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210 - Ten Years Later

2022-06-15 | 🔗

It has been ten years since the first episode. Ten years since the arrival of Night Vale's most beautiful person: Carlos.

The voice of Carlos is Dylan Marron.

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ok well today is the day Carlos is on the way to the station, and he should be here very soon and I will get to present him with his surprise. I am holding the certificate there isn't usually a certificate, but I insisted and printed went out myself. There should always be something tangible to mark the really important intangibles you see. Carla's arrived in town ten years ago today, and after ten years he has now officially part of the town of nitrates. just as much as station management and the brownstone spire and box on. We
crime dog, he belongs to night veil and night veil belongs to him, and no one can take that away. I got him a certificate. I couldn't find any up. appreciate templates. So it has a picture of a man, golfing and word art that says grants to my grad, but I think you'll get the idea. Ok, if you see him on his way here, please don't let him know he's gonna be so excited. Looking back at these ten years makes me think about everyone else who went through this decade. Law journey with me. Take Dana cardinal ten years ago she was a high school senior editor of the school paper, with a strong interest in career in journalism. She became it in turn here at this very station, and you could say that really launched things for her.
Specifically. She was launched into the same desert other world where Carlos was once trapped and then became mayor of night veil, and then she wasn't mayor anymore and will never have a mayor again, the audio now here we are ten years later and Dana lives, a quiet life. She works as a therapist. I asked her. Don't you use We need a degree for that kind of thing, and she said yes and then change the subject, mostly though she relishes the quiet no longer being in the public eye? No luck, Having me talk about her on the radio of it, you know what never might, let's talk about Something else continuing our look back at these ten wonderful years. Let's talk about lights,.
Seen in the sky above the arby's, not the glowing sign of arby's something higher and beyond that. Now we all understand the lights above the arby's, except they are no longer the light. above the arby's, not rudy, r owner of Arby's discount shoes, which the lights floated above closed up shop and was replaced by burger king, yes, janet. arguer kings, sportswear and tuxedo rental sits where the arby's once was, but we still you stand the lights listeners. The future is here and it's about a hundred feet above the burger king, an update on our top news story Carlos called and said that as long as
these out. He just these the pop into the roofs and pick up some stuff for dinner, which is so thoughtful of him, and I love him taking on that responsibility, but also I can't wait much longer to be the one to get to tell the love of my life that this town is his were as law. Does. He wants it to get to express that sense of belonging to one who was once unsure of his belonging. Well, I want, do it right away, but that is a selfish impulse. This day is not about me. It's about Carlos and anyway, stopping at the grocery store. So you'll have something to make dinner with, isn't that all just part of belonging to a town, isn't every life lived day to day and isn't every day lived moment to moment? Isn't it really? If you know the answer, please call in, I don't have a strong handle on how to
it works, but speaking of time, it's time to look at time as it applies to a person. Ok at that time, too many times, and this time the word has lost all many to me. Ok, so, let's just look at ten years of Steve Carlsberg, ten years ago. I'd say things were pretty much like they are now. Steve has all always been one of my favorite people. Our relationship has always been close and friendly. Get that much to say their steve's, a big sweetie and I've always thought so not like soup women or ponto car or would ever sees calling herself now.
Now a word from our sponsors, I took a walk on the cool sand, dunes, riddle, grass, overgrown and above me, in the night sky above me, I saw my baser instincts. Tell me that I am merely basic needs, but on my good knights I am also grace and light. My alarm clock tells me that I am not enough, but my dreams tell me,
there is a sprawling within me. There is no end to what could be accomplished with eggs. If we really applied ourselves, my teeth, taste like orange, rides my tongue tastes. Like cherry lipstick, my breath smells like freshly hewn. Would I took a walk on the sand dunes, brittle grass overgrown and above me, in the night sky? Above me, I saw this message was brought to you by cook zero. It is almost as if we weren't, o o the door to the producers booth is opening. This must be Carlos. I Carlos surprise. It's my niece Janis right right. My right. oh she's, looking for ways to get some more credits at college and she's. Considering in turning at the station janis, I told you this before
I do not recommend that why I know why it's it's just not for you. Ok, Have you thought about interning at city hall, the hall of public records could probably use your advice on better security. In any case, have you seen your uncle careless. He was outside the ralph scott in conversation with tele the barber well it's nice that he has found it in his heart to forgive tele for that file. Hair cut, my own heart remains void of that particular bit of forgiveness, but I do hope Carlos aris I just can't wait now get out of this radio station. Generous in turn, literally anywhere else. Is the abandoned missile silo outside of town taking applications? It's a part internship to get but highly prestigious.
We have time for one more retrospective and who else could it be, but to Mika flynn a decade ago, two mika was eleven years old. Can you believe that she hadn't get gone through the summer reading programme, Hadn't get returned with the head of a librarian hadn't, yet created her teen militia that help save our town from strikes, corp and smiling god. No, she was merely an eleven year old who loved books and what can be done with books like reading collecting and hurling it wrong
yours now, she's a member of city council, a responsible adult like any of us. She still loves collecting books, but she doesn't curl them bad people as much anymore. She still totally does do that. Oh man does she do that, but not as much and what next for two mika well she's twenty one she doesn't need to know. What's next, I dont know what's next and I'm whatever age I am. I have no idea another look back. Let's talk about the house that doesn't exist. You might remember that this house was in the old development of desert creek out back of the elementary school. The house seemed like it existed like it was just right there when you look
