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49 - Old Oak Doors Part A

2014-06-15 | 🔗

Night Vale begins its revolt against StrexCorp, and old oak doors are opening all over town. Good things are coming through. Terrible things are coming through. Also there's a mayoral election. First of a two-part episode.

This episode was recorded live at The Town Hall in NYC on June 4, 2014.

Guest Voices (part A): Meg Bashwiner, Lauren Sharpe, Kevin R. Free, Jackson Publick, Mara Wilson, Symphony Sanders, Jasika Nicole, Dylan Marron, Mark Gagliardi, and Maureen Johnson

Live Music: Disparition, disparition.info, featuring Jon Bernstein, Deepthi Welaratna, Valerie Evering, and Mari Yamamoto

Logo: Rob Wilson, robwilsonwork.com.

Produced by Night Vale Presents. Written by Joseph Fink & Jeffrey Cranor. Narrated by Cecil Baldwin. More Info: welcometonightvale.com, and follow @NightValeRadio on Twitter or Facebook.

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I'm so sorry. I we interrupting something I'm sure it's nothing importance, the sun is bright, the moon is irrelevant and we are light and light and light and light. We're light listeners. This is Lauren Mallard. Vice president obstructs sport owner I mean, can you Please supporter of the night veil and Desert Bluffs metropolitan area. I'm here with Kevin, who is radio hosts for night veil, sister City Desert bluffs, for how long has it been Kevin? I can't say- Kevin, don't be modest, you're, the voice of our community. I literally M incapable of say:
and I are broadcasting from a secret location because of some recent changes to the town of night bail strikes corps threats, Corp was in the process of bringing together the two cities, but there was some is yes thank you learn you're, so helpful with your words, Miss communication, and now the little town of night veil is absurd. Plea tried to bring them endless. Searing sunshine and delicious Trans dimensional, orange juice and adorable free pets with adorable, gnashing, tee I love my strikes: peddler lit the cutest, I take it for walks, I throw sticks at it, I tell it my worst secrets, I feed mice every night of our bed, they're not supposed to eat mice, Kevin I've, trade, it too,
It took some weeks, but it is accepting its meals now more and did you know that in night veil people are not even allowed to visit the public dog park right? You know, I think and also cannot eat wheat or we byproducts products issues we it wishes by products or have computers or writing utensils. Community radio interns keep having accidents or in the case of that in turn, Dana meeting her own double one of them. The other and then the remaining one not sure if it's her dumb, all being trapped for over a year and a strange other desert work,
Where she's been making trouble for us with an unruly pack of angels and dumb mask warrior, so it's a very beautiful but very unproductive town, not reaching its full product. Potential. My grandmother used to embroider pillows with the phrase reach your full productive potential. I love those below so much. She sold one to me how it is. Good story Kevin. So we at Strasbourg, wanting our neighbours to flounder under the oppressive terror and darkness brought bright, yellow helicopters here to rid the town of oats terrible words, the weird shape in Grove Park that kills people. If you look at it or talk about it, but it figures that infiltrate everyone's deepest spears and dreams. The vague yet menacing government agencies that record everyone's conversations in the glowing cloud that drops down
animals. The written time that allowed dinosaurs to come through to read the are not dinosaurs law. They are Iraq needs You are. No. You are right. It is hard to get work done in such a disk Toby right right right and then it just allow that teenage girl? What was her name told me, Peco. Just art a militia,
luckily she's in prison, and then they bring these ugly scientists to study things that should not be studied. Leah ease, trapped in the same desert other world is in turn, cleaner, Lauren. I think I think people this is our fault. How so can we love tonight Two we care more than they could understand. We showed them sympathy beyond which they could receive. Let's show, then empathy, Yeah empathy. Did you hear that my veil, no worse than from struck Corp, no more emotional symbiosis. We will give you empathy. We will give you the room
to understand what you need, but You need a sunshine and structure and jobs little what a handout we want. I hand around there Back in a show of friendly solidarity, a strong pat on the neck, let us show you empathy and a handful of dust nightmare. Just look at all this empathy. Look at it. Look at it every day. Look at it! Ok talk to organizations are, if interrupting whatever the silly little thing is
As I was saying, and now. Listeners of every kind, the voice of night veil, please no Baldwin, think look forward. Listen time welcome.
