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69 - Fashion Week

2015-06-01 | 🔗

It's Fashion Week, Night Vale's hippest event. Who will be spared from the sphere? Plus, ongoing investigations into the disappearances at the Shambling Orphan housing development, an update on the opera house, and an important News announcement.

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hello, listeners, later news capital and but forget about that first news. Lowercase end its fashioned weaken night veil, exciting time of year in which we all get to decide what is fashionable and what is not to use the charm colloquialisms, we decide what is in sphere and what is spent third from the sphere. This is night bills he pissed off and everyone is there, because it is required by law. So everyone is there and scared and it is hip as hack, Michel Win is the only one that doesn't look scared. This is her favorite holiday. And she is wearing a vintage summoning cloak and a dog catchers cap Two tiny me on signs attached to her face indicating her eyes she
the most fashionable person in town and so to be spared from the sphere others or less lucky town. Veronica Rothschild is running around saying. Oh no, oh, no and adjust Her unfashionable distressed eye glasses, casting lances backward at the sphere, which is moving implacably to devour the unhappy absorb the outdated soon she will stumble, and then this Europe will be upon her. It's like that popular joke. Why? I did, the hipster burn her mouth Because she survived the sphere and was able to eat her pizza before was cool. And sure enough Michel win so in hand, is cackling madly, watching the chaos and listening intently, the headphones that our plugged into nothing at all.
Sheriffs secret police are seeking any leads or witnesses in the case of the disappearances at the housing development of the shambling orphan over the last several weeks. At least twelve people have vanished without a trace accept or our memories of their previous existence, which, according to a roving gang of pedantic philosophers who has been into rob things secret, police, press conferences does in fact count as a trace Memories are as real as any of our constructed experiences of the world said, one philosopher with invitation interrupting important information about the missing persons. I bet you think we are. Because a thing he continued much to them, light of his fellow philosophers and now- a single other person in attendance, the philosophers were last seen high fighting each other, while drinking cheap but locally made canned beer them.
Persons were last seen at home and on the street about town about their law, it's just normally, living until suddenly and on county they no longer were seen anywhere at all resin of these shambling orphan and the nearby development. The desert pines express I would concern over their strong fears about their abject terror. More the story as we grasp at narrative threads that can assuage our helplessness in the face of inexplicable tragedy. Listeners last week I had my niece Janis over while her parents were taking a romantic long weekend in the kingdom of the debtor deep within the hollow earth, is, of course, easily accessed by ordering any item from the Arby's market fresh menu
with generous was really nice to get some time alone with a she's getting older. You know an from a child, which is something of an abstract concept to a person with adult idea in thoughts and feelings, a human being who you can relate to and with which is also an abstract concept. We talked and watch movies she. Let me put on CAT Blue five times in a row, because that was careless and eyes movie night thing, and I had been missing- that we popcorn. I ask you're about any girls or boy she might be interested in and she diverted me politely but awkwardly to other subjects. I letter it's not for me to pry, that's the government's job and if I'm ever curious, I can look at the public registry of middle school crushes, which is constantly being updated. Visa mine scanning satellite Dennis gave me a feeling of family
I rarely feel any more. It was a good feeling. I hope I will be able to visit Janis regularly. In an earlier programme. We brought you this week's community calendar, however It appears that there were a few errors in our reporting, so we would like to offer corrections to our previous calendar Monday, we said, was free hot chocolate day at the moonlight all night diner in actuality Monday will be the day that a great craft crashes, down from the Heavens and the all will surround the ominous bulk of it still glowing huh and smoking from the impact whispering. And wondering helpless to act Tuesday we said was sign of day for the night veil, adult kick ball being Emission Grove Park. We were wrong. It's about an event taking place in the park, but it appears that
This event will instead be a creature emerging from the craft towering, over us and in But we should not understand, and yet- and yet we do understand, demanding that we worship it Wednesday we described as being just a nice day to go outside and take a walk, just a really. I stay for it. We said stretch those games. We said we the word Games over and over seemingly unable to say anything else, as it turns out when this day is actually the day. We will stage a brief but ultimately successful resistance against the horde of slimy many appendage alien warriors pouring out from the landing craft, first day we said would be the day that beings from another world fully defeat us and we were lined the roads and avenues on our knees head
bowed in recognition of our new masters. Our new gods turns out. We were hundred percent right on that one. So we completely get the weak schedule wrong Friday, we said would be the day that yours, citizen, renewal, packets, are do. You know the reims and reams of paperwork, probing every personal details that you have to fill out in order to remain a citizen of nine veil. Well, it still the date do that, but instead of turning it into the city council, who will add that point be locked in a hyper dimensional prison by the occupying extraterrestrials? You will instead turn it into these supervisor of your assigned human pod so that they can gauge how much energy can be extracted from your body. Saturday, we said was catarrh day.
We didn't mean anything by this. We just thought it would be funny people did. Find it funny. They wrote and called the station demanding an explanation. Janus Rio from down the street seemed a spy, surely disturbed. What do you mean it's Saturday? Will we be attacked by joint cats with joint cats? Build huge black cubes? Oliver town will be forced to enter a strained black cube. That will absorb my essence until there's nothing left of me, I'm allergic to cats, generous, cried! Well, no Janis and I'm sorry for causing panic Saturday will actually be the day the invading aliens start beating on us. So don't worry, no That's that day, candidates
The fund were word to say Saturday, day and Sunday. Well, we were right about Sunday, so very go just as we said. Sunday will be the day that two Mika Flynn and the beings who claim to be analysed team up, delete a dramatic attack against the occupying force with the help of every night veil, citizen driving away our new masters and reinstating our old masters, who are brutal awful who at least are a brutal and awful. We know and understand this community corrections I the community calendar, community corrections. I don't know this- has been what it was fast and weak, continues and fear is huge and pulsing
