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234 - The Boy

2023-09-15 | 🔗

This morning we found a boy. He has no name, and no one knows who he is.

Weather: “Runner Up“ by Al Olender

Original episode art by Jessica Hayworth

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Music: Disparition

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Written by Joseph Fink & Jeffrey Cranor

Narrated by Cecil Baldwin

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Oh, it's so close the night fail, live touring show will be introducing it's first brand new script since two thousand and twenty as it took that long to tour the last one everywhere. This new show is called the attic Cecil finds a door in this house that he has never seen before, leading to an attic he has never seen before and in that attic is an old sly projector full of pictures from childhood family road trip to the grand canyon, a road trip he had completely forgotten until this evening, and he and.
I chose to view the slideshow with him. Oh, yes, there are actual slides in this one designed by resident night, vale artist, jessica, Hayworth, match that with live, see, saw live, dispersion, soundtrack, live weather and special guest stars, including symphony sanders as tamika flynn and you're not going to want to miss this one. The first tour starts at the end of september in new york and philly and then goes on from there in November january and April, see the full schedule and buy tickets by going to welcome to night vale, dot, com and clicking on live, shows and sign up for our mailing list to be the first one to hear when we add more shows to our schedule, which we hope to do later in two thousand and twenty four. That's welcome to night. Vale, dot, com and click on live shows: hey, quick favor. We are conducting an audience survey. These survey,
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coralie and his sprawling team of scientists, split between the university of what it is night failed campus and his lab in the strip mall next to big rico's pizza and the pink very happy.
Working hard on studying the desert otherworld Carlos, has never had these kinds of resources at his disposal, and so he has been getting a lot done. The team's current concentration is on creating a stable observation portal to that world. The issue Carlos explained to me over dinner, as we attempted to get our son esteban to just try the chicken is that the difference between the speed of our time and the other worlds time creates a kind of temporal turbulence. It gets really bumpy in chronology terms. When the worlds connect. I suspect, that's why it was so difficult for anyone who went there to return pleats. You love chicken. We know you love chicken. Can you just have some of the chicken the important scientist concluded while the new resources have been helpful to Carlos? Obviously, there is also a lot of responsibility to being the dean of a large research facility. He has been having to organize the hr department figure out payment processing for paychecks start to look into how tenure could work and decide when and how the university might start accepting students. It's a lot to think about. Even for someone who thinks a lot, I worry that Carlos is beautiful. Hair might start to go grey, but of course, beauty is fleeting and our looks will dissolve in time like clay into a river, and the foundation of love must be built, a deeper, stronger stuff. On the other hand, I sure do love that hair.
let's get to our top story, my top story. Anyway, This morning we found a boy, the boy, was playing in growth park. No one knew the boy he was bright, eyed with tasseled hair and a high spirited voice. He ran to and fro the boy through the park, pretending to be an airplane and then a motor boat, and then a hawk chasing a mouse. We the boy his name and he didn't know, but here so didn't care. I did it He was not of interest to him since he was so busy being every possible thing, except himself the boy shouted with joy and laughter, a quite high spirited boy There was a concerned crowd because
have a boy with no parents. It's not right avoid with no parents there were murmurings of what shall be done and who will help him, and so I stepped forward since communication is what I am after all best at safe boy. Are you alone here I asked well, I guess so said the boy I dont remember a moment before this moment. As far as I know, this is the first conversation I've ever had. It seems to be going well. Is it going? Well, I'm not sure I said: would you like us to well you I've never had any one help. Me said the boy, so I don't know if I would like it or not, but I am always happy to give it a shot. Then he made like a horse and did a gallop around the field on his imaginary steed, but a curious boy. or on this soon and Our word from our sponsors
