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63 - There Is No Part 1: Part 2

2015-03-01 | 🔗

An exciting conclusion to the day-long Sand Golem saga at City Hall. Plus, repairs at the bowling alley, Children's Fun Fact Science Corner, and who won that auction?

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Welcome to night they listeners, I won't waste your time. We capping everything that happened in the earlier part of this broadcast. There were so many events of such tremendous impact and significance. But they are surely locked forever in your memory. So let us town within imperilled mayor and a brutally injured, sheriff a town under attack, A town in the middle of something that we are seeing through from start to finish, let us
Continue right, where we left off Harrison Kip, professor of archaeology at the community College, announced once again that he is super sorry about accidentally raising these sand column by spurring sweet nothing's too, that talisman he found out in the desert. The team six wealthy sponsors who backed this project, and he has only ever spoken to by phone told him This was what mysterious talismans light tat means love to be delayed, It will enable Sexy whisper. The anonymous sponsors had told him, although they never mention that doing so, would cause a sand column to rise and turn against the humans around it. My bad. Harrison said gravely
continuing most deaf, my bad or fleeing into the desert receding from human form to distant conform to dot two smudge to misplaced so on. The horizon line to memory too vague recollection to an idea just out of reach to some I knew long ago, but now cannot grasp enough to feel its absence. The same column, along with thousands of Angor rabbits, which were he's from the night bill, petting zoo by unknown malicious parties have reached the upper floors of city Hall and our attack anything that moves or doesn't move or just exists anywhere on the spectrum of motion with it huge sand fists and their soft harmless fur.
Director of emergency press conferences, PAMELA Winchell held a non emergency press conference explaining the The situation seemed to urgent to distract everyone with the usual emergency press conference. She read a statement written by mayor, Dana Cardinal indicated that the mayor has given up on her previously announced plan to barricade the door and then and found her subsequently announced plan to hide was ruined when she release the statement announcing it. And so now she is Don't her current plan which is to fight to fight and to win, listeners, I would gladly helped the mayor, but as I've been, regularly expressing throughout the mornings, tragedies and this afternoon's attack have conflicting feelings here. Yes,
Mayor Dana is a dear friend, and the citizens of this town. I trust the most but but the last time. I helped her stone without my will not against my will without it was used as a puppet to save a good friend and good free and though she is, it is a feeling. I wished to experience again I'll tell you what I think it is. I believe the culprit is who ever bought lot. Thirty seven from the sheriffs secret police auction last year, lot these seven one radio host one, Sir so polymer wind me
I believe, however, owns that lot has manipulated me into the role of hero like an action figure limp in sticky hands of a child I do not wish to be manipulated again in that way that anyone who lives in all seeing authoritarian state is constantly manipulated for their own health and well being such of the wish of to be manipulated in way, nebulae did in ways that are good for them, but all to say Maybe someone else can help Dana this time more more on this as soon as there has been. Much and much before structures. Work is already commencing at the bowling alley. After these shocking incident we reported, earlier today. I.
Oh I'll, never look at one of those ball turn machines the same way again. Daddy Williams, said the space should again be available for bowling by Wednesday at the latest that league I d set to continue as scheduled. But he's had enough just enough, There is only so much one person. You know that one person can take and that limit was reached several months ago and he's just then coasting you know costing trying doing his best, and now this now this right now, this. He doesn't know what next, what now he doesn't know what he's going to do probably not this anymore. He doesn't think how old, We have to be to retire. How old is he he doesn't know the answer to those questions but he'll find out and then he'll know you know
oh he'll know and again Lee night is continuing as scheduled, which, who wouldn't be a good week. For me without ignite Oh another word from our sponsors you, already know who we are we introduced ourselves earlier. Let's not way, time reiterating the benefits of our product. How lit it costs how easy it is to get Oh unwise, it would be not to buy it. And where exactly we took your loved ones? instead required disclaimers, concentrate on the legally required disclaimers. We and We forgot to do those and our lawyer, God really mad about it have you ever seen a mad lawyer, their ear Stan straight up and they won't stop.
