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51 - Rumbling

2014-07-30 | 🔗

Carlos reports on strange developments in the otherworld desert. Plus new announcements from a new mayor, a look at horoscopes, and a message from Desert Bluffs.

The voice of Carlos was Dylan Marron.

Weather: "Echo in the Hills" by Carrie Elkin and Danny Schmidt(carrieelkin.com and dannyschmidt.com)

Music: Disparition, disparition.info

Logo: Rob Wilson, robwilsonwork.com.

Produced by Night Vale Presents. Written by Joseph Fink & Jeffrey Cranor. Narrated by Cecil Baldwin. More Info: welcometonightvale.com, and follow @NightValeRadio on Twitter or Facebook.

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Hey, Jeffrey, greater here, no matter what episode year listening to right. Now, I'm talking to you from the present day and I'm here to let you know the tickets are on sale now for night veils. Twenty twenty world tour, this to her features in new, never before heard story featuring Cecil and your favorite night fell citizens that will never be told on the pot. Gas never was told him the pot cast and requires no previous knowledge of the pod Castro. Even if you are on episode, seven, you will still get the live. Show plus our lives shows bring the audience into the story in some surprising and thrilling ways. Making this a unique experience that you just can't get from. Listening to the pot cast at home check out, welcome to night veal, dot com, slash life for the full list of cities across North America and Europe that will be heading two and twenty twenty and get your tickets today look up in the sky. It's a bird! It's a plain! It's a cloud! It's a mood!
also some stars. There are so many things in the sky. Welcome night. Vague new night failed mayor and former in turn up this very station. Dana cardinal announced today that she wants to open the dog park for public use, said Dana or I guess I should start saying Mayor Cardinal Dog parks should be you for dogs and owners to exercise and play a dog part should be a fun
Gathering place for citizens to meet and socialize, not a sea creative patch of municipal darkness, full of conspiracy, warning signs only moments into her announcement. The city count entered the press room walking in synchronous steps hips together teeth apart. Blocking the view of reporters and photographers and unplug. The mayor's microphone. The council shuffled away to the council chambers taken The mayor with them, twenty, Its later mayor. Cardinal reemerged wearing Several large ivory rings and a long serenely and Kate. She announced that dogs are not allowed in the dog park. People are not allowed in the dog park.
You may see hooded figures in the dog park, but not for long as there are now plans to reinforce the fence around the dog part, o listeners we ve got on the phone line now I'll give you a hint he saved night veil. Few weeks ago by shutting out a great terror trying to invade us from another world. It wasn't just me also he's my boyfriend and the scientists, and I miss him. I miss you too. That's right, my boyfriend, is a hero. Please welcome to our show Carlos the scientist here too much listener, cordless had to stay behind in whatever strange desert other world, which was very brave of him. Even though he's now
oh very far, away from people that love him. Any luck getting back through tonight, veil, not yet! Oh, but I've been explore. This strange rumbling noise. Here, it's the same rumbling noise. We heard when that terrible light was coming into night veil. Are you safe? Is everything ok there. It is again when we shut the doors. The rumbling in the unbearably bright light went away. This empty desert with the mountain and the lighthouse in the large wandering army all seem so normal. You know, but last night the rumbling returned there. It is again I need to grab my instruments. I I can't hear it I'll call you back No, no Corliss! I every time. I never know when you'll call back well Speaking of the town being saved our neighbouring towns desert loves
a full page, add in these Sunday extra large imagination, edition of the night Veil Daily Journal, this meat. That said, I imagined thank for having US night veil best of luck in your future? I can't tell if that's an exclamation point or a question mark there. Weird flaunt it like someone put paint or some other thick liquid on the Tipp of a short finger and then hand wrote this. It's just like that. Then, at the bottom it has a photo of your face dear listener and the same finger painted lettering that reads blessings from a smiling God wow
did they get that photo of you, Oh honestly, it's not a bad photo. I mean you look just durable when yours weeping, I know us out of town. Meanwhile, there has been a lot of, good riddance to those monsters. No one is happier than me to see us run, desert bluffs out of town. Meanwhile, there has been a lot of construction noise by corns, see, saws, perish rigging, etc. From the old strikes Corp headquarters at the lip of radon canyon, so we'll talk beings with wings who introduced themselves as Erika we're see, hanging around outside, While I share secret police representative ran frantic between onlookers, putting
hand over each person's eyes and shouting your seeing anything real I for one, am excited to learn what these, of course completely non existent angels plan to do with the huge malevolent corporation they purchased o also I stopped by the Office of station management schemes. Like our community radio station, was purchased back from strikes Corp by our original owners, whom I have never met foreseen and who until recently had run this radio station for centuries its. Thanks to have all these familiar faces back or faces more like muffled screens and shattering echoes
