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228 - Diplomacy

2023-05-15 | 🔗

Councilmember Flynn tries a new approach.

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Written by Joseph Fink & Jeffrey Cranor

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We apologise once again for accidently providing a platform to doktor JANET Lou bell of the university of what it is. A couple of weeks ago I was tricked away from my post here at the station and she was allowed to broadcast freely over our airwaves I am sure many of you experienced anger, sorrow europe years. Maybe when peed yourself a bit and that's my fault, I should not have been so easily duped by your assistant, doktor blake jones, convincing this tiny mustache narrow eyes and night wound of a mouth I more disappointed in myself than you are like they'll, but there no such thing as an error only a learning experience for him
the night, those spider wolves, infield committed for learning experiences last night in a seven run, loss to the red mesa, aunt carpenters- you can only get better from here. And, as station manager, I've doubled up the locks on the doors to keep doktor bluebell and her lackeys out of here no I've received some kind and understanding emails from listeners, and I'm really appreciative of those like this. one from Morris Sanderson, who said of your show cecil I always listen. While running my blender, of running my blender very loud, and I love fast moving bleeds. I wish I could wear the blunders that every day you'll do a show about hats someday any you, I was very sad to hear doktor bluebells voice on the radio, because it is not as good as yours and also because she's a scientist and think. Maybe we should run the scientists out, they don't you have to know about my hat ideas.
Thank you morris, but I do want to caution you all that we're not against science. Remember that were all on the same side, which is against doktor Lou bell but were also on decide that science is good. As my huh Bend cordless, says: science is Technically empirically and measurably very neat and he's right so, let's love science, but hey the university of what it is and now the news, Night veil, corner ryan met again has issued a report on the body dug up in the sand wastes earlier this month. Officials, eve. These remains to be of former mayor, Dana cardinal stopping her or possibly dana herself. While in turning it, this radio station in twenty thirteen Dana murdered her double gang her with a stabler or perhaps it was the other way round.
and the sheriffs secret police, as well as those terrible researchers at the university of what it is. We are hoping that this body would closed the on this mystery So now is coroner marines printed report logo, in fact bag a couple of weeks ago from the sheriff crawfish and I finally got around to checking it out really good macabre is rachel Rubin messy, though. oh algeria. I finally got around striking it up and our dual busy, because I adopted a new dog and she's just been keeping me awake at night, flapping, her wings and my vision, screeching, but I wish I eating all the mosquitoes Roy lover, an amber robert dying. This british good right
generally write and marble to arrive, after careful examination, I ro marine rival, corner com evidently declare that need remained, are not of Dana cardinal nor are they offer doppler, gunnar I know these remains to be a pile of atari videogame cartridges of the much maligned phil tie in game each the extra terrestrial peace and we that report. It seems that the case is not closed on Dana cardinal, in fact, Doktor Labelle has demanded a second opinion on the coroner's report. She claims that corners don't have to be actual medical professionals, and Mr Medina clearly wasn't analyzing the body, but instead rummaging through a garbage bag. He found out back of the antique small corner medeon than issued a follow up statement, which I will read here verbatim
Love love, Here you lay la la la la la la la la that I'm thrilled at night bill is refusing to cooperate with these monsters, but sadly it doesn't seem to be working the university of what it is. Has trailers and campers set up just outside the town limits they ve legally. he obtained- this landed there's no law to prevent them from entering our city freezing them out has been impossible, but there's a new approach coming. to make a flynn who is a member, of our city council has taken on the role of diplomat to be wants to negotiate and reason with the university imploring them to stop their scientific explanations because there destroying everything we love to me It begins talks today with doktor blake Jones. She has suggested that pine cliff is a much more scientifically interesting town, because
when there is a ghost baby check that he's out instead, but it was a no go. so she said why not sagebrush valley, they have act there that grow at the shape of horses they also, I have forces that have cactus like skin. Surely there is an interesting paper to publish from that to me cosette, but again doc. Jones reiterated that there is no town more scientifically interesting. The night veil they're not going anywhere Sadly, listeners, I'm I'm not You sure this tactful adult to Mika is as effective as teenage militia leader to mecca. In fact young All across our city or calling for the formation of a new militia, if too big a, has advocated her responsibilities with the old one. I love how civically minded youth today are- and I know
Diplomacy has worked yet, but let's give it a chance. And now financial news, the invisible corn market, has collapsed futures are trading at less than one cent after scientists from the university of what it is explained that the many acres of invisible corn belonging to John peters- you know the farmer, just infertile dirt feels he's been. Link empty, creates and calling it produce every buying his invisible corn was being ripped off according to these awful people. Because of this John, has lost his entire clientele. Is his old identity? His livelihood There is a massive shortage of invisible corn or perhaps a glut, No one is really sure what they been eating. It was never really real to begin with. john says, he's doing fine and that no one should cry for him he's been meaning to pay.
