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You have reached the voicemail of Cecil Gershwin Palmer.

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Hey Jeffrey Grain or here do you love the show and want to help us keep making it check out our membership programme now on Patria on our members, get awesome exclusive rewards, like directors notes for every episode. Exclusive bonus tracks from our lives show recordings entire the bonus episodes and maybe, if you're, really interested abroad. A new character named after you on welcomed a nightingale plus we'll be posting. Surprise rewards that I can't tell you about just yet because it would ruin the surprise. Sound appealing does go to welcome tonight, veil, back com and click on membership to sign up and hey thanks in advance. You have reached the voice mail of Cecil GOSH when Palmer that might like an easy thing to do, but think about how long you had to stay alive just to learn how a phone works and who I am Congrats, You let yourself on that, give yourself a vigorous.
Pat on the back and don't forget to leave a message after the heavily distorted sample of a man saying I just could eat another bite. Hey sweetie its car, I know you're, probably busy talking or not talking. It seems like you're always talking or not talking, you know so I ll try again and but I just wanted to let you know what's up here: what's up the sky Ok, ok, that is a funny joke, but it is also a scientifically accurate one. I only tell scientifically accurate jokes. I don't care how people can find the inaccurate jokes funny like looking so a whore, Talks into a bar and says I feel, used ass, a species, even I feel used so then the bartender, who is also a horse cause. You know this is the horse district, where the horses live when their not being used by the humans and the horse bar tender says
don't I know it buddy and the first horse says I'm not your buddy and many says man, I'm sorry By the humans and the horse bar tender says: don't I know it buddy and the first horse says I'm not your buddy. So that's another example of a scientifically accurate joke. Things are going really well here with the help of ugh Andalusia and the other members of the masked army that live in the strange desert other world we ve been starting to build up an infrastructure. Of course, I had already set up a temporary lab, but now we ve dug up the stones that were used in the old settlements up on the mountain and have been building important basics of life like Shell and roads and bloodstream circles. It starting look downright homey around here. If you ignore the disquieting wasteland beyond. So it's just like that. Asked of the world really there's lots material to work with because get this we ve been just finding stuff lately microwave
toolboxes old tennis balls. They look like this been here- awhile I'm not sure how this stuff ended up here, but I'm going to find out who that reminds me, I'm thinking of getting a tattoo with the dead the mission of Science straight out of Webster's dictionary, so it'll save quote no, but I'm trying to find out ok end quote, and then it'll have a skull and some roses who maybe an anchor to make it look old, tiny I'm still working on how to get you here, but I will how I don't know, but I'm trying to find out. Ok, ok, ok,. I love you talk again ass soon ass. He saw its mission. From Dark AL records, calling the new woody got three album isn't for you. I can't believe you still. Something to that stuff. He hasn't been It is electric punk period, we're all listening.
Our pebble recordings and bees now come in four years, I'll show you the bees sounds why you're here, And maybe you could hang out for a while I'm lonely and need more human contact. Woody three very Cecil I know you said that I wasn't allowed to leave any voicemails on your phone and you marched around the room, waving your arms and say no Steve, Carlsberg, no voicemails. Then you tried to convince that voice males are real, but he couldn't be because I know what is what around here. I know what is what. But anyways I just wanted to make a quick call to see. Agendas could stay with you in a few months ago Look doing a nice little vacation, you know just the two of us somewhere romantic like the, whereas district or the sad waste or Arby's. You have People know how romantic along weaken it. Arby's can be which listen. The way. I met it is just a nice gift. When I printed up all those teacher to you in Carlos there looking up at the lights
you got all weird about it, but I don't mind certain major said again: just get tell me about the generous thing or or answer me on your radio show, while ranting about me either way spine, He's going well, Carlos hope everything is just going hope. Everything goes hope. It's gone. We all do both hope Cecil is Flynn going. Calling to let you know that me and the rest of the missing children are having a book, Dr Weir, taking books and her Cecil out, on the long trail, sleepless nights on our horses books clear from our feet out to a horizon gone dusty with the dreary stop of spine and page upon earth. The sad yelp of both taken in night by Kyle, Sir Librarians, I don't know how long will be gone, but when my horses, deepen the Colorado and I'm watching.
