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68 - Faceless Old Women

2015-05-15 | 🔗

The Sheriff's Secret Police track down a fugitive. Plus, stories from vacation, some progress at the new Old Night Vale Opera House, and another edition of "Hey There, Cecil."

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Hey! I have such exciting news for you. We have a brand new novel coming out in March of twenty twenty set in the world of night veil and beyond its called the faceless old woman who secretly lives in your home, and it tells the story faces old woman who secretly lives in your home from her tragic childhood in the Mediterranean to arise in the criminal underworld of Europe to a nautical adventure on the high seas and finally, her settlement in modern night fail. You can pre order. The novel right now at welcome to night fell dot com, slash books and listen. Pre orders help authors out a ton. So if this, sounds like a book you might enjoy, and if your listening to night fell than yes, you will enjoy it. Consider pre ordering why you're doing check out or other to novels and our four script collections. There is no lack of night Vill. Reading material go check it all out at welcome tonight. Veil, dot, com, slash books, get the body you always wanted. We oh, where its buried.
Can lend you a shovel. Welcome night Veil I love this nurse back from vacation and I'm feeling rate of course, Miss being with Carlos in that desert other world and miss having so much time to relax with my boyfriend, but as with any vacation it all. These feels good to come home We had such a delightful time. Carlos,
and the mast army of nomadic giants that inhabit that place have managed to build a little paradise there. There is now a roller coaster and in clean parlour and a beach was hotel and spa. Unfortunately, they dont have up. Raiders for the roller coaster, nor are any milk for making ice cream are any water along the beach resort, so most of those things just sit empty, except for the rules coaster which is constantly running and fear. With the same people who got on it over two months ago, unable to stop, because no one knew how to build a break system. There were tariff I'd screams, Doppler ring up and down the other wise quiet nights. Those people are
us having the time of the rest of their lives: more trip later, but first, some breaking news: the sheriff secret police just announced that they have captured the face old woman who secretly lives in your home the way old woman is one of two fugitives. These secret police have been tracking for the past few months. She and literal five had a dragon ironic Daniels are, in connection with a series of attacks on major Dana Cardinal at the city hall. A secret police spokes dear make today big announcement by writing it in dirt, with its hoof the announcement beginning couple of hours ago, but we're just I'm getting to the good stuff and report These have grown impatient with these spokes dear who can only scratch why, under two words at a time and then were raised them before continuing with the next words the Prescott,
its turned ugly, as a couple of porter, shouted speak English at the dear, but then a couple more shouted powder, and this dear looking relieved begins, speaking in fluid russian, which formats It was reporters who only spoke English despite their adamant and that others develop a mastery of multiple languages. But the big news is that they captured a dangerous fugitive, which is so shocking because to my knowledge, no one has ever seen the faceless old woman who secretly lives in your home because she lives there secretly. Of course without a face. I imagine it would be simultaneously easy and difficult to identify her more. The story as it develops: okay so to our vacation
those showed me the apartment he built using his scientific knowledge of physical materials and spatial relations. It was a cute little bedroom on the side of a low craggy mountain I can hardly believe it. A mountain right we took turns, making each other breakfast whenever we thought it was morning: Carlos cooks, a delicious vague, an omelet using thick blaze of ginger route for the eggs and filling it with I'd cranberries and capers. I'm not a great cook, but I make excellent coffee. I generally do lead Carlos make the coffee, because I have a specific way I like to make it using a coffee, hammer and angry chanting. I lie My coffee, like I, like my knights, dark endless and impossible to sleep through after a week's stay occasion in Carlos his apartment. We went.
