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49 - Old Oak Doors Part B

2014-07-01 | 🔗

Night Vale begins its revolt against StrexCorp, and old oak doors are opening all over town. Good things are coming through. Terrible things are coming through. Also there's a mayoral election. Second of a two-part episode.

This episode was recorded live at The Town Hall in NYC on June 4, 2014.

Guest Voices (part 2): Hal Lublin, Kevin R. Free, Jasika Nicole, Symphony Sanders, Dylan Marron, Jackson Publick, and Mara Wilson

Weather: “Call Off Your Ghost” by Dessa, featuring Aby Wolf and Paper Tiger (dessa.bandcamp.com)

Live Music: Disparition, disparition.info, featuring Jon Bernstein, Deepthi Welaratna, Valerie Evering, and Mari Yamamoto

Logo: Rob Wilson, robwilsonwork.com.

Produced by Night Vale Presents. Written by Joseph Fink & Jeffrey Cranor. Narrated by Cecil Baldwin. More Info: welcometonightvale.com, and follow @NightValeRadio on Twitter or Facebook.

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Hey. I want to tell you about two fiction, podcast from like their presence that you're going to love first there's within the wires. A unique and immersive show that tells stories using found audio from an alternate twentieth century. Our new season season for is out, and it's about a mother and daughter as they attempt to lead an anti government commune surviving on the fringes of society and its all told, via tape, recorder, letters home to her daughter and sermons to the commune. Next there is the orbiting human circus, a podcast about the janitor who lives at the top of the Eiffel tower. It is back with a brand new musical story. This fall that asked the question: does the janitor Lee exists. He hoped so tuna, to this sweeping cinematic, experienced features Julian Costume, John Camera Mitchell, Susanna Flood and many more to find out the answer you can.
Both within the wires and the orbiting human circus, in your favorite up or at night no presents dot com without shadows and without There is someone knocking on my station door, which must mean Carlos colors. Is that you come in and welcome home. My sweet cart. No, No, no, no, no, no! No! No so I was in the neighborhood, not wanted to stop by DAWN Steve. Sir, you do now. Get to just stop the studio. You are not a radio, professional or fair, but
driving in circles station all day, listening to the show one- and it got me thinking- you're, John Peters, you know the farmer guess I do know you like: hey, y'all, there's a smiling God in the world is unravelling because I for each club and he's hopefully, Roy Break, it's not a smiling God, but a secret underground missile testing site. Now, listen! The secret underground missile testing site is below the wreck centre. Steve, it's like that This was old. Woman recently said well campaigning. She said I am replacing all of your digital photo albums with classified pictures of secret missile testing site, I think the faces old woman understands what is really going on, whereas Hiram is like well. Can it really be bother with looking into government overspend, because I'm literally a five dragon and then his blue heard is like when you consider the mathematics there's no benefit to us.
Gray says about government interference, makes me sad and It says we must, above all we must be. And then it was now just keep roaring and thing. Nobody wants Quickly thought yeoman protestors. But really, I was thinking about what your boyfriend, Carlos, don't you dare Steve Carlsberg, so he said I'm certain I can. The light from entering night bail. I have a simple device that will protect us. I am now
Dating a munchkin from the wizard of oz- that's not know you sure, I'm quite sure right, fair enough, but look here is an unorthodox cecil, but he's an outsider. He's not from here. How do we know he's not part of the super underground secret military government that is testing missile Steve Carlsberg? Did you just accused my boyfriend of being a secret operative? Well yeah? Because they be pretty cool, actual ere, they also offer, but but it is nevertheless it is not true, steep plus. How many times do I have to tell you that there is nothing secret about the secret missile testing is as american as using drug laced apple pie to test the effect.
The pollution on innocent citizens. I think he brings up a good point. Cecil you. How did you get in here thanks interloper Cool lies. Oh, thank you. I wish I could stay the same. Cecil, listen it's hard to get work done when there's all this fighting and it's hard to smile when there's no working and if we aren't smiling, then what value do we have watched me smile? You
stir that was really grows. Do again, look how much better? We all feel from that. But right now no one is being productive. There are Jos actually could, but not noticing and a desert, Army out their battling for what, for hooded figures for forbidden dog parks, for a glow clouded.
For the constant tear of a secret police who could invade your home at any time without so much as a letter from human resources, but they are our who did figures, and it is our blue cloud and this is our town and it is terrible, but. It is our and we we are fighting for it to feel that way about desert, Bluffs, so many secrets and conspiracies darkness. In our days it all built so important, a permanent, but then we met the smiling
it was the sun stopped setting, or maybe there wasn't a sun anymore? Maybe there was just that other writer lights, who knows I do know that I couldn't stop smiling. None of us could smiles seemed better fuller Why. Soon we have no need for government cover ups sequence: everything was transparent; literally, you could through everything and everyone, the bones. The. The scurrying insects inside a human body there was so much work to be done in such a.