The drowned carcass of some book that will never find reader again float away on that relentless current I'll. Think about you. Also, it will probably be Thursday Willie back Thursday, we're not taking the books that far they can't walk in there, not even censure. So this be but one gotta go night film by militia. Pestle is looking restless and I'm worried it. It'll start a stampede height It's me sure love to come back into another segment of cooking stuff with Earl Harlan. I have this group eight recipe for pumpkin pie. There's so much blood splatter than you think but listen I'm trying to schedule a little more time in my life for my son, it's hard for both of us with me having a full time, kitchen job plus going stew. From being a child was teenager to middle aged man than eleven year old. I mean
they have some issued episodes about it that you can show you kid, but even GPS is help trying to explain how Time is really time unimaginably My son's name is Roger. I finally asked him- and he told me was that easy and it wasn't easy gotta get back to the kitchen. We have a lot of orders coming in plus its on fire competition, Cecil, seven key eighty Eight hundred and forty nine hundred and eighty six, eight thousand one hundred and sixty eight. I am chair in Europe
me thousand one eighty. Three pace, to call again so soon. I know we talked about space and boundaries, and all of that especially, this whole lot. Thirty seven thing you're going through gotta have time to think and cease. Understand the time to think, but I have made an important scientific discovery and you know the rules are different when an important scientific discoveries made an impact, The scientific discovery is grounds to interrupt anything. I found people here in this desert other world, we me and the members of the masked army saw human shapes coming towards us. The man
Army opted, as is their way for something of a warlike response, but I convince them that it was important to discover the facts before formulating a response, an idea which dog roared in a fearsome voice. That makes total sets. Let's go chat with them and see. What's up, and here is my sweet Cecil. What was up. These people were citizens of night veil. They had been, lost from their home as of today for exactly two years, and they apparently been wandering the desert, since they are a tad. Try, my ties to buy their years any featureless wasteland, accompanied only by a distant rumble and a bright light that they felt primarily in the roots of their teeth, and so they haven't told me at how they got here, but I have to
resting in the hot yoga studio we recently built. So I hope to hear their story soon and when I hear the story you will to and then you know, I'm sure everyone who listens to your show will yelled Blabber mouth you know. Upset me if it weren't, just who you are someone to each other would be annoying if it weren't also the essence of us. Ok, more soon,. Hello C4, it's dead, the sentient patch of Hayes,
have some new ad copy. I wanted to run by you and then I want to disregard any petty human feelings you have about it and then I want to run the add on the air. Here goes: ok, I drift above you I see mostly the top of your heads. You are pitiful from that perspective, your hair, droops or false out or hangs flat. I haze above you sent faintly you slug below me humanly sentient patches of haze. We are the future. We are also the past. You aren't even the props. You are the backdrop. So if you have any issues, are questions that all about that add don't hesitate to not tell me hope you haven't a great day. Ok he felt by Color Cecil. It's the faced us up. Women who secretly lives in your home, I'm in your closet, listen to love said wonder, suits they make such a
of crunch and tear. I just wanted to reach out and regards to protecting your former intern, Dana against high romanized good work towards destroying her. You foiled, more than once. I won't forget that Cecil. I forget nothing. I like you, brain, a dusty surface so easily blown clean, my memory takes on it stands, it works, when on areas erosion is only very surface of the earth appeal. My finger nails on your back. Now you don't. I could do so many things to you without you feeling it. Remember that if you remember nothing else, what seems likely these days, Carlos I said hi. I always liked him. And stay out of my way, or I will destroy you just as these Martha
outside and carried into your closet are destroying all of your clothing. They felt I'm here the Erika I and Erika just checking to see If we can get a ride to lignite later, my whereas in the shop, because I still believe in it. So if you can finish all in there we appreciate it also occur use my left hand lately, so it might be a little tricky, but we are still going to win, will crush him say I see so it's night, it's Dana I hope you're doing. Ok, it's a kind of I mean lately lately been.
