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6 - The Drawbridge

2012-09-01 | 🔗

The city faces extensive delays in the revitalization of the Old Town Drawbridge. Plus, time for another pledge drive, changes afoot at the Night Vale Daily Journal, and good news for radio controlled airplane hobbyists!

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Hey Jeffrey, greater here, no matter what episode your listening to right. Now, I'm talking to you from the present day and I'm here to let you know the tickets are on sale now for night veils. Twenty twenty world tour this to her features in new. Never before heard story featuring Cecil and your favorite night fell citizens that will never be told on the pot. Gus never was told him the pot cast and requires no previous knowledge of the pod Castro. Even if you are on episode, seven, you will still get the live. Show plus our lives shows bring the audience into the story in some surprising and thrilling ways. Making this a unique experience that you just can't get from. Listening to the pot cast at home check out, welcome to night veal, dot com, slash life for the full list of cities us North America and Europe, that will be heading two and twenty twenty and get your tickets today. Rabbits are not what they seem to be. Welcome.
To night we ve had some power outages reported throughout night veil in the last couple of hours, if you experiencing one. Well then, you and hear me, can you night veil, municipal utility departments, said that they are still working to determine the cause of the outrages which our roving back and forth across town. In a continuous motion, like a great, he beast, whose neighborhoods have been hit by the outages reported, the shriek of pox overhead and that window
lights came back on. They felt that perhaps they were different people their memories and identities the same as always, but suddenly felt like costumes that didn't fit exactly as though it all were actually brand new to them as though they had been switch. Out with someone who is exactly like them, as though all that was familiar would ever after be strange, keep some flashlights with spare batteries and a childhood photo album by you. Tonight, just in case the revitalization of the old town, drawbridge experienced another set back the sweet as engineers determined that the furniture upholstery used to construct the bridge towers, soaks up water and crew. It's an unstable foundation. This week's collapse was the third. In as many months construction crew
I have tried building the bridge tower based supports from corrugated, cardboard non dairy, Kremer and ceramic bowls. Nothing has worked. Engineers are asking for help in determining how proper bridge towers or made. If you have any tips, please write them on note book paper and mail them to bridge magic, L, L C p, o box. Six, one six do not whose Cursive or long words. Clearly label drawings, are preferred. Ladies and gentlemen, it's that time of year again time for our annual pledge, DR sorry to have to do this, but you know I fail. Has a lot of community supported Radio and the thing about community supported radio it supported by listeners like you
as well as Guatemala and some Teamsters, who are sometimes just too generous any amount can give will help us continue. Our community programming, a dollar or two or even plasma, take W Aziz Easy are local number station broadcasting from Strange and tall intent on built out back of the abandoned gas station on Oxford Street did you know that it broadcasts a model, Tom female voice, reading out mainly random numbers interspersed with chimes twenty four hours a day. Seven days a week as you Imagine that kind of work bring in a lot of money unless it does is to be honest here at night veil, radio. We don't know exactly what that station as for or what master it is serving.
I do know that it is a vital part of this community and we should pidgin to help it. We welcome your support, give us a call. We don't have a number just whisper forsaken, Algonquin empty her phone, receiver and angels or Facebook, or something deliver us. An appropriate contribution from your bank. Account more on the drawbridge debacle this turmoil in city headquarters this morning, following this latest in a long line of municipal failures, the city, council has come under fire from concerns citizens for wasting taxpayers money on enough services that go over budget and over? gradual one critic. We wish to remain anonymous, said we don't even have a river or bay in night veil. There would never be a boat to necessitate the drawbridge he can.
You, you know what forget it. I can tell you right now that that was Steve, Carlsberg who said that, and he is such a spoil- sport that Steve Have you ever noticed how he never replaces his hubcaps it's late Venus pure and simple laziness. I just can't let him ruin our town by denying night veil drawbridge when he can't even care for a tan corolla, the Veiled daily Journal has announced that do too, spiralling printing costs they will be replacing the Prince edition of the paper with this she'll knew a match. Nation edition Editor Leonhard explains. Instead of confining our customers to the outdated modes of ink on paper. We are allowing them to choose the news that interest them by imagining whatever news they want this will not only save costs, but will
customers to experience the news as a bowl, color or motion experience. Take place in a mental world that is tailored to their needs Description to this addition will be compulsory and automatic and will cost a mere. Sixty dollars a month This Friday, at night Veil Highs Memorial Stadium its. The annual softball show down between the night Veil Fire Department and the sheriffs secret police process. It's from the game will go to support development of nuclear weaponry, break strongly religious indonesian militia that is looking to overthrow their heretical government as well as to be make a wish foundation. So even it you dont, like softball, come on.
What then support a couple of great causes. Last Here's game ended in a route as the sea police hit three home runs in the eighth and things. The file Your fighters claim that there was some foul play involved. Honey intended dear listeners but their entire bullpen was assassinated in the middle innings, with blue darts. Those murders, remain unsolved and completely on in estimated our hearts go out. To the families of the deceased relief. Pitchers. Rest in peace It should be a fun one x, The real revenge minded fire department to take the field on Friday it's our only ten dollars or five dollars. If you bring enriched, yellow cake uranium Black Kaliko
Matters will be mind scanning the town on Game Day, hunting down those who do not attend the first five Hundred fans receive surgically applied working best notice, there is no digital static. Ip hum coming from the dog park, Mayor PAMELA Winchell announced today the mayor stressed repeatedly and heard ninety second impromptu press conference that there is no unbearable soul. Tearing sound that rips at the use of your very being coming from the dog park Mayor Winchell continued with a plea for all night veil residents to understand that there could not possibly be a deeply coded message: emanating from a small fenced in patch of meanness. Old grass and dirt,
