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5 - The Shape in Grove Park

2012-08-15 | 🔗

A protest against the removal of the Shape In Grove Park That No One Acknowledges Or Speaks About. Plus, changes to the school curriculum, a growing tarantula problem in town, and musical auditions!

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Produced by Night Vale Presents. Written by Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor. Narrated by Cecil Baldwin. More Info: welcometonightvale.com, and follow @NightValeRadio on Twitter or Facebook.

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Close your eyes, let my words wash over you you are safe. Now, welcome, to night local historians are protesting. The removal of the shape in Grove Park that no one acknowledges were speaks about while their approach It has been hampered by the fact that none of them will acknowledge or speak about it. They did through system of gestures and grimaces, they the message that, whatever the
babies and whatever its effects on mere by neighborhoods. It is a night veil landmark and should be protected, their shape itself offered. No, comment only a low moaning and gelatinous quiver listen, council would not provide any reason for the removal, but did say that any work in Grove Park was making way for a new swing set picnic area. Blood stone circle which we all All can agree are good. Contributions to the community the night veil Green Market Co. Op announced today that after fifteen years they will begin selling fruits and vegetables green market? Lord president, Tristan Cortez, said, recent customer surveys indicated that shoppers have grown tired of empty pickup trucks.
Vacant tents lining the City Hall Parking Lot every Sunday morning in the summer and fall Cortez said that research indicates. Consumers are more likely to buy products if they are available for sale and that green mark and grocery shoppers tend to purchase food items, Cortez said that the decision to sell food at the green market was a controversial one as many board members and Co. Op shareholders feel fruit. Vegetable sales will interfere with their ongoing, secretive domestic espionage operations when we for comment, our soil. Within the secret police. Breathed heavily into the phone while tapping and as
Yet unpacked food into the receiver, Michael Sendero, starting quarterback for the night veil scorpions, has report. Grown a second head, it is not currently known whether this is a result of the previously reported lightning strike or job. Another odd coincidence. In the kids odd life, people in the no say that the new head is better looking and smarter than the first one and even Michael's mother has issued a statement indicated that she likes it much better than her son and that we'll be changing the rankings on the public which of mine? children? I, like best board outside her house, said
narrow, could not be reached for comment. Probably we didn't try friends listeners there's a real tarantula problem here at night veil many residents have called in to report that illiteracy on want I didn't see and vital crime are on the rise in the tarantula communities. Will control is addressing these concerns through after school programmes called teach us to read, stop the madness Those interested in volunteering should stand in their bathtubs and weep until it is all gone, nothing left! You can let go now. Let's go. Let's go And now what message from our sponsor?
tired of your home, sick of comfort, come to the hole in the vacant lot out back of the rules and huddle with us Who are really good question, come to the hole in the vacant lot out back of the rules and huddled with us? Why do we want you to come? Why did we spend money for this air time? We understand you are confused, but Paul vacant lot, rouse, puddle, us
for the low low price act today or tomorrow, but not Wednesday. Wednesday is no good for us anywhere, where almost out of their time so just come on down into the hole in the vacant lot out back with the rules and huddle with ice or house back to our regularly scheduled programming. Ladies when the rumour mill is a buzz. We ve had us liberty, citing in our little bird old woman, Josie and one of her age old friends reportedly saw Rita Hayworth getting gas at the fuel and go over by the bowling alley. Rita Hayworth, ladies and gentlemen right here in night veil. Can you believe it old woman Josie said Rita was looking a bit older. Moderately obese
considerably more hispanic, but the aim. Hello assured her. It was indeed Rita. He is an angel. After all, he would know right. Wow, Rita, Hayworth right here and night veil. Just imagine updates on the shape, formerly in Grove Park, that no one acknowledge is or speaks about. It seems the city council, in their superhuman mercy and all seeing glory, have chosen to move the shape directly in front of our own radio station, where it is continuing to be what can only be described as indescribable. The shape was not available for comment, as I could find. No one willing to speak to it or even meet my eye. When I mentioned it, it has occurred to me that I may be the only ones able to see it now that I think about it.
I have also never bothered to actually check whether this MIKE is attached to any sort of recording or broadcasting device, and it is possible that I am alone in an empty universe. Speaking to no one unaware that the world is held, the loft merely by my delusions and my smooth and so nervous voice
or on the story as it develops, I say possibly only to myself the night Veil Community Theatre is holding auditions for its full show. Once on this island, interested thespian should bring had shot and resume age of the recreation Centre auditorium on Thursday night. All audition ease must perform a one minute monologue and sing. One song bring sheet music. If you would like piano accompaniment, audition ease will also be required to do a cold reading and give blood and stool samples, along with mandatory radiation testing. Following the auditions do not saying anything from South Pacific people of color are urged to audition as night veil. Community theatre is and equal opportunity, employer, also actors with long range, sniper, training, fortress computer programming and top notch wilderness survival skills are a loss. Final casting will be announced in secret visa
Double no one can ever know updates on the green market situation from earlier in our broadcast. Everything is exactly the same as when we last reported on it. There no new information listeners, do you ever think about the moon. I was sitting outside last night, looking The moon and I thought, does anyone actually know what that thing is
