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232 - A Car Crash on Buellton Avenue

2023-08-15 | 🔗

There was a car crash on Buellton Avenue, listeners. A bad one.

Weather: “One Man's Trash“ by 7th Street Big Band

Original episode art by Jessica Hayworth

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Music: Disparition

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Written by Joseph Fink & Jeffrey Cranor

Narrated by Cecil Baldwin

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Hi, it's me Joseph and I am inviting you to open at odd, looking door that has just appeared in your home and enter the attic. The attic is our brand new touring life. Show world preparing this fall in cities across the united states. We are so excited to be back on the road with our new show, in which cecil discovery slides from an old family road trip which at first fine and joyful, but then
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the the the there was a car crash on built an avenue listeners about one possible injuries, probable injuries. Even a man who has been watering. His long has laid down the hose and started sprinting toward the crash, his mouth his wide and his lower teeth or more visible than they have ever been outside of the dentist visits that he doesn't do us regularly as he should. If he's honest with himself, he tries to be honest with himself. He rarely fully. is a woman who had been one car back from the crash is vibrating. It's the chemicals in her blood.
She saw the crash. She do that in a set of circumstances that are terrifyingly similar to the ones that happened. It would have been heard in that wreck in the twist and the range of it her flesh copied We in this house that split open, smeared, her teeth Chatter ass- she thinks of it and she think of injuries, she doesn't have consequences. She won't have to face. There was a car crash on built, an avenue listeners and it could have been any of us, but it wasn't most of us our lucky day, then more suit, but first the headline, an update on the randy newman memorial night veil airport There was some embarrassment earlier this month when it turned out that, after the expensive at high price file construction of a new terminal, the management of the airport.
never contracted with any airlines to have flights into or out of night veil. Well, this over It has been corrected: nightfall airport, ceo, archie lavatory. Proud to announce that he has made an agreement with deal loose whose wife betty which is the little league team, deal has an old cessna. He likes to take out on weekends when it isn't too cloudy or windy, and he figures that you can get more people pretty much where they want to go on most days. If there were little patient This old bird dont quite fly like she used to they all said chewing on a straw and leaning on a plane that appeared to have been last painted during the brando administration, but I reckon she's still got some sky left dinner when ass, about international flights. Dale admitted that he hasn't got news,
sport renewed after that trip to antigua glad and ninety five, and so he probably couldn't help anyone with that. And he was obligated to point out that his pilot license was a certificate. He printed off a site called fun. Pilot props for children just three to five, but still It should be totally fine and no one should be worried at all. Eight. Never, killed no one, yet he said with a grin that kept stretching wider and wider as his eyes water, but the strain of his distending face ripple negative. Their boss highlight at they'll, mutter, to the sky, port ceo, archie library added excited about this new arrangement and look forward to you all flying the friendless skies. Doc There are robe lace, dean of the university of what it is central night fell, campus and father to my child.
has been consolidating. Control of the army of scientists now under his command has been doing the usual team building exercises like two truths the lie zip, zip sob and mock executions. But still there are sir, left over resentments and confused thinking from the era overseen by that villain herself doktor JANET bell Alice needs his team to all be. On the same you know, team because he has great things in store for them many of you were worried about how I've been after finding out that Carlos had been that terrible desert other world for ten years rather than the one year that I experienced, and it was tough to know that he added trusted me enough to help him carry that
but I understand why love might make someone feel that they need to keep such terrible secrets to themselves. That sums it's our so painful that to share is itself an act of violence, but now. we can all share the weight of his secret, can show There is no shame in having received pain, no guilt. In a harrowing past. I love my husband. I do not hold it against and even a little that he could not tell me and I will support him in any way that I know out, in any case understandable He wants to know more about this world that held him for decade of his life, and so he is mustering the considerable forces of the university of what it is to that end suit, hopefully We will know more about that terrible other place, more on science as soon as science continues to occur,.
There was a car crash on buell, tin, avenue listeners a real smashup illiterate debris running down the street, as it happens over too. billion years ago. During a different age of the earth there was stream. Here, please Your blue water and it ran exactly This trail of glass is now no and involved in the crash knows that nor any of the witnesses that information wouldn't be helpful to them now The only information that might be helpful to them is more practical, such as how to staunch bleeding how to do with visible bow, both in terms of wounds, repair and psychological impact retain senses when your body is trying to shut down. This is the information that is needed here We exists right until the present insists upon itself and then past and future fade until the present ceases being an emergency. There was a car. on builtin avenue there,
his blood, although I don't know it's commission or quantity. There is a hand reaching, although I dont know if it is reaching out for in. I will give you more updates, as I have them and now a word from our sponsors today show is brought to you by the all you can eat, desert, parfait, the one off eggs at four listen to the haters. believe the reviews dont even trust your own experiences just hear us out. Yes, we have been closed three times by the county due to- and I am legally required to quote this in full. A grievous breaches in the health code that goes beyond anything. We have ever seen to the point where not so much worried about food poisoning as this restaurant creating an entirely new category of disease. End quote, and yes, we currently have two point, seven stars on yelp with many other.
