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236 - Truck Touchers

2023-10-15 | 🔗

The last contestant touching the truck wins!

Weather: “Hurricane Party“ by Dessa from her new album Bury The Lede

This episode was written with Calvin Kasulke. Read his incredible novel here.

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Music: Disparition

Logo: Rob Wilson

Written by Joseph Fink & Jeffrey Cranor

Narrated by Cecil Baldwin

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In june twenty twenty two and may twenty twenty three potential savings will very discounts not available in all states and situations. It's ten o clock. Do you know what your children are? Welcome to night fail, The the welcome back the snow. We're heading into our seventy three of the first annual truck touches endurance contest and just you know what I mean- focus focus cecil. Forgive me list
I've been broadcasting life from out here at the car lot for the past three days, and I haven't slept much. Of course, I've taken a few breaks to return home to see my family and I've met each to catch a little shut. I here and there, but mostly I've, been at the car lot and I starting to catch up to me right now. I should explain
if you're just tune again. One of the many troy's wall shoe populate. Our fair city recently took over management of the car lot, which continues to offer gently used cars at affordable prices, with the reminder that words like gently and affordable or subjective, and have no legal definition, toy decided. A contest would help jean up some more business and the first annual night failed truck touches. Competition was born. The rules or simple. Each contested must be standing with at least one hand placed on the truck at all times, removing your hand from the truck or sitting down at any time disqualifies you from the contest. The last contested touching the truck winds and that's all there is to it every few hours, the contestants get a fifteen minute break to rest their feet, use the bathroom or make offerings to any demons or unseemly with whom they may want to strike a quick falsity bargain in order to win the truck and why
truck. It is probably no I'm not really a car guy, but I am sure the lightly use two thousand by buick anticipate or is a fine vehicle. It must be for it one to still be vying for it after seventy three hours and counting of the twenty people who placed a hand on the buick anticipate or with the competition again leaf or truck torturers remain. They are not fail. School football. Coach, latrine beaumont go scorpions and reckon gay and employee at the diego and diego and diego and diego and diego funeral home the university of what it is scientifically scientist, doktor blake jones and my beloved brother in law, Steve Carlsberg, who is great, I steve I get there, buddy These four have endured more than three days of tedium and exhaustion propelled only by
their determination and clarity of purpose. They use their intermittent breaks to take all too brief naps or to eat whatever food. Their friends- and once bring them some massage their swollen feet. The more people, ere! It among them swap out their old socks for a fresh pair and steal themselves for more standing and more truck, touching, We're coming to the end of one of these breaks. Now, as our final for return to their places at the truck troy while she was also ref, the tournament signals for the contestants to once again placed their hands on the buick anticipate her in three two up: oh no, oh dope. emperor Qin. Kenya is now she's cut your hand, though it's been badly burned, the other three or completely fine, but the instant emperor touched the truck. She I'm not sure. Well, better luck! next year, amber while
she's being helped to her feet and off to the sidelines. Let's take a look at days top headline gap, These are sentient. Now, following last week's freak, lightning storm, several dozen cacti have been blighted with the curse of consciousness and they are organizing about it, the captain I have unionized and they are demanding legs legs legs there. leader, the tallest, duly sentient saguaro, in the scrub lands outside of town has now, that until their demands are met, the united cactuses will refuse to perform any of their vital functions, though they failed to elaborate on what any of those functions are. The night Ill board of labour responded in a statement saying they'd, be happy to see the cactus working conditions improved and to begin the process of quote Russell, not some legs. The brewster board of labour president said in April.
Conference that actually I've kind have been hoping for a request like this. This is gonna be while holding a bone saw that was dripping blood The sun is starting to set behind the scrub lands, parched horizon listeners and there only three contestants still with us, scorpions coach, the trees, beaumont doktor, blake jones and Steve Carlsberg, who I though that will in no way impact the objectivity of my reporting teeth, as for the contestants no longer competing for the top prize. Let's recap what happened to them, so Well, participants painted the instant they made contact with the anticipated or removing their hands as their unconscious bourns crumpled to the ground, whereupon they were disqualified Trish hedge appeared to get into a heated argument with the anticipated left side view mirror around the five our mark, her an attic just