Barking at you, it's terror, buying so we need to add that using our product could result in sterility, seen hearing loss, vision, loss finger d composition, major toes swelling like a lot of toe swelling that might not so like a big deal, but wait until you see how big your toes gatt scratching of the throat throat loss port publications and minor night screaming also when we said hearing loss. We, you'll be able to hear loss as plants age as pets die. As marriages break apart or evolve or set intertwining of fingers as children leave home to go wherever it is. Children leave home to go wherever it is that children go after the age of ten be able to these common forms of loss, you will be able to hear it will be deafening.
Oh, we could go on all day about the ways are product will severely ruin. You were physically. And emotionally But what are you going to do not buy it? I think that you and your For the moment safe? loved ones know that you will by our product, no matter what we say so Let's not waste any more time. Our lawyer, has stopped barking by our product This has been another word from our sponsors. Oh I'm sorry listeners there is a knocking on my studio window. It is a man in a tan jacket holding a deer. Her skin suit case, it is difficult to describe
his features as they escape my mind the moment my eyes leave his face. Waving, indicating that he would like to come in and speak to me presumably to all of you yeah. Come on it, but how would we even get there I've never heard of that place. I. I was just saying, I think someone was just speaking to me and to all of you. I think someone was just speaking to me and to all of you out there about some thing that seemed very important, but now. Now I can't remember you I heard him to do you.
For what he said. Oh, why my sweaty. I think I remember him. Offering me a note or some peace. Of paper. I didn't take it. Maybe I should have taken it. I don't know, speaking of no I am being handed another one by in Turn Hannah. Hopefully it is better than the note she handed me this morning during the earlier section of this broadcast. That was such an awful note. I mean I don't have to tell you right so, sad, sad and awful. You remember also kind of funny, though just a pretty sad awful funny note really, but this notes
well. It seems that no no, no No, no, it seems once again during this recent bit of missing time, brave, Radio host, Cecil Palmer has stepped in and helped Mayor Cardinal fight off the sand column and the Angora Rabbits Cecil, showing strength b. On his stature. The San galled him down, while Dana wiped away the writing on its forehead. That gave it unnatural life dispersing it. Two inanimate sand And then we just kind of shewed the rabbits. They were just right that's and even in great numbers were not at all threatening this left The mayor safe with only a few- bumps and bruises and erect office covered with sand. That probably will never be completely cleaned away, certainly better than what happened to the sheriff that poor man.
I'm being told that Mayor Cardinal indicated deep gratitude for my help, I'm being too this because I do not remember this because as I am certain now, the old of lot: thirty, seven, the owner, of Cecil Palmer once again used me only to protect Dana. That is. I'll have to think about what that is, but first A continuation of our previous children's fun fact, science corner children, its our time to go check on those glass files we prepared earlier in the broadcast, if you mixed everything, right and placed it in a warm dry place, like we told you too, you should able to now observe the start of the tendrils, don't get close to them.
Its tendrils have a strong grip, one could call their grip, unbreakable or even poisonous. You might also hear buzzing. Do you hear buzzing listen closely? Science is all about observation right down what the buzzing sounds like in detail. Draw a graph to show the buzzing what The buzzing is telling you is that the thing in the vital has marked you as its prey. You need to run. Oh you should have started running the moment. You heard the buzzing, I'm sorry honey. I should have said that before the rest of this stuff If you don't hear anything, then congratulations, you can move on to the second part of the experiment, lay down plastic cheating in the room and we'll be back to give you the full instructions. Later
This has been part two of the children spun fact, science corner this day He started bad and it does not apply. Or to be getting better anytime soon. I However, unwillingly and unconsciously help the mayor fight offer attackers, and yet even that ACT was not enough to end this ordeal hired Miss Daniels Literal FF I've had a dragon and the faceless old women who secretly leaves in your home both Former mayor oil candidates have Higgins City Hall once again captive IRA. MS preventing any one from entering the front door using his massive body by breathing and harsh language. Mayor cardinal has issued a statement through her mouth shouting out of an upper floor window that the faces
old woman is stocking. Her through city Hall, Dana can hear, bear beat scattering across the whole way ceiling. Cancer The memory of motion in the air, when she turns can feel breath on her neck. Guy and cold like breath. Never is. She has come for me. Dana shouted may orally. I will not be to avoid her forever. I will not be to do anything for ever I room in response Two questions asked by a group of lightly scorched secret police. Currently trying to tease and arrest him admitted that he and the faceless old woman have been conspiring against the mayor for quite some time Rinsing pebble eventual to enter a disastrous retirement staging.