The giant mast warrior Alicia on several hiking trails around the desert: canyons, Carlos in Alicia, showed me the brilliant array of flora that grows in that desert. Other world, well. The desert around night bill is mostly red and brown dust with smattering of white and brown rocks topped with gray brown brush the canyons of the desert of the world are lush with rich brush of charcoal and tan. Rocks the color of snow and leather and dust that the striped in shades of sunset and mahogany, and There were mysterious lights in the sky, just like here at night, fail we could not understand the lights, but we you're stupid our lack of understanding, which is all
most understanding he is some mornings, Alisha, and dug, and the other giant mast warriors would see other mast, armies and they would have off to war gone for days at it, I'm only to return bloodied and fewer in number listen, I hallucinated mind because it gave us more time to ourselves more about our vacation later, but there's some news or something an update on, days, arrest of the faceless old woman, several residents across night veil or reporting vandalism inside their homes, old town. Residents Christopher Brady and Stuart Robinson report their living room walls were covered in writing. That reads: you talk I see you and I cannot hate to you, but I cannot forgive you. The text see
to have been written with a hand. Smeared man aims all all of the toes were cut out of their dress socks, Robinson of the damage, I think it's because I reported to the sheriff that the faceless woman who secretly lives in our home was secretly living in our home. I regret this now. Be added. I told you know to do that Stewart Robinson, then replied head in his hands. I know Chris right. You're, always right. You should have listened to Christopher came a whisper over their shoulders. I stated here as we bring you more news of today's arrest
now it's time for another addition of my popular advice: segment: hey they're, Cecil. Let's get to your questions. Hey there Cecil. I date a lot of people, but never for very long I find that while I sometimes say I love you too, my girlfriend or boyfriend at the time I dont think I have ever meant it How do you know if you're in love signed, loveless in the barrister District pay their loveless. I think when your truly in love, you'll know it, but you to be in the right place with yourself to find that love as my mother, used to tell me you can't learn to love others until you learn that others are fiction and that self is unreliable next week hey there Cecil my
husband and I regularly host dinner parties for our neighbours and vice versa. When our members come over to the house. They never take off their shoes. I personally don't have it problem with that, but my husband thinks its rude. What's your take sign unshod in old town hey there unshod, who this is pretty clear, cut to me it is customary, when you enter a person's home that you must always remove your shoes, then Must remove their shoes, you must hold person down, take their shoes. It just get their shoes off. This is standard etiquette. We ve got time for one more question: hey there Cecil do you know the tower the one that cost No shadow It also sounds like an and shallow Do you know the one smells like sulphur well
its glowing now signed below, the Lint Emission Grove Park either Malevolent, you know as well as I do. That tower was destroyed a century ago, never write me again. Please write me. Old woman Josie and her friends who are not angels. Just a bunch of really told people with wings named Erika whom we cannot bear to look directly at said, that the new old Knight Veil Opera House, coming along nicely although I drove past the construction site the other day still a mostly empty lot, the only difference, is that they changed the sign from hosts contractors ink to strikes Corp operatic limited. So there is a giant opera house there, but other than that
It still looks nearly the same as when they broke ground months ago, opening of the new old opera house will be June fifteenth and will feature the world premier of an original opera by the famous actor and composer Lee Marvin night: those own immortal legend of stage and screen. Still no word on what an opera is. I've been told it's like a petting zoo, but with few are starving, wolves and more Intermissions breaking news from city hall? As these sheriffs secret police say they have now arrested more than a dozen faceless old women? These spokes, dear still, speaking in Russian for the Russian Speaking Press, while also writing english words in the dirt. For the embittered English speaking press say that the faceless old,
woman who secretly leaves in your home seems to be several bodies connected to accede, goals sentence. She seems now. To be on present at all, merely multi present secretly, spokes dear than laughed in Russian, while writing hee hee hee. English in the dirt. Oh dear, that's the But simply not true, I ok now there's a very long insect crawl, into my ear. It's all it's all the way and let you know I am not. Okay. With this faces old woman faces old woman,
Listeners hang on. While I get this silverfish out of my ear canal, Ok, ok, so traffic it looks pretty bad out, there we ve got a jack knife. Eighteen wheeler on the shoulder of westbound route, eight hundred near exit for causing serious delays and the boy deep hole on Somerset of fire. Hydrant was cracked open and now space and time have club, I'm sorry listers I I'm taking headphones off. I'm having a hard time. Hearing myself, I think the faceless old woman really did damage to my ear
anyway. Traffic's awful, of course, always is don't drive on Somerset unless you want all of your matter collapsing into a singularity really glad to be home. Great homecoming, an update, oh on the multiple arrests of the faceless old woman who secretly lives in your home, apparent They have managed to find fifteen more versions of her in homes all over town, but, according to this dear. These secret police are running out of room in the jails also even if the homes where they have arrested these faceless old women there, still reported cases of vandalism and whispers and suggested violence and sudden, but inscrutable movements in the corners of vision. In fact, these reports others are happening even in homes where the rest of the faceless old woman had already been made
many city buildings, especially the secret police, is secret police station hidden in a hybrid cloud, have received quite a bit of damage. Bird pop, in filing cabinets bullets replaced with worms, badges reading rotten, Meat! Instead of secret police mayors, in a cardinal has called on the police to temporarily cease their crackdown on the faceless old woman. The mayor she's been terrorized by falling televisions and window mounted a sea units as well as all of the carpet in her city, hold office being replaced by dark heaving fur the floor were now the back of some terrible beast listeners: I'm not falling for this bit again, maybe Cardinal once my friend has abused my good nature too much. She bought me
option and has since been using the against my will to rescue her from danger. Well, she's, just going to have to figure it out on her own. This time out rose, stop it faces old woman. Stop it whether go to the weather
the reason that I'm not somebody like you know, devil, never built without the knowledge we like normal life, will be rapidly. Paused now lay brought him a letter. Reason run it works. It is because the best of luck to enable a recognition that we leave through, we don't remember the events that we remember. This was not easy to get their chests bill without a genuine right through it and can help a dyed every boy began. There will come a time when you don't you realize what is remaining war war was there was no money, no ultimate opposite. Without the biggest change very rolling up we want and what we do know the name of what is going on with the job of building up a new direction. We are thereby no stories told in a vacuum. There was no prophecy, lady now away. There is just a lot of documents to be afraid of the woods. Good thing we are not. There was no Superman ineffable move. There was no reward he now. If there is no one who can save was so it's a good thing. We don't need to be. There are no stored in law. Are the great no aliens impossible? My was that there was no boy well being the street with a good thing. We know why there was no doubt. Testing is magic. Tat brought new matches.