Wonderful company to do it for even the ones that resisted the most at first soon found that they loved the smiling God more than anyone. Even the most resisted a radio hosts. Soon felt his way to productive work songs and a wide gave me Let's do this together, Cecil believe with me in a smiling God, the greater night vale and Desert Bluffs metropolitan area, but town with not one but two happy helpful. Voices listeners Kevin has just opened up the studio door only. It is not
the studio door. It is an open door and and a blinding light is pouring in and everything is becoming translucence. Do you see friends abuse majesty of living as one hundred unrelenting other company, you're sure wasn't more known in two with that in the rest of my life combined, Note Steve: what are you saying no Kevin before step? Let me ask you about school class. Now, my son, Journalism is ten years old and the elementary school say no words, Steve, Carlsberg, desert schools are top notch.
Young Janice can take college prep courses as early as twelve hour charter schools even have great medical programs where they can heal her of all her problems. I'm sorry, I don't get it Genesis Uncle here? What do you mean by he'll her? She can't right now, rather than build all those crazy and elevators we just people so that they can become better and more productive.
You are wrong and I was right about your eyes. They know you listeners, see corals. Bird has just picked up covered by his blood stained. Lapels sakes. I hope you will not change my step. Brother Kevin doesn't love. You will not change. Its little c c is carrying him. Do you old men door and he just pushed him, threw into that blinding all alike and Kevin School?
I did not like I guy very much me, neither things Steve anything for my girl showing into me there's something about needs. Fixing you know Steve, we have our differences, so many differences, more Is that what you're saying about the differences? But I am glad that you are there to take care of generous and she could do a lot worse.
Say no, no, never again Now, please leave my studio and and just stop barging in here with your stupid ideas about the world I'll see you around she's all right, still Carlsberg. Aren't you looking data Dana? You aren't you actually back in the studio and that this is not just an image or an apparition. I am.
our time and space. Finally, finally, me- and this is a happy happy day- I am so glad to see you too Cecil, but he also came back to talk to the whole city. Of night veil is drowning out our sun and our minds, but there are angels and an army of masked warriors fighting back. This terrible menace might fail Stacy. Stay home and do not get in the dangerous boss, fire, the Desert Army and the angels. They are here to save us people back they'll. Do you know I'm sorry data, but I think that to make a living from her secret broadcast site people of night they'll hear me Jimmy
the meagre Flynn. I have heard so much about you you're in its inspiration, you a thing he Dana, but I am not a hero or we all are, or the word has no meaning we must all save our town and ourselves people MIKE male. I'm calling you two arms: there are beings claiming to be angels. Or an army of giants fighting, Why can't? We will say? Yes, that's good, but now Angels are definitely real. They are power and recently very loudly and they arts Hill, unlike humans, who died easily and unexpectedly, all the time from all sorts of little pauses just wait and let them save us all. I see people of night veil
do not be defined by how you can die, but how you can live, it is like the Writer and orator, Booker T Washington once said in all things: social, You can be a separate s fingers yet one as the hand, in all things essential to destroying, smiling God. Stay same night now stay indoors and we will not have to like you know when it's all over get out there night bail, grab anything you can and white rabbit. Slingshot in a book, say: I'm Amy, vendor short story collection, or Miller, Rob pathogens, dictionary of the causes or, if not a book,
grab Iraq or the throwing stars that come standard in most issues have mixed feelings, rob anything you can and light. Do not believe in heroes, believe and citizens, being a citizen. Do you not know that you have planned this well and you are incredibly smart, but I think to meet up might be right now. I think we have to do this together and and and let us not repeat our sin of inaction- I mean it it has grown so bright and I cannot months, but what I can see is nearly transparent. And I'm forgetting and everything is coming apart, and I can see the great glowing coils of the universe. On winding, like veil art,
Our time is now let raise our fist. And shout like him. Can almost hear it? I could almost hear a crowd. Shouting take down, strikes, I could almost hear that crowd, but I cannot quite hear them They need to raise their hands and shouted louder than it is shout take down strikes every single one of them. Take down Strikes louder, lay down strict and they scream it to stress, and then they stop not because They do not care, but because they are our people that are far away and not part of the story.
They are part of a different story, a different fiction, but realising this day, all shrug and said a murmur to each other. Take down, strikes, take dumbstruck, take them and then they are quiet and they hope for that rarest element of all they hope for the best, but in this story in this fixed said, I I hear the sound of night fail. Fighting back, The light of this smiling God grows brighter.
And the shouts of this defiant night veil grow louder. And as I reach for my own personal copy of cake Chopin, the awakening well moors. Typically for the dear gas canisters that came attached to the hard back addition. I take all of you all of us that our fight all of us together. All of us all of us. To the weather.