pulsing orange lights surrounding dark stone doors that are never in the same place. You and them being just a quick straw past. The new old bosses office brought me back to the good old days as I come. To the floor, struck. Numb and blind with flash of hideous day dreams streets worth of deaths that were not I own how rate to be back to the way we were good old days, the fearful terrible Lee good old days. Oh my phones, buzzing Carlos hello, Carlos. Are you back on the line? Yes, so there
the lighthouse here in the desert, it's on top of a tall mountain and there is a blinking red light on the top of this lighthouse and this blinking red light, always blinks. Ok, that's what it does, but now that the rumbling returned. Can. Can you hear the rumbling from your end? Cecil? very loud, But when the rumbling happens, the blinking red light stops blinking, it just stays on. What do you think that means I don't know. I've talked with some of the army of men and women and others who rome about this desert and they look frightened. They have never seen the blinking light. Stop blinking is what a blinking light is supposed to do and fear is what happens when a thing that has always behaved. One way does not behave that way at all. They run in. I'd know when they hear the rumbling and see the static red light upon the mountain. I too am starting to feel scared. Carlos
Remember how you got into that desert. In the first place you went through a door in a house that did not seem to exist. Have you found any of those doors yet not yet? No Carlos look for those door There must be at least one left somewhere. I'll start look very soon, ok but listen Cecil. I'd really like to figure out this rumbling, slash red light thing. I'm a scientist. I need to discover slash, understand things, it's what I do Couldn't you look for the door while you figure it out? I look for the D. For some tomorrow for sure I will? Well that's not I was the rumbling is. Did you hear that I've got to run defined Doug, whose dug the weight those whose dog, Carlos okay, well, I
ass. Let's just have a look at today's Horoscopes LEO need. A penny. Take a penny have a penny. Another penny, pennies are worthless but go ahead and take them all build a great Fourchan. Only to have its great copper wait crush your lifeless pauper body virgo, don't shoot the messenger Virgo its noisy and will alert others of your crime. Lured the messenger inside make sure no one saw him come in choose something quieter than a gun, perhaps suffocation or an accidental fall. Really plan these things out. Stew, being so trigger. Happy, Virgo Libra.
Do you believe in ghosts? You don't well! Won't you be surprised when you wake up in the middle of the night tonight. Scream loud enough, so the neighbours can hear you Scorpio. You are respected by your peers. You are a great thinker and leader, you wait. What is this? This is definitely not the right reading for a Scorpio. It must be a typo. I bet the stars meant to say use here. What they're saying about you very far many things Scorpio they're, saying very funny things at your expense. You jerk yup, that's definitely what the doors meant to say sorry Terry S, the
asked. Revenge is living well. The second best is tasteless, slow, acting poison. Maybe it's more ty either way you got wronged and you to set things right. Sagittarius Capricorn It is better to have loved and lost then never to have loved at all, which is better then to have never loved at all, but also somehow lost a love, thus crew Creating a paradox paradox. These are bad Capricorn be careful or logic destroy you Aquarius your boyfriend is trapped in an alternate desert dimension. It is differ. To say, when he will return, perhaps take up drinking water, crying in a quiet room now
that's a very specific and painful horoscope thanks for things stars piracy. a train leaves a station travelling west at forty miles per hour, Her train leaves a station travelling east at sixty miles per hour. These two trains left on different days, indifferent years in different countries. How long until the passengers acknowledge their own impermanence areas I think they since you a lot Torres and even though you have nothing but endless time, trapped out in a nightmarish desert, Hell Scape, you have of a hard time making a phone call longer than ten minutes someone, MRS you a lot Torres,
and even though you have nothing but endless time, trapped out in nightmarish, desert, Hell Scape, you have hard time, making a phone call longer than ten minutes. Maybe call a bit more than you do Torres yup. That's just some astrological advice from the stars Gemini you know those eight spiders a year you eat in your sleep. Well, they add up. They are all organizing a pretty dramatic escape very soon Gemini, very soon cancer. Ocean is fast. You convince yourself, walk alone between the trees, the sky, is endless.
You mutter repeatedly trying to finally lulled yourself to sleep now can neither be created, nor Droid Uk the plate, despite not understanding the first part of the statement. What's the food network tonight You say allowed to a stranger you have known for years. This has been today's horoscopes. Ah, here calling in again
