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2014-02-15 | 🔗

Walk signals are malfunctioning all over town. Plus, updates from former intern Dana and a look at the Community Calendar.

The voice of Dana was Jasika Nicole.

Weather: "What Have They Done to You Now" by Daniel Knox, danielknox.com.

Music: Disparition, disparition.info.

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Produced by Night Vale Presents. Written by Joseph Fink & Jeffrey Cranor. Narrated by Cecil Baldwin. More Info: welcometonightvale.com, and follow @NightValeRadio on Twitter or Facebook.

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Hey. I want to tell you about two fiction, podcast from like their presence that you're going to love first there's within the wires. A unique and immersive show that tells stories using found audio from an alternate twentieth century. Our new season season for is out, and it's about a mother and daughter as they attempt to lead an anti government commune surviving on the fringes of society and its all told, via tape, recorder letters home to her daughter and sermons to the commune. Next, there is the orbiting humans circus, a podcast about the janitor who lives at the top of the Eiffel tower. It is back with a brand new musical story. This fall that asked the question: does the channel really exists. He hoped so tune in to this sweeping cinematic experience a features Julian cost John Camera Mitchell, Susanna Flood and many more to find out. The answer you can find both within the wires and the orbiting human circus in your favorite up or at night fell, presents dot com
at a loss for words. Here's a few you can. You welcome. To night. Oh listeners. We have some news that will affect your morning commute. So let's do. hello listeners. We have some news that will affect your morning commute. So, let's dive right into it. Walk signals across the whole of night. Veil are malfunctioning
of course, usually they show either a graphic photo of a run over pedestrian, indicating you should wait or time lapse, photography of flowers, wilting indicating that it is safe to cross but this morning commuters, all over night veil, a reporting that baffling Lee They now all have just the word: walk in bold white letters citizens are standing by the side of the road sure of whether they are allowed Visa Cecil its data wait so good to be able to communicate again, Cecil where'd he go. I don't think you can hear me, but I'll keep talking just in case
Cecil. I have been in this desert for months now years, maybe get in. That's any half days have months. Have years of the, all of your life there's never great shift, only a gradual. Fighting downwards. I can de the blinking light upon the mountain looked into it, and my head went one way while my mind when another alert, all this seems to be a move to my head, just a touch to the left, a glance in a world of perspectives- and I was here in your studio or not, here here I dont, know how it happened or how long this vision in which we all pretend to be real, will last I and pretend as hard as I can when I first got here, being a good mountain unbeliever. I turned my back do it in March directly into the flat desert, but soon enough,
I had somehow come back to the mountain I turned in March, the way again but ended up right back here the blinking light upon the mountain and a blink in and out of its vicinity against my will, occasionally, I see huge masked figures, warlike towering, but also distant and listless, they haven't seen me or If they see me they haven't cared or if they ve care. They haven't done anything with that feeling, I'm not scared of them. There are so many things in this world to be scared of why, after that number the only causes, you know nothing about them and they are huge. It would make no sense. I found a door out in the desert, but it was changed, shut on the other side from behind it. I thought I smelled that particular night veil smell the smell of home like
or peaches, and linen like freshly cut wood and burnt almonds. I knocked and knocked hoping some one for that. There would hear it and let me through, but it never opened I was even share, which side was supposed to open. I not both sides, but nothing. I kept fucking and found myself back at the mountain there a blinking light up on the mountain, and so there is nothing else for it. It is I'm from me to climb base of the mountain, deep, steep and lined with Sharp bridges and crumbling ledges: this will not be easy. I wonder if anything ever will be, hopefully I will know something when I am up there- that I did not know when I was down here. Elevation must equal knowledge. It must because nothing else has Cecil. I will keep trying. I don't have to keep trying there
no obligation for me, did not just give up just slow down until I fall away and join the inanimate matter of this strange other world and I'll have to keep trying. Remember that I say to myself, as I keep trying I dont know, if you ve heard any of this I'd like to think he did. I'd like think that I'm home I like to think that mountains aren't real even though I know now without doubt that they are. I will see you again perhaps from up there wherever that is,
