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30 - Dana

2013-09-01 | 🔗

Intern Dana finds a way out of the Dog Park but can't quite figure out where it leads. Plus, a look at opening weekend of football season, helpful tips on adopting a dog from the SPCA, and Carlos visits the house that doesn't exist.

Guest voice: Jasika Nicole.

Weather: "The Lethal Temptress" by The Mendoza Line, http://misrarecords.com/artists/the-mendoza-line

Music: Disparition, disparition.info.

Logo: Rob Wilson, robwilsonwork.com

Produced by Night Vale Presents. Written by Joseph Fink & Jeffrey Cranor. Narrated by Cecil Baldwin. More Info: welcometonightvale.com, and follow @NightValeRadio on Twitter or Facebook.

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It just needs your payment immediately. Welcome to night mayor, PAMELA Winchell announced again today that she is stepping down as mayor later, year. This is the fourth announcement this week she said again through type teeth that this totally her call and was ever ever, discussed in a room with windows live. Small men wearing large pelts and decorative soft meet crowns that he's not
how we do things she said that is not how we do things she whispered. That is not how we do they she mouthed, silently as a single dark red tariffs. Formed in the corner of her eye and then slowly roll down. Her taught olive cheek and onto her play. Stained smock elect and for a new mayor will be held. At some later time, when asked by the press for a specific, eight and location mast represent deaths from a vague, yet menace, government agency heard loudly They then began rubbing their size against the journalists legs sub reporters
again. Sneezing listeners many of you recall our station in turn, Dana who, while group, courting on strange goings on was locked in the forbidden dog park back in April I received occasional texts and emails from Dana, but then, this morning. Well, let's lists in future is at stake, I found a way out of here. I want the perimeter of the dog barked, looking for a crack or a weak spot in the city walls I never found in opening. This is stream. The was just keep going If you stand still, the dump pact seems to take up a single city block. I walked one direction for about two weeks and I could no longer see the man with where I started or that people live with white ribbon
the tinfoil rustling of the leaves from the tar blackmail treaties that protect us from clouds something else. I found a door an old. Toy staining unsupported by any other structure. I didn't It was an exit from the found park or an entrance to something much worse, but I went through it. Now I am in some old house Can you someone moving around upstairs? I need to go I will try to call you soon. Thank you for everything and I hope, a time and place not chicken. Soon, oh listeners. I so wish I could have talked to Dana this morning. They were showing cat bellew again on tv S, and I just couldn't break away
I tried to call Dana back, but my phone caught briefly on fire and something sharp cut open. My thoughts as I selected her number And now we public service announcement from the night veil asked pc thinking about getting a dog. Dogs are not only great family companions but also help childhood development by regularly feeding walking fighting. Denying the existence of an hour. Medley soul merging with the family, The dog young children learn about responsibility. Empathy and I wrote penny There are, of course, some breeds of dogs that are not right for children, though,
breeds include spider worse. Double wolves, switchblade, it mountain dogs, secret, terriers flesh eating spaniels pit vipers and able saws visit the peace for more information on the right dog for your family. hello. Do you not see? I can barely understand Cecil You there. Yes, I'm here Dana or still in the old house. No, I'm still in your house. I made my way out of the basement, which was empty, except for a single photograph of a lighthouse. It's a friend,
by seven, the black and white photo. This old white house- it hangs cooking Just to the right signal on one wall, the lighthouse this item to be a little, never feel, there's no water Why would they be a lighthouse not near the water? I no idea that doesn't seem right, maybe some other anyway. The footsteps above me stop. I opened the door. The first floor I saw a man standing in the middle of the living staring straight ahead at the wall can see his face. So am I knew that I have been through this moment before, not like data more like a clear but pleading memory of a tree scared, him. So what did you? do not hear sets exactly what I did. I got up the nerve and spoke to him. I said hello, Sir my name is Dana and I'm sorry to intrude. But I was wondering: is this your home?
move it didn't make a sound. He just kept staring at another small photo on the wall of up to you're too said. Excuse me, Sir kept staring at another small, I saw so myself, wife, who was it it wasn't her. It was John Peters. You know the farmer even at this photo, and I want closer and said John. It's me Dana, but he didn't, Respond did the photo he examining and it was just a picture of a window, a worn driftwood frame, inside of which was a photograph of a worn, driftwood pain with gently worked glass. I couldn't see was beyond the window and photo, but there was a sheep. With pain with gently worked glass? I couldn't see what was beyond the window and photo, but there was a sheep. Maybe a tree. Maybe person challenges,
I didn't see another word to him. I waved my hand gently in front of his eyes. Didn't notice me. You showed up at my head with him cold win even their Cecil events. We turned and looked at another photo one another wall of another window, but he never saw or heard me whom has new furniture furnishings belongings. Only Oh single small photos on occasional was most of them are windows. Windows with different pains, indifferent photo frames, has so I realize, has no windows of its own, so I don't really know if there's a basement or a first or second floor, upstairs is the downstairs? Is the ground floor? one can see. So what is that
but you're close. I know the John Peters entered through a door in the kitchen, I can see the door right now, so it is open. Don't matter it sunlight, you can see sunlight insane, be going yes Dana. Do that go through the door now go through that door inside you make a good point, but I have to that boy, no matter what I've got to get back home do with Dana? Yes, here I go Dana hello, Dana hear me, ladies and gentlemen, I do not know where Dana has gone now. I do hope that we hear from her again. I would try to call her back but my phone has grown,
