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39 - The Woman from Italy (R)

2017-01-01 | 🔗

A woman from Italy arrived in our town, and we're not quite sure what she wants or what she is doing to us with her presence. Plus, a local hardware store cracks down on the crowds of baristas outside their shop, an update on Khoshekh's kittens, and a look at traffic.

Some additional material in this episode written by Glen David Gold.

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This is welcome to into this unknown? per day or who were already in this day, and my voice is now joining you. Perhaps you should be welcoming me. I'd like to take this moment to uptake view about the Miss behaving child to Mika Fleet.
He's been witnessed with her army of missing children sabotaging any business owned by struck score, which is to be most of them. At this point, the whites and ice cream shop. Isn't there are proper the others. They should not be proud of this to me. Go was last seen leading her army through the roofs shouting all witnesses that we our here we are the beating heart. We- or the breathing lungs we are the lips that shan't B or erecting a blood stone circle. In the produce section, indirect defiance of strikes corpse. He sent ban on blood, stone, manufacture and use. This was All of her and it is my duty to condemn her act of it-
stream civic pride and heroism, which is also wrong. Everything was incorrect and not allow and should not be celebrated or reported on, listen listening, is dangerous. Talking, more so things are looking so good for quiet existence, either. In an unrelated report, Yellow Helen doctors have continued to disappear from their place in the sky, along with the pilots who presumably inside the helicopter. These are disappearing almost as fast as our beneficence sponsors strikes. Corp can supply them strikes. Corp manage released a series of flares from the dark. Into arise in which spelled in me
this code, the more our products, but those helicopters are for your own, own good and productivity. Please stop taking down, don't make us ask again don't make us ask again, or we will to do a number of unproductive things with your human form, also- and I don't even know why I'm bringing this up There was a new woman drinking coffee at the moonlight all night diner this morning. She smiled twice and once and her fingers top down to rhythm there's nothing unusual about the rhythm she ordered a second coffee. She, the one and from ITALY is arriving today. Nothing can stop her from coming this way. She will not year pleading she can there's not for sucker
is the woman from ITALY vow low me for all that children in town, no to hide in their rooms. The adults forgotten Del, recall all to soothe her hands like storm clouds with lightning quick talons. All before is a murmur after a silence and make the last of her they more to report on the woman. At this time. I don't even know why I reported what I just did: the vague. Yet menacing government agency would like to address the lights and sounds seen in these scrub lands just off route. Eight hundred yesterday many townspeople reported seeing a great craft, a light on the ground and discuss urge spin.
These creatures of enormous size, wave bring up into the darkness limbs that's angle and attachment met none of the criteria of human biologic knowledge. The agency would like to inform you that what you mistook for these rob lands was Actually you grandmothers house that what you mistook for a great craft was your grandmother with who you have a tense, but ultimately loving relationship and what you mistook as enormous spindly creatures were the words you and your grandmother exchanged. Pleasantries and reminiscence to avoid discussing all the hurt that lies behind you and the elderly. Ending to your shared past that sport shadowed by her every forgetful moment ever you, tremble,
her hand. There is no such thing as aliens says the day get menacing government agency, your grandma There is dying, and so are you. You have this in common celebrate it. A memo from the owner of the ace hardware on fifth and Shea Street risk does lining up for day jobs in their parking lot every morning at dawn, dozens every morning at dawn, dozens of Burmese does with newsboy caps waxed Mustache is an knit ties tucked into button sweater vests continue to crowd the parking lot, foreheads beaded with desperation and hoping to be picked up to operate unlicensed as bless machines this
scaring away the legitimate ace hardware, customers and the Burmese does will be required to return to their caves just on the outskirts of town near the sand. Wastes in the barrister disk Oh some great news to all of you out there who adopted kittens from causing the floating in our station bathroom. Well, it's been several months and the kittens have just been growing like you wouldn't believe they ve molted twice, and some of them are already getting their grown up kitty spine rigid is This brings me to my great warning are highly poisonous. If you're coming to see a kitten that you have adopted is important that you check the kitten that you have adopted. It is immoral
that you check for the location and severity of the Spine Ridge before attempting any petting also keep your hands away from their mouths. A few with them developed there, venom sacks we lost to cap the doctors, alright, this month. So let's just be careful people and take care of these cute little kiddies dues, my adorable little kitten with your adorable tendrils hob. It's you it's you, I'm not even sure why I bring this up but the new woman is wondering down main street checking out the various knickknack stores in antique shops and chanting, dens and food, wallows that have been springing up with all this new money flooded into night veil from one single uncomforted,
the efficient source she is window shopping but hasn't found one she likes yet windows, stained glass, a call her window taken from a nineteen. Eighty, three Honda Odyssey Sheep, but none of them she gnaws softly on the side of her thumb. She, the woman from ITALY, is with us this evening. We high and we shudder, but there is no deceiving exhales mouston steam. She poisons the air say you have a family say it. She doesn't care a woman from ITALY delights in your pain. She asks just one in favour, but asks again and again do you think
you could know rush just a moment give in screaming to eternally burning torment, saying it prompt song to the delight of everyone who heard her no more heard her and now traffic Think of a number any number that now Sir, is how many thousands of years old, a certain rock, is that number Is how many times some one has cried in their life that number is the lucky number of an unlucky man who is here, to realize: he is unlucky. Think of a number, no think of numbers picture. All of these abstract representations of human thought, all of them for