To night although this nerves, ice to you now from the one spot in night fail that remains truly hours: the studios of the night Veil Community radio station. I have learned well from my misunderstanding about how barricading adore words,
and so I have for two weeks, manage to keep this studio free of strict score influences and employees, but enough of the preamble now through the ample today is the day. There is only one thing for today, and that is the destruction of the hated strict score and freeing our town of nightmare.
We will work no longer. We will worship a smiling God. No longer we have failed before we have failed so many times that so many tasks. But at this we will not fair. I hope I mean. I really really hope that we will not fail In any case, we will be devoting all of today's broadcast to the revolution with no interruption. Excuse me, Excuse me speaking. I would see ya speaking all you, Asia they're doing it. Oh,
listeners, I'm sorry mayoral candidate and literal five headed dragon. I run Mcdaniel has just burst into the studio. I am also here. Did someone just speed Yes, it's me, face this old woman who secretly live in your home? I'm crouched in the cross space under your studio right now there are any interesting insects and pipes down here. Well, it is great to have you both, but listen.
There's this resolution is a new and far be it from me to get in the way. You're revolution. I am all for liberty. The tree of liberty must be periodically wanted with detached limbs using it's my favorite tree. Purple head right on that. We are here because you are forgetting the most important thing that is happening today. Today is election day. Today is the day when finally night bail, citizens will be able to effect change or not affect change, but they will be Did by its sure well, there is also an election today.
We will certainly cover that as well. Ok, but for now please go stand in the Alley behind City Hall and await the results, as is traditional thanks. Cecil absolutely thank you very much with Jack back home with you soon guess what I called at said. Pitiful. Let us go immediately to the news. Many citizens are reporting that old oak doors with brass knobs have been appearing. All over town, the doors open onto a desert landscape white, like this one, These doors arriving toll creatures with long faces and broad wings. These crew
there's or difficult too, Categorize but the best I can do is definitely not angels. The not at all and jelly creatures are joined by enormous men and women wearing masts. Not angels and the mast army have torn down the electric fences, scrapping the people up a strict score company picnic, and this is great news, but unfortunately the news is not over struck. Sport has responded with a seemingly unending force of eyeless below rinsed office workers,
dressed in smart, but affordable business, casual clothing and armed with jacket, knives and to be smiles. They are backed by a swarm of yellow helicopters, have filled the sky and yet, strangely, have not blotted out the sun in fact, seems brighter than ever on, naturally bright. If a ball of highly compacted gas that sustains life room, your proximity could ever be called. Hats are all the horrible smiling office. Workers have driven the tall winged creatures and the mast army back from the picnic the strengths force is too much for even these rescuers from another world to handle whatever unspecified
hours they have are on specifically not enough, and they are quite specifically losing they fleeing some fallen as the ravenous office workers swore over them Angels or you know not angels had entered the juvenile detention centre looking for a certain little girl? No a young woman? No, of human beings. and her well trained militia of other human beings, but the cell, that once contained technique of Lynne, was empty.