at it and it was between two other identical houses, so it would make more sense for it to have been then not, but the house simply wasn't. There also served as the gateway into a desert other world where cordless was stuck for a year because he wasn't from night fail and so the old oak door, wouldn't let him back through. That's all basic science and it was really difficult, but maybe it was good for us the time apart, strengthened our relationship as they say, if you can do long, distance o k great but not having to do it is better, of course. That will never be a problem again, because now carlist belongs to our town. I have the certificate to prove it. He should be here soon to pick it up anyway. The house that doesn't exist got corn down by the city last year. We're trying to address the housing
crisis with more high density buildings, and so now it is an apartment building that doesn't exist like it's just right there when you look at it, but the apartment building definitely isn't there. This is much better for housing, more people more affordably, oh also, it's still a gateway to the desert otherworld. So please be careful. Oh okay, okay, okay car loses here, okay, but a high their certificate, and here he is hi honey, Hey pumpkin: what's up, I was just in the middle of an experiment, yet I had heated up a green colored chemical until was bubbling, and then I pointed this out orange laser at it, and then I wrote it bunch of numbers on a chalkboard. So I am expecting some truly grow breaking results. Who I'm sure- and you will do you- home town, proud, my my hometown of night veil, here's a certain
after ten years. You are officially a member of this community night bills, weirdness is finally your weirdness. You are threatened by and protected by this town as much as any of us, ok, listeners Carlos, is overcome, he's, get the certificate of. Did you know I design that certificate myself? Oh, I knew that sweetie, you sure love comics hands, but cause corliss. What's wrong, why You crying, I ok. Listeners please hold on I'm going to take you to the weather,
uh huh. We had a few friends, no plan, That's where it began we didn't know with their one word things got, when the numbers came in with that they were in air
didn't even know what time blow was at the time but a new study I love you why, thanks extraordinary things camp. even been thanks. for letting do well. We do thanks thanks Here's to ten law years of shit. The small time with you
yeah so piled oliver friends too, when just everywhere they let us go and we now who staring bad from a dog in every show. Thanks extra names? Cable even been thanks,
for letting us do well. We do things bull bangs, is tat you share in the small town with you. Yeah I don't know what happens from here Every laugh is live day to day,
but I know I read this little town for you. and I know I'm so lucky it all turned out this way I am one. again. Thinking about the series of ongoing actions that we perceive as the present and the amassing of memories that we treat us the past and the hopes and dreams and worries and fears that we project as the future. I am thinking about time and how it's so finite and also so infinite, but not infinite enough. Never quite infinite enough really, and I m thinking
Space, which is merely a concept applied by humans to all that, is not human around them. We believe our subjective too,. the universe is objective, but we are mistaken. Space is what we fill with it ideas, other people, walls in windows as a moon sand between our toes we added up to what ever is meaningful to us, and I am also thinking about a tone which is
the collection of objects and people no more meaningful than any other. Any arrangement of objects and people could be a household or a town or a city or a state or a country or an entire world arbitrary lines, drawing arbitrary boundaries. But and this one we call night vale. and it has been my home for ten years when I was not able to go back through the old oak doors, because I was not from night fail. It hurt called into question my standing among people I loved, and so I did
hurry home, cecil, doesn't know how long that time apart was from my perspective, and he never well. Time is a funny thing said: joke with a sad punch line. It is nice, I suppose, this piece of paper, the idea that I belong, but I did not in the piece of paper. I did not mean to be told that I belong to this town, because this town belongs to me. It is an artificial set of boundaries around an arbitrary collection of objects and people, and I am one of those people I help set. Those boundaries I started contributing to the definition of the,
town. The moment I set foot in it. My son was born here, my husband to, but all of us live here. I love my son and my husband and I love night- fell to actually don't need any piece of paper telling me that night veal loves me back so hearest, ten twenty a lifetime more of years in this desert town time of finite, an infinite but never infinite enough. The still I just have to save the certificate is very acute and it was very nice of cecil to make it. I will hang it up in my lab next to the photo of he data muse Aki at his nobel prize ceremony. Here's to night fell for it
for, however long forever ends up lasting. Okay, sorry about that. I had to pop into the bathroom to feed the kittens and oh Carlos is gone, but he took the certificate. Did he seem excited? I bet he was so excited I'll, listen back later, ten years, not that long in the grand scheme of things I guess, but we don't live in the grand scheme. Do we know our personal schemes are much more modest and ten years is a lot to me. Thank you all for listening and I hope you'll keep listening I'll still be here, the voice of your community coming to you, wherever you listen, this all mattered to me.
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european and our patriarch that keeps us able to make this show today's proverb hi. This is doctor, JANET Lou bell with the university of what it is. A karim. Missouri got in touch with us and explained about your your weird little as a town and it sounds simply fascinating, buzz scientific rich hot spot that we are sending a team right away. We cannot wait to figure out why every part of your town is the way It is that we were going to find an explanation for every little thing. Ok, don't worry We'll be there soon hopefully the next time we speak it'll be in person. Ok, bye, bye! Now this show sponsored by better help. When you are feeling great, you can do great, but sometimes life and all of the other feelings that come with it get in your way. I have found-
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