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221 - The Glow Cloud, Explained

2023-02-01 | 🔗

The University of What It Is takes a special interest in a certain glowing cloud.

Weather: “Blackeyeblue“ by Shotgun Marmalade

The voice of Dr. Janet Lubelle is Janet Varney.

Original episode art by Jessica Hayworth

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Written by Joseph Fink & Jeffrey Cranor

Narrated by Cecil Baldwin

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this is an emergency. I dont know how to say what I must say accepted just to say it. So here I am saying doktor Lou bell of the university of what it is has announced that she plans to study and explain the glow clout. The blue cloud is a night veil institution, one that first came to us as catastrophe over ten years ago, but has since found its place as a vital part of our community, becoming president of the school board and devoted parent to its child. Who is now, thankfully, away at college and so is in no danger night fail. We must protect the glow cloud.
Controls our thoughts and our bodies flashes, glowing colours and patterns that dry, our mouths and heave our guts and shore. It drops the dead bodies of animals everywhere as it passes, but the glow cloud is our friend doktor Lou bell is our enemy. The enemy of our friend is our enemy, especially when she was already our enemy and just thinks all around is gather whatever's nearby, that you can use in a fight and join me in the streets. We will not let this happen I'll, be right there with you after I finish my radio show. Of course I have to do radio show, but you all should get out there. Now In other news, I finally heard from Jared band ski, painted all those murals all over town
where the pay peeled away and underneath the paint was pulsing flesh, meat and muscle and juices and booze and now all the paint has fully fallen away and the buildings are partly organic, like Architectural cyborgs, a jew It disappeared quite suddenly soon after the murals were complete, along with most of his possessions the good news is, he says, he's fine apparent. he's too busy to talk himself, so he had He default text speech, voice on an apple computer, give me a call and for ethically breed me something he had presumably Personally, written himself what Jared had to say, hello, cs. I am sure it and I am off on the nice vacation. I will
Equally beyond this nice vacation for the rest of my life or maybe for the rest of eternity. There are birds where I am and breezes and a palm tree there is no pain here. Have not experienced paint since leaving night veil. The night. Our dark and cool in the days of pride and warm, and the swimming pool is delicious good day cecil do not Look for me, you Find me. I am a nice vacation somewhere sacred and you'll Ever finds me again it weird when he said the swimming pool was delicious, but maybe that's just great. Red being Jared. You know, Jarrett is. Well, it sounds like Jerry is doing great. Meanwhile, we're stuck with these weird
less murals. Maybe we should try painting over them. If that, doesn't you no anger them? I have received a voice mail from doktor Lou bell now for the sake of public knowledge. I am going to play the voice mail. Now I haven't listen to it yet so just a warning that its contents may be. The upsetting year I see saw ok heard your broadcast about our scientific efforts can say. I appreciate the tone, but thanks for letting me know about our very important work. You know most media just isn't covering science these days. Can you believe it shameful
really bird anyway, we have indeed begun our studies on this, so called glow cloud is always we do not seek to harm anything. We only seek to find out everything there is to know about it until there is not an ounce of poetry. Left poetry is a fancy word. That means ignorance. we simply do not stand for it. I won't have anyone get in my way and anyone who gets in my way we might need to be scientifically explained as well. Right. Yes, yes, would would be just take it a real specific and detailed explanation for anyone who dares to oppose me because I'm a scientist and despite harmful misinformation by sir, and other local scientists. This is what a scientist does horrifying Please be safe out their night veil,
if a scientist looks like they might be trying to explain you see shelter immediately, don't panic! It won't help It will only annoy everyone else and now a message from our sponsors: today's broadcast is brought to you by apple bees, we have an offer the Four is plate of food. Do we want in return, not enough money. Not enough money to sustainably grow the ingredients for this plate of food ship, those ingredients to your location and pay workers fairly to process those ingredients into the triple case, or not. Your burger salad, with optional chile. Crunch topic, though, I merely enough money to pay for all of that. can we offer plate. Food for now
enough money, don't worry about it, not your problem someone's problem for sure. Once problem eventually, but for now here in this booth that smells like cleaner and burnt hair on this table top. That is a little bit tacky on in this light that he is not flattering to your complexion, the how of our food? Not your problem. Applebee's and not to think about a chicken that can be hatched raised, fed slaughtered, shipped unprepared ere, for the amount of money you are paying for it. This has been. a word from our sponsors. And now traffic. Why does traffic, even
this now. I think it's, because the roads aren't wide enough to lanes, not in lanes. Obviously now. If we merely make all roads wider than there will be less and less traffic until there's no track We can all not. This is it's a like, such as a child could do so. Ok, let's go up to four better, but there's still traffic. Ok, let's take it up. Lanes yad now we're really cook it. the cars are still lining up in honking and getting caught and snarls and slow downs just as much as they did with a two lane: road, okay. So, let's taken, up to see t lanes this road is great I mean. It's terrifying, cars seething down this broad stretch of black top, it's like an apocalyptic vision. If one
The apostles saw this. There would be a whole nother book in the bible. I'll tell you that, but it's still not enough. thirty two lanes. No sir. He bore lanes a hundred and twenty eight lanes. This is getting good, though Oh, is as wide as the world from rising to horizon. Curves at the edges, where it meets the bend of the planet and the cars just keep coming, and so do the traffic jams two hundred fifty