Have there been any studies on this? I went to ask Carlos, but he has been seen much sense. That treacherous tallies, vile hair cut the moons weird though right it's there and there and then suddenly it's not, and it seems to be pretty far up. Is it watching us? If not? What is it watching? Instead? Is there something more interesting than us pay watch us move? We may not always be the best show in the universe, but we try. This has been today's children spun fat science corner.
speaking of which the Night Veil School District has announced some changes to the elementary school curriculum. They are as follows in response to parent feedback. History class will focus. More heavily on textbook readings and traditional exams, raw. Then live ammo, drills geology is adding a new type of rock on the ground. It's been a while, since anyone has done that the new type of is then be ended. Categorized by its pale blue color and the fact that it is completely edible points will be awarded to the first student to discover a real world example of it, math and English are switching names, their careers, we'll stay exactly the same. A straw
We will now be conducting stargazing sessions only with blindfolds on every participant in order to protect them from the existential terror of the void. Also PLUTO has been declared imaginary. All classrooms will be a quick with at least one teacher physically present for the entire. Instruction period Astral projection will no longer be used in any classroom situation. Finally, in addition,. The current foreign language offerings of spanish french modified Sumerian, school This will now be offering double Spanish. We're Spanish, coptic spanish, russian and on modified Sue Marian.
And now a continuation of our previous investigation into whether I am literally the only person in the world speaking to myself in a fit of madness, calls by my inability to admit the tragedy of my own existence. Lee lend. Our newest intern recently brought me a cup of coffee. He is no hunger in my field division, but I do still have the cup of coffee which is well made and is giving me the needed pick me up to continue considering this terrifying possibility. Is it possible That I only imagined Leland and forgot making myself this cup of coffee, but then who would have grown this coffee. Where was this cup procured from oh Lillian's back in the room he's waving at me? hello Leland, and he saying wait. What was that Leland? I see He saying that the shape has turned them
Bolton Red and has caused small whirlwinds in front of our radio station doors. Apparently a sound of a great many voices chanting as though it were an army giving out a battle cry before raining down destruction on our arid little hamlet. Oh, he has stopped shouting and is now writing furiously on a piece of paper I have to say Leland existence as well as his. Finally speaking about the shape that no one else would speak about, has real show me greatly about my lonely and saw subsisting vigil here at this microphone. He is, they need. The note. Thank you Leland. I may see here ah. It says that the City Council believes the reason for the violent reaction of the shape. Formerly in Grove Park that no one acknowledges or speaks about is because I,
I've been acknowledging and speaking about it, which has made it angry, they urged me to stay. Speaking of it and never do it again, and strange they'll move it somewhere else, so we can get our front loading zone back after brief consideration, I have decided to accept the council's offer because they are trustworthy leaders looking out for our better future and also because Leland just got vaporized by a strange red light emanating The station entrance to this. Emily of Leland, we you for his service to the cause of community radio. And join you in mourning his loss and without Further ado, nor ever again, mentioning anything we shouldn't. Let's go to the weather
This said the test- girls, maybe asthma, Jan Amusing, where just sell him asked me and make sure to end and adored mass had everything in life. Maybe unwitting lag genes Jane to man. They simply want to be an ancient gene therapy, but a big man salmon's around this time is a relative. Did you misread staff have severely me, makes only a thing which means goddamn, help everybody and inform them of the Jews. Christians are so much like everybody's way, maybe waiting and know how I hate the way back, even for a month or so unimportant, and just imagine impatience, everybody must be getting so I think it is yes. I think I heard we re Lamb and this was going to wake them next year, build up the suspense little, making a really big surprise at matters there is like when you get a really big see carried his person itself. Certainly, land demanded and discouraging way that do not ban was right. He's there get it at an aspirin. Ten in another was met women. It was a good man.
Hello listeners, and breaking news: the sky, the earth life Existence as an unchanging plane with horizons of birth and death in the faint distance, we have nothing to speak about their, never one. Words are an unnecessary trouble. Expression is time. Wasting away any communication is just a yelp in the darkness. Ladies gentlemen, listeners, you I am speaking now, but I am saying nothing I am making noises, and as it happens, they are organised in words and you should not draw meaning from this.
The service for Leland will be lovely. We Throw flowers and weep he will be buried in the break room, as is the custom. His family will come and moon about the coffee, as though we have answers. We do not have answers. I am not certain that we even have questions I have chosen to not be certain of anything at all. This is Cecil generally Speaking to you, metaphorically, for I'd veil, community, radio and I
like to say in the most nebulous terms possible and with no real world implications or insinuations of objective meaning. Good night listeners good night Welcome to veil is the production of night fail presents. It is written by Joseph Think and Geoffrey trainer and produced by Joseph think the voice, night veil, Cecil, Baldwin, original music by disposition, all of it be found at disposition, dot, info or dispersion, doc, band camp and dot com. This happened. The weather, was Jerusalem by day burn find more at Dan Burn. Dotcom comments, quest email us out
Info at welcome to night fell dot com or followers on Twitter at night. Well, radio. Check out, welcome tonight, veil, dot com for more information on this issue, as well as our touring night Veil life show Why are there consider clicking the donate link? European literally today's problem a million dollars isn't poor. You know it's cool basilisk. High above Paris near the very top of the Eiffel Tower here in all new adventure featuring this janitor, I can come these Stage have petitioned, and this drunken out of control. Diva flattery will get you nowhere, except my dressing room.
The orbiting human circus in naughty ten new. You listen now found tat. The! U N Y, see studios a nightmare, presents. X.
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