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2022-08-01 | 🔗

Barks Ennui, cartoon spokesdog for the Sheriff's Secret Police, has been committed.

This episode was written with Brie Williams.

The voice of Deb is Meg Bashwiner.

Weather: “Park Bench” by Palmyra

Original episode art by Jessica Hayworth

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Music: Disparition

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Written by Joseph Fink & Jeffrey Cranor

Narrated by Cecil Baldwin

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Some troubling dues listeners barks on we cartoon spokes dog for these sheriffs secret police has been committed. Now, as we all know, there are good kinds of committed and less good kinds of committed committed can mean being dedicated to a cause sore, it can mean being part of a loving relationship in this particular case barks committed some crimes and was committed to the psych ward of night, ville general
As you may remember, the old knight veil asylum was shut down in favour. Rebuilding a modern mental health centre near grove park. The city council even put together a really cool architectural model of the place. The model has a working water feature in the courtyard and lego figures in uniforms in everything, and fortunately this model was all the budget could afford. In the meantime, the former surgical punitive night feel general is being used as a temporary.
Psychiatric ward. We don't have me surgeons anyway, said suzanne. Their good publicity director for the night failed medical board as she casually through old scalpels at a tree in the forest plenteous surgeries shore, but no surgeons. Each word was punctuated by the soft thump of another scalpel sinking into the trees, flesh sap losing from hundreds of tiny entry wounds and each of those marks spelling out vertically down the trunk. The phrase love is death, but that's another story. This story are top story began on Friday morning, barks on, we woke that morning, as he usually did with a sharp gas of anxiety. He took his job as public safety ambassador series.
even when he was sleeping. He understood that the security of night veiled rested upon his shoulders. That's how it felt him anyway. He often found himself restless. At night compelled to monitor citizens through their tv screens to make sure that they were staying safe. When barks did sleep, he had nightmares and would wake with an involuntary jerk of his paws. He couldn't shake the feeling that something terrible was about to happen. Barks swallowed several crudely, drawn aspirin from a cup of black coffee there. dark circles under his eyes, even his fur, normally a cheery, yellow, looked dope and greasy the production team at the studio, where he recorded his p essays would be annoyed about that. He nervous recalled the words of a recent add. He had done
study shows unpleasant botz can burn holes in your grey matter, wolf, wolf, and so he rode the door ball of dread to the back of his mind and drifted through the static to work, you're late again blocks the assistant director, informed him and then scolded him. Bad bad barks only nodded and accepted the days. Script. It is in his teeth. He felt tired already, but he closed his eyes rolled the red ball of cooperation forward. In his mind, and began to learn his lines, suddenly Fur along his spinal ridge stood at the end of low rumble like distant thunder reverberated in his throat, the air directly in front,
It was wavy and mottled like tv static. He normally found static comforting, but it shouldn't be here not in this. Realm of static belongs inside the tv never ever outside. Barks yelped, three quick expressions of alarm they're just need to have an heroic reading an ad for dilate high grade could barks have mistaken, deb soup, nearly a century, a patch of haze, thrace, sinister leak of static, not to mention the fact that they have a history, maybe not a dramatic one, but they run into each other at the studio once before, god talking decided to meet up for happy hour at rockland, the bar annex attached, the bank accounts after a few drinks, leave and decided to leave together.
but once they emerged from the dark tavern into the bright sunlight people, the better of it he still remembered how impeccably translucent she looked that evening, ass, she faded into undulating heat shimmer on the horizon, listing barks, need to talk the pulled him into the corridor. Her haze, sparkled with bits of green light from the exit side, making her look soft like devise, new transport barks felt something's within it. Briefly, like it had that afternoon, rochlitz you're gonna be replaced hawks. I heard some of the sheriffs deputies talkin when boats as to why deb said quote, he aren't playing ball barks. They throw the ball. You catch the ball, that's how file is way, it's a metaphor, but sometimes
the sheriff also likes to literally play ball and you're, not playing ball figurative. We are otherwise. He tried to pressure for more details, but deb was called back to set for them. Or take more on this story, but first a word from our sponsors. Today show its brought to you by dollar tyrant, valor tyrant makes your life easier. We have destroyed all other discount stores. To save you, the annoyance of choosing dollar tyrant is the ultimate authority for popular brands and big savings dollar. Tyrant is the ultimate authority. We're not constrained by. Relax. We exercise extreme how're. We sees what is ours sosius. What's yours with fifty percent off this weekend and select flavors of rachel raised nutrition brand dog food, there is no
