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29 - Subway

2013-08-15 | 🔗

An entire subway system appears suddenly in Night Vale, and the City Council is excited by the possibilities. Plus, tips for organ donors, a look into financial news, and a popular new service in town.

This episode was co-written with Russel Swensen.

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Produced by Night Vale Presents. Written by Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor. Narrated by Cecil Baldwin. More Info: welcometonightvale.com, and follow @NightValeRadio on Twitter or Facebook.

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Hey, Jeffrey, greater here, no matter what episode your listening to right. Now, I'm talking to you from the present day and I'm here to let you know the tickets are on sale now for night veils. Twenty twenty world tour this to her features in new. Never before heard story featuring Cecil and your favorite night fell citizens that will never be told on the pot. Gus never was told him. The pot cast and requires no previous knowledge of the pod Castro. Even if you are on episode, seven, you will still get the live. Show plus our lives shows bring the audience into the story in some surprising and thrilling ways. Making this a unique experience that you just can't get from. Listening to the pot cast at home check out, welcome to night veal, dot com, slash life for the full list of cities across North America and Europe that will be heading two and twenty twenty and get your tickets. Today, our black sons move erratic Lee like drunk. In bees and each of them
stings now more than ever, we are full of blood and honey wealth. To night, We start our programme with some good news listeners. Several nights veil residents have reported seeing subway entrances popping up all over town, these brightly lit stairwells into the underground I've been showing up on several street corners over the past few days, but the secret police
I've denied knowledge of any subway system. According to our stations, research into the issue, there are no records of the night veiled transit authority ever creating a subway system we're getting one approved or even having disk. Building one, nor has there ever existed a night veil Transit Authority, the only since can be found in the brochures- literate, the entrances describing the ease with which we will now the hunger we will sate a time we will travel the times. We oh travel, happy memories. We will ever be able to shake loose even when we wait up screaming I'm looking one of the new subway brochures right now
There is no logo, just smiling faces with teeth unusual in their shapes colours and spacing, but otherwise normal looking teeth and the phrase o the place. You will go written the heavy son. Sarah font across the eyes of smiling train writers clutching tightly two bags and metal rails and deep other looking more closely at these transit brochures and the paper stock is quite strange listeners, the pain, is our scaly brown and true, loose. It I mean, I usually just have in turn, Dylan make our radio station flyers on colored copy paper say a twenty four count golden rod but
these brochures are so lush like wings of a majestic insect, the two also just grows increasingly garbled, for instance, here It says that our new subway system will streamline the rush hour commute, but about half way down it's a series, nearly indecipherable glimpse our exports insist in debt non euclidean emotions and appeasement, though you think this may be a euphemism for fares finally, There's a crudely drawn map of our new transit system all routes resembling spasm, ing, tentacles and all passing, at least once through a common point, deep beneath
center of night veil, no one yet knows where the subways came from or where they go to box as the city dweller. I am certainly happy to hear that night veil is embracing mass transit. This is of and ass Dick way too the clog, our highways reduce pollution and accidents, and most importantly subways allow us to interact with each other, make eye contact knowledge each other as fellow creatures car is, are in personal machines clothes us off from humanity and the rising cost of gas and the large iridescent tongues that had been growing from route. Eight hundred I
the subway will be a positive addition to our community. Will of more on these breaking story, soon, ladies and gentlemen, I want to talk to you now about a popular new service in town that delivers feelings. Whether you want them or not. This service, has no name or contact information. It simply delivers feelings. You, we're not choose the feeling, though yelp reviews, say tingling. Horror and as though electric you did I stood before him are the most popular so far It is unclear where, on yelp, you look for these reviews. I myself
I have received a few feelings so far, such as blood feud and from straight did origami novice and I'm looking for. To receiving more I'm crossing my fingers for should have left. The party hours ago before. I could disappoint her I would also settle for overcast in and trampled by horses. This my own endorsement listeners- not a sponsored, add I and even know which company or person to bill for air time just really enjoy. Having feelings delivered straight to me without having to worry about choosing which feeling. And why and when.