Carlos Cecil, the rumbling, has started again. The mountain is moving up and down like breathing. There are creeks and groans in the earth in the stones that together sound like a growl, an undulating snarl of something much bigger than any thing that should ever be able to snarl see. So this is a strange place and considering where I've lived for the past couple years. That says a lot. I know Dana used to be trapped here and she has told you about it. I mean I used to wonder how she could call in tax due from this place for an entire year with no cell towers or power outlets. But I've been here for weeks and I have three bars only forty but still and ninety seven percent battery, which was the charge I had when I came through the door in the house that doesn't exist in a temporary peace between the rumblings. I walked with some of the desert arming towards small patch of discoloured sand. We found a swathe of damp dirt, just a handful of red mud and in that mud were several tiny white bones law,
like long legs and short wings of a creature. I can't even imagine I look forward to figuring out exactly what this is I'll, be able to imagine at them, Carlos, I don't think it's safe there listen! I want you to find ways, diesel, nothing and nowhere is safe, but there are things greater than I greater than all of this? So you can't see it, but I just made a big sweeping hand gesture to indicate everything in the universe, and there are people who must learn about at all how it all works and why This is what we call science. Yes, I know what science is and I am a scientist. Ok, I understand it's just it's just that I miss you and
Oh! Oh my! The building is shaking. You can feel it. You can feel the rumbling. Oh. This is exciting. When this is new, the ground is moving very quickly. There is a large lump turning the sand up and down a meaning out over this lead to get a better view of this fantastic abandon our clothes. What happened I got hit. One guess that is that Iraq, how Carlos she saw the rocks, are coming down their coming down the side of the hill I need to take cover. I need to find a curse. Carlos listeners, while the earth still shakes take shelter. This does not feel like one of our government scheduled earthquakes, but if I were you, I would still do as the earthquake safety mascots Duncan. The brown reckless spider always says on small, and I hide a lot. So it's easy to be safe, and with that I take you now to the weather,
it is real and it only shows what a man s name was.
This makes the words mass ass. Carlos, are you there, Carlos
I'm here. Are you? Ok, I'm fine, a scientist is always fine. Doug was real it, helpful is dug he's one of them. Members of this great masked army. He must be a captain of some sort given his size and the respect he appears to garner, as the rocks and boulders came down, Doug picked up a large flat stone and held it above us. The rocks bounced off his makeshift shield. Unfortunately, I dropped my phone. I smashed the phone, something good. I thought I lost you for a while their Cecil. I was despairing. My one way to reach you would be lost for who knows how long, but then you know what something really amazing happened, something tremendous the phone healed itself. Oh, that's, that's!
rate. It is great, but funds don't just he'll themselves. This is another scientific mystery. I can't wait to get to the bottom of where his dog. Now, oh, I don't know he's probably back up again camp there were nomadic army. Sometimes they are here, sometimes not I don't really have time to make new friends they're nice people. There is a lot of work for me to do here and the only person I truly care about isn't in this desert. Anyway, I do not know what the rumbling is. I do not know why some doors, work and others do not. I do not know why my phone never loses battery power and conceal its. I do not know how long it will take me to pursue this knowledge, but I do know two things. What is done?
of you, I love you too. What's the other thing? You just said it say, so I have to go be patient with me. We have our funds, we have our voices and you have best voice of them. All thanks for being on the air with me, we did almost the entire show. Together, we can still do things together in an absence I'll be back again find that door Carlos I will, but first I need to see if the red light as blinking again or non ok by Carlos. This nurse. I wish I could tell you where the rumbling came from and that we are safe from it. The sheriff secret seismology team announced that today's rumbling, which caused quite a bit of structural damage and knocked out power for one third of the town,
did not register at all on the Richter scale, which is thing seismologists used to assign two dimensional numbers to complex multi, dimensional, physical events, but the upshot We are all alive for However many two dimensional numbers, we have left day to next but the sound of future becoming the present becoming the past in no time at all, and as always good night night veil, good night, lock him tonight Dallas Protection of common place, but it is written by Joseph Think and Geoffrey Greener and produced by just the thing: the voice of night now Cecil Babbling, the voice,
Carlos with Dylan Marin, original music by disposition, all that can be found at dispersion, dot info bright dispersion Ben camp dot com, this epoch, whether was echo in the hills by carry open and Danny Schmidt, find it more at care the outcome, dot com or at any Schmidt, dotcom comments, questions, email, us at night veil at commonplace, books, dot com, or followers on twitter at night fell. Radio check out come tonight bell dot com for more information on the show. I suppose all sorts of cool night fell stuff you can and while you're there, clicking the donate link that we call with you today's proverb Everything that happens happens for a reason except ostriches without them hi, it's just a thank my friend Jeffrey
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