Blatantly consumerist Christmas display involving a gift cards and an ancient monolith. Freeing the antiques from their pen fund The dig that lead Harrison kept to find the sand columns, talisman, on and freeing the army of tiny people under laying five of the desert Flower Bowling Alley and arcade fun complex this morning, working too sabotage the ultimately successful defence led by these sheriff today against the tiny army from which the shots, miraculously emerged unscathed. Then using these saw cyclone that swept through the. Sheriff's office not injuring him at all, but really messing up his draperies and then finally sending the sheriff and angry letter which result in these serious paper cut. He is currently recovering from and now
all of these measures unsuccessful in removing Dana from Power Hiram and the face this old woman have been left with no choice but to attack the mayor directly. Just try to stop us said Hiram Just try I'd like to You try puny immortals roared another one of his heads, although not the one. You think. Will certainly, I won't try. I've had enough of this. Mayor saving business, my job is to report that is I do reporting that is are they call me what they call me a journalist. Now let me report and only report We are taking you all to the wall. There.
Gets down like a snake lie down in my conviction, even when I heard be an upstanding. Well, love about town thing, your child's mind how it goes down, but I try the losing side. I don't want to die and I don't want to die in written down into the new died without any reservation is bound by breaking point. Congratulations spent most of my life. My better overboard shoot him waiting to get them. I don't want to die and I don't want to die and stay good under pressure for years and president than one that all the trash laying down a mocking. I hear in one piece: I don't care what comes after drive the way towards the bridge. I don't want to die
here. I am listeners whoever I am. Here it is the me If that is whichever me I am, you can guess what happened. I think one Again, it was brave Cecil who saved the mayor, throwing his body. Between her and the wrath of the faceless old woman and high room It was not an easy fight and not an easy fight for you to remember. Here is what I know: remain Daniels is no longer at city Hall. With my help, the secret. Police almost apprehended him, but our efforts, while just enough to bent his continued siege words. Under what was needed to capture a literal, five headed dragon and in the scuffle Hiram disappeared,
He could be anywhere sweets. Le Maria the secret lost pet. Is what else I know. The faceless old woman who secretly leaves in all of our homes was unable to complete her. Plans against our mayor and is now secretly living in Woman who secretly leaves in all of our homes, was unable to complete her malicious plans against our mayor. And is now secretly living in all of our home. Still she did not need to change anything in order to hide these the rebels who are again. The mayor rightfully chosen for us by forces. We do not understand, will not rest quietly. I have no doubt of it. I know that there is more coming as always. This is what I know
here- is what I do not know the owner of lot- thirty seven who bought me at that auction and did nothing with their prize for so long it now, use me again and again with one purpose: to protect. One person Dana Cardinal Mayor Cardinal, my friend here is who I do not know but thought I did Dana Cardinal, my friend and I am starting to fear I am starting to doubt the owner of lot. Thirty seven She be
I would be so invested in protecting her and only her Dana, is it you, Could it be he couldn't it couldn't it couldn't it still, but still stay to next for part, three, an part four and many more parts, each succeeding moment after the one before and some you will hear- and some you will not end There will be true exactly, but all of them we'll, be an honest attempt at the most accurate fiction possible good night to our recuperating sheriff good night. To a mayor. I once thought I knew good night
the old woman Josie and the rest of the bubbling team I'll see what league night and good night night veil good night. Welcome tonight. Veil is the production of commonplace books. It is written by Joseph Think and Geoffrey trainer and produced by Joseph think the voice, well. It's Cecil Baldwin original music by disposition that can be found at dispersion, dot info or at dispersion dot band camp dot com. This episode whether was the world premier of he'll turn to buy the mountain goats from their upcoming album, beat the champ find out more at mountain dash, goats, dotcom common, questions email us at info at welcome tonight, veiled dot com or followers on twitter at night fell radio. Forgot welcome tonight veil, dot com for more information on this issue, as well as all sorts of cool night veil stuff. You can own,
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