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You're wrong the all you can eat, desert, parfait, the one off for we are not throwing any of this away until you eat it. This has been a word from our sponsors. There was a car crash on buell, tin, avenue, listeners. Some is trying to crawl out of the wreckage. This might have once been somewhat, but they have been produced to some thing and still they are to call a man who had been watering. His law nearby arrives at the wreckage. He see what is trying to come out of it and he is torn between wanting to flee and wanting to help it decides to help in fiction, we assume that humans or cowardly, but in reality humans are often generous and brave yourself species and like any self haider
We are mostly incorrect. The man gets down on his knees. He does his best to help, but he doesn't know how nothing is prepared in it's nothing has prepared any one for this, no ones it's time. Learning about the past beauty of this, even though the possibility is always there always present behind even the quietest, most comfortable moments of our lives. Catastrophe is After all, only a catastrophe away. And now for the music charts number one with a bullet is, of course help me. I may time traveller lost in history, and I need to get a message to my superiors in the future in the form of a hit song by justin bieber. I can't stop humming it like ok,
I dont have a great year formality, but it's something like that. You know the song you dont need to tell you After that, we have a newcomer honour list. Night fails own michel win with music saw a p sheep. Together using a new for her system, She uses music to compose a song, when asked about her groundbreaking technique. Michel said I thought I was most music, but then the board of listening to trees, grow and forty hour white noise compilation, so I became post most music, and it turns out music is pretty good. I am glad to have invented it and please feel free to compliment me about it. Whenever I am feeling in secure, which is a lot of the time machine concluded well Michel. Personally, I think music is oh k and I'm glad you invented it.
Finally, of course, we have basket cakes by green day, which spin number three on our charts for over sixty years. Long before aunt released it what we do is just right there, the third spot. At least I got a little confusing for us after the on came out. This has been the charts. There was a car crash on built, an avenue listeners he's the air that looks like smoke, but he's not smoke. It is finally pulverized glass and its scatters with even a slight breeze the hand of something that was once someone reaches out from the wreckage The woman one car back from the crash exits her vehicle. Her mouth is open, but she is not making a sound. She doesn't know but sound. She could make nothing. She can. Do can adequately express her horror at what she has seen.
The ban on his knees has given up on trying to help the thing that once was human. He looks past. the crawling view, willing creature and sees something he does not understand. The interior is twisted around itself, but it looks as though it goes much deeper than the core whence did. If he didn't don't, we need better. The ban would think this was a tunnel. in fact he doesn't know better and he I think it's a tunnel he calls uncertainly forward, pass the hand that is baking for aid ass, the creature that once was human deep into the wreckage deeper into the package until the sound of the world fades away at it grows, dark and warm and damp more on well, whatever it is that is happening here, but first and always the weather.
there was a car crash on buell, tin, avenue, listeners the man who had been wandering his long crawls through the long belly, if the wreckage it is dark and warm, and and then as it continues to move, it grows, dark and cold and dry. He hears the voice. as though there is someone beside him as he crawls boy says it's you again. Who is that asked the man the voice replies? It's just me again. I don't know who you are the man says, and then from directly in front of him. So closely can feel cold breath on his face smelling of grass clippings and graveyard dirt. The boy says: don't you The ban howls and tries to scramble backwards, as he as he finds himself in a hospital whole way, the light through the window
at the end of the hall is sunset golden. He turns and cannot find the tunnel he entered through. The man calls out, but no one answers. This hospital is empty He walks to the end of the hall, enters adored, marked exit and finds himself at a school. It is nineteen before he is twelve years old and he is late for class. He runs as the bell rings, but it is no use. He is and has always been late when he finally opens the loud squeaky door? The teacher shakes her head and disappointment find her desk. She said and that is tricky because, Remember which one was his desk. There are we need that are empty. He walks toward one. one calls out in correction, and so he sits down good. His teeth.
says in a new forms of voice that is so familiar now. Let's begin the lesson and with that, The man is back in the tunnel, but now there is daylight ahead of him. Lulling, sound of traffic, he scrambled sport. It afraid that the voice will come out again with both hands. He grabs the frame of the wreckage in holes himself back out. He finds, self, in the seat of a car theirs steering wheel in front of him. He glances confusion in his rear view mirror and sees the woman one car back singing along to the hit new song by michelle win. The sole makes her very happy a respite of commute in a tedious busy day, and he smiles at her happiness. Then he looks again to the intersection before him had. He starts his left her when it happens.
It is so quick, he doesn't even know it is happening. He only knows that he is backing the wreckage and that here no longer some one but something he tries to crawl out but he can only reach out and familiar man. You buy for more drugs. His hose starts running over. There was a car crash on fuel to avenue there is a car crash built an avenue. There will always be a car crash on bugles, an avenue stated next fourfold. Boys new cover of the decision,
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