Instead there were only shackles than had been pulled completely apart and the words I found written on a bookmark lane across page two hundred and ten other paper back copy of Leonard Cohen, of longing, the current whereabouts of decoupling or not know the wing creatures who are all named Erica. And the army of asked giants of continued their retreat before the
sort of eyeless office workers all the way past the old town, drawbridge listeners. Given the urgency of today, I plan to skip some of our regular features as well as sponsored adds, but since forcing our current ownership, we ve gotten a bit behind on our bills. So there is now a sentient patch of haze. In my studio, Dorothy thought the low listeners, my name is dab. Dab, won't actually leave my studio until she has told us all about what are you promoting whole food right? So
the cencian patch of haze about whole food, gets thank see some animal foods. We don't have any rotting decay matter mixed into our products. There are no secret blood rooms in our stores where we keep secret ballot. Into our products. There are no secret blood rooms in our stores where we keep the secret blood. None of the boxes of cereal contain spiders, and if they did, they would be very friendly, helpful sweaters. Why wouldn't you be lucky to find a spider like that in a box a whole food cereal or not just one, hundreds of them? But anyway, you won't. Whole food serves only the freshest food and we certainly do not keep venomous snakes under the Britain are produced section. Why would we that would be dangerous and not good for business? No one has died of a snake bite at whole foods. No one, you know whole foods
Why in the world would be poisoner frozen dinners? We definitely do not do tat. Well, thanks, dub New thank yous diesel. Good luck with whatever you got going on here, seems uninteresting inhuman, oh ok,. Well goodbye dab listeners- I I apologize for these noises. You might be getting that there is some other Radio signal its interfering with our own seesaw, its line, Sorry to interrupt And I just how to break into your signal. We wanted a moment to talk with you. Gently talking solve a lot of things. Violent revolution has never solved anything. I beg to differ. America was founded on
evolution and I mean sure we still are ruled by the reptilian, but the lizard, Let us have our own country after they saw how hard we try during that revolution thing that was decade. Persists Cecil anyway, we want to know what we can do to keep your business upbeat
Here it strikes, corpse interests. Ink are dedicated to the betterment of life through branding social networking and upbeat music and hard work. I'm pretty sure it's imply that our work as part of a cabin- I am pretty sure I didn't ask for your feedback, Cecil, strict core values, the effort you put into making the station what it was is and what it is. But when employees are refusing to participate in our trust exercises and boycotting our products and attacking us with our own helicopters, then I think we have failed our mission statement and what use your mission statement this
We got so caught up in thinking about our business that we didn't thing. Then thing is a brain. We didn't think about the people. People matter at strikes, Corp they matter because of the business we're here to set things right. First things: first, we will rebuild that night, veil, harbour and waterfront recreation area and divert thousands of gallons of necessary drinking water from other towns to provide it. His namesake. We will also fill in the giant whole out back of the house, but where will the people who huddle there go to huddle.
Cecil. You are simply resistant to change. Your revolution is cute. Community togetherness is adorable, but money money is power. We will invest, are currently investing. You make night veil a better place to live, thus increasing the resale value. Also, we know everyone fears, libraries and night veil, which is why strikes Corp? Well, tear down the library, destroy the dangerous librarians and replace it with strict books purchase centres? Don't you dare try talking about books?
Rigour is that you, yes, I found your secret. Ok, using a radio triangulation technique. I learned by reading an analogy of Emily Dickinson poems Lauren be careful. She has a swing, shot, happy. Looking edition of John Osborne successful Way, look back in anger Thank you can only deal with now. I got my own slingshot than extremely heavy edition of the strengthened Laura you have this situation under control I just know MRS important thing else. Let me know if when,
you take care of this child. I love books. Look you're holding it. Still really ill conceived full of bad ideas expressed badly. I bet it lacks merit of arts and appreciation for the flow of language. It looks like the worst book in the history of books, but here's the thing it's still a book and I'd love books, so you do not deserve to even hold it and come and get it to be. Got stay, alert, doesn't ideas it. You should go to Are you hurt Cecil, Jamaica?