It to a new career as a singer songwriter he just a new album, cold quiet covers else completely silent versions of folk classics. So look for on band camp or just pretty, you already have it. He hopes you'll love it an update on diplomatic efforts. Jamaica's second round of meetings with the university did not go well laughed and laughed when she offered tax based financial incentives to focus their studies outside of night veil. Doctor Jones said or too productive. To leave why this morning alone, they explained away invisible corn is non existent. The D when possess girl and william street, having an allergic reaction to her cats and the brownstone spire as an unusual rock formation that someone wedged bluetooth speaker into John said, there's no way they could leave this gold mine of a city unless he said
unless there, an increase the whole story, something that was true. Lee, arcane or even supernatural. jones said so much of what they ve explained away. So far has been commonplace, the trooper Cobb road that was simply a rapid coyote and the? U s foe, which was a single engine, cessna that forgot to file a flight plan that boring doctor Jones said. But what? If there was something tat beyond explanation, something there take us months, maybe even years to resolve then doctor Jones gotta glinting his eye and asked what the man josh crater We here he's a shake shifter someone said he turned into a waterfall in class. We could study of we'd, absolutely take him and then leave town. That would be.
The discovery of the century to mecca truly insulted said no, she refused to hand over any one of our citizens to be mad men. She even two Josh's mother dyin, to warn her. But I and said Josh wasn't even a town Diane said the visit his father, but she looked away when she said it like she didn't. and believe her own lie seemed josh days. I hope is ok, look out for a twenty three year old man who could look like absolutely anything and if you do find him, keep it to yourself. We hope Josh is safe wherever he is. And now a public service announcement from the nightingale medical community, its
we're too early to start thinking about your colon first thing in the morning, think about that colon really vision it colors, shape. texture, better howley, it's never too early to. italy, visualize your own colon gross. You say well that's just your opinion. Man, maybe you'd healthier if you didn't think of your own body as a disgusting garbage pit, a blood in pooh, two matters, and we don't like energy that you are bringing to this conversation. Not one bit. You know you should learn to love yourself, like even the parts of you that handled the commode stuff. Ok, look at, you cringing and going to grow up your child. This has been a peer say from the night failed medical community.