regulations eventually resulted in her removing both of her hands from the truck which immediately eliminated trish from the contest harrison It kicked off our twenty seven by uncontrollably humming, which escalated to speak in tongues and finally screaming in a voice. That was not his own. Incidentally, I apologize the less than ideal sound quality of our broadcast. During that time, Harrison walked out into the sand, wastes during the contests next bathroom break and did not return Larry. Leroy was actually do in pretty well for quite some time. Heading to the second day, he seemed like the man to beat, but Larry went home. At too, because he said he didn't want is he shows, but about the losers. Three, potential winners remain and they sure or touching a truck. Well here, much more from them. After a brief traffic report, the roads
our congested. They are clogged not like the stuffy knows, but like a blocked artery things are moving along, but just barely and not for much longer and there's you behind the wheel. Jaw clenched creeping forward an inch at a time how much longer- Last like this, how many more minutes of your life? Are you willing to forfeit staring into the sharp red glow of strangers? Tail lights? You were never most live like this. ancestors never lived like this. Your end, esters were brave, proud, ferocious man things only recently by people not entirely on two legs, which is why they ouch down on all fours when they spotted the approaching the andrew polls. It's why they hit among the thick foliage of the primordial forest waiting.
the bible species, to come closer hello, sir. closer, but they never came. The danger passed as this. Traffic. Jam too will pass as you will pass and sooner than you think this has been traffic Earlier today, or was yesterday running together anyway, sometime in the recent past, I asked each of the remaining contestants. What winning the like me, eu, two thousand and five buick anticipated- would mean for them. We will be putting themselves to this trial of discomfort and drudgery. Doktor blake Jones told me that he initially wanted the trunk so that he could or easily all any of the scientific equipment that he might deed into the field of research,
but since seeing how the anticipate or appears to have affected some of the other contestants he's now interested in studying the truck itself. doctor jones hasten to add that he only wants to study the truck, not explain it and watching you. Similarly, coach military spoke not explained to me that she beat the truck to help transport athletic equipment for the night they'll scorpions coach bomb I did have a van until recently by was due for an exception and she mistakenly dropped off at the cursed mechanic sharp wormwood avenue, you know the one appears on the leap day when there's also a full moon, so she's gonna, while to wait before she can get her van back, although I should note, as they do excellent work for patient. While I was interviewed
coach beaumont also mentioned that she was passing the time by listening to the beautiful music emanating from the anticipated. I told her that I didn't hear any music, like she insisted short We were both during the lush should the real music coming from the truck again, I explained that I wasn't hearing any music at all but coach, just shrugged in said your loss living on our last remaining contestant is Steve Carlsberg. He hasn't We are caught at its really working for you, Steve said that he wants to buick, anticipate or because he think trucks are cool, and also here he apology we're cursing sick. Steve has mostly been passing the time. Breeding naomi Novak's timber rare novels, but he said he's been, these shadowy figure lurking inside the anticipate her distracting. I looked through the passenger side window, but I could see. No one
the truck, shadowy or otherwise, even so steep. And he was sure something or some one was moving in such focal. Sorry one moment: apology sisters, toy was just walked over to my mobile broadcasting set up, and he has asked me to clarify something troy wants me to assure everyone that what she Carlsberg is suggesting is impossible because, as explained buick didn't include the shadowy figure with the anticipated until the two thousand and eleven model. Well, certainly glad that is resolved or maybe not mistress the tree. is moving moments, go, it was vibrating which you know fine now I'm all behaviour for a car when he gets bored, but now it's really shaking you would get dissipate or is violently rocking itself from side to side. Steve
jones and coach beaumont are still somehow maintaining contact with the anticipated, but it does not look. Easy truck seems to be picking up momentum. Now it's heaving, the side lifting its two left wheels off the ground at the lookout, steve and then slamming back down again the competitor first, clinging to the truck, but now the anticipated is swinging to the other side. It all listeners doctor Jones has been thrown clear of the truck doktor blake. Joe This has been disqualified. He stop deceiving. It is still once more, while it was flailing, I access warned. I saw something inside you, probably just overtired sleep deprivation can play tricks on them. and even though the sun has nearly said, it's still pretty war.