Isn't it weird how we talked more when I was trapped in that distant desert. Otherworld then now, when we work up five minute drive from each other, it's funny how life works. That word meant the opposite of its usual meaning, but that's funny too. I guess I know you think I bought like thirty seven but you're wrong. I wasn't night bail at the time. Yes, I projected myself into the Action that day, but I only by some collectible spoons and delete. Ivan autographed baseball for my brother- that's all, though, Also when you can see the reasoning for someone's feeling towards you, while knowing wholly that they're wrong. I wonder. Sometimes it may double, could have done better or a fire in the double whether the Regional me would have done better. Did I do drawing my better half, then maybe lucky that even half the neighbors better once upon a time.
So I do my best with what I have. I don't have much. I hope you'll talk soon. Like they'll needs me as much as it needs you, and when Comes down to it, I'll stand for that before anything else. It's my job. Ok, I book a quick uptake proof and gone again from your voicemail. I've put some of the young we found and some of the people we found in my lab and I'm studying them using microscopes and files of bubbling liquid and me making thoughtful expressions and saying things like So I'm really using all of the available scientific tools right now, I feel I'm on the verge of something big here, something new I'll call you soon. This is so exciting I already Cecil AIR France,
Chin here gets Frank Chin. One hundred percent certainty- that is who I am right, so fright gin, normal human with one voice. No other voices interrupted their main voice. Make me sound anything less than you going on someone but found near my ears. I can't we're all errors that both stood just normal Frank, Jean playing a joke. Funny voices wanna hear of the mayor, told you any plan she might have on curious because am a citizen and voter. This was Let him I told you what did you do with your purple? Grain both dry come on guys we're in together. Just right, Frank JAM: each person of normal had amount saying goodbye.
Round: Cecil hello: this is your daily. Date from the automated whether service here is the key whether
I was driven by sharing job.
Thank you for using our automated whether service haven't nice. She Cecil Cecil. I did it. I understand I hooked everything up to computers and I said a lot and then I ask the people to talk about how they ended up in the desert and it turned out they were all lured into the dog park during poetry, weak and then the gates, closed on them and they ve been in this desert ever since, and I thought about this, I thought But how did came in here with them on that same day and about all of the stuff I found, which I think is junk people got rid of by throwing them over the walls of the forbidden dog park. And I realized this- is the dog park- this whole desert them out in the light up on the mountain, we're
the vast, perhaps endless, and definitely endlessly forbidden dog park, which means you can visit now you just have to walk through that dog part gate, and then you know- walk a few more hundred miles after that to wherever were at in this huge desert and then you'll be the take that vacation here call me as soon as you get this Cecil. Oh honey voiced, honey, he'll be able to visit talk soon. I love you hey friend. We and spoken at all, while not since all that pleasantness happened I hope everything has been super pleasant. Since then but a I've been working. Something I'd like to show you, I think you'll be fine, jazz about it, get back to
asap. Ok, until there Time see so until time. Tonight rail is the production of commonplace books. It was written by Joseph Think and Geoffrey Greener and produced by Joseph think, the voice of night veil is Cecil Baldwin. The voice of Carlos was Dylan Marin. The voice of Michel Win was Kate Jones. The voice Of Steve, Carlsberg was how Lublin the voice of to make a Flynn was symphony Sanders the voice. Of Earl Harlan was, will weaken. The voice of Faye was Molly Quinn. The voice Deb was MEG bash winner. The voice of the faceless old woman was Mara Wilson. The voice of old woman Josie was ready. The voice of Mayor Cardinal was just seeking to call the voice.
Of Hiram Miss Daniels with Jackson, public, the voices of the automatic phone service were Erika Livingston and Christopher Lore. The voice of Kevin was Kevin, our free original music by disposition, all of it can be found at dispersion, dot info or at desperation, dot band camp dotcom. This episodes, whether was tag by scarves, find out more at scarves. Music, DOT fan camp dotcom comments, questions, email us at info
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