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220 - A Radio Jupiter Holiday Special

2022-12-15 | 🔗

Lonely missives from beyond the beyond.

Weather: “The Witch” by Indra

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Written by Joseph Fink & Jeffrey Cranor

Narrated by Cecil Baldwin

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Hey it's jeffrey crane or thank you dear night, veil fans for another fantastic here we got naval back out on the road with more live, shows to come. In the new year joseph thinkin, I wrote a brand new podcast and we spent many a fun evening with our patriarch on soom, shutting that everything from this pod cast to painting miniatures to cooking tips and speaking of patriotic, we rely so much on our supporters and by being a patron, you can get discounts on march. Advanced ticket buying for live shows, bonus. Episodes, zoom, hang out with me and Joseph directors notes on each episode. In so much more, you can find all of the benefits it patria dot. Com slush welcome tonight fail. Thank you in advance and thank you to all who are already patriots. Members also, I mentioned at the top that we wrote a new path cast it's the first fiction, podcast Joseph and I have made together since night veil. This new show is called unlicensed. It's a nor style, mystery thriller set in the outskirts of los angeles. The reviews have been really fantastic so far and or so proud of the show its exclusively at audible, dot, com, slash unlicensed, and if you don't have audible, you can get a thirty day free trial. All twelve episodes are already up there now. So thirty days is plenty of time to listen to this whole show. But if you're like me, you probably really love your audible membership. Consider it a christmas gift to yourself. Finally, our final life performances of the hunting of night veil, starring cecil baldwin, are coming up. This february march and April will be in Saint Louis Columbus, Cincinnati pittsburgh virginia beach, richmond charlotte newark, madison blooming ten, Detroit portland main providence and new haven go to welcome, deny bilbil com and click on live, shows for a complete schedule, happy holidays, ya and also a happy new year, and also hey thanks.
Welcome to night vale is brought to you by progressive progressive helps. You compare direct auto rates from a variety of companies, so you can find a great one, even if it's With them quoted, it progressive dot com to find a rate that works with your budget progress. Of casually insurance company in affiliates comparison rates not available in all states. Are situations thing about treating people? The way you want to be treated, it's the thought that counts. Welcome to night fail Well, we have a special surprise for you all today listeners a holiday broadcast, unlike any we ve done before its power. Positively out of this world, I say
That's because it was recorded in outer space. Some of you might know. Radio Jupiter who lives near grove park She landed in our town earlier this year and has made herself a welcome and friendly presence. She explore And she's just happy to be a human amongst humans. After so many years alone in the cosmos, a wanderer against her will die. that lonely sojourn through the universe. She celebrated many holiday seasons on her own And she has agreed to share the tapes of those celebrations with us all as a reminder that, however, far flung the human spirit, Still remains so beautifully, fragile human here It is the first of those tapes.
Hello, can anyone hear me well I can hear me and I'm anyone. If there is one thing that can be said about me, it's that I'm anyone at all. this is radio jupiter and it's that time of year again least. I'm pretending it is. Every measure of time is attached to a solar system. I don't exist in any more what does a year mean without the earth, without the sun. How would you describe it to someone who only knows the vacuum of space. No matter how, as a terek our mathematics, they are hopeless, They talk tile,
Build the pause of apes scratching, The rock they call home. Nevertheless, I can Pretend to count time. I can pretend that a year has passed and pretend that time moves only forward that it now curves or bends or loops. I can pretend a lot of things. I have a virus, good imagination,. So it is that chapter of the year again, an humans respond to the cold outside by turning to the warmth of each other. This is the season of huddling. We call it other things right Grand stories to justify.
Ultimately, what we seek is touch and the hot breath. of another person on the side of our face is a holiday of nerves, seeking nerves, a holiday of sensation. it is huddling that we seek. And I am alone, in space. It is always cold heat, comes from movement. And nothing in this vacuum moves but me because nothing exists to move. But me. I have no one to huddle with. That is always a problem.
it is most acute when I imagine that it is this time of year. Sat light without reference. That's me. Orbiting and orbiting, but without centre, so ok, I will have to be my own centre, my orbit we'll be around myself. I will huddle with me. It is not enough. but I will make it enough. More of this holiday cheer soon, but first a word From our sponsors.
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I have to wear a small bag around your neck, stuffed with thistle and rosemary and burned the one thing in your life most precious to you and even then half the time. You just end up with your sourdough turning out perfect or getting word all into which, if you think about it, is actually much more impressive than getting in in one. You will say to everyone, you know, even though they extremely do not care. What I'm saying is it's hard to aim luck, so your best bet is to cheat. Fortunately, there are a ton of ways to cheat. For instance, you can do some corporate espionage find out information before it hits the open market and then invest accordingly or you can manipulate the markets causing untold suffering and wiping out the entire economy for the sake of buying your third house. If history tells us anything- and I hope it doesn't- you won't even get punished now, the absolute best way to cheat and doctors hate. This one weird trick is to join congress because there is no law against actively investing, while in congress, despite the fact that you will be constantly told secret information that will radically affect the markets, and you could just make a ton of money on that info without any consequences, because who's going to pass a law against that you don't make me laugh, please don't make me laugh, it hurts so terribly. When I laugh out how oh man I miss laughing, I miss it so much. This has been stuck tips.
