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32 - Yellow Helicopters

2013-10-01 | 🔗

There are strange new helicopters above Night Vale, different than the other helicopters that regularly hover over town. Plus, Community Health Tips, surgery for NVHS's starting quarterback, and a message from Hiram McDaniels.

Guest voice: Jackson Publick

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a lonely heart under ring on an empty stomach shoulder to cry on this is what makes us ass. Well To night sad news. Listeners old. Woman Josie says that the angels who have been living with her helping around the house and ultimately protecting her from all evils have disappeared.
It's hard to say just how sad this news is for two important reasons: one angels are not real and two. We are not allowed to know about their existence or hierarchical structure. Josie called this weekend and to video our state an intern she's, tat the angels often leave her for a few hours or days at a time, but they ve ever been goin for three straight weeks. She thinks that they are off. Fighting an important war for good, but she's worry that maybe she just the mad bored angel. Get bored very easily. Josie said which is strange because they are eternal and there is a lot of downtime during immortality video
told Josie that angels aren't real and that we can not no such things about them. But this just made video cry, because if you talk about angel and you are one who has been secretly chosen by angels for special. Angelic purposes? You will we'll start crying video, has been sobbing quite a bit this morning? As a matter of fact, I keep asking her. Are you ok, But she just says angels. Real and then berries her heaving face into her in her elbow and runs off dear listeners. It pierce the angels if they they are real and they are not have left night veil. And none of us are allowed to know this so
forget, I said anything. The night Veil Medical Board wants to know our? U heart healthy! How healthy is your heart? Have you ever checked Doctors recommend checking your heart at least, once a year simply supper. The skin on your upper chest and break open the ribs, here's a tip If you dont, have a bone, saw handy, just sterilize, any old electric saw you might have in your work, shed right behind Andrew Ribs kind of to the left is a potato, shaped muscle straw and maybe straw and maybe some pull that or heart, pull that out and so your chest, backup wash your heart,
warm water, pats, draw with a paper towel and rule flat on a flower, surface brown, both sides in a saw tee, pan and eat immediately. Remember healthy heart is a healthy life This has been coming. Pretty health tips. Ladies and gentlemen, we ve been getting reports that several yellow helicopters have been seen, hovering above town you are all aware of the black helicopters which our world, government and blue helicopters, which our secret police and the helicopters. We have detailed murals of diving birds of prey which are the helicopters that too, all the children in night veil away a few months ago. We still don't know what those helicopters are, but
they did bring all the children back unharmed and much more well behaved than before. So they are deemed just as safe as the other helicopters, these new, yellow helicopter. No one. Quite know they tend to hover in tax of three or more in fixed locations for several minutes. For moving on this the council, has said that the helicopters are our guests and nation be treated as such, but added that the helicopter More specifically, are on. Invited guests and should be treated with fear, hatred and controlled panic. If you any more information on these yellow helicopters. Keep it to yourself there's no question: they can hear every move every
didn't. You make be quiet, Stay inside already, no less go now to sports. After second straight loss. This weekend, night veil, high school football coach, Nasser I'll mood. You he'd expressed some concern over Signor quarterback MIKE Sendero. Those poor play last season, these scorpions one, the division title under Sendero leadership and special powers he had acquired from multiple lightning strikes, one such advantage The second head he had grown, which helped him see Rushing line backers and get better reads on zone coverage, but in the off season say narrow, had one of his heads, Sir,
equally removed, leaving him with only the head that speaks rush in. Angry fan speculate that because Sendero no longer looks like his original self and because he no longer speaks English. Nor spanish, he does not the same rapport with his teammates. When ass, whether or not Sendero, was losing the respective his team coach Almah gee. He said our boys play together our boys a good gains. We, the two and here he paused clearly sat with his star quarterbacks decision to get off season surgery without consulting team trainers. We, I want to be good football boys. He concluded the coach then reached his fingers into his mouth pulling his
tongue slowly out slowly. Slowly, not stopping. He kept pole, his seemingly endless tongue out staring Yet the reporters the whole time after he stretched it to about two feet. The last rapporteur left the room clear, you, shake in the coach remained in his office quietly and with what I'd eyes, pulling out he is enormous Tom Larry Leroy, out on the edge of town, says that just this morning he was visited by a man in a tan jacket who carried a deerskin suitcase Larry, said the man approached his farm and asked about how much sunshine he had been getting. I told him
