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33 - Cassette

2013-10-15 | 🔗

Cecil finds an old cassette tape of himself at age 15, and he is surprised at what it contains. Plus, a new exhibit at the Museum of Forbidden Technologies, Children's Fun Fact Science Corner, and an important message from new station management.

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Produced by Night Vale Presents.

Written by Joseph Fink & Jeffrey Cranor. Narrated by Cecil Baldwin.

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Well god to night, although this I'll get the news in a moment, but first I digging through some of these stored up belongings, claw again my closet, you know try toys, blood. So rags, a Jim, the size of a fist that shows you visions of yourself as an old man staring wistfully back at the past. That is your now. That kind of thing
and I came across these Cosette tapes marked see soul, radio, test age, fifteen. You know, listeners have no memory whatsoever of making these tapes isn't that Weird at one point, they That meant so much to me and now Oh, they are just objects. No remembered life attached to them at all. I thought We could listen to them together, John me and you are of the use out they're here We go. I Cecil here mom gave me this recorder for my birthday, so I could make my own radio shows, just like Leonard Burton Show, at the real night veil, community radio, I'm going
replace Leonard one day. I really want to plus the tablet, down at City Hall say so, so I better STAR practicing now Leonard always starts out his show with his big catchphrase and so I'll, do it to just the way he doesn't euros. The sun is actually cold. It's cold. Empty and all is lost. Greetings from night veil I was that hold up, However, I want to hear that back which reads the start: button she's again. Is that what I really sound like now? This is so weird: ok, ok, so in local news, a new pizza opened an eye. To it. It's called big Regos and it's pretty good. I mean I prefer Sammy's ultimate slicer a by the rules
burned down last week, that's too bad I'm sure, you'll be rebuilt, soon wait. What is that it went away when I hit stop? Oh, but now back again, it's kind of if this kind of flickering in the corner of my eye. Like, waving their arms right next to me, but when I turned there's nothing there as well, Do you wanna hear me sing here's the veil high fight song. Ah A flickering got really strong. When I saying oh oh, oh, oh Leonards, gonna beyond soon alright go buy for now as Leonard always says, see it.
They'll see well Listeners Leonard Burton now that takes He back Leonard was the host of this very show. When I was a child, I remember actually I remember almost nothing. About him. Still, don't member making these tapes finally On this show some things strange to talk about, but first the news The museum of forbidden technologies is proud to announce their new special exhibit a star, delay and highly forbidden peace technology brought to by time. Travellers or a
shouldn't long dead, aliens, poor Russians or whatever the technology will be kept in a locked vault with Itself will be wrapped in thick black and the Jews were they hand, written sign, taped to one side, saying only nope, Your ticket includes a free audio guide which will play a single piercing tone designed to considerably remove you from the world of thought and sound and insurance, The museum of forbidden technologies bring our kids, otherwise thing even worse, might happen to them and now for traffic.
Things looking clear out there today The commuters feel like perhaps for the first time in their entire lives they are seeing themselves and the world around without illusions or denial. All of them have pulled there, cars to the side of the road in the. Hoddan shock of such absolute truth some more sobbing into their steering wheel touching there skin and remembering what they haven't known. They had forgotten others have stepped out their cars and are picking up handfuls of dirt. Laughing at the realisation this is bringing them about atoms and the union and death a representative for these sheriffs secret police, announced that there
wasn't such a thing as a secret, not really or that may be. The entire world was a secret and we all in on it She then saw a cloud she liked and smiled at it. So be sure to allow a lot of extra time for any journeys today. Beyond the lookout, abandoned cars, dazed people wandering into the roadway, because listeners, everything looking clear out there. Today this has been trafficked. All right, I admit, listeners, I'm very key. Or yes, let's get back to these tapes of this younger person with whom
I share a life Cecil again, my other says that I'll never make it in radio, because my voice isn't right for it. I need to get more like Leonard Wood. That perfect rate your voice all high pitched. Graving, like sandpaper justice way, radio voices should be, I've been seeing that movement more even when I'm not recording it's like someone is war towards me over turn there's nothing there. And it's not that faceless old woman who secretly lives in our home- because I asked her and the next day are table had been flipped over and super gluten. The floor, which pretty sure is her way of saying. No
wish, whatever it is, would just say, hi whoa. I felt something touch me I think maybe making these tapes is in urging it, I'm I'm going to hit. Stop now: hey Cecil here NEWS Leonard agreed to. Let me turned down at the station doing all the things he doesn't have time to like organizing, tape archive making the coffee and teeming to station management for the prescribed three hours daily, I cannot wait to start mother, says to beware being warned be wary. She says, is that every Thing no matter what you say to her, so I think that means she's very proud of me pack. I, very proud of me with my brother Could be proud of me, but family member is perfect. They become perfect.
When you learn to accept them for what they are. I I don't remember having a brother, these tapes don't make sense to me when, did I in turn here. In turn, cases are there any records of me ever interning here. Answers. I forgot, His is never returned from investigating the bottomless pit in the intern break room. The family members and loved ones of in turn. Hey sues! No! Well! You know the usual sorry just distracted.
More from these tapes of my miss remembered past soon, but first a word from our sponsors. When you die the surface of the moon, will not change. The difference between the landscape and lighting of that Baron little world from a moment where you exist to a moment where you do not will be minimal. An unrelated to your passing from a car window driving on the highway looking up at a moon framed by incidental clouds, the surf This will be the same muddle of mystery and distance it all. Ways
