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213 - Murals

2022-09-01 | 🔗

The City Council approves a controversial public art project.

Weather: "Departure" by M. Masaki

Original episode art by Jessica Hayworth

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Written by Joseph Fink & Jeffrey Cranor

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Welcome to night bear the detail. City council approved today do murals to go up across the city for too long our towns walls had been devoid of artistic expression. Just the lot of concrete brick and dolby facades that don't have anything thought provoking to saying about the state of our world, no one visits like fail, because we don't have any famous murals, like lady pinks faith in women in minneapolis, or keep herrings. We, the youth in philadelphia or Damien Hearst's, tortures,
cool right in EL tuna plan to increase the presence of public art was announced by the city council from inside a storm drain next to the pan to express along commerce street. They could At least this new ordinance, hoping no one would here. But it so happens that Joel iceberg was walking his pet iguanas past the pen to express at this exact moment, and he heard the whole thing So now it is law. And these murals will depict nightingales rich history from the Indigenous people of the desert to the soft meet crowns of early settlers to the radio personalities who give voice to our great town The city council has already hired an anonymous graffiti artist named band ski fancy. Work quickly and efficiently and always without
ever been seen by anyone, skis. Real identity has never been revealed. No, I just google them. Ban sky is advancing. He lives in west night veil over by the all share it. Mom sheer and used to baby sit me and my sister abbey and sometimes dared would come over, and we plaguing together all the classic like shoots and ladders candy land who is cooking cabbage, oh yeah, he's a good kid well he's, probably run my age. Now: good luck, Jared or as the painters say, an arm now financial news, the doubt was up thirty points this morning after a news report claiming that tesla would be quadrupling the size of all their cars, this
sudden increase in the physical mass of the nation's most popular electric. Automobiles will be done via an overnight system white update through each vehicles, onboard wifi connection, invest there's thrilled at the idea that their cars would suddenly and with zero regard for physics, get really really big. Imagine big cause, the entire Your floor of the new york stock exchange said in unison, imagine big cars big cars bigger cause but then began laughing and hugging each other. Some began crying and thinking long dead gods. They had never even heard of the stock exchange. Then filled with dogs all beating their wings at once, and the undulating noise and the sudden strong, breeze overwhelmed the investors and they screened. Yes, gas. Take us with you. Take us with you and the doves did
they took the investors away, picking each one up by the scruff of their neck and flew them high and away too long island to nantucket, to Nova scotia to iceland, to the faroe islands, to small barred and finally dropped the remaining investors into the icy waters of the laptop see where they grew hills and dick insulating blubber. and they learn to sing in long slow tones mated with each other didn't you species was born, unto the earth. onto our celestial home unto are delicate ecosystem. The investors live now in a rare arctic grief, and they are so excited about. The future of teslas stock. Also,
The nasdaq is up half a point. This has been financial news oh it's time for another citizen spotlight this week talking about former radio station. In turn and former mayor of night veil, Dana cardinal I caught up with. this we get at the news squid hut skill, men and edgewater, they have a twelve Ninety nine calamari buckets special, which includes all you can drink double shot. Lattes. I give squid three and a half stars on my bore in a quarter star scale. Data said she's been laying low ever since leaving office as night veil mayor, she understood that her decision to step down was a controversial one and she received some backlash, but a public life was just not for her. she said, she's been enjoying her new career as a therapist, a job where she can help people one
and one rather than trying to deal with so many moving parts like in local government. she said she has some great climates and asked oh like who tell me as I of my fourth latte of the morning up my chin- with both hands the inner said. She couldn't tell me, though, because that would be in fix violation, but she did share a few amusing, though anonymous stories about some of her clients and now I'm all like we, some of you listeners out there wow pull together your The client of hers, though, has the weapon troubling Dana. She dead, he's a nice man, but he keeps talking about having a double and exact duplicate of himself. Who lives in an alternate version of america. She said his double is from some: u s state that she's, never even heard of, and can't pronounce.
Dana said she still traumatized by the incident from almost ten years ago when she killed her double with stabler, or maybe she is heard double and she killed the real Dana she's, still not certain which- and I said well how frightening I wish. You would told me about this before data. This is first I'm hearing of it and then she just kind of clear to me. It was a weird moment. But like any good therapist Dana, is seeing a therapist of her own in order to grapple her own resurgent emotions about that terrible incident. Despite the heavy conversation Dana. looked and sounded healthy and happy she said she, mrs seeing me, and that we should do this more often, I agreed and then she asked me not to tell anyone about this conversation she's trying to keep a low profile of core
I told core lows, but my husband, that's fair game. I didn't tell em What else, though, I? nothing, if not good, at keeping secrets. This has been citizen spotlight and now an update on the new ban scheme urals, There are already up, wow, ere. It works so quickly. There are addressed new murals, all the crosstown each made using only spray paint cans and a ladder. there's one by the antique small that shows a horse with six long legs and he's wearing a baseball hat and above him the sky is cooked pasta with marineris sauce
one behind the ralph that picks the battle of new orleans, which is a war fought six hundred and fifty years in the future by water scavengers, who will defeat a race of blob, shaped alien oligarchs by pelting them with rocks. It will turn but the aliens are allergic to rocks, which seems strange that they would land on this planet, let alone any planet really but That's how they will be defeated on the shores of lake puncture train in twenty six? Seventy two there's even a mural that went up near me. I can. Right across the street. The paint is of a man. It's him, why could white the man's?
is turned to the viewer, he's sitting at a desk and leaning forward staring into a window and on the other side of the window, with a mere or love a man sitting at a desk but basic the first man. These men are familiar and I don't like it won back. Let's go to the news: The new satellite campus for the university of what it is has been completed in east night veil already hosting classes and conducting field research into night bills, many secrets, the interim dean of the university doktor, JANET Lou bell, has already stated her intention to clearly and scientifically explain every single mystery in our town. I set my interim rudy out to do some research of her own into doctor. The bells activities rudy reported back,