John Peters. You know the farmer, his imaginary corn crop had been good this summer and the sun seem to be doing just fine, Larry said although some days there's no sunrise at all, and on other days the sunrise is extremely loud. Larry added that this was a pretty strange question. Asking about how much sunshine heap in getting The sun comes up every day, save those two or three sunless days. Last week, Larry said he was a nice enough. Fellow though named Emmett Larry said he couldn't remember exactly what ever it looked like, nor what his last name was when asked. To ever was Larry replied. The fellow in the ten jacket. Who told you just said: the man's name was Emmett Larry replied,
earnest. I said then don't bug me down son. Then he slapped the reporters tape recorder, making the following loud dumping noise. Larry said that after the man left his home, he saw a dark black line in the sky coming from heavens down to near where old woman Josie lives down by the old car longed. He said he thinks it. Probably something to do with those weird tall friends of hers that fly around and make loud trumpet noises and will not stop smiling all the time when asked. If he meant angels, Larry applied. Don't bug me down son and started weeping angels are real.
He said through quick, breaths and incomprehensible tears. As part of our service to our town, nightmare Community radio is taking another moment to allow one of the candidates for mayor to make a brief statement the following is from. Hi Rome me. Daniels higher Mcdaniel, be very loud of things from my opponent about how that night, skies beautiful but say in how sagebrush is a very important smell. You have also heard that I am literally a five headed drag, although that is completely correct. Would you haven't heard? Is that I've literally a five eight, a dragon? Ok,
This is also my campaigns. Logan, I'm literally a barrier to drag it through carrier You haven't heard is that I care about small business zone. You haven't heard is that I care about the future of our children. Would you haven't heard is that I care about the future of our small children, business zone the face, was old woman who secretly live in your own say that you have really should be able to hear say anything at all. Have a mouth five. Now, What you haven't heard is the beating of my terrible wings. Do you feel the flames lake at the corners of her life? You once thought belong to you about that Green had got accepted. We all have human thought literally
five year rang. Would you haven't heard? Is my new plan for an expanded park system, more youth sports programme? You wouldn't have a secret I get a secret place. Good board Berber web, For me, I M mundane face was old woman who secretly lives in your home is all about. Politics is also she didn't, have a math nets. Tweets illness touches the most granted Carter's. We all make up an odd era. A sudden travel via an order. Jimmy touch of flame and all his eyes. Aaron Mcdaniel. What you haven't heard Kate, perch listeners,
we received word from old woman Josie that half a dozen yellow helicopters are circling her home. At this moment, She also said that she is receiving no sunlight, she's as all of her clocks tell her it's the middle of the day, but that she receiving to sunlight, and yes, I'm looking at our own station clocks, including the of Carlos gave me for our one month anniversary the war she said is the one true time: peace in all of night veil and it is indeed the Middle but the day I have only been on the air a few minutes and before I arrived in this studio, the sun was definitely out, no clouds, the sky. See also told us that she used her old opera glasses to look more closely at the helicopters,
stand aside for our younger listeners, Josie was the chairwoman of the Night Veil opera for many years until it folded in the early nineties nineties when they massive puppy infestation destroyed the theatres infrastructure. Josie said each helicopter has a law. Urge triangular logo with an orange ass in the middle. She doesn't know what that means, but she thinks the darkness enveloping her home. Is the angels last act to try to protect her? wherever they have gone, they have left, behind a protective shade, keeping out the helicopters and all other dark forces, I reminded her that angels aren't real. She said, as if I hadn't, even interrupted that if she falls
so does this town There was a long pause and then she said, We never go bowling anymore. Cecil is that I don't know I reflected there has been a tiny underground army living under the bowling alley and they declare war on all of us, the injured, my new boyfriend. Also, a new boyfriend. Listen, we should totally get the team back together and go to league night again just like old times. I would like that is so she said, but there her voice slowed turning cold as we were strangers with wrong numbers. I'm read the sunlight has come back and the phone went silent, listeners, I do not know what is happening or to who
these helicopters belong, but I do know that we must protect our town night veil protected from all outsiders, whether they, are flying machines or tiny, warmongering civilizations or simply neighbours who don't say the pledge of allegiance loudly enough. I hope Josie is safe. I hope you are safe. I hope We all live to see tomorrow, sunrise for whatever day the next sunrise is, but for now I gave you the weather,
So I knew them sellers gobio, hello there. So you all wrong bill in Sally is gonna be raised at the boy in Greece. The saw horse better, the scary, I'm gonna Mooney Missy measure. Here they ve been side gown that them them as they do not have all the saints and the island seems gas sea gas to sway. Seawater enough is sent me, and so are you getting down to an oyster eyes met the end, then you know things and the island scenes gas. Guess who need BC, measure a city, but if he had been so that they may or may not have all saying the same thing again.
