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237 - Frown Night

2023-10-31 | 🔗

It’s the scariest night of the year, when we are allowed to turn our smiles upside down.

Weather: “Summer School“ by Erin McKeown

The voice of Kevin is Kevin R. Free.

The voice of Lauren is Lauren Sharpe.

Original episode art by Jessica Hayworth

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Music: Disparition

Logo: Rob Wilson

Desert Bluffs Logo: Sarah Melville

Written by Joseph Fink & Jeffrey Cranor

Narrated by Cecil Baldwin

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A production of Night Vale Presents.

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Hey, it's Jeffrey cranor, we're back on the road doing a little east coast swing in november. This is, build new life show the attic cecil cover slides from an old family road trip which at first seem fun, enjoy full and then well. Maybe not So much. Maybe there's something sinister and strange to so come see. Cecil Baldwin, live on stage would lie performances by desperation and symphony sanders, as well as our musical guest in november air mccone and me I'll, be there too we're in DC on november, ninth charlottesville on the tenth richmond, durham, charleston south carolina on the eleven twelve and thirteen than tap on the sixteenth, fort lauderdale inject. the floor on the seventeenth and eighteenth and finally atlanta. On november nineteenth, you can get tickets for this and all other dates, including european chosen march over it. Our common ideal dot com, slash life, also its holiday season. It's not too early to think about getting gifts for others, or even yourself check out the night elsewhere
for what we have some ugly holiday sweaters, as well as a truly terrifying holiday. Sweater knew this year that I really want you to see I've our he ordered mine plus. There are holiday card cecil in Carlos vote of candles, gorgeous and self blankets by jessica, Hayworth, taro decks and much much more their stuff in. Therefore, they'll fans as well. Those in your life who don't listen to the show, but are still super. Weird people check out all of the stuff. and things. By going to welcome- and I feel that calm and clicking on store and hey, happy, halloween dear deals where those and frowned night to all who celebrate. To night is the magical night where we lighter squash on fire. And lie to people about who we are. Welcome to desert loves to
yeah happy frown, night desert gloves to scariest knight of the year when we are allowed to turn our smiles upside down. Now, usually, for these special holiday shows. I have my friend Lauren mallard joining me, but I haven't seen her for years. ever since her mismanagement of the months down a bit construction project, which was the same night. She was deposed his mare. I miss laurence. Well guess: it'll just be me today and honestly, it's nice to be able to talk about this special day All by myself. I can
oh smiling guide Look, I didn't even you come in here you ve been power into local fire. Then you look great As always, you always look great you're glowing, early. There's lied radiating from your head. That's because I a new job, I'm now high priestess of the joyous congregation of smiling god. You go to school to become priesthood is bestowed upon the chosen kevin, the smiling god spoke and I'm the high priestess now could gradually you sure, I'm speechless floor. I mean madam high priestess. We're old friends, call me
mother thorun. Welcome to my show, mother, lord, Our show we do the show together is a holiday special after all, and I want to wish you and all our listeners a very happy frown night night of- and it looks like you ve already painted on your frown mother Lauren, you must be very excited for this day seems like you, ve, forgotten cannon, that's just how my This looks now after what the angry mom did to me after I was removed from my position as mayor of desert bluffs, to which only happened because you didn't like the work. I was on the mud stone abyss. So I have a tattooed found all the time everywhere I go. I have to tell people know that my actual lips, my actual teeth- I am smiling I am. I am please believe me,
do because I and the high priestess of the joyous congregation and smiling god and they weep when they see my eyes smiling. God must have chosen me because I have suffered so greatly. Only those who have been to the bottom can rise to the top, and only those who understand suffering may righteously demand suffering. So no, this isn't make its permanent. It's. What my face looks like, after all, seems. Maybe you ve forgotten. Of course the frown. Isn't my real mouth see. I'm smiling with my actual absentee book. You not looking I'm opening my. to you in your closing your eyes. Kevin look at these teeth and tell me I'm not happy you're, very happy, mother Lauren. Thank you for sharing your pleasure with me. Wait! Let's talk about found. My cabin old
when are you dressing up for the occasion, of course, as a child? I loved dressing up for frowned night. The costumes are my favorite part. One year I dressed up as the concept of on we Everyone was so frightened when they saw me another year. I went an elderly divorcee, and this year I'm going is daniel day. Louis, that's a good one, but I do wish he'd smile more. What about you? I have a standard head dress made of deep that I have to wear for all religious it less than odin road that covers my entire body, so no costumes from me anymore, but a few years ago I had a great of that for frowned night. I went to mass Corporate lay offs everywhere so upset my favorite part of frowned night isn't just the costumes, though it's going door to door trying to make other people frown,
If you succeed, they give you candy and if you don't, they give you something that looks exactly like candy sealed up in official looking candy wrappers to the point where it looks like we're. candy, but it's actually fish. Oh who does it love going door to door and shouting sob our car with your shoulders slumped eyes down turned its every kids favorite knight of the year. I remember as a child when frowned night ended, I take my bag, loot and sit on the highest level of the lighthouse, though one at the top of the mountain of where's that wine Who else would you put a lighthouse Lauren? I was thinking it might be, the lighthouse and dust valley next to the abandoned submarine or the one in the frozen food section, yvonne's no Never, though, was I like the one on top of the mountain the best because the light still works and under the spinning lamp I would open my bag carefully pulling out each piece of candy snickers reach