finally legs and is crawling away now. If you are the type to pray, please pray for Dana's, safe, return home to night veil. If you are not the type to pray, Please know that you are violating several laws and you will receive a knock on your door from armed agents very soon. Let's have a look at sports. This weekend, the night High school scorpions kick off their season against the Pine Cliff high school lizard monitors
the UN's quarterback senior Michael, send their own head off season surgery to remove these second head grew in the middle of last seasons. Division, title wrong, Michael's, mother, for us and Arrow said she had her son- is a regional head removed instead ass. She liked to be new head much better this new heads much handsomer and doesn't talk back as much flora, explain from the roof of the pink buried where she was installing several long fights with dead vultures and rodents on this. New aid only speaks russian, so I don't have to listen to him on the phone with his girlfriend all night, long Anita Haug, the television anymore, because he can't understand any of the english spanish programmes. Here, he's a boy now she said Joe.
I another pike into the roof of the trendy fro YO store before or yelling skyward, causing the He sparse clouds? Two parts quickly, ravine Filling a giant floating Crystal glowing faintly red in the. It afternoon. Sun Oh a word from our Sponsor Mcdonald's. Once remind you that the most important meal of the day is breakfast. So why
would you let a morning go by without staring deeply into the mirror until you no longer recognise the face staring back at you mimicking your every gesture mocking your every movement. How else will you get the energy you need for a full days, work or recreation? If you aren't silently screaming into the visage of a man or woman who gives you such uneasy spirit, such unchecked a bold error, a queen You feeling ever time you make the connection between what that thing is and what you are beat me. What you have become Where does the void, where When do you What time?
is it now you are late for work. You are lying? On your bathroom floor, half dressed in a cool sludge of toothpaste and hair gel, you ve been crying, but how long Mcdonalds I'm love in listeners. I just received word from Carlos Lovely Carlos with is perfect tee. Hair and pension for sometimes chewing a little more loudly than is preferred Carlos? Who as with other scientists at the desert, Creek housing development for the past year Carlos has been studying a house that does not exist. It seems like it exists like it's just right. There, when you look at it and it's between two other ideas,
houses, so we would make more sense. Sport to be there, then not, but it does exist Carlos said. The scientists asked him to come, moreover, and ring the doorbell just to see? What would happen then put him five dollars, but he turned down saying something about scientific, and ready and blah blah blah. But I'm like five dollars is a taco lunch, Jerry's tacos, so whatever rich guy Carlos said that before he could take a step to the House of woman emerge from the side door talking on her cell phone II and the scientists ran up to the woman calling out to her ass? She want quickly away from the house. She looked panicked. No, not panicked! Concern,
she looked concerned Carlos said she could, talking on her cell phone, never responding to Thou Carlos said she kept walking until she walked right through down right through the scientists like she were a cold wind and then she stopped walking into her phone stared back toward the house and with a look of panic, no with a look of concern ran away Carlo Said- and this is very strange Carlo said it sounded like the person she was talking to was you see. Soul listeners I do not Where are we Dana is what I am going to sit by this phone and wait for her call
I know she's all right. I hope she is all right. I fear she is not all right great anxiousness no sir, with great concern. I take you now to the weather.
Black bear from him on the same things were dreadful things in the board. Room left me defenceless, though you still still new voice can turn to give me the smoke that should lead to engage in a voice as candidates tell us needs to stand firm in the place, and then one day we do in the sun from us
Cecil, I'm sorry, I lost your car and made it out of the door How did the empty house in its anti photographs into an empty desert- and I dont know if anything is improved, nothing but endless sand and a single distant mountain and now I've never seen because I dont believe in mountains. There is a mountain, a tiny red light upon the mountain intermittently blinking, exited the house, the doors get behind me and now it's gone. Walked, I moved through something that wasn't there. I heard voices to digital static and felt a cold wind across my body. The others are here, but not here Cecil. What were whom did I just walk through?
Something is coming. You can feel it in the ground. Something very large is coming. I've gotta go, have a carbon again. You tell my mother and brother. I am out of the dark park and I am safe for now. Thank you Cecil, Oh listeners I wish I had more news than this. I wish my phone One would have wrong. I wish I could have had that conversation instead of another voice mail. I wish Dana were home safe. I wish I could feel something other than overwhelming concern, no, not concern uncertainty. I wish a lot of things. But, as the old saying goes, if we we're horses
wishes, would all run away shrieking and bucking terrified of a great seen evil. So instead what I. I want to say, is: I am thankful. Dana is out of the dog park. I am thankful. I had my first conversation with her since poetry week. I am thankful Carlos did not ring that door Bell I thankful that people listen to this show stories about our wonderful little community, the most sign, typically interesting community in America. As my Carlos once said, and of course I am thankful for you night veil Stay to next for loud shortwave, radio squelch
followed by a lifetime of tonight is good night night veil good night look into nine thousand production of commonplace. That's it is written by Joseph Think and Geoffrey trainer. Used by Joseph and the voice of night veiled, Cecil Baldwin. The voice of Dana was to seek a Nicole original music by dispersion. All of it can be downloaded for free at disposition, dot info, These episodes, whether was the lethal temptress fighting and those align find out more. Miss records, dot, com comments, questions, email us at night fell a commonplace books doc Or followers on twitter at night fell radio check out commonplace, bookstore. For more information on this show.
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