Let's get the next radio Jupiter holiday tape going. These are a festive. Another holiday appear in the appear beyond the beyond weather. The minutes of the human mind meet the limitless deaths of space. I have come to turn With my terms, I think anything is tolerable. If you choose to tolerate it, or I am choosing to believe that bree breath on this space ship is one I have made before. I am a cycle. It all goes through me. I and my own ecosystem. I gave myself at present yesterday. It was a surprise
I took some paper from the desk and I grab something at random from the storage area with my eyes closed and then wrapped it with the paper. I still closed, so don't know. What's inside other. The clue of what my hands felt, but I did my s, not to think about it. Much, let's see. I didn't ok job at wrapping, given that I looking at all Kind of stabler shaped. When I shake it, it makes a little clinking sound clink link twinkling The festive in its own way, let's open it aids, Not a state for its sculpture, done in a modern style.
Of a man, weeping. His torso is twisted and his face is buried in his hands. I have never seen the sculpture before. How did it get in my storage area who well what a surprise. not a nice surprise, exactly. after eons. Any surprise is nice in its own way staff. She makes me upset, which is nice, it's nice, to feel anything. I'm going to put it by my bed, so I can. Yet when I wake up, maybe I'll be startled, can. Imagine what a fun change of pace that would be
before we hear more from radio jupiter, time to hear more from radio cecil, which is a cool new nickname. I just gave myself. Feel free to call me radio cecil, if you run into me at the ralph sore in darkness, stretch deep in the cave system they recently found in the sand, wastes. I think we have time for a quick, horoscopes aquarius, no aries. Yes,. Cancer, the s capricorn, maybe gemini, absolutely not leo ok sure labour, a deal pisces yes. sagittarius yup Scorpio. Definitely taurus. Definitely not virgo, today
is a good day for business decisions, and this has been horoscopes. And now a public service announcement you know that core was abandoned on mere cat, lame the what but the worst it out passenger door in the trunk that is half open sort of inviting you to look inside. To see what was left alone with the car, where a representative from the federal government would like to make clear that you do not see that car, You have never seen that car. If you are under the false impression that you are seeing that card, that you are having some sort of episode the best, To do with having some sort of episode is too. simply stop looking at the thing that you were not seeing there is.
A car abandoned on mere cat lame. The government representative explained there may not even be a mere cat, lame help the rep. sensitive said, leaning on the wall behind the ice cream shop chewing on a toothpick. The question of whether you exist is still open the representative narrowed their eyes and said: don't make us Does that question I dont know what car they are talking about, and neither do you. No one knows anything. This is in a public service announcement? I hope you feel better informed, but it boring radio stuff. Let's get at cheery holiday mood going. I lost the statue, I dont know how. This is a sealed environment. I think I'm saying nothing
Goes out but it's gone well. It really was very upsetting. Perhaps it is better that it leaves me, so another year passed, I think I've lost track of even the cat. dane, and so I just decided as the season when my gut tells me so I dont have a guest to my birthday. So I celebrate that whenever it feels like my birthday, I have aged so much. There were months swear it felt like my birthday every day, I must have gone through a hundred years, Since the last holiday, it's all arbitrary.
I'm a thousand years old. I'm new born. this is a radio jupiter, and I am beyond time and space was the statues stolen. Was near someone here to steal it, I would like to meet someone anyone, Even if they are a thief may They have their reasons like this statue was upsetting.
They enjoy being upset. Sometimes I enjoy being upset. It makes me feel like I have a goal. You know speaking of goals, I'm thinking it's time to make a change to make a plan to take action. to make the hard choices that tough decisions. This is the season of taking stock of looking back of peering forward, and this isn't working. This here life as I'm living, it isn't working. next holiday will be different. I can promise you that.
Whoever you are, I hope you, like the statue. everywhere, we humans go, we Bring our world with us. There is no empty. That is deep enough to swallow our life completely when the last of us huddle in it Dying world one of will tell a story. And another of us would laugh and now the weather.
We can have the these. Yeah. yeah. The
we need ache,
After adventures, made ambition. A maze. Anyone, anyone adequate mature apologies breathtaking beauty. Better beings. Blaze baubles bulb spangles b, On bermuda b, On beetle juice, beautiful, cruel cosmic calendar com, cold calculation, Chaotic cohesion charting correct course. Dreary distance,
colonel emptiness, except her gorgeous generous gaudy glamorous grand gradual galaxies golf I ain't gashes god's hale, hello, high. I'm individual I'm impressive. I'm instrumental I'm inmate. Just joking. Reality, keep kind. Kid keep keen. Learn language last They met language laughter, lifts like lightning.