six lanes, five hundred and twelve lanes, your entire journey can be from one side of a highway to the other, a constant series of putting on your left, blinker and checking over your shoulder. Soon. Every inch of this planet will be highway lane after beautiful lane, and we will have conquered traffic forever at last. Then we will finally be done. Then we will finally have enough lanes, of course we'll after that, will need to talk about adding some parking lots. This has been traffic, despite our best efforts Science is continuing at the university of what it is and not good kind of science done by Carlos at his lab. I want to be clear on this: the site,
the cordless does, is that of beakers and and numbers scrawled on chalk boards and thus little this'll antenna without the lightning shooting between them, and it makes sense that kind of sound. That is the science of love. and humanity, science that helps and heels. But this I had said doktor lou bell Merely cold dissection, it is rush to overturn every stone, no matter what delicate ecosystem might be living under that stone science of Carlos respects, mysteries of night veil, but the science of doktor labelle seeks to destroy them one by one with I've, been called explanation, so It is not neutral, until that nothing is, I guess.
What can we do to stop those who use a good tool to ill ends? I dont know But someone needs to figure it out and soon and now for the community calendar tonight, there will be a round table discussion at the community center, no top it has been given. No, organizers have been announced. There was no specific time for the start of the event. Word just de around town that we should show up at the community center tonight and start arguing with anyone we see like the saying goes be at work. With your neighbors and at peace with your vices. thursday morning there will be a sunrise only around three hundred. Sixty of these rare astronomical events every year,
so many years and one life so don't miss it or you know sleep through it and let that unrepeatable irreplaceable moment pass you by up to you. Friday, night temple, Beth le shown will be holding a shabazz walk along the night EL, waterfront and harbour recreation area, there will be meditations prayer, community and, of course, a number of exotic birds. You need it ten exotic birds to have a jewish service strip, on saturday there will be a room in your house in which you, europe,. Made into clean water and then replaced with more clean water every single time, wild right.
Well, it's just the way we do it, so it has to be the best way and don't let anyone tell your word different. Sunday is the flea market down in the old alleyway outback of city hall vendors. from far off realms will gather with trinkets and bubbles. Yours for a price. Although the This will not often be near money, so buyers, beware, there will also be doughnuts courtesy of the night failed youth building league. on Monday, we will be doing a repeat of february seventh, nineteen. Ninety four it appear There were some errors on that day and we will go through it as many times as necessary until we get it right at last and to stay. It just says the day if rendering, which could mean many things
Most of them quite good, I'm sure this has been the community calendar, be quiet now quiet. The worst is upon us. Doktor Lou bell that fouled seaver has exited her garden of lies, which has a new nickname. I have given to the university of what it is. She is, announcing that her study on the glow cloud has concluded and she is ready to give the results. Ok, let's all rush to try and stop her, and while we do that,
I'll, throw it to the weather. The way that
Everyone who out so many excited faces you're all shouting. Ok, that's great love, the enthusiasm, you're also throwing objects, and that is enthusiasm I am less interested in, but still no good. Energy. Ok, so we have taken a look at this, so called glow cloud, and it appears that Well, it's a cloud. Its death. Thirdly, a cloud and like most clouds light can shine through it. The water vapor diffuses that light, so it made That's why you're getting the nice glow effect, certainly pray. It can say it's not pretty, but I can say it's nothing unusual it pretty. Is communist dirt and not of any serious scientific interest. The dead animals falling from the sky that was a unique wrinkle and one that was excited to iron out as it were, but it's really quite some
There was a known meteorological phenomenon in which objects such as dead animals are drawn into the air by dust, devils, water spouts, or what have you and then dropped back to the earth again and simply that's what happened here: Brazil, the chanting you people do in the presence of this cloud, associated sociology team is determined this to be simply collective. Wisteria and the recitations just another form of glossy lawyer not dissimilar to speaking in tongues? There are a lot of communal, impersonal benefits to these practices, so converter you, but it's the clouds doing it's yours, so that's it its cloud fully splain onto them, thing, and the next after that in the next after that, until all of my bill is explain. the last bit of it see ya.
The sinners I'm standing under the glow cloud. I'm standing under a cloud that his glowing at least there is no home. There's no feeling of a great intangible trying to worm its way into my mind. No dead animals falling from the sky and no faint but pretty smell of vanilla. Doctor the bells vile explanation has rendered the glue clouded nerd the fragile element of, mystery that sustained it is gone. And I see now the low, was only the sun filtering through this cloud, which is only a temporary
the arrangement of water, but speaking as a temporary arrangement of water myself. I grieve. The glow cloud has been with us for a decade. Through the highs and lows through the back. at times at the good, through every single, all hail torn unwillingly from our ragged throats. I can still see the words all hail, the glow cloud, the great blue cloud, that uses our we'll for its own whims. That who us puny. he beings all hail, see the words are still there, but it's no power behind their just.
since the same way, I can say sure I'd like a turkey sandwich and oh, I think. Maybe I dont like the color orange that also awful meaning that greater purpose That has been stripped from us we'll tell the glue clouds child the poor. doktor lubell, has taken another of our citizens and we will not forget this. We will not forgive. This ideal is filled with rage and we are, if we are honest with ourselves a dangerous
dangerous tao that is for later now I honour the glue cloud I honour Well, not my friend exactly but a part of my life, a big part of my life, right now I honour the guy. The cloud as it dissipates into the evening air splitting into other clouds and then into rain stare, pattering rhythm, on our rooftops animals I'd in their peruse making com. or slow downs was not scared, making the trees shake their mighty.
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