this is the worst malfunctioning of walk signals. Night veil has seen since the time all their light bulbs were accidentally replaced with poison gas. Defenses bore on this story, as it looms closer to us and now a word from our sponsors, a balding grass, worst malfunctioning of walk signals. Night veil has seen since the time all their light bulbs were accidentally replaced with poison gas dispensers
or on this story, as it looms closer to us and now a word from our sponsors, a balding grassland beneath a low cliffside. There was a monk picture. What a monk looks like a bell rings from his hand. Maybe then he take say small step, then there's that bell again. It will take him a long time to make it from this bit of grass to whatever there is beyond it an entire lifetime. It will take him and even then he will die
unfinished undone in mixed of doing having gone slowly to know where much, then they Bell will ring from his hand, maybe or from somewhere else and then nothing mountain doo. Do the doo And now back to Hell I've Cecil Cecil. Can you hear me didn't Cecil? It is beautiful here it is empty here I found a lighthouse up on the mountain tall, maybe forty feet, melted, brownstone and about fifteen feet in diameter. Beyond the lighthouse I found a settlement of sort. It was
inside the stone walls of a tightly wound gorge hoped to find the answers in this settlement. I hoped to find anything here is what I found dust mostly emptiness, the sense of loss, as I thought, about the distance between myself and those. I love an interesting rock, but I cant find it anymore. I miss my brother sense of loss, as I thought about the people who never returned home. Do this. If they no longer exists to feel loss than I shall feel it for them. Also diverse Each drawings, along the walls of the gorge Orange Triangles, going bigger and bigger, as a Trieste, my we deeper into the spiral there's a soft. Like just around the edges of the triangles. When I looked at them, I felt the light in my
It sounded like a migraine against the back of my eyes. I could not look at them. I could not look away. I was lost in the spiral it was built by good people but they were gone taken by something larger and stronger than them. Much larger and stronger, even masked warriors. I saw before I worried about what who would be taken next. My eyes hurt so through my subjectivity, the entire world hurt. Then a bright blackness from somewhere beyond the spiral that was when I realized. I had forgotten If there was anything outside of the spiral it had become the entirety, the totality all of that. But I followed the bright light,
a near blinding beam of pure darkness and led me back out again. The orange triangles grew smaller and smaller until they were little dots, freckled walk face. There is something Cecil. I feel it in the air it it's like a hot wind blowing, but not hot deathly, cold and not a wind of vast creature and not below rushing at us out of the gaps in time in memory with which we hold together our lives. When I looked to the horizon, I see light like the light in the spiral. If you push against the back of my eyes, it is the. Ravelling of all things, the great glowing coils of the universe, unwinding I wish I could tell you more.
Education is difficult. It is imposed the boss, some say: communicate. The idea of its impossibility to others. I feel myself sleeping and getting fainter now. No! No! You are. Which I have been done by the way in years, poor at least days, or at least not doing it right now, thirst, A is a lost cause, but we will keep on fighting. We will get up say yes, today is a different day than before, believing this against all evidence, eating food like that matters going to jobs that mean the same thing as they did before, but can.
Stay a new light by our own optimism, which will slowly drain away. Until all that is left is the movements and thoughts we ve had before echoes of ourselves, underlined to emphasise the lack of emphasis coming home, drifting home endless homeward wandering into a kitchen that is too small for our needs and eating food. That is it what we imagined it would be and watching television that means more to us than our jobs and finally falling asleep in which we dream of the third Stay that could be if only we lived Thursday to the full potential of its Thursday miss not expecting it to be anything but Thursday, embracing every inch of its third
They reality and living each Thursday moment a new only to wake the next Thursday and again impose successfully. Our imagine Thursday, onto the unreal thing frame of Thursday, our Thursday a lost cause. This has been the community calendar.
The crowd amassed by the walk signals is now marching down route. Eight hundred apparently advancing on city hall when reached for comment. These city council said that day were definitely at city Hall, ready to receive the concerns of their constituents and not say hiding in a hastily dug a hole in Mission Grove Park, keeping as deal as possible and breathing through their dirt gills until this all blows over. Incidentally, there comment continued if you happen to see a conspicuous pile of earth in any parks