One is screaming and running and looking justice fashionable as they ever have been, there seem to be any did lie director of emergency press conferences. Pamela Winchell is ostentation asleep, using decorated cigarette holders of ludicrous length, despite the fact that you smoke she's not holding, Delicately between her first two fingers, but instead gripping hundreds of cigarette holders in her fist, like a quiver of arrows, see how hip she's saying in a booming voice, levitating quite fashionably, three feet off the ground: see how absolutely of the time I am sphere hums next to her for a moment,
and then it rose by leaving her be so. It seems like this year. Holding a quiver of cigarette holders is very spared from the sphere. Indeed good survival Tipp there. Old woman, Josie speaking from the headquarters of strikes, operatic limited, said that the new who old, Knight Veil Opera House is complete. Rehearsals are under full swing for opening night on June, fifteenth of a brand new opera written composed directed by an storing legendary screen actor Lee Marvin, who will also form the entirety of the caste and we'll be selling concessions during intermission Josie. Said that night bill citizen should expect some of the usual disruptions resulting from rehearsal of any kind of life performance, namely stop and go
traffic in a several block radius around the theatre, awake of buzzard, sir cling over the city and a slight uptake in the number of patients at the emergency room, so it sounds like this opera whatever opera means and whatever it is, will be? and went. He was here before and now isn't how briefly the moment of is before the endless and he was here before and now isn't How briefly the moment of is before the endless was he was not a serious man, but then this is not a serious life. We all to speak. Did we not we still do he's, speaking still, even though he is not anything else at all how comforting the continuation of communication past that point. He was our tour guide through the cosmos. He would say.
And then apologize for saying it. He was not a serious man, but then, This is not a serious life. A man came, and went. He was here. Before and now isn't we missing This has been traffic. The faces old woman who secretly lives in your home made a public statement that she will not wait any longer. She will Drawing Mayor Dana Cardinal once and for all and clear the mayor ship for herself. In her statement, which was stitched into the inside lining of my jacket this morning she said you want opera, you want grand performance on opening night. You will see a spectacle indeed pace
practical in the meanwhile still no word from high Remit Daniels, the literal five had a dragon, and these faces old woman's previous partner in crime, according to look normal citizen, Frank Chin, I room left town ex ago, when won't be seen around here again pranks other foreheads agreed except the purple head, which had a bad over it and was mumbling. Please don't include media we're just schemes ever again. If it were after me, things will be very different. Things are different, Every time it is undermining the other heads hushed, the with the bag over it and reiterated that they are just a regular guy. You were me or any one else who identifies as a regular guy with things like a pick up and pieces of Denham clothing and enjoyment of certain types of music and being lately wingless, despite powerless. This must feel oh here
Listeners the time has come, the sphere has arrived at the station. It hums looming It considers. Coming it looms. The sphere will decide whether the station and the souls within it are hip enough to be spared. I tell you although I did not to prepare for the sphere it's up. For God it is that I do not care, and I M not afraid I don't know I wear leather, pants and hawaiian shirt and a baseball hat made of honeycomb. Then just for the same thing I slept in last night. If I get ingested by a fashion, conscious sphere for wearing comfy casual clothes. That'll just be what happened to me. I don't write the story of my life, I only live it so while the sphere does whatever it will do next, Thank you all. Well, all of you hip enough.
You still remain to the weather,
Let me take you back from the weather.
Still here the sphere, moved on and is now out in the scrub lands and sand wastes deciding which die and cottontail rabbits are of the now and which let's be assimilated into the pulsating dark innerds of the sphere. Of course, radio is always hip radio was timeless community the radio exists outside of time and space, and so is the most fashionable thing of all. Of course, we all know this, so it's good that our station was spared and that I will continue doing radio for the foreseeable future and not stopping radio broadcasting I won't be doing it here, but continuing to do it right. So I guess it's time then,
at the start of all this. I promised news capital in here is the news my next broadcast as host of night veil. Community radio will be my last in night veil I am moving to the as part of the world, to spend more time with sweet, talented, Carlos and the community he has built out there. In that vast sandy alternate dimension. There is a radio station there built by Kevin, who seems too, who have himself pretty under control and is still We only have a little bit of blood, so I should be able to continue doing what I'm doing just fine. I won't be doing it in a way that you will be able to hear, but that too is just one.
I've missed Carlos greatly and I've also grew weary of a mayor that can't protect herself of of a town that fears outsiders, of a face old woman who secretly lives at my home and publicly wants to do me harm and I think, of a desert other world where it is all these Sonny and mountains or real? There was a helpful mast army that can build anything and your cellphone battery never dies. Even if reset is bore g at best. There is the question: is night veil worth it is night veil good. Is it a good town well I will for the first time in my long life live somewhere. Other than night fail, but, as a poet once said,
no matter where you end up your still from your hometown, I'll be back to visit from time to time? Of course, I need generous and my old friend Josie and many others. Besides, I M not gone, but I am going, I'm going to Live somewhere, I can feel good about somewhere newer and better for me stay to next, eventually, for me reporting on the opening of the opera house and then not reporting. On anything else here ever again can ultimately good night night veil, good night.
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dress your dog for the job. You want not the job you have. High above Paris near the very top of the Eiffel Tower here in all new adventure featuring these janitor, I can come these. Stage have petitioned, and this drunken out of control, diva flattery will get nowhere except my dressing room. The orbiting human circus in naughty ten new. You listen now found tat. The! U N Y see studios a nightmare. Presents x.
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