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202 - The Day After the Day

2022-02-15 | 🔗

Unfortunately, Valentine's Day has happened again.

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Hello, let's do this, the night fell, live tour were so excited to get on the road. This march, we're going all over the. U S, the UK and Europe people sometimes are like, but the UK is part of Europe and warlike now that this new script is such a joyous thing to perform It is entirely stand alone. You do not need to be caught up or even have ever heard. The pot cast go to welcomes that fail, dot com and click on shows they feel merged. We are constantly Working to get new night fell things on a store that are beautifully made. We only work with a small handful of trusted artists and you can ask any of them. We are picky. We go through a lot of drafts. Give a lot of note because we only want things on our store that we ourselves would be happy to have see
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we tried to prevent it We tried to avoid it. We I'd to deny it to pretend that we did nothing. Maybe pass us by, but Unfortunately, for the first time in five years Valentine's day has happened again. I know that all of US survivors must be rattled. Barely hanging on gaping but the sun and disbelieving the light, but no That you are not alone You're all survivors Valentine's day is behind US
a choice. Have we but to try to put our world back together to move on from here What choice have we but the continual some time time which is simultaneously merciful and without mercy. Drive the bad toward us, but also Sweeping it safely away into the past Valentine's day is over now the recovery begins, but first the new The sun has risen now this not seem like news to you owe it does that Every day you tell me- Do it tomorrow and the day after that, and the day after that, you pedantically lecture, but thinking bout. What a miracle that is the disk us big object, without which there is no life without. which there is merely barren rock floating in a great nothing
the sun returns to US day after day, like depend double mother, coming home from work, in the journalism business. There is a lot of focus on the negative and the rare, for instance, airplanes. We report, even the most minor of mishaps that occur in commercial flight, but do not report on the FAO. Since of successful, take off and landings every day. The common success is not news the vanishingly. Rare failure is. As a result, you might get the impression that flying is not safe, but that's an incomplete picture. The truth is that everything is not safe flying is just part of everything. But the sun. We don't
port on its successful rising in setting, and so you think it common or often don't think of it at all. Ah, but here you are analysed, reporting on something common and positive. You say really testing the limits of my patients, because you have not. Let me finish the sun, has risen today, but it will not tomorrow you think a plane crash is bad. Just wait. Has been the local news. in international news wars, probably I mean usually right also trade trade is very important because that is how numbers go up and if numbers not go up, You got worse
There are also trees, of course, internationally and nationally, but less of them that before we like trees. This Not for the tree sake, it's because it turns out, we need trees, and so we like them before you observe, take our leave. Internationally speaking a thinking global level? Now, like really big, there is politics, politics, is the art of the possible I'm sorry, I miss Red P, politics is the art of explaining why nothing is possible, even though almost everything is seems like a real mess. absolutely into me. But what do I know and a politician. The import thing is to think globally, but act locally. So about, for instance, Antarctica Cult
rights, but act locally, locally, it's pretty warm thought even to desert so go for a swim in your friend Le Peters Pool, thinking about Antarctica and that's how will really make a change. This has been international news my window, I see only destruction of any at all. who was waving at me, announcing a big aye, aye Liane. I like it, today Yad matches pursues its very cute. But other than Leon. The only destruction, a teetering a crumbling the hollow remnant of the land. Remaining brick of the empty field. Where, once there was This destruction exists in our hearts as well. Every
loss in the physical world, is reflected ten times in the memory of everyone who bore witness to Valentine's day, and has been so much loss. We each of us a whole of mirrors, exe financial icing every little hurt until it overwhelms. Today is the day after the day all mark store is an absolute wreck. The whole mark elves, are trying to sweep it all up, but they look exhausted. Some the mangled by what happened more soon, but now traffic. Once there was a town, it doesnt matter, which town accepted those who live there, for whom it mattered quite a lot, the town had roads and houses and three schools and to Wendy's
The two when these were both on the same side of town. No one knew why the What is that this town wasn't especial town? It was just a town which is. This a bunch of people, most of whom didn't know each other living in a space that had been defined by people who had long since died, and yet the peace let this town, they felt something about their town. It wasn't pride exactly but it wasn't an absence of pride either. Like a sense of belonging. the town was them and they were the town, and it was arbitrary, but it was theirs and though it mattered to them, because in the grand scale not much belonged to them. A bit of grass or gravel, the walls, the sink or two and the idea of this town, so they felt protective of what they had
eventually the town ended. Whole towns eventually will It was not dramatic when it ended. No one even had to move the town was swallowed by a larger city. Now it was just one neighborhood in a city with eighteen schools and five Wendy's, although the windows were still very close together and no one knew why The children who lived in TAT town felt some loss at the change, but their children didn't, their children's children had no idea that the town had existed for them They belong to the city and the. Did. He belongs to them it was arbitrary, but it was theirs, and so It mattered to them. This has been traffic. I know our daily audio puzzle. as usual, you have six attempts to guess at five letter word I'll tell you. what letters art in it there is
be? The d, a g I ever see, ellipses or boom lots to disappear, meant of your insufferable writer friends. There is no m dash none of the winding characters or their nor any of the ancient nordic roots. There is the egyptian hieroglyphs. That's a detailed portrait of a pin, tailed duck. It is position five, so think about where to that end with a little duck picture There is no oh. is a! U! But it's not in the word. It's just nearby, the sixth That is why, but it is the silent and invisible as a hint the meaning of the word is grandly, but foolishly, as in the style of a sixteenth century, jester. Ok, We have six guesses, good luck, This has been your daily audio puzzle.