for us any longer. Now are we talking about right money? Success, it's too big to be got. Can you hear me well drat unceasing. She still just take a second lady trained for months. Take him down your helicopters with only a sling shots. I looked at a librarian right in the area where most creatures would have eyes you do not scare me. These children come from doesn't matter
What matters is that in a few moments you will start running as fast as you can in the direction of desert blocks all right book club books, ass clubs made us God show me mercy together well drawn young new spoon on securing this frequency will keep broadcasting instructions from here. Stay vigilant night veil. Thank you too meagre listeners night we'll is coming alive. After weeks of the company picnic
The citizens are remembering who they are They are members of a pseudo democracy run by lizard kings through a byzantine maze of puppet governments and paperwork. A crowd of those grinning strength. Score drones, surrounded one of the wing aid, not angels. Who was wearing a hand tailored suit coat, but was otherwise totally new, but then Leonhard managing editor of the night bail Daily Journal Pact, her way through the crowd with a hatchet I of imagining you all. As news bloggers, you are destroying years of journalistic twitter,
And then at the urging of Sarah Sultan, the President, the night bail Community College Liane, then through Sarah, at the few remaining strikes workers who were still intact. Sarah, who is a smooth faced sized river Rock hit her target magnificently before bouncing off somewhere, and so this Erika, who looked both wealthy and mostly nude was saved. Wait, wait, wait, wait. I am I'm seeing a flickering listeners and this flickering is becoming a shame, and they say the sick is becoming a woman policy.
Smee Dana Dana. Why Haven'T- you returned tonight. Bail I will soon I think, but there is. Something here that has me worried that rumble is getting louder, and the light on the horizon is quite close. I can feel heat, but I am not warm the more the he grows the colder. I feel it is a tool, herbal light, and it is so close now. I feel, as though the universe is unravelling plus I found Someone here in the desert. May Cecil.
I am manifesting myself in your radio station for both personal and not personal reasons, Carlos. Thank you. Perfect heavens. I haven't seen you in weeks. I didn't know for you had gone so when I entered the house. That does not exist. I found myself in this other desert world, but something happened. To my team of scientists and there was no one to let me back out. Then I couldn't even find the door eventually, your friend Dana found me not Corliss. Why did you not coal or snapshot. Or re any of my would carvings of Karadzic. I worked really hard on those Cecil
how would I do that? I'm in the middle of a desert that is not of this world, there is no sense. Powers or wifi or any kind of communication system plus I have to save my battery until I can find my way back tone. No milk, your phone totally works here really yeah. Also I haven't charged my phone and like a year the battery never ran down Is that a samsung? No no seem you got while I know wifi is pretty decent to just look bad see, so I'm honored,
right now I gotta. Maybe our work is amazing. You I mean time is: pretty, must stop so sometimes he replied the emails before their even sent to you but other than that Carlos. How do I get you home? You know. Do you know? How do we get Carlos home? I I I would like Carlos to come home I'll, be So every time the doors are open. It lets that terrible light in tonight veil and the light is so close. Now we can't risk it right for very smart Cecil. You have very smart interns So every time the doors are open. It lets that terrible light into night veil and the light is so close. Now we can't risk it right for very smart
Cecil, you have very smart interns. I know I'm building a highly scientific device ticket the light away from the doors now the device looks a lot like a big umbrella. But these way more complex and scientific than that for reasons, I do not have time to explain right now, my dear! your meter, is in the red and, scientifically speaking, red, is most dangerous color Corliss call us your fading Dana. Where did cordless, he's so here dinner. I can't see Cecil anymore. He still here Carlos Thank you. I make it to see my mother and my brother again because of you. You are a hero, I'm not a hero. I'm a scientist.
Been scientist will always be my word, for he will, What is he saying I can't we should go? Tell so we won't be long at all that the door should be safe to open. Now I just need to finish stabilizing the device Cecil we have work to do, but we will be home soon. Ok, I cannot wait to see both of you like an hour or two. MAX did. Did he say something? Was it? Was it goodbye Cecil.