frustrations have swelled to a new high in night veil after council member to Mika flints bailed diplomatic attempts with the university of what it is to be tried. Bring them everything from low less use of the scrub lands to a coupon book full of key tasks. Like free back rubs. She even offered an extra hour in the bowl pit at the night bill convention center, but doktor lubeck, and oliver henchmen will not budge. They want Josh cretin, It also settle for the basis old woman who secretly lives in our homes. They even asked if I were Mcdaniel was still about, but to bigger, would not give them any single person we are all so tired of these people, destroying our citizens through scientific explanations, but I'm so tired of nothing working
Though, in lieu of the diplomatic breakdown night, those citizens have formed a vigilante group to combat the university night bill. I beg you that while nonviolence has it worked yet and in the scope of history at its? It's weighing less often than you were taught it still can. We cannot resort. Physical aggression shore, the sheriffs secret police might look the other way if you did up harmless little arson Fourthly, coordinated assault against the university of what it is, but is it right? What are we our view community, or are we a mob gang? We are we going have a cool gang uniform and like magic, hats and turf that we protect using switchblade dancing? Is that what we aren't? I bill I dont always know. What's right from wrong aspire,
when emotions run high sure did want to punch doktor johnson the face. So unless I get it but take a moment to think, first and while you do here, is well, sadly its the weather anymore, another. Now that DR labelle has explained that way. It's just us all here, is a song for you to listen to day, is it leaving me? Would change ability to when you step on the new england show oh well, I've been driving for hours can't stop looking in the rearview the thing I'm trying to find you never do you keep finding ways to keep me
it's hard, you love me the fly by creating the tempo. The window though it was the age is just a fail. Ok, so don't try to tell me, after the I've been driving for hours, kids to get into the habit of watching the fly by cranking up the tempo. The window thought it was the harsher the mood on. You call me the book for me the sweater
You could smell, when I moved on at dusk, the mob gathered outside the mobile trailers of the university of what it is just on the edge of town torches lit axis sharpened. Throwing stars tucked tempted to keep them crisscrossing sashes at the forefront of our from here. Justice the sheriff themselves. sheriff sam stared down doktor, janet nobel just outside or trailer sam and doktor Labelle had diabolical bleed. in their eyes and tight sinister grins. Doktor blake, owns. Looked uncharacteristically nervous, just over doctored bluebells shoulder
He held his head high, but you could see a slight falter to his jaw hesitancy in his breath. At one point he whispered to doktor the bell. No one knows what he said to her. Possibly he pleaded for a truce, possibly he called for war possibly he just add some thoughts on the new season of succession. We can't be sure, but we did know he could be shaken. Conflict was imminent, hundreds of people ready to fight, maybe even die or worse, kill for what they believed in the group both from the crowd grew into a chant of down with science doubt with science, Eventually devolved coffee
The dam was about to burst at the moment. Just before the first torch was tossed or punch thrown too Mika flynn arrived and Dana cardinal was, with her to make a stood between the night fell mob. The university staff, She made her final offer for a truce she had. Post rebates of Dana cardinal or double, to be agreed to give it over to the university of what it is. It would be He had incredible scientific discovery to prove the existence of doppelgangers What you, what right, too big to make a name for yourself within well, precedented find, doktor labelle did not say yes, Nothing no either to be He said that if the remains were of Dana or her double the data, would accept justice for her actions.
Dinner was tired, tired of running from her past tired of the guilt tired of the university, literally digging up her worst memories. It had all gone too far and if doktor the bell wants to study her double gainer, so be it. But after that firstly of what it is had to agree to leave night they'll, never to return doktor labelle said show me the body and a cadaver pouch on a journey was rolled over to her. The crowd was quiet, tents hanging on every word. I feel terrible for Dana, but they were so proud of her heroism honesty. Many at this had killed their own doubles ten years ago. Two. Would they sacrifice themselves for this? Calls they weren't certain that they will sheriff sam took data
into custody until the remains could be inspected by doktor bluebell. It could be days or weeks or longer until the study was complete, as Europe's prowler drove away. So did the crowd dissipate quietly It's full of anger, sadness, confusion. Only council, member flynn and doktor bluebell remained shook hands, but just as meta, loosened her grip doctor the bell squeezed harder and put to begin cliffs you realize doktor bluebell said that if this body bag has no double gang or in it we're staying, we're staying indefinitely will never leave, will exe ain't, your libraries, your angels, your dog parks, your house's that don't exist wheel, spleen everything until you
I understand night feel is just a bland little town, bull of normal. This, as far as I can see. to make a smiled a friendly smile full of poison. No, you won't I anticipated you might go back under promised, so I have drafted a city ordinance, making the practice of science a felony. We voted in two weeks. I already know it will pass unanimously. You have until then to be gone. And is to be good, drove away doctor the bell all along the edge of the desert bit her lip and tried to imagine what it must be like to not get what you want. council member flynn my bill, all you listeners out there! I urge you.
Not to take such extreme measures. as I am biased, because my husband cordless as a scientist. He would he would ruin him, but it would ruin. everything, science and so meet its the best, its vital to teach it in practice. It used you catch our science right right Stay to next for bathwater being thrown out, among other things, good night night fail goodnight,
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