected
Lawrence Levine out in the edge of town development called in to say that the sand was like sand, but slightly different that if you touched it, you could feel it twice Lord said he took a scoop of sand into a soft right hand, and it was as if he had to write hands He then held the sand with both soft poems and felt for hands like one of them, foreign gods or radioactive for armed dear. That seem to be attracted to the new strikes. Corp distributions enter. Lauren said he was making a sand angel, and then he saw himself. He said he just walked right up to himself and started making two sand angels, he said it There are two of him just making sand angels and that he would happily double his sand angel production. Today he up the phone laughing like Vanessa had never heard him laugh well. Thank you Lawrence. That was a useful report.
In turn, Vanessa also tells me she's keeping an eye on Facebook to see if our other neighbours have any news of the storm. I see. Grandma Josephine posted a photo of a lovely bouquet of white lilies outside her door. Very pretty, oh, look at this video Vanessa, this cat, just jumps in and out of boxes. That is adorable Vanessa. You treat that to me. Let's have a look at financial news. Our kids are jumping today, really jumping the markets are up and down, but then back up again like gravity in our fight to break it. The violent force of impact ground to heal. He'll to Shin Shin to me and then back up again, muscular might threat of flight A young boy heels his wounds as quickly as they form jumping and pounding in hitting and soaring. He read Skyward, the drift of the body disconnected from its earth gives the flutter of
it's not just on the back, but in the belly moment between knowing your mortal bound the ground and then dreaming. You have weakened the great power to fly like that hollowed out rodents, knowing clog our skies with feathers and fluids. Moment of knowing and unknown conscious. List the boy sees all that can never be applied. Is returned to the flat hard truth. He sees himself other as they should be seen as his equals. He gives the jumping one more go, but the magic is gone. Another none one more for old, time's sake know it. Never be the same. Well, maybe one more still
he jobs and jumps and jumps. The jumping makes a sound like thunder like drums like steps. Soon he is old. The ups and downs even the memory of the magic. They have replaced nostalgia with creaking painful bones. He is old now still jumping. This has been financial news. This just in Desert Bluffs Mayor Packard Mitchell has declared today Sandstorm day. Massive sandstorm has already damaged several apartments and malls in the northwest part of town, and it seems to me on course, for even more costly wreckage. So Mare Mitchell, announced that we can all take today off of work today. It is a city wide holiday. A second announcement- Coming from a man that looked and dress like the mere said that we can pick up some of our last hours. By teaming up with our doubles, the two joy,
together for an inspirational call to work together with these magical dapple gainers is this true desert bluffs? If so, what a blessing and wonderful event to bring us doubles of ourselves. I stuck inside doing a job. I very much love, of course, but if I were you I would run outside into the sandy afternoon air and try to meet your other. How exciting so make friends with you. Mirrored colleague, desert bluffs. Think of what we could accomplish There were two of all of us, oh dear. What was that noise Vanessa. Is everything ok, they're Vanessa, who you talking to Vanessa? Oh, there are two of you: what are you Oh you're, building a new shelving unit living with that, I'm coming in there, let's
an important message from our parent company. Got something to say need to say it unfulfilled. Never. Make sense of what you are. Were what you will be unfulfilled. Do you forget sometimes about your own skin, your own, hair or other, whose hair and skin make more hair more skin, we you need more hair and or skin unfulfilled. Are you satisfied with it, or do you see it all? what room are you? What room do you want to be helped It is your room: filled Have you ever set a thing inside your brain then sent it to your hand, to move a pencil to write it into symbols onto a paper which used to be a tree?