So said to do as they see it should begin as carefully Jasmine strike. This bad, my chair still it's better to join, but we all know how bad you hated. You said I would say this one or both of us and which we should give them myself. I don't think makes you it's just not asked what your future working goes jealous of her waist left amount spent spent
We ve been in jail.
Are you reach the voice mail of Cecil Palmer, I'm off doing some important journalists? work or maybe just petting cossack, but either way. Leave me a message. Cecil, hey it's Carlos. I hate that I got your voice mail, but listen. I figured it out We can't shut the oak doors unless everyone is back where they belong. Every moment. Those doors are open. More of that light gets through into night fail I couldn't figure out why we couldn't just keep the doors closed for good, and it was really frustrating to have a problem, I couldn't solve and because I couldn't
Then I did solve it and I felt so big so those are some, but not all of the emotions that I had here is what I found night veil is a place that is difficult to move and difficult, and And connecting a place as weird is that, with the place as weird as this was causing a lot stream on linear time and space. So. Those native tonight fail Dana John The angry woman in the internship, all that return home and them the army had to come back here, which they did. Moments ago. The last of them came back through the door, It is so exciting when you make a scientific discovery like that. I was Mary happy But then
the last of the masked army, members came through the door slammed shut and vanished. And I remember that I am not from night fail I remembered that far as the laws of the universe are concerned. It is not where I belong, She saw, I don't even remember how I got to night fell in the first place, where is night Valley, but I promise I will find their way back it I'll just take two days a week man I'll, be fine, I must see soul. Test its use,
maybe a few weeks I don't know the upside is Dena was right. I have had a ninety seven, percent battery all day and decent reception. So at get to talk every night best of luck at home. I love you was night will fall together. Every citizen, high school football coach Nasser allude to heed in response to these strikes. Workers Ghastly smiles showed them that thing. You can do with his tongue.
And speaking three voter, you know the man that we all believed to be the syrup of night veil was dropping heavy a Bala, clad man wearing a mite, her cloak and a giant silver star and speaking three votes coder. You know the man that we all believed to be the sheriff of night veil. Was dropping heavy brings down on the invaders from his hover office in the clouds. Simone rigged out the transient who lives in the earth Sciences. Building at the community college found experimental fish in the lab closet and put them in the fuel tanks of the yellow helicopters which we're already incapacitated by several plastic bags that had blown
out of the forbidden dog park and then You know themselves up in the rotors and old woman Josie and her posted angel friends, protect the empty lot where she plans to rebuild night veils, opera mouse, the strikes attackers were picked up by her wing, it friends and flown far into the sky, higher than even the sheriffs hover office. And, of course, a group of teenagers led by two meagre Flynn chased out everyone, strengths, Corp headquarters by sling, sorting, copies of Stephen copies, best selling self help book, seven habits of highly effective people and the civilization of tiny people, live,
below lame. Five of the desert Flower Bowling Alley and arcade fun complex. Well, they did something I'm not terribly sore, but you know cause there do tiny to be noticed amid all the action which is to say strikes hazard, treated I'm the blood covered office. Workers are gone, and the old oak doors. There also go and with them that penetrating vicious light and we are safely in darkness once again
very wealthy, looking and mostly new, being named Erika who introduced themselves, as you know, an angel or whatever, wrote, a check to purchase, strike score and While they are not technically foresail, there was no one to decline the offer. So, according to american Business LAW, that is a legal act. Was this. It is not yet known what the angels will do with the vast corporation they now own, and I think at last we are ourselves. We are nightmare once again
Even here at the station the office, of station management. Now, he's just a stone slab covering a dark cave Pulsing red glow around its edges, filling my mind with the sad and monstrous visions. When I walk past the door so. It seems like our old management is back inside and that is why I think that's a good thing. I think, well. It looks like we didn't quite get all of the votes in yet so we are going to speed things up listeners listeners.
Speaking of winning yes right, the election. Ok! Well, it looks like we didn't quite get all of the votes in yet so we are going to speed things up. Listeners listeners wherever you are listening to this just follow along when I say the name of the candidate you prefer, raise your hand, so I will say the name. You raise your hand. And the cameras that are everywhere in town What's in your every move will count your vote so. Raise your hand to vote for high Rome Mcdaniel.
I thought there would be more, not like me right. Or I will relieve you of the burden of- have ends up right, ok, hands down now raise your hand for the faceless old woman who secretly lives in your home. I am in your home and is very moments I am in a way your guest It would be rude as a host if you did not raise your hand for me, while I was sitting right, bear unseen next to you. It might make me angry I've never been angry, I wonder what I'm like when I'm angry it will be. Two resting for us to find out together. If you do not raise your hand for me, ok, ok, great pants down now
