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22 - The Whispering Forest

2013-05-01 | 🔗

A beautiful and alluring forest suddenly appears just outside of town. Plus, school closings, a dream journal mandate, and a moon exhibit at the Children's Science Museum.

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There is a thin semantic line. Separating weird and beautiful. And that line is covered in jellyfish, to night Ladies and gentlemen, several of you may have noticed the new forest that has formed just to the east of night veil. It's hard to say how these dense piny woods have cropped up in a vast
Desert waste scape, nor how they have grown in only a couple of days, but these woods are encroaching quickly on our little town, botanists from night avail. Community college said that this beautiful lush woodland is called the Whispering forest and that, while lovely, should not be approached. Officials from the night Nightingale Parks Department agreed with this sentiment in a prepared statement wherein they just wrote the word no on a single piece of paper, but with hundreds of oaths and maybe two dozen ends so it reads kind of like, or maybe it's more of an echo we screen
it's hard to say they did not include stage directions in their press release What we do know is this there is a whispering forest just outside of town, and it should not be approached under any circumstances. The night Veil School District announced that schools will be closed all of next week because nothing really matters and is anything even real. They cited the ever widening night sky as the impetus for this decision. How can we place any importance on something so insignificant as math or spelling
or history, when the void has already swallowed are tiny existence? We are ants crushed daily by the indifferent feet of the universe it's just not good any more. We can carry on like this. The school board said Swinging on a bottle of table wine and bobbing their heads weekly, the School Board, President an enormous glow cloud that drops animals from great heights and casts a looming fog of despair over all, it covers added. Grovel mortals ports, your tongue. To the soil and beg for your work
Let's live our lives. Some parents, of course our very upset by the decision to close schools, saying that we can't let the vast in comprehensibility of the unknowable universe, stop us in our tracks. We have to keep pushing forward treasurer of the night veil. Pda, Diane Creighton, said school is a. Meaningful part of a child's life and to just shut it down, because you're scared of your own insignificance is ridiculous. See I'm looking at the sky. I right now Creighton continued and I'm saying you and hold me back sky can do any. I can create and then stopped speaking lowered, her loosening fist too
side and then side audibly. She added nothing is real. I dont think whatever who cares? Then she stared back up at the sky and a single tier zigzagged down her right, cheek ass. She mumbled something about trees, having the right idea and now a public service announcement, the night bail, Psychological Association, in conjunction with a vague. Yet menacing government agency has asked that all citizens start keeping dreamed journals, dream journals can be. A spiritually satisfy an exercise in understanding you're unconscious mind helping you too.
We examined your being an balance, your emotions. They also can be rice with useful data for government officials and corporate marketing executives, of course, dear listeners, many of you are saying. Well, this sounds fantastic Cecil, but how do you keep a dream journal? Good question I have one for years now- and I must say I agree with the envy pda on this- it seems hard at first because you have to get in the habit of Rights the first thing in the morning, and also because the city council ban on. All writing. Utensils is still in full effect, but once you learn how to create a makeshift non pan out of a cocktail straw,
some cotton and any number of colorful municipal food pastes you'll be good to go in an effort to educate night veil citizens about dream journaling, the envy p A has created this helpful. How to step one find a foreign dictionary or him. No. It is strongly preferred that you choose something in Russian or you premium, but german will work to step to carve out several pages, creating a secret compartment in the book. Three right down your dream in great detail: the moment you wake up step for- and this is the most important step of all
eat the paper. You wrote your dream on and then place a bird skeleton in the book. Finally, there the book near a magnolia or willow tree and repeats each day. Sooner. You start this process listeners the sooner you can start civilising your existence, exploring your inner self, and this sooner. These sheriff secret police can track down and arrest those I'll miscreants, who keep dreaming about horses. More on the whispering forest
Larry Leroy out on the edge of town, said that he went out to the whispering forest this morning, just to see what all the fuss was about and said that, as he neared the woods edge, he felt a terrible sense of fear and began to tremble and sweat. But then he heard a small on gendered voice whisper. You look so nice today, Larry. I like what you have done with a beer and just look at that belt? Is that new and of course, Larry's beard is looking very good listeners? He finally grew. But his old goatee and stopped dying it black. It's now a full, even blanket of soft looking peppery wisdom comforting his wise, noble face the forest
is totally right. So Larry said he entered the woods and all his axed just melted away. He felt young care free in a way, he'd never felt, and the woods told him they loved him. We love you marry the whispering forest. Reportedly whispered. You are good and you look good. Do you want to hang out more? Let's hang out and tell some jokes and maybe play games you or a good friend. Let s be friends. Larry said he wanted to stay but that he remembered TAT he had, cable tv and didn't want to miss anything. Because there was some beautiful nature. He'd never explored, so he went home to catch an iron