and then use your eyes to translate those symbols back into the thing just said inches away in your brain and then reset it with your mouth into an ear. This year. Was it unfulfilled. Ever eaten things that major think differently, breathed things. Unfulfilled, feel things felt things are you strikes Corp. Welcome back listeners. Some bad news and some Good NEWS, Vanessa, and her other Vanessa broke one of them, parts of the new shelving unit and I don't think we have anything to replace it. One of the Venice cut her head pretty badly when I went in Vanessa, our original Vanessa withstand? in over her with a stable gun and a clean, wet rag, She also had to be a print out of an email from one of our listeners. Well,
I presume he's a listener. I've never heard of him. He claims to live a night veil. I had no idea those folks down a nightingale could get our tiny little radio station Vanessa. How wonderful you know in all my years. I have never gone to night veil. I bet it's beautiful, really! This whole desert is beautiful when it comes right down to it. Why would you ever leave desert bluffs? How big, get better really I wouldn't risk it so Eve rights, this sandstorm is clearly a cover up I've. Leave. This was a government created project? The government has long been participating in cloud seeding, experiments and let me I'll, be right there, Steve Carlsberg, you have Seating experiments and let me stop right there, Steve, Carlsberg indeed covering up their involvement, or should I say
lack of involvement in this sandstorm honestly, I don't think the government even knows how to orchestrate a project of this magnitude and of this quality you a well run. Private business like say, struck score that has not only the faculties and materials to execute a massive of geological psychedelic storm, but to do so expensively and without tax dollars? Why without strikes and companies like it. We would. Why, without strikes and companies like it, we wouldn't have treats regulated, behaviors or ensuring for your email, Steve, Guy and with that listeners, let's go to the mind look at that listeners. There's a white. Almost vortex that is formed along my studio wall.
Listeners word spare me. It is so beautiful. I can't leave you as our show is not yet over, but there must be something beyond this something desert. Bluffs I must see what it is. I must go I will try not to belong listeners. I will try not to be lost hello,
hello, night veil. What is this studio? What is this damnable studio night veil? I do not know if you can hear me. This is Cecil and I do not know where I am. It is clearly a radio studio, but the walls are covered in blood and instead of dials and buttons on the sound board, there is just animal viscera glistening under the green algae delights, I hope this microphone works. Am I in Hell Dana Can you hear me listener? If you can hear the sound of my voice, please contact the sheriffs secret police. There is so much blood. Knit is seeping into my shoes. There are
oh masters of us all, no teeth scattered across the floor. The window into the control booth is shattered and there is a swamp of skin and a fistful of long plumping, a hair hanging from a sharp. The last point I do not know does even night veil. I know that I can hear the sandstorm raging outside. There was a. Buzz and deep palm that might my own heart ready to tear itself from my chest in horror or grief. I cannot know which There is a photo, a single photo of a man on the desk. Here he is wearing a tie. He is not tall or short, not thin. Or fat his hair and knows are like mine. But his eyes
His eyes are black as obsidian and his smile it is not a smile, he must be, wicked this man, dear night veil, please pray in your blood stone circle for me and pray to that. No one should ever have to meet this vicious wreck shovel man I want to be home night veil, oh see so- The four tax The vortex is still there, but here It is white: ok, dear listeners,
from this vile vial place. I leave you to your prison, but before I go because I am a radio professional and it is sitting right here on this blood spattered desk, I gave you the weather
hello, there, desert bluffs Kevin again, I told you. I would be back I don't know where I went, but I think that I met my double the taxes gone now, but, as I was returning passed a man, a man who looked just like me I smiled and said hello there friend I have this man and he hugged me back. We shared a moment in this other world. I am Sure to wear that spiral of space and time took me nor through where I travelled, but I am certain that there must. Be more to us than just us and that their another place. Another time we're Things could have been different better worse, but let's not think onwards. Could then I am just happy I'm alive, I'm happy. My other is alive. You are alive. We we we are alive, outside the winds are subsiding.
Doubles have left us as the sand has left ass. The sun is rising again, just as it is. Our second son collides the sunset, reflect on this. Let us reflect on our lives where we will be tomorrow lost our other selves desert bluffs, but we gained new perspective tomorrow. We'll wait again work again live again. We are home. All of us together. My mouth. Your ears. We have each other. It is always until now Time does bluffs till next time
Welcome to desert place is a production, commonplace books. It is written by Joseph Think and Geoffrey, cleaner and produced by Joseph Bank, the voice of desert less is Kevin. Our free original music by Joseph think. This episode, whether was Ellie others waltz composed by Larry, Cardoso and wrong thing and performed by dispersion, find out more at desperation, dot info. We would like to thank our desert, Bluffs Intern, Adam Tunnels, who is just the best and is also super great and was also killed in an unfortunate accident. What to have your music featured in the weather section want to contribute your towns to the show, just want to say: hi email at night veil at commonplace, books, dot com or followers on twitter. At night, veil, radio check out commonplace books, dot com for more information on this show, as well as our books on me, a new story, ideas of each people craft and what it means to be a grown up. Today's proverb step one separate your lips. Step two new spatial muscles to pull back corners of mouth step. Three widen your eyes,
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