I am fairly certain that some of you voted for both And thus negated yourselves you'll know if one of your friends did this because they will soon fade from existence for ever anyway, that's all the votes in but of course, none of the votes matter. Because the election is decided by the pulses coming from a hidden gorge, I am now being handed the results by election official in full, uniform, a plague, doktor mask and off brand snug, ie and still
but next mayor of night veil, as just one bank, every person who voted for me you're all enters a mob and we, according to all of your names right here in this book, I just eight one of your high lighters, I'm sorry, I'm nervous. Replace it with the crows feather just as soon as I am mayor, oh well, it says here that the next mayor of night- rail, these data cardinal,
I'm sorry to say so, what emerges bear this, but its pronounced Hiram, our main clothes. I know I'm sorry. This must be a disappointment to you both, but I'm just reading what the gorgeous decrees are in turn data, but she wasn't even a candidate and she so young and not anxious and was Dana the intern who came home. It is like I told you once you were always immunity is unacceptable prepared. You were always somebody a now. Eight has uncovered the you that Hiram, please. I'm I'm I'm in the middle of doing something right now, it's the you that no its view that always was, but can't be mayor, she is a murderer. She killed her own double,
man, I don't know, murderer, should necessarily disqualify someone irrelevant there's a fifty percent chance, the victim with Dana original and not being a double. I thanked blue forget that other thing I was saying about murders, yeah, no proof that she is not a double over sail the throat. There's. No proof of everybody knows that being a double as one of the few manifestations of reality that cannot be denied. Fail mare. I do not accept these results. I am continuing my campaign and I will make sure that data does not stay Mayer for long and I find myself a green with faceless old woman. We will rest until one of us is rightfully Meyer. Turn night fell burned to ashes and airlines that lagoon yes. Now I really must object to all of this town Hiram you and I have planning
The deal well, once again, it's just you and me listeners. The bustle of this day has come and gone, and now there is the quiet night, the universe is unravelling it still is we won the day. We won the battle, we one whatever units of measurement you care to say that we want we returns the dangerous equilibrium we had before, which we can only assume or hope or which is better, but of course we did not stop
the unravelling of the universe? The universe is not a thing that is, it is not a thing at all. It is the very act of it's going. Did in fact its own dissolves and our lives, entire span of human existence going back and back and if we are lucky forward, and forward the entire spam is spent with This dissolve So look at the leading stars with leading eyes, and feel how the earth beneath gives It is all a temporary ban, a fascination of particles, and it is all unravelling back to particulate silence bustle of the human day.
Come and will go and then there will be right, How beautiful these moments within the dissolve? What temporary perfection we confined within this passing world everything good, over time. Everything good than was done today, all the good people doing it and back. Back and forward forward. All of that beauty with in a universe unravelling. Be proud of your place in the cosmos. It is small and yet- is of would likely.
How fantastic and stupid and excellent and I'm sorry It looks like I have a voice mail from Carlos also called during the weather I apologize. If there's I have to check this so stay tuned next for more of us and more of me, if, until that inevitable distant point where I am, and this and everything must end and there's always good night bike good night
the night veil is of reduction of commonplace books. It is written by Joseph Thing and by Geoffrey greener. The voice of night veil, Seasonal Baldwin, the Voice of Hiram, was Jackson public. The voice of the faceless old woman was Mara Wilson. The voice of jab, who was make bash winner devised a foreign mallard with learn sharp voice. A cabinet was cabin, are free to voice its Macau is simply standards. The voice of day now is to secure. The voice of parliament was still an error in the voice of John Peters. You know the farmer was marked gag regarding the boys in turn, Maureen was more in John said. The voice of steel was how lovely original music by desperation. This version is led by John Burns deed featuring deeply neurons gallery ring and Marie you about today is whether was Paul off your goes by Jessica, featuring, have evolved and paper tiger. Today's proverb.
Wonderwall is the only 90s song visible from space hi guys. So one year ago we did a one year anniversary Party for Niceville in a bar in lower Manhattan. There was one hundred and fifteen people there, I'm not great. There's a little more than that night that we love making and we have loved making it since we started it two years ago and we would love to continue making it and whether it's four hundred and fifteen people or for you people or for anywhere we can do, and we just thank you for helping to make this happen. Thank you guys so much. Thank you. So so much.
They say you shouldn't meteor heroes and Joseph think, and I like to introduce you to. I only listen to the mountain goat, the show where I made my hero and have conversations about songwriting, art and life, this fog, as is going to be weird for me, because I'm proud of what I do, but I always try to change the subject of people. Tell me that myself, if I only listen to the mountain goats, find it wherever you listen, the pot casts x,.
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