The city council has declared a state of emergency from a beat resort in Bermuda, which is very. As they should go with the Nightingale emergency plans, see they shrieked it's written right here in the event of a catastrophe. The city council must immediately go to a really nice, like at least four star resort. In Bermuda, I pointed out that they were the ones who wrote those plans, but I was shouted down by their many voices. Only council member. That stayed was, of course, the intrepid to MECCA Flynn who manage the blood donation programme for the injured she this by repeatedly stabbing vicious librarians with a harpoon, while He tried to wrap their tendrils into the jaws around her. Then click. Think that blood and handing out in little supply bags marked fresh blood with a smiley face. She really is so considerate, Fortunately it appears that Carlos and
The bond were totally safe from valentines, policies, more of of Saint Patrick, stay. Guy and Esteban, is you know, a four year old as for me, I did what every night bill citizen is talk to do in the event of Valentine's day I ducked and covered held on tight to the nearest table leg and screamed. Oh no, oh hell! Oh, please, oh and over until it seemed like things had settled down, now a word from our sponsors he's broadcast is brought to you. It was given. You did nothing to receive it, and yet here it is doing Think about what was required for this book cast to reach you, I'm not just my hard work nor the work of my producers nor of station management, whatever it is they do inside the caverns Dave Doug beneath their off
nor of the interns who sacrificed time and other things The cause of Europe momentary Diversion no eat. is also the labor of the steel workers who made the girders for our tower. The engineers and day workers who constructed it patricians who made it seem with radio waves. All of these people brought this broadcast to you, do you feel grateful who you often feel grateful. Today's broadcast is brought to you think and this has been a word from our sponsors- wreckage upon wreckage
We walked through a street strewn with boxes of Troy, click, send red crape and shattered buildings asphalt buck under the seismic expression of yearning hearts. Each thus has been effected in our own way. Jackie Fierro, says that her pawnshop has been inundated with Teddy Bears and she doesn't think shall ever be able to sell enough of them to find the structure of her shop again, it's buried under a good. four miles of them. She sighed leaning, on the hood of her two thousand seven for deaf when fifty six Sultan present the night Bill Community College, who is a fist sized river rock says that she suffered severe injuries during the disaster and cannot heal
because she is a fist sized river rock and so has no healing capabilities. My niece Janis said that the just three of middle school crushes, which she keep under desk, no longer afraid of its secrets, but enjoying it as a memento of adventures. Past anyway, she said that the registry burst into flames and The only prevented my sister's house from burning as well by grabbing the registry with their bare hands and hurling it out the window. In the process, her hands were burnt quite badly and she is attended to at Nightfall hospital. They tell me she should make a full recovery suit. Also she accidentally through the registry out of her window and right into our neighbours window burning their house well nobody's nerve effect,
What are we to do the day after the day? What else is but to exist and to us If the weather,
I would just like to lay down beneath the dog with trees, and I slipped into the sky, cause I'd stay from your cherry lives. You wish me to the stories of my soul when the demons cave and dragged me doubt and left me strong upon far away from your stay map, sat down amongst children having found a grab that Romania is used to be a man so ass to the far away. Now, because if I stay so, I went to see with nothing left for me and I knew I met with you and I must say so too far away from cause. I know that if I stay you, let me.
The day after valentines we woke like it was the other day, but it was not any other day the day after valentines we looked hard at everything around us because it should have been different, but it was not differ. We were different the day after valentines I went to the roofs and bought for oranges and a box of cereal, just that just for oranges, just a box of cereal and it felt the same, but it felt so different and I struggled to put into words my own experience. There is a gulf shaped by trauma that is invisible even to suffer. we do not see the crevasse even We fall into it. The day after valentines. I need a picnic grove Park with Carlos and Esteban the cardinal than PAMELA Winchell. Carlos eight little?
said he wasn't hungry. Dana ate her Phil but said it didn. T East like much everything, seems a little dollar today. She said not quite itself but everything was to say it was that you know that was different. PAMELA Winchell, expounded for several minutes on the meaning of emergency. It was a coping mechanism and it comforter Esteban rolled around in the grass and giggled any lasting effects from Valentine's day were buried in him and could only surface later. As a tremble or a habit that he would not understand the day after valentines, we said it's over
we didn't believe it was over. We believed it would never be over that. We would always be living the same sad and terrifying minute, breathing the same stale air thick with our own fear, but we, are not in that moment anymore. We were Some part of us is still the day after valentines, was rebuilding of recovery returned to for a back to business, bury the bodies and stand up the fences it's time to move on. we relentlessly devour the past and regurgitate it as the future, We are always caught in a moment that is no longer what was but is not quite yet what will be
we live our entire lives in between in between joys. Between tragedies between picnics with Brent and so the day. After valentines we did what we did any day we may do. We we ve gone. We continued to live until we couldn't anymore state to next, an old episode of Frazier. That's the one Frazier finds the doorway to the other Seattle in his bathroom mirror. Nay, it bring you some comfort. and from the day after valentines to whatever today, it is when you hear this good night night veil, good night.
tonight: veil is the production of night fell presents, it is written, by Joseph think, and Geoffrey Cranor and produced by desperation, The voice of night veil, Cecil Baldwin, original music, like supervision of the can be found Disposition, dot band camp dot com, this episode, whether was I would swimming to the middle of the sea. By raising came find out more at raising dash, Kane DOT Band Camp dotcom comments. questions email. I sat info at work come tonight, veil, dot com or follow us twitter at nightfall, radio or so, up until you see the sunrise and think well. Nothing is again check welcome to night fell for info about the welcome to night veiled novels. There are three of them tell stories you will never here. On the podcast today's proverb all dogs go to Heaven even dogs who have done a martyr there
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