out yourself. That might be a factor too could be any number of things really more headline news several authorized headstones have appeared on the grounds of a rattlesnake rest cemetery of sorrow, funeral home director, a net jackie, says, she's, certain no one has purchased the great markers from her. And there are two her knowledge- no body is buried beneath them yet which makes sense, because the new headstones are marked with the birth and death date of steel living night bail citizens. So if you want, No, the exact day when you will permanently cease to be add on I want a rattlesnake rest and take a peak, but a net jacket be warned you you do so have to buy those great plots. If you want to be buried there, just because the headstone says win and in some cases how you die doesn't mean
you can just have it jack be said. She did, however, offer a distant you mean, like the residents whose gravestones have the marked for death before the end of the month and that's pretty generous, because there are a lot of you, darkness. Has fallen over the car lot and the competition is not yet decided. Only eve, Carlsberg and the trees. Beaumont remain poems affixed to the automotive object of their desire. I think it's fair to say that everyone myself included, is exhausted. Steve has mostly given up on reading having now moved on to audio books every so often he speak. To an unseen bigger inside the buick, saying start that work on to a presence, visible, him alone he sways on his feet a little coach beaumont for her part, looks
desiccated as steve. Does you think she'd hygiene a little better being and athletic trainer of all, though she's, obviously petite the trees seems totally bliss stout, apparently still listening to the music she says is coming from the truck itself. Now that we're down to the two final contestants I interviewed both of them, or at least I try before I could ask deed. My first question: I caught a glimpse of the shadows figure again, and I kind of like bark yelled I said he saw it too, but when I asked the trees, if she'd also seen the spectre, the anticipate her, she claimed that she hadn't seen any shadowy figures all day and even if she had she continued and even if the shadowy figure was kind of hot which it wasn't because it isn't there, the trees would be polite and just let the shadowy figure do it's thing instead of blabbing about it. On the radio. Oh hang on, hang on
steve is yelling. Something he's screaming at Steve. Carlsberg has removed his hand from the true he's lost the contest and I'm afraid he might be hurt Weiland instigate. Let's go to the weather,
fill the kitty pool up with prosecco get the elite desire need the spectacle gotta beat the last week. Let's get a record trying to be a go. Getter you gotta, go and get it desperate times call for desperate measures. Some legitimate, mostly cries for attention. The camera speed copy ready to read ought to be a good night live in three two boston on one hurricane hurricane, the hurricane, the,
looks like someone leaked the password too much to eat cleaner, great disaster campaign manager comes walks backwards, but he's the clever bastard shots fired and the shame of the day. The other side puts kids in danger, no matter what their argument. That's what they always say front of the girls, gets bitten badly to conduct the sound because the french more cash register, because it's a hurricane, the hurricane, the the the
ro the chain letter too much bad luck to try to get away with it one more play. Nobody goes to reassess jackpots away to get your paper pieces long, gimme, an essay on the living conditions and asked the straw man, housing, shot up restored land nor the consumer in the candidate countries to do what must be done. So if you got a hard and good thoughts meet me at the peak of twenty wise hurricane hurricane, in writing and days. Every other wednesday live girls day dead. Man flow welcome, back listeners good news is that Steve Carlsberg is fine, he wasn't hurt, the buick didn't do anything to him.
when I ran over and asked him what had happened. He said that the shadow figure winked at him is that all I asked its winked at EU and steve yes protesting. That winking is the creepy is thing anyone can do, and I can't say that I disagree with him, but this does mean that coach le trees, beaumont, is the victor of the first annual truck touches competition and winner of the likely used to Doesn't it by buick, anticipate or the final produced hence, and those views spectators still remaining have gathered around the truck to watch car lot manager, troy walls, present coach beaumont with the key it looks like the trees is gonna. Take it for a test. Drive the trees
It has opened up the driver's side door and is now completely enveloped in shadow. I wonder if they come standard, the entire anticipate or is shrouded in a dead says it's it's impossible to see the trees or the truck or do anything. Now, I'm not sure. If that tar lots, floodlights have gone out or if the borg is blanketed, everything ok wait. It was the legs their back on it, dissipate is right there and the trees is sitting inside of it. She's seated
On the passenger side, though the shadowy figure is in the driver's seat. I could definitely see him now, and so, apparently he can everyone else. Steve is yelling, something that might be. I told you so or might be, please never wink at anyone ever, but it's impossible to hear him over the rubbing of the anticipated engine, and there goes the truck. The object of this entire contest is gone. He took off into the sand wastes into the night from my bed. into the passenger side window. I could see the trees screaming, but whether in terror or exaltation. I cannot say well. The first annual truck Tucker's contest has been a huge success. Dont forget it. more down to the car lot for all of your automotive needs, stay tuned,
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