is manischewitz pep boys, generic store brand, all the classics, and then I would smell each one, making sure it wasn't warm uncooked, halibut or to lobby api. It was the worst always. There was an old lady on my street, who made giant popcorn balls out of tilapia and canned. How many are they looks so delicious, but if you bit into them without smelling, first you'd have stomach pains. weeks. It's all part of the spirit of frowned night sure is in fact, shall we tell the story of frowned. we shall, many years ago, a small desert town. There lived the schlecht family, there was mister schlecht, mrs schlecht sister schlecht, brother, schlecht, and, Then their dog who was a basket how'd named Malo. They were very very me. And they went around making everyone else very
very unhappy? The schlecht did not smile ex believed only in smiling when they felt happy, which was not all the time not all the time it's a long way to say never lauren, you always have such good grammar tents kevin. Nothing makes me happier than hearing about errors. In my speech, the best way to improve oneself is to hear about your imperfections from others. Not only did the schlecht refused to smile all the time, they did other horrendous things like refusing to hold the door for other people, even though those people were within four hundred yards at the entrance or one day while visiting big, read place with nothing to offer but happiness. Mr Schlecht ordered a strawberry tart, but when the time came he said I'm sorry. This is a banana fudge sickle and that
It's not what I ordered how rude he didn't he did and when They brought him the strawberry tart, you nobody said he didn't they praise the smiling god and may happiness swallow you home. Now Mr Schlechter said nothing. He just nodded and left no smile, no fealty to our blessing devour. Who is? This is such a scary story? I love it, but let's talk now about tonight's costume contest. At the rex before you go out tonight. Sob or cutting friends make sure you stop by the wreck centre at six p m and show off your scariest frown. It's the
one night a year were all frowns, our legal and you can even win prizes. First place gets dental surgery, it's not free, but its mandatory, which is pretty much the same thing. second place, gets driven out into the desert and left their third place get shunned, but don't worry, I'm sure, You can do better than third place. Ok, let's get back. A story about the schlecht. I want to add that the smiling god loves all its children, no matter what, unless your shunned, if you're community. Doesn't want you, the smiling god doesn't either so make sure you get one of the top two spots in the costume contest. and now back to the story of frown night one day mrs Schleicher told her Lauren mother Lauren. Where did you go? I'm here? I can't
see you your chair is empty, but I hear your voice, I'm with you, I'm always with you. My child continue with your story. You have my blessing. Thank you for your blessing, but also its my radio show so I'll continue either way. Of course, free well does seem real. Doesn't it? one sunny day, MRS Schleicher saw her neighbor miss valise outside on her long. Miss valise said smiles, a new mrs schleicher. How are you on this happy day and missis select said. You know tina. It's been hard Jonathan in the kids and I don't feel like we fit in everyone has always so happy, Everyone is always smiling, and sometimes we feel only an unfulfilled, because we do not feel happy every second of every day,
as mrs schlecht finished saying this myth, It's release clasped her hands to her mouth to cover her shock. It's only polite, of course, to cover your mouth when you're not smiling. Meanwhile, sister and brother schlecht were playing a baseball game with some of their classmates at the park, brother schlecht. hidden the head by a fly ball and he began to cry. His older sister ran to him and held him. She wept to knowing that he felt such pain The other players stared in disbelief at such a vulgar display of sadness, they ran home to tell their parents who told their friends soon, every One in town was terrified about what to do about this very sad family as the prophet written Molly one said cheer up you're back. I've been here the whole time. Kevin put you let you don't be silly I'm everywhere. Now it's my job sometime
I'm not visible, but I can see all and do all as high priestess. I must be the eyes and ears of smiling got it demands that a report back to it, but everyone is doing and thinking and feeling. So you keep wow what a spread sheet of people who do bad things and good things no that's the holy accountants job Kevin, I'm the high priest us on a much higher Hey gray than bookkeeper things in my mind. Can I ass no, not even a hint ass to how the smiling god sees me. I'm only allowed to tell me well happy news and if I told you with a smiling god really thinks of you, you'd become sad and the smiling. God does not like it when you're sad. So no finish your story Kevin the shrimps were making the entire town sad and no one knew what to do about. You know when I think someone is feeling sad. I won't talk to them again,
for months, maybe years, it's important to give people space. Isn't that what you do Kevin does sound like an emotionally mature response. One day the schlecht went too far They were feeling so lost and confused that they decided to hire a family therapist. That sounds like a good idea: no, not shock therapy talk therapy. No, yes, Heaven talk therapist, just let you feel your sadness get in touch with it. That's more since talk therapy was illegal in town and still is to this day, in fact, all until health services are illegal because you shouldn't be allowed to charge someone money to help them feel better when smiles are naturally free, man unbeknownst to the schlecht, their family therapist was actually an undercover officer. I I I I I I b it was