Listen, hers. I just received word from video who went downtown to these city records office. She said, she found several emmets Everett and earnest, but there was one point killer filed. That's stuck out to her and she copied that file and put that copy in her backpack. And they walked out into the street ready to begin her investigation into the identity of the man in the ten jacket. But according to witnesses, video found herself caught up in what looked like a strong wind she lifted slightly off the ground witnessed is all agreed that she began to a long gate. She began to glow a deep black dark. Pulsing, aura and admit,
the sounds of bold trumpets and melancholy. Cello rose and even though. Haunting call of a muted french horn, VCR ascended to Heaven To the family of Victoria, let me say that He was a very good in and while angels are not real, we are certain. She is in a better place. Whatever that place might be, she has become a better thing. Whatever that thing might be, I know that your daughter did not die in vain and perhaps the tenuous reality of existence she made have died at all for its debatable. Whether any thus ever truly live the women. Is all agreed that video was no longer real
ass. We were no longer allowed to know anything about her it was a lovely site, said one witness. I cannot even describe the beauty of her ascension said another. You kind. Did, though, said another witness who was wearing a fedora by saying you cannot describe something that is a. We're dove apotheosis, a pair ellipses, if you will, which gives the object and implied description through non description. He continued plus word indescribable, carries with it a universal connotation and is itself a description here. Let me explain, but Other witnesses moved a little ways up the sidewalk, so they could no longer here the man they said a thing to one another. They, stood in a circle share.
The knowledge that they had seen something they should never have seen. They one another in the eyes they breathe didn't unison, they smiled politely intimately knowingly, until one of them. In fact, each them as individuals, decide at the moment, had passed They parted ways they will likely Never see the others again and They do they will be, but unacquainted pedestrian, but before they left the Witnesses said that some low flying, yellow helicopters began dropping orange leaflets onto the city streets. The leaflets red strikes, Corp sinner nests ink, Look around you, strengths
look inside you strikes, go to sleep strikes I believe in a smiling God, struck score. It is everything. Dear listeners, we must, issue. An apology, though helicopters are completely safe. Even safer than safe. In fact, structure Corp recently bought our little radio station from the mysterious unseen forces who founded it centuries ago. I am glad to know that Josie you will be o k and that Strict Corp has come to night. Veil rest easy listeners, knowing.
That this is all just stay, simple, misunderstanding, but now We fully understand everything that is happening, and we are not misunderstanding anything else at all. We are completely safe stay to next for the sound of slows, steady dripping and occasional screams good night night veil. Good night luck. Tonight, house of production commonplace pets. Is written by Joseph Think and Geoffrey trainer and produced by Joseph the Voice of night veil Cecil Baldwin the voice of high Miss Daniels was Jackson. Public original, by desperation all of it we found at desperation, dot info or at discretion, DOT Van camp dot com. This episode
where was collaborates day propelled by Nelson publicity, fine more at Nelson Public AIDS outcome common, questions. Email us at night veil at come place books, dot, com or followers on twitter, at Nightfall radio check out commonplace books, dot com for more information on the show, as well as all sorts of cool night fell stuff you can own and while you're there consider cooking the donating that before you today however, sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never come it describes the pain.
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