The secret police in cooperation with a vague, yet menacing government agency, would like to run do that here in night veil, one is eating each other. They remind you that this is a friendly reminder. These police added their assurance that they see no reason to alert us to the not at all, increasingly common practice of green parties. Consensual, cannibalism, it be pretty terrible of us to conceal that right. A heavily cloaked spokesperson said: distractedly, deeply engrossed in a game of drop seven on his Or her Iphone for ass, but listen the IMF thing here is. We are not hang on Darth
morning or alerting anyone- and I should remember to thank us for that. The cloaked figure then double tapped. His or her phone and they for rose up from the floor beneath him and they flew off into The sky. The city council has now officially denied any Involvement in our fantastic new subway system, we have this direct from a fair haired and hollow I'd, child. They ve sent the denial tattooed on his inner lip never approved it reads: just a quick aside. Listeners we'll get acted the subway news in a moment, but
Would anyone like a child because I'm never quite sure what to do with the messenger children? The city council sends us I'm not even sure if the child is completely sentient. This one stairs blankly ahead and up nope, I always wondered off nevermind so we're getting reports that a press conference was just held in front of the ashen shell of the public library, which of course, was burned down last night, and it is only a matter of days before- will need to burn it down again several mast figures having called the press conference clean, The responsibility for these subway system there mom- asks how the countenance of very concerned dear one of the figures:
to reporters. We took the matters into our own hand, even without approval we don't need approval of the City Council or the mayor. The spokesperson explained, we do and say what we please that shirt, awful on you the way, apparently here they pointed to night they'll weekly Zat writer Lauren James, who usually where's very nice shirts, its her bangs. That don't work. I think I mean. Like bangs. But they just frame her face to dramatically, especially with those thick rimmed glasses, press conference. Attendees said they. Could see something moving behind the spokespersons dear mask. I am told that the black charred grounds of the library are covered.
Roaches as well. Also that Perhaps the dear masks are not concerned, but disapproving or to be merely world weary. Under a lot of stress listeners, I am now being told by a different dead child in my studio, the accomplice, facial expressions that it or anywhere near the site of last night's Victoria. Fire at the library, please do not step on the road. Kids we reckon I know that there are tens of thousands of these vermin, but we ve been in full formed by inside sources- and this really unsettling zombie child that
is our proprietary roaches. If you closely at one of the many cockroaches crawling up your arm, you'll notice, they have slogans scrawled across them right The trains everything is fine. Ten derives yourself as needed. We repeat: do not hurt the roaches. We are receiving several reports that the which is are precious add space and If you hold one up to your ear, it's true they sound like sizzling butter, and now a look at the fire actual markets, you will turn yourself inside out. Your son
Agnes, we'll know no bounds, lady bugs will flee. You wolves Run wild in you, you will hear the wind chimes shattering. The sun will drip occur whatever, Yes, you find will be taken from you. Thing will be the same: Thing has ever been the same past performance, does not guarantee future results. You will whisper, the rising moon as here several foxes fleeing your vicinity. This has been business New
The greater night veil, medical community would like to remind you to become an organ donor, its assent, we'll process. That only takes a moment and you could. Save a life you can the d, a and b to pick up the appropriate for it only requires that you check box sign your name. Turn it in The greater night medical community would also like to say thank you to those citizens who have already become register organ donors They remind you that collect begins! This too, this day at four p m. Please still and where loose fitting clothing. That day, they all who advise that you do not eat anything after eight, the night before they are put.
Similarly in need of kidneys ends in a rubber then to do was quoted as saying something that resembled a hiss and then quickly Giving the reporters Ankle it has come to our attention that some night veil residents are getting off. The trains transformed. Mayor, PAMELA Winchell, described these computers as then somehow spiritually. Like you thing, it's the afternoon buddy it's almost evening. That's what they're like Carlos caring reliable Carlos. The scientist thinks me be the writers dna has been washed out, emptied completely drained of its contents.
Listeners, I'm also being told that some people are not getting off the trains at all. And looking out my studio window now and see a new subway entrance has just appeared across the street during this view Harry broadcast. I have seen dozens enter and few exit. Those stairs I of grave concerns. Night veil, I have just been handed a press release by another small child. He has such deep blue eyes, and so many freckles. He is smiling and there is something dark. Moving Behind his teeth, the press releases covered in roaches. Now the boy leaving and I hear