part of esteem and the entire schlecht family was arrested. Even the bastard and mamma, and they learn their lesson and began to smile all the time, because prison is the only way to reform criminal behaviour. Ninety percent of the time- yes, but not in this case, the schlecht, grew even sadder. In jail, even from behind stone walls and metal bars the whole The town could feel them frowning. It was unbearable, They knew they had to do something more on this spooked. Frown, night story, but first the weather
it was summer, but he brought me lay like a girl on my mother s cow and know how stopped when we die
I have to work on the town week used as the sun. God love when I was all gone and the square empty, You reached farmer, then put it on your blog. My heart skipped a day when you open my mouth and the whole stopped and
a brave for the first time loud and seventeen of law can only imagine dog good fuck and then dancing then that man in the back room when the music stopped on
that yeah that we got sing it loud as we could. He kept saying and I, when the music stops I we said for us that we sing. Oh, I will sing for us that we said, for I listeners, lorens guard again still here. Just because you can't see me doesn't mean I can't see you can. I take it back. Lorens always hear mother Lauren, please and finish your storage mother Lauren. Yes,
so the town knew they had to help the shrines they rallied together, like any good community. Would when one of their flung was suffering, the whole town showed up in the jail one night and they broke in and fed the schlecht candy. Candy always makes people happy and it worked. Thirty minutes later the flags were sad again complaining Add something they called a sugar crash. I don't know that phrase. It sounds latin where the schleck is trying to chant a curse on the town the candy. Having failed the town hired the famous clown polly archie to entertain the schlecht. It would be hard, not to feel joy in peace. What a clown visits you unexpectedly in a locked room but the ship
only screamed in horror at pollyanna cheese famous routine, where he stands motionless at the end of a long darkened corridor, goodness leather, Herbal is but for some reason it caused the selects to shiver in fright. At this point, the town had only one plan left: they grabbed the flags and pinned them. Using house keys and fingernail clippers and whatever else they could find in their homes. The whole town, armed smiles into the slings faces, but this failed to act The slats wailed and moaned about the pain. Of course they did. They were all out of ideas, but then there Member of the lessons of their divine devour smiling god. The word is true: they can
read this led to the river of joy and baptized, each one of them by pushing their faces into the rushing muddy sludge of the water and it was success. The sleds were no longer frowning raised the beast. thousand legs in two thousand and one team. Yes, mister schlecht, mrs schleicher, sister schlecht, brother schlecht and even the basket hound Malo each sank, deeper and deeper into the thick river until they were all gone. Their souls were delivered down into the fiery depths of love and compassion. I die and every year on this night, what we now call frown night weep
it our faces with frowned and dare each other to make us sad and if we fail were given fish flesh in candy wrappers. It's important that we face our greatest fear and that its sadness and it's important that we face are passed to the story of the flax is not always a happy one, but we must make amends for the wrongs of history, of course, has to it
nor our past is to destroy our future. I hope you don't have anything in your past that you've not atoned for cabin. No, I'm good. Of course you are well I'm going to wear my tattooed frown to the costume contest. Now it's not a tattoo. I ever wanted for myself, and it was certainly not a punishment that I deserved, but yet, like all things in earth and sky, it makes me very very happy. May your future be all smiles, my child, and with that she's gone still here, I I I I I I b. still everywhere, don't forget it stay tuned next for a hissing crowd celebrating a third place finish.
And there's always until next time, desert bluffs too until next time. The the welcome to desert bluffs two is a production of night vale presents and is written by Joseph think and Jeffrey cranor and produced by desperation. The voice of lauren is lauren sharp. The voice of Kevin is Kevin R, free original music by desperation and Joseph thing
it can be found at discretion, dot, band, camp dot, com and joseph think dot band camp dot com, these episodes, whether was summer school by Erin MC gowan, find more including her podcast facts of life from which the sun came at the link. In our show notes, comments, questions, email us that info: it welcome to light bell, dot com or followers on twitter. I guess at night, well, radio and uninstall, graham at night, fell official. We now have a tick tock and a tumbler as well. Both at night veil, official, most importantly, check out, welcome tonight bell dot com, where we have a twice monthly mailing list. That is the best way to keep up to date directly from us to you. You can learn about things like our brand new life show the ad
touring throughout the rest of the year and in twenty twenty four today's proverb it turns out that you don't have to wait until halloween any night of the year. You can knock on a stranger's door and demand a treat under the threat of a trick. They just won't react well at all, Hi, I'm jeffrey greener, and I wanted to tell you about one of my other podcast random number generator horror, podcast number nine. So the thing is my friend cecil ball when the voice of night veal, loves horror, movies and he's helping make the genre more approachable for me, and hopefully for you to one film at a time in a random or Are you squeamish about horror movies? Look I get it and no worries just listening and will tell you everything that happens, but you love horror, movies. Well, that's great to watch along with us. Each week we ve got nearly two hundred epochs
its covering everything from the shining to leprechaun foreign space. I'm serious! We go and random order. So check out random horror. Nine, where ever you get podcast tax.
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