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2015-06-15 | 🔗

It's the first broadcast of a new radio station in a desert otherworld. Plus, a huge research project reaches its conclusion.

The voice of Kevin is Kevin R. Free.

The voice of Carlos is Dylan Marron.

Weather: "Pyramid" by Jason Webley (jasonwebley.com).

Music: Disparition, disparition.info and Joseph Fink.

Logo: Soren Melville.

Produced by Night Vale Presents. Written by Joseph Fink & Jeffrey Cranor. Narrated by Cecil Baldwin. More Info: welcometonightvale.com, and follow @NightValeRadio on Twitter or Facebook.

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welcome to a desert. Otherwise we should come up with a better name for this place. Names are, after all, extremely important high. I'm your radio host kevin- I am speaking to you from our brand new station, and this is our inaugural broadcast I'm so excited to be back on the air. I'm not sure we have any listeners yet, but we will we will
later in the show, will be talking to dog and Elisa leaders of the army, of masked giants who Rome this desert and who have been instrumental in building our new city. They ve been so well coming to us outside ers, not all outside, as though they are, after all, a violent and territorial army. But some outside is people like me and, like my friend Carlos he's, a scientist he's a beautiful man who does beautiful things. I have Carlos on the phone with us right now with some breaking news. Carlos tell everyone about the huge project you ve been working on this past year. I Kevin thanks for having me on the shelves first off Dugan Alisha are here in my kitchen, Alisha built a refrigerator from some cactus pads, twine and three different kinds of birds and now they're making a bunch of pasta salad for lunch this week,
the save some for you. If you'd like how delightful I'm told, disgusted bypass the salad, can't stand the two east or the smell in fact to look at it, causes me to heave, but thank you that so kind right. So this new experiment and I have to tell you I am really excited about it. You know how our cellphones always work in this desert other world. Even although there are no towers and how they never seem to run out of battery yeah, I love taking these facts for granted. Well, I wouldn't, urge of uncovering what's causing that here in my laboratory, which Dugan Alisha and one of the other soldiers whose name is built. For me, I've been hard at work, piecing about in front of a row of conical flasks beakers, and why tubes
curiously writing greek letters and arabic numbers and I think, later today. I will make, an enormous breakthrough What did you find out, I can't say, failure just waiting on my computer to finish calculating the everything. Ok, I dont know Alicia and dug look really agitated their jumping up and down by the window, the other I ain't soldiers are running into formation outside. I need to see what's wrong I'll Carlos checks on our favorite soldiers. Let's give an update now on the roller coaster inhabitants,
I am referring to the roller coaster, dog and Alisha, built for our new town. Months ago. It looks terribly fun. It has a tall First hill and ninety degree drop off. That is almost six hundred feet, I'm told, and then it goes into a series of loop, send turns and figure AIDS and then some spirals where the writers go upside down several times purse. Again and then there's a sheet of flames that, as you approach, it looks like you're about to go right through the fire, but at the last second, the tracks spirals again and you go through the fire upside down. Anyway, It's an exciting looking ride. I haven't been on it yet that's because after they started it on its first trip, they haven't been able to stop it. They didn't invent breaks so
that's an issue at even though they cut the power to the ride it. Go away with the same passengers caught in an interminable cycle of fine. Oh, we have, Carlos back on the line again Carlos target Asia are gone. It turns out that the committee was over. Another army marching along HORIZON Dugan Alisha, ran screaming around the house and through the kitchen, overturning my cutting board and grabbing their weapons. Alisha took my chefs knife and dug made a makeshift slug horn out of one of my large funnels, so that he could call their army to action good for them pricked Ding our community no, but I was trying to explain that the other army was marching perpendicular to us. They were not marching towards us. This desert is fill small army is always marching in different directions. We can't attack them all for no reason, and now, my