a rapid but faint clicking, sound. According to the release the city council says we owe today's increased productivity too. A glorious new mass transit system that just appeared this week It goes on to say that night veil could eventually become a true travel destination like Japan or Brazil, or Singapore or law I know we still don't undressed, I know we still don't understand who built subway or where goes or what has happened All of our family and friends that have gotten the train today. I know there are concerns night veil, but this subway,
seems to be a major step forward for our town or out. Environment, for our hear something is happening listeners. This does not appear to be a standard government created earthquake across the street. There are shimmering waves of heat curdling, the air above the subway entrance. A black cloud of large insects is swirling above I do not know what this means. Nightvale and Cin Cin Turn Dillon never returned from his errands likely, because I told him to take the new subway to save time. I myself must go investigate in the meantime, I give you the weather
How far in vat was and were found in everything else there were in love.
So is there a k and everything still I was I was she took me aside so guide us. Do this every day, a body that is its
somewhere night veil and I must have It's the last few minutes even stretched, as A word seemingly into e yawns have left me feeling renewed return. And, as I am to my home after so long away, it's like I'm walking into fresh, clean water. Even as I lean into the MIKE I, the subway, like many of you And, like many of you other writers, I saw and felt the cosmic suffering of millennia was witnessed, two arrows of countless births and death. And wars and discoveries and kisses and plagues and knives and cold empty void.
I saw it all at once and I could not makes and solve any of it but I understood it fully and it took years night since here I have been missing you, since I left you to the weather. What was the weather like, then? How much time has passed for you only for men? it's what of the ground shaking in the cloud of insects and the immense heaped? Well, that's Apparently, what happens when an express train arrives? People hurry? too far away long away, destinations, the click, click click, of rush hour commutes ready, on the important news stories, Sir, a unimportant number puzzles looking up briefly to give seats to the
elderly or infirm all the while not know where they were going Why or what terrible things they would ever on no upon choosing to commute through Whatever that singular point below our city. Is that intersection of space and time? a sort of naval of the union verse. And somehow we are old, better, wiser, kinder, foregoing where we went for as long as we were gone, the we did not age but a few moments, we still do not know who dear mast, trends is people are or whether they are people at all. Perhaps
thousands of roaches pact inside a business suit, hiding behind a mask for perhaps the asked was not hiding them at all, but hiding us. EL damn our immature solid cystic mines, but there is a subway now We can go anywhere and perhaps we know anything you ride long enough. Listeners there's another child in the studio. This one is faceless cover in Denham and dust with along swoop of unruly brown hair covering what would be the right eyebrow. The trial
is holding a hand written note. It reads because of construction all, away. Service is suspended until further notice your convenience free shuttle buses will be provided at the moment. Of greatest despair and hopelessness. When you least expected a shuttle, bus will come to you Thank you for your patience. The future of urban planning is here night bail and like our own eminent futures. It is buried in the earth. Stay to next or Swarm of flies circling a hot MIKE
and as always good night night veil good night welcome tonight fails the production of commonplace books. It is written by Joseph Think and Geoffrey trainers and produced by Joseph thing. This episode was co written with rustles one said the voice of night veiled, Cecil Baldwin original music bite. Inspiration all if it can be downloaded for free at desperation, dot info. These episodes, whether was bore in love by destroyer, find out more at Merge records, dotcom, slash, artists, slashed destroyer comments, questions, email, us at night fail at commonplace, books, dot com or followers on twitter at night fell.
Check out commonplace book dot com for more information on this show, as well as all sorts of cool night vale stuff you can own and why are they are considered clicking the donut link that be cool with you. Today's proverb, your body is a Temple, a temple of blood rituals and pay contributes a lost temple, a temple that needs more calcium. You should maybe try vitamin supplements. They say you should meet here. He arose and Joseph think and I like to introduce you to. I only listen to the mountain goat, the show where I mean my hero and have conversations about songwriting, art and life, this fog. As this will you be weird for me because I'm proud of what I do, but I always try to change the subject of people. Tell me that myself, if I only listen to the mountain goats, find it wherever you listen. The pot casts
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