a sponsor is spoons can't get soup without em. What are you, do drink soup, just picked the ball up and drink it. Now that I'm saying it out loud that actually before five I think, there's a number of cultures where that's how they do soup still How are you going to eat yogurt without a spoon ever thought of that? What you gonna do put it? some kind of pouch that you can carry around, did not know how to do that. To really ok, fine, so there are fewer exclusive use cases than we thought, but still spoons are useful try spoons once and buddy. I think you're gonna be back to try more our great Culture rests on the back of the humble spoon and don't you ever forget it spoons like a fork, but for wet This message has been brought to you by croaker and now for traffic
The roads are looking good good roads. Infrastructure, good civilization wow I organization of a species you got there. Would be a shame if anything happened to it? beautiful signs, the ones that say exited yield and such a lot of consideration put into design. Someone really thought about it. I like that, of corn, yellow used on the lines painted on the road to and the Snowdrop white of the other lines of someone had a real I for color. I hope they are themselves, whoever they are but the texture. You have to appreciate the texture of the roads that black top grit eggs that enough grip to get you go in the sea. Of tar and earth. There is an aesthetic beauty to these man made scars. We lace the earth with yes,
Those roads are looking good probably why they are so full of cars. slow and go out there folks and It has been the traffic. This morning. We found a boy corps and I took him home, so we could get some food. We asked If he was hungry ravenous he said and then he said well, I did. No, I do without word what a great word we asked what kind of food he likes and he told us that he doesn't know that he has no memory of ever having eaten before I was born into the sunlight, already running the boy, told us ass. He walked down a turkey sandwich. My first breath was minutes ago, but this sandwich is perfect. Thank you, We offered him soda, but he was more interested in water
I am told is the essence of life. He said I'd love to try. It so we offered him a big glass of water and he gulped it down more more in all drank about three gallons of water. Now I dont know how much what you're supposed to give a boy, but that seems like a lot of water: incredible whispered, Carlos and he texted some of his new science friends, you must have been thirsty. I said yes agreed the boy possible. I have never drunk anything before The boy seems to be in perfect health. His fingers are long but clean. His teeth look meticulously cared for all all. I would say that this boy must have had a guard again, but he has. no knowledge of who, with this guardian, would be and no memory of having one what a curious boy and now for a segment I've dubbed radio theatre
an original title. I just invented think it's pretty catching now, I may be mostly a noose, pleasanter and a voice of community events and concerns, but I have always been interested in performing theatre. But for the radio imagine saying where its into a mike that port. True, what a free There must be an that on. Fortunately, I can't find anyone else that shares my interest. So what I've done is I've looked up a script from what was untold the most pop. radio drama of the nineteen twenties diamonds of as marvelled at the diamond es. Marilla was a weekly melodrama about a young woman named as marbella who had here. the great fortune, but then and evil business man named Norton grenadier steals at all from her. this she's forced to flee around the world, having adventures plotting to recover her fortune and escaping nortons henchmen who pursue her wherever she goes,
some so fun, but since I anyone else to act with I'm going to play all the parts think I will be able to so expertly embody the characters that it will be easy and enjoyable to listen along here goes. While Urim and kevin over to set that there's only. Maybe you can help me recover my fortune, hey lady, to nyc. I guess, but I have no money to pay. That is fine with me said, lady, are you being followed? Quite possibly? Why do you see anyone guess there's ever been telling us do. You know related know the city better than anyone you received with me quickly run out this way I'll get back here. I've got her boss. I've lost her boss, climb up this wall into this window. I can't do it, but you must, but I can't don't worry. I will be with you every step of the way up here, but I know the men are upon us and I am clinging to your hands as acting from this. I wonder who said it for poor as marvelled at tuna next week and remember to use doktor bomb guard I can accept the only serve the deadly one cause your skin to boil wow that was so fun