I counter is demolished, o it'll grow back, so I'm so excited to learn more about your research into the strange properties of this region. I think you once called this desert other world. The moon, scientifically interesting community in the? U S, oh no, my exact words words. When do you expect, the results sounds like whenever you come up with, could possibly be a monumental shift in Hell. We perceive thermodynamic laws. While I met lab right now, hunched over my computer waiting for it to complete its final report, then comparing its results to my thousands of hand, written note from the past year, I believe I can pinpoint the exact source of this deserts. Energy. It shouldn't belong. Please don't rush me great. Let us know soon. No while Carlos does that, perhaps I can tell you all a little bit about our new radio station. Take your
an audio tour. If you will, we have a time all broadcast tower made of stones and Adobe those zigzagging electrical bolts, visibly shooting outward from the top of the tower. Those are Actual radio waves. Inside the building itself, we small broadcast booth with a couple of new MIKE's. Some of the members of the Mast army of Giants helped me decorate my studio too. It was so empty and bloodless before required a lot of lizards and rodents, but it's finally starting to feel like home, I've. Gotta producers booth, just after my right, see my old in turn: Vanessa, their high Vanessa we're bit understaffed. So Vanessa has been having to act as my producer, as well as head of sales and marketing, and even answering phones, good thing. She is dapple gang or to help out most
he'll kill their double, but such a waste of a good opportunity, the more the merrier, the more productive. I say, and we're hiring right. Now, if you have experience in any of the following areas: sales, ground Design. Office management intimate, Reggie for Tran Programming falconry or sports law, please send your resume to radio station care of Kevin have no postal service in the desert other world nor any mailboxes. So it's important that you carefully reread the secret by Rhonda burn in order to wish your resume into my office. Sounds like Carlos is back on the line now, did you get there adults, from your diagonally shower back good, so
Wonderful to have dear friends around to be a part of your brilliant achievement, yeah, but they are in no condition to celebrate the great strides of scientific study. Right now most of the army returned from fighting, but there are more than a dozen who did not holy shit lost two fingers and dug is bleeding quite badly because of a compound fracture in his forearm everyone who returned is untreatable treatable condition. I believe they'll be fine, but their wounded and need lots of rest, and no more fighting for a long time. It somewhere silver here. Thing they have such a good and helpful friend in you so Tell us about your study on the strange energy here in the desert, like I can't yet, The army came in so quickly dropping their weapons everywhere, along with some detached limbs them I don't even think, belong to them and all
My journals, which I had left out and open on my desk, have been rendered unusable. There are broken beakers and blood soaked composition. No books everywhere, I dont, even know where to begin cleaning up all of this blood. I'm sorry did you just say, something new I just like your story. Carry on dad dad come. Kevin. I have to go Doug just constructed a makeshift splint out of rocks and snakes. He doesn't grabbed his axe and ran out there. Door, and there goes Alisha stop going to war. Call you back Heaven. They can't go on like this listeners. Getting word of strong wins out of the east stirring up dust devils and hurled. Plant debris and weak willed animals through the air.
This is a rare sunless day for our other world desert Carlos tries to get his notes. Unbodied Have a closer look at the weather.
What is coming down the stream you ve been watching saw much love. You know just what is it worth sacking stones? The matter over tat? You could change name the land signing a new statute. Does that long shadow that iraqi lad was seen in the ways stake liberties have taken for granted. You in costume, sat on land here and so have traced ass. You were not in sad, you better placed
tat. Go. What we do at the bottom of garbage man did are banned These may, when someone that's a candle and says well ass, saying me mad mad. When the story is done can't wait.
At the bottom of the bottom of garbage spent at the bottom of a garden bottom Gabby Judgment
at about Gub Gub Gub had the bad guys like me. Me me me me: when someone says me they would someone. That's a candle and says says someone says when someone says me: maybe someone that can arise
Wow that way, The report was informative. I had by dear how dangerous a storm that was until I heard that report to be radio broadcaster, who gets to tell stories about things that make us unhappy. Thrills me to my bones, because by telling people about all that can make us unhappy, I prepared because by telling people about all that can make us unhappy, I prepare them too. I hometown of Desert Bluffs had a deadly outbreak of throat, spiders hundreds were diagnosed with this usually treatable disease, but it was a part. Tick, you'll, early virulent strain and men people died or were left without voices and lower jaws when it was all over almost They wouldn't go by where you didn't hear a fit of strenuous coughing punctuated by a muffled pop to turn around and see?