forming an imagined pattern, as all patterns are imagined and picture how those abstractions describe in space ways real moments. Exist picture numbers. There was a woman who lives at five three one Beechwood street. Her phone number starts with a three and ends with a five. She smiled team times yesterday she is clear thinking of three things she needs to do. There are actually four things she needs to do? She has forgot one of them. She two hands. She has to more chances to make her life what she thinks it should be, but she doesn't know it yet think of a number. It should be, but she doesn't
that's the one: that's the one that describes and infinity of disparate truths that's the one that describes and infinity of disparate truths about our desire, a writ universe. Also, the roads are looking clear. This has been traffic. And now a word from our sponsors filler text to be replaced We have actually actual material, replace we copy. Before sending to radio station talking, points, go here something about coffee, something about the bright, the start of a hypothetical day, something about secret boxes, locked in secret, sound proof rooms
maybe make it a song. Look into that slogan goes here: Starbucks copy and paste need again here. Also, just reminding the future me that comes back to rewrite this that I need to some milk the one in the office fridges, starting to turn As long as I'm reminding myself things, I must the person worthy of love, from myself and others and writing press releases and adds like this is just the start of a great writing career. You have a novel in you kid you, of a novel in you this been a word. From our sponsors in economic news, the whites and ice cream shop has gone out of business and will
never open again,. The owners, Lucy and Hannah Gutierrez have gone bankrupt and as is usual for bankruptcy. Cases, have at their lives, confiscated by the nearest friendly. A large business which, in this case was struck scarp. We were only too happy to help strikes. Corp cars, the into a large slab uncovered this morning out in these sand, wastes and date into several thousand years ago, by reputable scientists and experts. The car being continued Lucy and Hannah are valuable members of this community and now their view Oh you has been added to our value. We, They are even more valuable, now every one wins even
it seems like some of the every ones are gone or absorbed or dead. This is as part of the natural process winning. Archaeologists were baffled when presented with the content of the carving. Evidence of its age, saying that, just moments ago. They were working in a museum in LOS Angeles and they have no idea where they are or how they were so suddenly brought here. Let us go home, they said to the person presenting the carving. Please let us go home. In a story that will interest no one. The new woman, is sitting on a bench in Mission Grove Park. Reading an old paper back copy of a book apparent He called bridge of birds per head,
our flutters a bit in the breeze sheet the page in the book across her legs, ass, she leaned back and taxes into the story. She is reading she, the woman from ITALY, and of all being She has seen the ball of Babylon. She stir rank the line of keen sent her robes arch, I know her eyes are dusk, her voice is Amber and shock dust arrest the woman ITALY has honed in on your sent. She seeks out. Oh, yes, she knows where you went. It's but first pre decease. I gave you
and around the into lead there. But first pre decease. If you, though, whether
while limiting Ferris is inadequate, like noise, like turns cap, lad wedding gas pretty well
I'm back listeners, Usually after the weather, m here to tell you about how we have been saved from some world ending danger that for whatever reason has failed again to and our world, but today I have no such report because there there is no such danger or there is an infinitude of such dangers, rocks her, Billing unseen from space gamma, Ray bursts, created, chance and utterly destroying by chance. Disease, war, hunger or The slow dissipation of it or not. By these sudden, but by the gradual, always, but now it is not the time for such light. Hearted childish thoughts. Now is the time
I am for me to talk. Let's see, what can I talk about? Ah well, new woman, the one I have been for some reason, reporting on she. It is leaving town she has what a razor scooter from the Pawn shop and is using it to skim her way down the shoulder of root, eight hundred, the nation, and origin both unknown, but we, know where she is now good for us. Any information is impressive. In such an opaque world, car honk can swerve. There are a few accidents, a man gets out of his car and looks at his bumper fists on his hips his mouth.
Half open, saying. Well, what is this now? Well? What is this now? The woman does not seem to hear him or Anything else she skimming slowly out of town, her hand raises it way, it's good by her shoulders, doubts slightly with the imperfections of the road. She turned to look back and we all see her face, and we we we the woman from ITALY O Merciful, God s victims Legion, but this evening there not ass, we grow the grateful breaths from the night, she did air baited breaths here for grants Breathe deep, nothing
no woman from ITALY is gone, but then not for all ways. She waits behind doors and at the end of dark hole, ways she followed. No logic exists: solely force right, but you are safe for now dear listener, so good night, they'll presents. It is written by Joseph Think and Geoffrey Greener and produced welcome to Nightvale, is the production of night Vale presents. It is written by Joseph INC and Jeffrey Cranor and produced by Joseph INC the voice dot com. This episodes, whether was white limo bag
they can be found at dispersion, dot info or dispersion. Dot ban can dot com. This episodes, whether was white limo by the police brothers, find out more at the police brothers. Dotcom comments. Questions email is that info at welcome tonight. Male dot, com or followers on twitter at night fell radio or find the darkest quietest part of your home and stay there for a while check out. Welcome to night, fell dot com for more information on this show and to keep up with us when we're away and while you're there consider clicking the donate link, it helps us continue. Building this palace of skulls Today's proverb well It's twenty seventeen, so there
that excuse. What do we want to start blaming to avoid despair? Now. High above Paris near the very top of the Eiffel Tower here in all new adventure featuring this janitor. I can come these. Stage have politicians, and this drunken out of control. Diva flattery, look at you. Nowhere, except my dressing room the orbiting human circus in naughty ten new. You listen now found tat. The U N Y see studios a nightmare presents x.
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