citizens are not even supposed to be consciously aware of the dog park, so they could not pay. Simply be receiving a menacing and unearth the voice in acting listeners to bring precious metals and toddlers to the dog Park dog park. She repeated that could never ever be real them. Shouted pounding. Podium with her bleeding fists There were no follow up questions. Now a word from ours: Answers. I now traffic.
There is a stalled car on the north bound on ramp to the eastern Expressway, just south of root. Eight hundred commuter should have little delays as highway patrol is fiercely denying this report. In fact, police representatives have just issued a statement. Claiming that there are no cars anywhere. And what are you doing talking about talking silly lies you silly people. There are no! cars. What is this fiction? Oh please. Do you seriously believe for a second wait? Wait you thought that cars were real. The highway patrol continued. Oh, that is rich all other road, seem clear, expect delays, of course, at the drawbridge construction site
because it is years away from being competently finished. Here. Are this week's horoscopes, or go go see a movie. Today, it's a great escape, especially from all of this. Pollution and dangerous uv radiation say, is that Bold new Libra, your dreams will be filled with prophetic visions, write them down, Hopefully there are some lottery numbers or a sports scores in their Scorpio curse? You curse your family curse Europe, children and your children children vile vile Scorpio Sagittarius eat. Well today, you ve earned it and by it I mean massive food allergies, and by earned I mean acquired. I should prove this
before I read it out loud. Let's try that again, You ve acquired massive food allergies. Yes much cleaner! Well, Capricorn, those were not contact. Lenses you put in this morning does not think about this again. Aquarius, though all will be under the middle shell trust the stars invest. All your money in this lucrative street gave Pisces You want a brand new car areas
You will feel a haunting sadness about times gone by. Today's smell is weak grass and toast Torres today is your annual crime day. All tortoises are exempt from laws. Today, Gemini you will meet someone today who will have no effect on your life and who, you will immediately forget, retain hope where a possible future cancer I've gotta pay my phone bill and also get some more milk. That wasn't me talking That is what the stars say today interpret it, as you will LEO it's better that I don't read. This allows
better than you not know, tell your family, you loved them. That has been this week's horoscopes. Good NEWS for radio controlled airplane hobbyists, it was unidentified viable black metallic trees that suddenly up. Geared by the library back in June, and caused all. Airborne objects above thirty feet to catch fire. Well, they ve finally been cleared away as a new strip. Mall and parking lot are being developed, the night veil, airport, local bird watchers and that nice Epileptic couple who run the emergency services helicopter are just pleased as pleased can. Be about the news several petition
however, have cropped up from neighbourhood improvement organizations. One Nita, Jefferson, head of when such organization now to or nothing said, three days, they or Us Jefferson, then paused for several minutes without blinking and whispered again three days before collapse, thing into tears and loud moaning Jefferson was then taken by helicopter to night general hospital where she is? Thirdly, in stable conditions this morning, ever since lawyer issued a statement saying my client fully: recognising the irony of this helicopter trip, but
he stands by her earlier pronouncement. Trees, trees, they are us Meanwhile, I hear from you us worthy informants that there will be a pink bury at the new strip, mall the lists this just in on drawbridge gate. The city Council said that, in response to this week's collapse, they will increase the project budget. Twenty million dollars over the next forty years. The new timeline for the bridge money for these extra expenses will come from school lunch programmes, a sixty four five percent hotel tax and Two hundred and seventy six dollar bridge toll, which will be discussed
two two hundred and forty nine dollars with easy pass and now for a station editorial large, expensive projects, not uncommon midnight veil. We are a patient, but we're brilliant little city, we have big dreams. Sometimes scary, unforgettable dreams that repeat? on the same date every year and our shared by every person in town, but we make those big dreams come true, remembered the clock tower. It took eight years and twenty three million dollars to build, and despite invisibility and constant teleportation. It it's a lovely structure that keeps impeccable time, it's a class. His signature for night veils, growing skyline, unlike that hideous sports arena desert
Beloved build last spring desert Bluffs cant do anything right! That's where Steve Carlsberg belongs, God what it shirk
now, though, whether the aim of both the most decided at that gave us also see a big it that there is no joint must again enabling isn't. It does not get the benefits of a movement that data for Sunday night does not against buggy. I gotta get the money back again and again left with laughter gagged lines with a guy. Like you got no fucking, know good, saying let me for trying to escape time, gonna break these dynamic economic dynamic. Secondly, again left with laughter myself, vaunted and legitimacy of the decisions, large old fashioned we must not abandon, haven't over and over and over. This takes with tax income at another time when a heavy monetarist, buddy monitor Monday money, money number Monday and sunken money for itself a villa geiger, because it was set up for this fish fish fish, FISH Bush, apparently.
The sheriff secret police agree with me about old, Steve, Carlsberg, dear nurse. We just received a. Port, from a reliable witness that two days ago, Steve as whisked into the back of a windowless van only to Rio, here earlier this morning, wearing thick head bandages, I'm eating styrofoam shaped like an ice cream cone I want to take this moment to thank all of you out there for all the generous donations. You may or may not be aware that you just made This show we raised just a pair over forty five thousand dollars, which includes a five thousand dollar donation from a certain anonymous world leader I can't tell you who, let's just say more
Gracias, L President Day money DORA data base on. Thank you again for your involuntary support of community radio. We couldn't do it without this. Port of listeners, like you, income, function with unethical contributions from various organisations and with that I leave you alone with your thoughts folks stay to next or cited co note by no A special to our verbal description of psycho music sounds like when the thing and Geoffrey trainer and produced by Joseph think the voice of nine veil, Cecil Baldwin original music by dispersion. All that can be found at dispersion, dot info or a disposition.
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