It is good to know we have some very talented former in turn and a brilliant scientists working together once again, listeners I'm also getting a frantic phone calls that have reminded me. It is also election day so let's check in the Alley behind City Hall, Hiram faces old woman revolution, is meaningless. Our track. Jars. Cecil. All of us are in agreement here may agree there are no mother, three heads shore,
let us all the gathers. The other three so always just go talking away like is the most important one and sometimes green yeah, something green gold, green and gold. So please Violet you, right yeah! Oh also regret a blue and violent hands there anyway. We all agree that once we become Meyer, this Oh revolution, will it's just sort mope if strike score, but still here and people want them down, we'll just throw some plain, rob the real issue. Now the real issue is getting these doors shut. There's a blinding light pouring from the minutes com.
Using the world to become translucent. We can hear a deep rumbling sound, which I do not like the helicopter seem unaffected. I think a terrible thing is trying to come through something that's secrets. I do not know the unravelling of all things. Fire breathing was solved. None of this is basically the angels. Are you know? That's not angels. I just need to shut the door or is when there don't go and through it, according to religious tax. Yes Did you not know that limits hoodies hindered any anyway I remember a revolution in the unravelling of the universe. Is all fine, but it would be great if you could cover the election more comprehensively.
We ve worked really hard right. All of us. I will do my best or well, actually, maybe not my best, but some level of effort. Well, thank you for the updates, both of you yeah. Listeners, you heard the candidates, the doors are open and there is a powerful rumbling below the earth and a bright light. Turning everything translucent, probably that's bad news. But you know whether is weird here so who knows? Oh, oh, oh! This is fantastic couple of old friends just came by the studio. Atta, say so listeners. It is
on Peters, you know the farmer and In turn, Maureen you sure is Cecil Dana and your science fellow they help this get out of that other desert place I'm the one who found all those old oak doors and more rain here figured out that physically going back and forth between the two worlds was possible, but those two they helped a bunch of great work. All of you- and you know, I'm so glad see all of my lost friends again. Stop bow to tell you that we, I've, seen the rumbling in the desert. We have heard The broad lot entering, not veil, Cecil,
that light. It is the great glowing coals of the universe. Wine It is the unravelling of all things a smiling God of terrible power. Now, how do you know all of this John. Was in four h club in high school I am a farmer, you know you learn all this kind of stuff, for example, No, no, of course I mean downpours now Maureen. It is so nice to see you again, I'm it's been how long I monster. I got you coffee and I made me you're graphs and I sang see shanties to the s every single day, I've and copy it
Did your jaws slash back even though that wasn't in the job description I did and then one day give me some orange juice Maureen I mean I won't even tell you how it's making people blink in and out of existence, and not only. It made me blink out of reality, but you didn't. Even one too when I brought it. Do you even know the mortality rate of your internship programme are not terribly sure what you mean: Chad, Jerry Leland, Rob Brad Stacy Richard Paolo Dylan, video unzip. You know what they are having common. They all got great training for a future career and radio. No, no! That's not it at all. Their existing speaking of interns
In turn, Jeremy had a recent runnin The scorpions in the break room and will be missed. Oh hey, now that you're back home are You still looking for college credit here. Great. Can you start today? The ok thanks! Thank you for stopping. John. How sure thing say solar! Beware, the unravelling of all things and support your local farmers and Marie Can you just pop down the library and do some research on smiling gods forming fine, great.
Listen, if John and Maureen, or back than that must mean that the doors are working again, and this is fantastic news. I am now receiving reports that the rumbling is growing louder. People are saying that they can feel it in their feet and in their tea, and they are becoming forgetful and objects are becoming transparent, but darkness of night veil is washing away, and what are we night veil without darkness, without shadows? Without secrets, listeners there is someone knocking on
station door, which must mean Carlos colors. Is that you end of part a. Hi it's Joseph thank my friend, Jeffrey Nigh, created. Welcome to night fell back in twenty twelve, normally were the ones turning our ideas into writing, but for our brand new show start with this. It's you who do the creating on it episode will talk about a topic as the creative process. Then we will give you two short assignments: something to consume and something to create. You can share your work on our membership for him to see what other people are up. Do we want you to start creating one simple assignment added time, because the best way to start writing is to start writing, find it where ever you get your part casts
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