dollar store, not me more telling tyrant thanks deb in local news night veil television station k, q, q q channel two is upgrading to a digital broadcasting all at midnight tonight They should not cause any issues for you, viewers, no issues. What so ever, no one should even notice it happening. No one should understand what did even means a sometimes low cool television programming is like that at a tasteless, odorless invisible insidious krabi old, crawling nesting feasting. Sometimes the television watches you frederick nita, said that accepted already had caused issues. Listeners and those issues started on Friday night, with bucks on we,
When barks returned home that evening, he found a notice about the digital tower upgrade the oldtower would be shut down, which meant he would have to vacate his analogue steady find a new place to live on top of everything. Else he was being evicted. Works could exist in many mediums broadcast signal because the physical realm train dimensional space time, but the soft rush of static, the murmur of earth, noise and alien communication that was his home he loved his static analogue static, was where he felt safe and happy
sat for a long time, simply feeling the cosmic radiation tingle and pulse and breathe round his body, and then something happened to words bubbled up through the inky darkness of his mind, like a psychic message, a name Lenny laser disk, Lenny laser disk as long time night fell. Residence may recall, was
grimacing hand drawn figure from the old. You view video store labels back in the nineties. We always abided by his cute little warning. We wind or regret, and sometimes depending on the year rewind repent, rewind revenge. We wind poor, reptiles, less one doesn't sound so bad, like anyone. You forgot to rewind during that period, can tell you if they have their. Left. It was one of the worst of all, as the only two car to mascots bill marks, an lenny, known each other a long time they even up in ninety. Ninety one for a children's special called. Dare drone anti craft, retaliation, education and our law.
Animated musical about democracy, but works and lenny haven't spoken against us. Lenny was an outsider, iconoclasts conspiracy theorist completely out of touch with modern reality and right now. That was exactly what barks needed we interrupt this program for a public service announcement from the audubon society. If you see a bird nesting, please give it space. Birds require extra quiet and privacy. If you see a bird eating area do not attempt to identify the remains. You could be questioned later, and it would be easier if you didn't know too much. If a bird approaches you with its face tilted to this,
big parted and eyes smouldering with a fiery inner light, call your loved ones immediately update your last will and testament put your affairs in order. You have exactly forty hours to do all of this dope dawdle this is it baby, This has been a pierre say from the audubon society box on we searched for Lenny laser disk through late night infomercials and fast food ass. He hunted through the money, Madame canyons of an old western movie bathed in fake moonlight that test they shadows on the ground. It was all taking too much time. What am I even doing here, box,
He had his responsibilities to think about. He didn't have time to run around looking for an anti technology recluse. It was ridiculous worse, it was unsafe, agar, wolf. barks at almost given up when he finally found hold up in an old economy, large commercial the economy large that used to be out on route, eight hundred, where travellers on a budget could relaxing rooms only to wake up in the morning and discover that the entire places burned down in a brush fire exactly twenty years earlier than nice, great continental breakfast.
Turned slowly to face box backlit by the hazy glow flow of the motel grimaced. His signature grimace, the one shaped like a technicolor lightning bolt crosses circular silver face a face which made up sidney. Five per of his body was wondering when you show up lenny, said coding, humphrey bogart from the african queen a movie that at last- been rented ninety ninety seven by Diane crayton, who had remembered loving it as a kid. But never did
I watching it again before the returned return. The two mascots talked long into the night when he told box that the new tower wasn't just a digital tv signal. There was a whole antenna farm being built out there in the hills, sending things out taking things in unknown, invisible things, public safety hazard, Lenny, told barks, appealing to his civic, might nature and were the only ones that can stop it as barks. Listen to me growing fascination, Lenny detailed, a plan, would send out a subliminal message during Saturday night live the popular weekly broadcast that chosen.
Protein live shot of the sand, wastes on thursday night from eleven thirty seven p m until dawn. That message would instructs the townspeople go below up the new tv tower once the new tower had been destroyed, every would remain the way it was the static. Would continue its pulsating whispering comfort forever? or at least until the city raise enough money to build in town, and they already used up the entire budget on this tower, including the funds previously earmarked for the new mental health facility. It is almost too easy living slate. Spinning around with excitement. Lenny had seen drawn carpenters, they live backwards and forwards for honey, twenty seven times. He always wondered if