Well, I of cotton swabs in both ears now listeners? and more than a little bit irritated, but on with the news the secret police just retracted their earlier reports that they had captured the faceless old woman who secretly lives in your home? They thought they had. In several corporeal forms of her across town. But in fact,
quality. They had just been arresting a bunch of faceless old women who openly live in their own homes. It seems in retrospect that the faceless old woman who secretly lives in your home- still, Gridley lives in your home and has never vandalism your home in protest of these arrests of innocent women these faceless old women are now filing a civil suit against these sheriffs secret police for unfair profiling practices. Again elderly women who happen to have no faces and these sheriff just issued the following public apology: nonsense difficult my bad said the sheriff, his hover office in the clouds in general, really sorry about all kinds of things: a cool now right, the sheriff added before dissipating into tiny crystalline droplets, which fell gently
a silver moment to thee hardened earth below? Maybe I did big too soon about being happy to be back home. Why labors reporting the weather. I received this voicemail from Carlos High Babe I heard you were apparently off saving the mayor again. Just now. I'm sorry, I missed you so I wanted to ask so afraid to ask why you were here because I didn't want to complicate our peaceful vacation with difficult choices, but goes Cecil! Remember that building! simple, rectangular, building with a tall point, a topic covered entirely in a tarp you, several times what that top was covering- and I said I didn't want to say yet. And you remember the familiar seeming man wearing dark sunglasses with what looked like bloodstains on his shirt, but I assure you was just barbecue sauce well.
He built that building under the type c it's a radio station Kevin build a radio station? He doesn't seem to be planning anything evil. In fact, she seems pretty relaxed and friendly these days he built it. Anyone who wants to broadcast or listen to broadcasts, and it got me thinking- and I am you don't have to decide now, Anne you don't you don't even have to decide. Yes, and all but Would you ever think about when you Did you ever consider just have to ask on voicemail Just call me: ok, commie, when you're off the air. I love you. Yes,.
Yes, I would Carlos. I think I really would it was so serene there. So lovely, ok, private thoughts done. Let's turn my microphone back on well the sinners? I wonder what Carlos might be trying to ask me: I mean it's probably thing end, and if it was something I dont think I would move away or anything move away no one said anything about moving away who moves away. I have to say dick around a bit anyway, because my sister and brother in law going out of town for a couple of weeks. If need be, to look after my niece Janis, don't want it point Janis I mean how could I disappoint Dennis by moving away. Why you keep saying that it was moving away. Not me so I'll be sure to stay very focused on being a good uncle and guardian plus
Currently, the mayor needs me around to save her all the time he that behind statement for the sound of folding, cardboard and long strips of tape and to all of the faces old women living, see would the or living otherwise like the good fight. Just leave me out of it. Okay, now these cotton bowser ridding suit and to everyone else, good night, night, veil, good night,. Welcome to night veil is a production of commonplace books. It is written by Joseph Think and Geoffrey trainer and just by Joseph Thing, the voice of night Oh, it's Cecil, Baldwin, the voice of Carlos. Still in Marin, original music by disposition. Oliver
we found that dispersion, dot info or dispersed. Doug Band, camp dot, com- this happened doubts whether was notches by sea. Hot man find out more at sea fu hot man tat band Camp Dotcom. That's s! I ask you hot men, comments: genes email. I sat info welcome tonight, veil, dot com, Followers on twitter at Night Bell, radio, Chica Welcome to night fell dot com for more information on this show, as well as all sorts of cool night fell stuff you can own and why are there consider clicking the donate link? That, because of you today, is proverb dont, be afraid of the dark, be afraid of. All the terrible things that are hiding there and the terrible things.
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