the doktor do bellinger team had become entreat with the pit of loss souls that suddenly, he heard last weekend near the circuit city marsh late. They use firstly of what it is. Researchers must have hurt my story on this very topic, so the pit lost souls is an inter dimensional portal between our world. the land of the dead, When you lean over this enormous hole, you can feel when in develop you what you are feeling arthur Spirits of the deceased city council. Try to have the highway department fill in the pit of lost souls because marshland his aid visit shopping district, but journalistic activism. I pressure them to leave the pit open so that the dead
return to the living world. Oh they can't just come back to life? Of course that's ridiculous, but they can at least see how we're all doing up here just living. Just by being you now It's important for spirits to know that us the living the world doing great, but just this morning, Rudy told me that doctor the bell and her fellow scientists completed their report on the pier of lost souls It's a standard single Labelle said you should facilitate and rudy. less rudy such a great in turn, pressed her on this you can feel the spirits coming out of the hole, rudy, exclaimed. Doktor Lou bell was caught,
caught in the web of her own eyes. She had no choice but to keep on line, so she retorted with these silliest, thereby I've ever heard doktor Lou said it feels like the single, is producing the air on its own, but it's just regular air. That said into the cooler earth, twenty five be down, and some a gust of wind can push that cooler. Air right back up toward us listeners. I am all for freedom in academic thought, but this is. This is not good. fail. If you see doktor lou bell,
run the other waged plug your ears and sing the night veil, anthem of loyalty, so loudly that you cannot hear her untruths. and now an update on the murals. I'm getting word that many nightfall citizens are quite upset by the murals going up around town, a group has formed called the committee of concerned citizens. This c c c has laid out: their grievances burst They claim the murals are two evocative and kind presentation of this I did the mural on galloway and somerset that makes a man unravelling his own intestines and wrapping them over his head, like a soft meet crown only does sting looking the maddest smiling and he has no eyes or he has no eyes currently it's a pair
that at one point the men in the beating did indeed have eyes. the cecy, is displeased with the artistic messages of these murals. Second, these. Easy is also upset that these city council approved the murals placement on private structures without permission of the home owners. One resident, bradley pierce, said painted all over my house, even though George told them not to didn't you george at this point small dog, mostly hairless, except a long glamorous tuft routing from the top of its head, like an eighties sixth pop star nodded. an agreement The ccc stated that public art must always be pleasant and happy public,
It must be full of vibrant colours and feature nice things. These cc issued a list of the only elements they would accept in future murals. This list includes and is limited to flowers, cute animals, majestic animals, happy children pleasant adults smiles abundant, Crops tools demonstrating a thriving industry and clouds, but like white puffy, what not store me once bradley pierce and his dog george of both let out a wild growl and everyone in the crowd grappled with them. They then
grab paint rollers on long poles and pails of primer. They have scattered about town painting over every single mural, while chanting make better art, make better art all of them, except george, who seems to just be barking. I can see them outside my window right now, painting over the mural of the man at the desk and honestly. Glad about it. the longer I looked at that image more, I began to think he might turn around and look right back at me with No thank you more and the soon. But let me take you now to the weather,
the key is the key to the show a key. The key can be made that the the the the the moments ago
from the metal grading atop the storm drain. Next to the pan, express the city. Council met with the aggrieved concerned, citizens committee and a truce has been reached. the cecy see it has allowed the murals to be repainted, but they demanded that all murals must hold. Into their rules about what can and should be depicted in public art. and banned ski famous for his agree, ability and willingness to conform with the wills of society. Repainted them all even pleaded the new mural across the street from my radio station looking at a rate now ensuring it holds fast to these cecy sees regulations for positive public art. This me is a picture of large sunflowers behind the flowers eating thick, nourishing cornfield signifying night fails a london farmland.
Between the rows of corn, stand some smiling children and they each holding large farm tools like pitchforks sides and circle saws, which symbolized night bills, thriving industry, climbing the children's bodies are a bunch of kids animals like raccoons and nutria and terrain jewellers. And above them all is a mature stick winged serpent, squeezing gets masked plea about a group of pleasant adults of course, alluding to the content citizenship of my bill. The snake is lifting them upward into their new home. In these smiling cloud painted summit the colors of the rainbow. action symbolizes, our city being delivered into the future by a huge snake god. All that the c c c members are staring silently at that
they did mural there. I I'm sure, out of all and reverence for this new joyous portrayal of our town visit to night vale, will certainly love to take their pictures in front of this fantastic tourist attraction that sits right in the heart of the edge of the towns factory district near the highway overpass the cecy members have now all dropped to their knees and are rapidly whispering to themselves with their eyes closed to protect to protect. I love it when our community comes together, especially when it does so because of art statement. For the clicking of cambric shutters and the progressive flashes of making these
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welcome to night fails. The production of night fell presents. It is written by Joseph think and Geoffrey cranor and produced by disposition. The voice of I fail is cecil baldwin original music by disposition, all the can We found a disposition band camp dot com The weather today was departure by m. Miss saki find out more at EL. I and k t r dot e slash she so underscore heavy questions email us sat info at welcome tonight, night, dot, com or follow us on twitter at night fell radio for try moving your own autograph onto your front. Long check out welcome to night failed dot com for info about our current europe tore. We are in europe right now. We can't wait to see you today's proverb for them, ass time, hot dog is attacked bell right
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