belief in the soul and your baby like this. My calling, It's been an actor An error on the run either: exciting now for corrections. In an earlier broadcast, I knocked over the microphone and howled there no way that trees grow from seeds. That's obvious! Look at this! of trees, and the size of seeds. This is chris. You can't expect me to believe what is obviously false. I am not. Patsy, I will simply rollover. Let you speak riddles to me believe whatever you want to believe. I m not your sunday school teacher but trees. Do grow from seeds and that's the last word on the matter. Then. it kicked over the expensive studio speakers through the rest of my notes in the trash and stormed out of this nation building, not returning for several days well Carlos took me on a little field trip to a nursery where I
got to see these stages of growth of a tree, and it turns out. I slightly off. Based on this one, some of my acts were quite in order. So to speak, Let me be the first to say no, art feelings. Obviously we well said things that we regret. We were all a little wrong I think we just call this one to draw Some of us do damage to the studio. Some of us didn't show up to work. Some of us didn't understand how trees grow. I I dont, think its productive to get into the who did what lessons learned and will move on from here. This has been corrections. This morning we found a boy To make a flynn of the city council has come to us concerned about the boy I am concerned about the boy to make us said and she furrowed, bow to demonstrate concern.
Lost boy is a serious matter and for his own sake we must make a plan for how to best help him. Careless and I agreed, of course, and we made suggestions. We must write play about the boy. I cried a grand play that will turn the hearts of the community towards is a need. Okay, we said to meet. No bad ideas, but the way she said it it almost made it sound like my idea was bad, which it wasn't. It was artistic and thrilling we could duty and a testing on the boy suggested Carlos may his parents run some sort of registry like those ones where you send in a saliva sample, and they send you a report back letting you know what astrological sign you are. Better said to make up, but you are thinking of the boy as an event rather than a person. I think our first step should be
take the boy to a child therapist who might be able to talk to him. Where he's from and how best we can help him. Ok! I said bad ideas, and I said this in a way that made it sound like her idea was bad, but this was undercut by Carlos enthusiastically agreeing with it yes said Carlos, I know just the person there was an expert. Their therapist on my staff and so it was decided. We all decided that this is what would be best for the boy and the boy said sure more boy soon, but first the weather
guess you ever you give him ass the path tat. I didn't mean that when somebody's means me, I can't get a kiss you you're still treated. Didn't you haven't touched myself this money, so pathetic woman, it's real pass it on streets and are needed on the meaning of this. Just to normal boring depend to lose so there's no secrets years surrogate mowing. Whoever you want me to
morning. We found a boy. The boy sat with the child therapist a kind woman with sad eyes. Do you remember nothing? The boy said the therapist nodded was silent for a long time Well, the boy said that their interest was silent. Well, the boy said there is this: the boys, I remember a darkness darker than dark I remember once that did not come from. I remember joy that wrenched, the soul I remember three words to do harm,
I remember a sky, so full of stars that it looked like a blank sheet of paper. I remembered the true name of god. I remember the value of pi to eighty digits. I remembered the grid of sand in my mouth. I remember a darkness darker than doc. I remember a melody that I do not care to say. I remember a prayer. I do not know to what I remember sadness that formed the heart, remember with darkness darker than dark- and I remember my mother but other than that. The boy said. I remember nothing- that their best nodded again took a sip of water, with careful
slowness. Tell me about your mother. The boy said in a low voice, full of bread. Glass and thunder clouds? I will not talk about his voice. returned to normal. I'm sorry, can't be more help. Ma am after the session that therapist sat down with me and Carlos and to mecca Holding a lot of pain, therapist said, but he is,
too young to know how to put it down or even where or something like that could be unburdened. Only time and life can do that for him he needs a safe place to stay while figures that out carlist I, of course volunteered our house will always happy to help, but to Mika said no, he can come to stay with me. I think we are kindred sores. Maybe I can show him other ways to cope with the world bank, You can show me that to baby. We can help each other in some small way We agreed that living with tamika for a little while, just until we could learn where he belonged, sounded like a good idea and the two walked off. arm in arm into a future, that might be a little better than the past, who knows good could happen.
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