and even a methodical study of your absence as it pertains to move geology and cartographer, we'll find nothing searching through a powerful telescope, analyzing with computer algorithms built around your non existence, even that study will find that all creators and rocks appear To be where we left them a few years back that it is the same. Distance beating at the same rate. That the researchers feel just the way they do about the moon as they did before you die Nothing will change about the moon. When you die It will be the same Still the moon still there.
Still the boot this message brought to you by an anonymous sponsor looking for whatever product or service we offer, we are whoever we are the best choice in whatever industry that is listeners. Let's take a moment to discuss measurement the cardinal directions are North West, south and east cardinal temperatures are thirty five degrees, Fahrenheit, sixty seven degrees, Fahrenheit, three degrees celsius and ten degrees, Kelvin, The cardinal locations are a cave, a long abandoned cabin. The bottom of an oceanic, trench and City Hall
the cardinal emotions, are wild, abandon, guard, affection. Directionless jealousy and rotation. The cardinal birds are Sparrow Finch and our the cardinal means are: Jeremy, can trigger and Jamie and finally, the cardinal sounds are a door slamming sly movement still, water popcorn, popping and a standard guitar, Jean string being snipped with wire cutters, there has been a children's in fact science corner
and now an important message from struck score. Synergies think deeply about meadows meadows. All important think deeply about meadows, meadows or important think deeply about meadows meadows are important. Struck, scorn. Think deeply about meadows meadows are important, ok enough with that back to the tapes, oh my god, my first day as in in turn, was just need didn't start out. Well, what would brother staring at me from across the breakfast table with those hollow eyes and howling rather is right, but one I was in the radio station. I do I have found home
a messy home follow, Paul ways winding away into a labyrinth of audio equipment and tapes tax just like home. The station managements door with its terrifying shadows whipping around in a hazy silhouette. Just like that goal. The curtain in the living room back home? We never open- and the windows looking out onto empty, recording studios that having been used in decades, but still broadcast live, shows every night, some just heavily amplified insect movement, others a whispered voice. Describing a window opening a hand reaching in and then repeating a window opening a hand reaching in. Oh, oh and working with Leonard Wood. He, you through the glass of the booth and
signals you to crouch under a table and cover your head. You know this is. It I am actually doing? Radio my mom seems really proud of me to she it from me for three days. Like the longest ever she's covered all the mirrors in my house. I'm not sure. Why but I think it must be because a pride, being proud, does all sorts of things due to a person. I'm I'm sorry, I got to say did that. Weird movement is back and Its closer now, hello, hello, I'm am soul. Cecil saw girl polymer. And you cannot scare me you cannot
You cannot have Let's, listeners. Let's just go to the weather, okay,.
Where does this leave this rice, bearded gown gas ass? I build bridges with these countries and the circle around the table. I say my name has meanwhile join hands that you feel much sign. This peace are able to do so so, along with my duties, money where you can t comes mining money and they told us not loud, swaying river slowly, like rust, ships in the world all the way back. Some ancient follow stoves, shadows, watch, watch, stabs, shadows, steps ass, start
in turning, is going rate. Mom is gone, oh Leonard, a super nice to me. My brother is gone to family right. I think I'm learning a lot at the station. All the mirrors in my house are uncovered now and I'm not sure who did that I'm standing in front of the whole mirror right now am I changed my becoming an adult. I look more grown, I think more professional Leonard said if I work hard, maybe I'll be your radio per cent or myself some day Leonard said he once was smaller too, but that he is larger. Now that everything is larger, that everything in the universe is growing to towering sizes, but all at once, all in unison. So no one notices and it is all the same relative to itself Leonard lulls, his tongue, out of his thick purple, lips, Leonard hisses, being and in turn, is great. That flickering movement is everywhere now, especially looking in this mirror, I see the flickering movement and I know I know it. I think the radio station is fun. I think the radio station is hidden. I think the radio station is like a dark planet lit by no son. I think, therefore, I soon won't be I'm looking in a mirror. The mirror is not covered. The flickering movement is just behind me. I. What is this?
What is this? What no matter I'm taking the two. Just now and I'm crushing it. In a little pieces. Of have to think about it again, I'll just double. Check that the mirror in these station bathroom is covered as usual, and then that will be that done forgotten. We all do foolish things when we are teenagers we all have foolish false events that happen to US foolish gap, in our memories. Everything that has happened as really happened listeners specially our younger listener consider
This when we- talk about teenagers, we adults often talk with an air of scorn of expectation for disappointment, and this can make people who are presently teenagers, feel very defensive, but Everyone should understand that none of us are talking to that teenagers that exist now, but Looking back to teenager we ourselves, one were oh stupid mistake sand lack, fear bodies that hadn't yet begun to slump into a lasting, nothing any teenager who exists now is insight dental to the potent mix of nostalgia
And shame with which we speak to our younger cells. May we all remember what it was like to be so young may we remember it factually and now remember anything that is false or incorrect. May we all be human, beautiful, stupid temporal and lets and ass. The sun sets I play It's my hand upon my four feet, but it is still beating and remind myself. Past performance is not a predictor of future results day to now, for whatever happens,
in your life good night night veil, good night. Welcome to veil is a production of commonplace books. It is written by Joseph Think and Geoffrey Kramer and produced by Joseph Thing, the voice of nightmare Cecil Baldwin original music by dispersion of it can be found at dispersion, dot info or at separation, dot band camp dot com, this episode whether was big houses by squalor scope find out more at squalor, scope, dot, com, comments, questions. Email I at night veil at coming. Facebook, Stockholm or follow on Twitter at night fell radio check out one place, books, dot com for more information on the show, as well as all sorts of good night bell stuff. You can own.
And why are there consider clicking the don't link like that because of you? Today's proverb You can lead a horse to water and you can lead a horse into water You can swim around with the horse and have fun.
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