Little lovely looks like lightning me myself, mostly me. No natural neighbours yearly, nothing, not nothing, nothing, nothing issue Oh organic others. observers observe ok, ok,. Past pretending, painful panic, perhaps people Please perhaps people possum Or people please quiet white by it.
Risking rudeness risk Riot risking risk. Seaward slip, stead self. situation, seized turn about. Take off Testament to transition thinking there's there there. understandable, underdog meekly unlucky. Fast vessel veering room through rural. Why We will wander widely. We will witness so warm wonderful world. Zita file. yelling. Yes,.
Yes, zip, zip, zip. We re storytelling species other animals, use tools, Other animals communicate every division. We try to throw up to separate ourselves. More animal kindred gets knocked down, except this Human beings have an insatiable drive to organise the world into narrative, both real and unreal. We are the only species to tell harmless lies that our audience knows or lies in order to delight and inspire what Heavy burden, the truth what a light gift. Tabulation. Ally is a thing with Theirs.
radio jupiter, has come home to us and we are grateful for her return. She has taken up residence in the manner of the heel overlooking grove park. She speaks to no one, rarely ventures out. I think she is Recovering from her years of solitude and may need some time to return to us completely should too all the time she needs, but at night I can look up and see the light in her window and from that window she can look down and see the lights of our ngos. The stars she sees now have here. Many faces behind them, I hope every day. She feels a little less alone. Because this is a time of year, where we see To feel less alone, whether by actual company or the nearness of strangers,.
or just a good story well told. From my understanding of the truth to yours. may your winter be just a little less alone, good night night veil, good night. Hey Jeffrey cleaner here I work from home and I need help regimented everything from the amount of time I work to win. I should feed so I use noon to more closely follow my eating schedule on numerous daily chickens. Are super helpful for me in thinking about how food fits into my daily life, a noom, doesn't believe in restricting which can or can eat. Instead, it gives you the knowledge and wisdom. You need to make informed choices that fit your lifestyle and help you reach our goals, stay
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You have giving therapy a try. Better help is a great option. It's convenient, flexible, affordable and entirely online just fill out a brief questionnaire to get matched with licensed therapists and switch therapists any time for no additional charge. If you want to live a more empowered life therapy can get you there visit better help, dot com, slash night vale today to get ten percent off your first month. That's better help. H e l, p, dot com, slash night vale,. Well, content. Now, as the production of night they'll presents, it is written by Joseph think and Geoffrey trainer and produced by disposition the voice of radio jupiter is robin virginia the voice of night Oh, I see so. Baldwin original music Desperation or they can be found at dispersion, dot, band camp and dot com, this episodes, whether was the which, by it find out more at link tree slash,
official music comments, questions email. I sat in felot welcome tonight, bail, dot com. We're followers on twitter at night, well, radio or on instagram at night, veil, official or. don't just sign up for a newsletter, please check out onto night, fell dot com for info about the brand new show by the night bell team unlicensed so very good. Today's proverb can you believe it's almost thirty. Twenty twenty one weight. being handed a note, I'm sorry why The.
The show was sponsored by better help when you are feeling great, you can do great, but sometimes life and all of the other feelings that come with it get in your way. I have found therapy really invaluable to me. Sometimes my therapy is to deal with issues like a fear of flying something really rock solid, tangible, but sometimes it's just really just a mirror. To my own emotions. We meet need a mirror for doing make up her hair just to see our fiscal cells and why not have a mirror for your inner self to that's what her peers and being able to understand yourself better, is empowering only feel empowered. Your more prepared to take on everything life throws at you, but
Help is a great option if you're wanting to try therapy it's convenient, flexible, affordable and entirely online just fill out a brief questionnaire to get matched with a licensed therapists and switch therapists at any time for no additional charge. If you want to live a more empowered life therapy can get you there visit better help. Dot com slash night fail today to get ten percent off your first month. That's better help. H e l, p, dot com, slash night, vale, hello,. Ipod broadcast listeners, my name is meg and I am one of the esteem try hosts of the beloved I broad good morning night fail. I, along with my hilarious friends fellow night veil actors, passionate eaters and soft, hitting journalists symphony sanders and how lublin are now over. One hundred episodes into our deep dive recap show of welcome tonight fail. We ve tackled topics like soft meet crown head, cannons, cecil's fashion and whether steve scones were really all that terrible, plus
behind the scenes stories from the night veil, creative family, and we heard from listeners like you about pre representation, night veiled, named pets made. the theories minor questions and, of course, best and worst practices for em. Alternative spar therapy services- if you know you know Good morning, night veil, every other thursday, wherever you get your eyebrows, I casts pod, broad's and pot casts. I think I like pod prague, the best A moral pod brought myself. X.
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