maybe just throw some leaves on it or put a bench over it to make it less obvious, no biggie, just if you get a chance that be cool, the council concluded their voices noticed, the bleak muffled. Fortunately, the effect of the walk signals only reaches those who are looking at one, and I myself hey what I did that get in here listeners. There is a walk signal in my studio, walk. It says I must walk. The signal is saying so. I will have to leave my desk in order to do that and so before I go. I take you to the walk. Third, though we are there,
though walk, walk, walk, walk yes,
Madame what
I can't seem to get hold of Cecil I'm trying to tell him something important, but justice showed up here again. He announced the whether at the weather is beautiful. Here see cannot hear me and I do not remember what I wanted to say. I remember the table at my grandfather's house. It had carved legs in the shape of a myriad of animals spiralling around each other whole egos within each leg, but it was so well used. We ate their, we talked there. We lived around in rose and columns delineated by cheers in space I remember diagonals of sunlight in the late afternoon, drawn across its flat expands, transfer. By my grandfather's hand, as he swept through what her story. He was telling to highlight the work. Motion two motions. Closer to the words
I remember my mother as raft as I was. I remember my brother, his wrapped ass. I was, I remember that I haven't seen my mother or my brother for months now and in some ways I missed that tape. More than I miss them We are all of us only one life each, but that tape was all of our lives added together, a delicate tangled, problem we never wished to solve. But I've solve all our problems against her will, I remember, I am Dana or I am Dana's double what has killed the other with the stabler. Even don't know which one have these memories, but never prove nothing experience has also proved nothing there, many proofs for nothing. It is the concept of which we are most certain. I'm sorry.
I'm trying to remember something important, and I am failing. My grandfather died a long time ago, a few months ago, I killed my double. These facts have no symmetry, they are disconnected. I must find a way back t listeners. I must protect night veil and Cecil and my mother brother and who ever I am. I must protect them from what is coming Availing of all things this, finding gorge spirals around itself an empty equal. System within the mountain. Beyond it, the desert is a flat expands, but diagonals of sunlight transverse. By passing, I am sweet, Through my own story, highlighting The words with motion motioning closer to the end. This is not what I wanted to tell you listeners look past the thing
you think you see move your head just a touch to the left, a glance in a world of perspectives and then you might see it. An entire universe in the corner of his eye. I have seen the slight house with its red beam rotating out into the desert distance I have seen the dog park and its infinite bland secrets I have seen the settlement in the gorge and do not wish to see it again. I have seen Cecil. I have not seen my mother, see. My brother life solves the problems. We hope it won't You may hear from me again, I'm afraid, no concerned, no afraid that you will not I wish I could stay, but the noise of the approaching
whatever it is. Has louder closer. I must go This is in Turn Dana Sister daughter or not. Dana with a question mark. This is me or my double signing out, I miss you may feel good bye, and so we are all saved again I'll, be honest, night veil, that was the most worried. I've been in some time and how we were saved. Was
so unlikely and miraculous that I feel that today will become one of the standard tales told every year on frightening day. Certainly it is a story. I I'll, never forget here is where I leave you not to walk away. I think I will avoid walking for awhile, but certainly to go somewhere to see some one and I dont know if he suggests a walk. I might change my mind. He can be as persuasive as hypnotic malfunctioning city equipment. Sometimes, as the old saying goes, stay too.
Next? For the noises of my hurried retreat, echoing first as sound and then as memory and maybe then again as part of tonight's fractured dreaming good night night veil, good, nigh buck internet now is protection of common place. That's it is written by Joseph Think and Geoffrey craning and produced by just the voice of night now, Cecil Baldwin, the voice of Dana was to seek an occult original music by desperation, Oliver we found at dispersion, dot info or at dispersion, dot band camp Doc come this episodes whether was what have they done to you now by Daniel Knox find out at Daniel Knox, dotcom comments, questions, email, sat night veil at commonplace, books, dot com.
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