America Marathon, so listeners, it sounds like the whispering forest is actually pretty nice I can't imagine what all those academic types and bureaucratic pen pushers were going on about Larry made it sound like a really friendly play I am going to send in Turn Richard out there and see what else we can learn about this fascinating new addition to our landscape. And now will look at the community calendar Monday is the opening of the new exhibit at the children Science Museum The exhibit is called the moon is a lie. It explores how the moon is. A government created myth to keep
us all from knowing about the ancient alien machinery that controls the oceans in thee, hands on learning room children will be able to make their own moons out of styrofoam an aggressive propaganda, just like the Masons did
Tuesday Buddy Holly returns to Dark Owl record's. There will be no performance or books signing and no one will see him. He will just hover over music lovers shoulders and disapprove of their misguided musical tastes. Incorrect shoppers will receive a bout of uncontrolled sobbing and a horrifying chill up their spine from the legendary rockin roller himself. Thursday is recycling pick up day. Paper goes in blue bags, plastic in clear and any teeth view of lost because of last week's public water mishap should be gently placed in a wooden box and set a fire Friday
at the night Veil Recreation Centre are cooking classes for beginners. Amateur chefs can learn about nice skills, the basics of baking and a seminar about whether or not dear feel, pain or are just sad Saturday afternoon is a secret parade. You will know where and when it is. If and when you are chosen to see its secret flutes, and here it see bread songs. Sunday is the day we decided last fall. We would clean up around here. You promised we need to clean up, ok and that's this Sunday. Dont make other
and you always do that- you are always doing that and now a word from our spun, sir. You cannot see you grope around wildly, as your footing is also unstable. You feel a thin liquid feeling. Your shoes, it is not water, you can tell a pungent smell of brine or anxiety, your hand strike something solid, a wall. You think it is soft leathery, but also wet. You keep your hands to the surface and it is moving in and out
like. It is breathing. No more. Like spasms, you hear a dull rumble from above a gurgle from below. You still see nothing. The walls jerk back quick. You lose your balance and slide down to the floor, which is the same surface. But now the liquid is sloshing past you, some thing- grabs your leg. Something is grabbing your leg. You are being pulled down. You cannot see which way madness, which way. Agnes you scream
but no sound comes from your stubborn lips. Your impudent throat you reach for what you do not know. Only that reach a blinding flash a moment of understanding. You are in an empty store room tied to a chair. There are others, but they are hooded and limb. You recall this living nightmare. You take comfort in its familiar pain. You smell fermentation end,
here a dull and ending beeping someone shouts in a language. You do not know you love your family, you love them. Welcome to read. Lobster come see. What's fresh today more on the whispering forest believe
Richard called to say the woods are stunning and the moment he arrived, they were so welcoming Richard. You have lovely green eyes. I can't believe I just noticed them that shirt really brings out those piercing gems. You also have nice soft hands. Do you play guitar? Would you like to play guitar? Do you like music, the forest apparently whispered, Richard reported but he wanted to stay in the forest, but I told him that he still has entered task to do here at the radio station like filing add contracts,
and renaming thee wingless insects, but he insisted on staying richer, told me that his feet started itching at first then tingling, a very pleasant tingle. He then modest gray brown patches forming along his feet and legs, and he couldn t move, and Richard assured me that this was exactly what he wanted, but I have already sent for help. Ladies and gentlemen, Your safety, please stay away from the whispering forest. Do not listen to its hollow compliments. Its sat, be flattery, learn from Larry Leroy stay inside and watch television there,
no reason to go explore nature, no reason so, as I tried to find out what has happened to our station in turn, let us go to the weather spider man, we want now Mass
Efrain, miracle cures thousand yeah
here, transgender
Well this nurse. There is good news and bad news from the whispering forest. The bad news is that in turn, Richard, as we know, him he's lost to us forever, as are the dozen
of first responders, concerns citizens and curious nature lovers, who all went to the whispering forest today to the family of Richard. Let me say I am terribly sorry for your loss. He was an excellent in turn and he will be missed. The good news is that none of those we lost. Today are technically be dead. According to Simone rigour, dough from the Earth Sciences building at night to Veil Community College, the whispering forest is a place where we can all plunge our feet and hands into the
all soft soil, allowing our fingers and toes to grow and spiral into the earth quickly and deeply entered winding with themselves each other, taking in and through a complex organic network to become one in the whispering forest. Every one is one. Every thing they share: other, I know Simone is only a transient who lives in their non use: storage, closet in the Earth Sciences Building and not an actual scientist. But I thought that was a beautiful story.
And it brought some meaning to the other wise, meaningless life of in turn, so rest, easy night veil, knowing that we have lost no one to day day gained each other. They share the soul of the whispering forest now and we will have them always or at least, however long trees live, which I think is fairly long. I'm not really sure I had a hamster the child and it died in like two weeks. So what do I know stay to next? for the sound of a rapidly beating heart.
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