The limited messaging, could really work. If anyone could make it happen, he thought barks business parks did from his static. Well, he began broadcasting messages shortly after eleven thirty seven key have during the cold open of scuttling beetles the sheriff and their secret police found out as Saturday night live with its gorgeous unlit shots of locks in sage rush was their favorite. Countless television and barks was apprehended at eleven thirty nine p m
during the credit sequence of hollow moaning sounds and distant. Chance. Box was charged with several thousand counts of psychological sought based upon the most recent ratings data for half an hour. Due to his agitated mental state box. Was involuntarily committed to these c c tv signal inside of the night they general psychiatric ward, there he remains today. Former scope of vision once endless as the universe itself
He's now limited to a living security. Camera feed the hallway the reception desk. The parking rush, another angle of the whole way the fire exit, the fire exit. wisps of haze catching the green light to the exit sign like the firs on a new tennis ball and now a word from our sponsors dab dab. I dont know we're gap which listeners well, let's go to the weather.
Flickr com with your strange, had not quite woman. quiet man in my mind, somewhere in the middle or somewhere out of reach. If I ever learn my name I'll carve it in a park bench and I'll stare to the letters, don't look
getting the judgment Ed hard to say great lakes for me, it is gone. Tanks mean me intrusive thoughts and eyes, prone to launder, and if you find me you let's leave me to my thinking I'll be going. We have had cast a spell with crooked tee,
Why does my like a photo out of frame and now with its shoulders broad asthma. could never. So what this is a great country those same. Meanwhile, my blood- and it smells just lie I mean you. Well you less leave me too I think I'll be doin, die,
We be travelling breaking news. Listeners barks on we has escaped the breach occurred mere moments ago, when the electrical connections inside the cctv system, where dampened by a drifting patch of hades, causing a temporary short circuit,
barks was last seen emerging from a damaged e kg machine blurry and distorted by a patient who was being monitored for heart palpitations. While I feel fine now that I can't do that, aren't beeping anymore. The patient said referring to the now silent e kg machine, though that barks on we cured my arrhythmia boxes. Whereabouts are unknown be he's out roaming. The streets right now reborn by a new found sense of freedom, but drift down neon tinted alleys, weaving through noisy chatter, outside of bars and soft conversations on fire escapes to spell discarded, melon rind keeping his
distance from the loan man who plays a brass, worn on the corner, not out of fear, but because the man doesn't have proper breath control than is absolutely butchering western blues. Maybe tonight he has no fear, no anxiety. He could easily avoid the helicopters and clicked figures that search for After all, he stopped secret police suppression protocols. For years, he's appeared on every page of their training manual illustrating capture techniques. The puns and rhymes. He knows their tactics better than anyone floats pass. The revellers send the whisperers, send the people playing horns and he doesn't worry about what they might be doing
to compromise the existence of life. As we know it, there were other things to investigate tonight. None of them are crimes and of them are dangerous. There are sounds and smells there were holes to be dug, sticks to chew. He is the abrupt urge to cheeks a cat He is still respectable after all, but the garbage cans behind tourniquet overflowing with these aussi remains of buying dinner. Those cannot be resisted. And maybe, as he wonders, He feels soft shiver on his paw
looks down to see a tendrils reaching out from the patch of haze at his side, I interrupt my own musings to bring you an apology from the tv station cake you, q channel two for the brief gap in service night alone. Sleepwalker was found hacking away at the new digital tower, with a attempting jet and minor repairs had to be made K. Q thanks you for your patience. Oh, I also have an up from the autobahn society a flock of gilded pariah. Is now nesting in the old decommissioned television tower As you may know, the gilded riah is endangered woodpecker that has not lived in our desert for quite some time due to lack of habitat, they,
tal structures for nesting in order to keep their delicious eggs safe from predators. Their number one predator, is the them with a gilded prior to destroy their own habitats and have a tendency to eat each other's delicious. Thanks. You can view them from a distance and leave approved seed and crumb offerings. They will not eat the offerings, but they consider them a sign of submission. It's it's important to submit to the gilded pariah carless and I are planning to take esteban alps to eat the bird This weekend, this was be quite beautiful, with ruby, red fruit, feathers and iridescent deals. He tuned for the hammering of their little beaks, ceaselessly destroying their new home stay tuned, fray, triumphant power.
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