cascade of tiny spiders poring over the craggy ledge. That used to a person's lower teeth each day I got to run these upsetting stories, but the best part bout? It was when desert Bluffs residents eventually stopped losing part of their faces to throat spiders, and we all rejoice. Did our newly healthy and happy lives, as the saying goes, its always dawn. Oh, speaking of Sunshine, Carl, oh just arrived here, live in the studio with me. Carlos? Did you this, whether you come in dust and those like friction burns in the shape of lab goggles. On your face. Are you ok did Doug ITALY make it back not yet they.
What is this all over your studio? Is that Our sauce tat just I do and some old bones and loose tee and b and things I finally decorated for noticing I just notice. You have a piece of paper in your hand, so your final report. Look it we both notice things about each other. I love that I, I am Well, you sound sad, which is great news, because it means you'll be happy again. Eventually, it's a tough day what, with all the weather and the wars in the blood, what Europe boy friend, will soon be moving from night veil to come, live here with you. Well
about that and end. You finally have the scientific results of your hard scientific work. I don't I don't have results Kevin when the army marched out again. I went back to trying to recover my notes. I had I've gotten the lab desktops clean when unleashes large dog bounded through the lab and out the front door, sending every glass tube and jar crashing onto the floor when and over to see the damage. I saw my computer there too, just on the tile snapped merely in half a ton. Of white fur covering the keyboard singed slightly by the smoke streaking out of the broken monitor. I lost it. Oh, come. Entire year of study is gone. What's that paper, then did you please learn some of your results. This is nothing it some!
just a letter. I wrote to a friend Oh, I love letters. Letters are so fun to receive, not this one, It's a sad letter A letter about regrets about stakes you know how. Sometimes you spend a lot of time with some one, and you think that someone makes you happy then, suddenly, one day you realize Mamie weren't happy at all may You both would be better off doing what you love in depth. Places without each other Maybe neither of you were as happy as either of you thought that is a sad sounding letter I don't understand or like that at all I have spent the last year all wrong. I believe in you, Carlos dont, let destruction, blood and war hold you back your
brilliant scientist. I realize I mean to just start everything over re dead kate myself, I need to do it right this time, no more distractions. I accounts spend another year like this one, so it pains me to carry this letter, but I owed it to set my boundaries, so you know there's no postal service here. Yet I know that's why I'm hands delivering remit, No one should ever be sad choose to be sad, Carlos in choose to be happy. Your letter is the first step to choosing happiness, even while it makes some one else. Sad Our stand, listen, I should go. I'm headed tonight veil. One final time I mean
the talk to Cecil about well. About some changes. For everything Kevin you ve been so came to me in this difficult here. I Carlos well, It's a shame that our huge scientific breakthrough didn't quite happened today: As the old phrase goes, the best laws it plans of mice and men are completely different kinds of plans altogether very different creatures. Those do, but it not a total wash. Our next show should feature spying, tingling adventure stories about today's desert battles. We have so much to do us so much to explore and understand so much to make here in our great desert other world say really do need a name for this place.
Without names, don't really exist. So I'm You call this well. I'm going to call it desert. Bluffs does. What was the name of my home town and by naming a desert loves this place becomes my new home town. We In my home we are in desert, Bluffs, no matter where we are in space or time. What is a town, but a name right until next time, new desert. Oh, it looks Carlos left. Behind that letter, he was supposed to hand deliver, you better not be it. No better, not
until next time new desert bluffs until next time. Oh, oh! No, This is so sad. No, I dont like this. I am sad. Welcome to desert. Bluffs is the production of commonplace books. It is written. Joseph Think and Geoffrey Greener and produced by Joseph thing. The voice, Kevin was Kevin, our free the voice of Carlos, was doing Marin original music by dispersion and Joseph thing so we found that dispersion dot info or it
Version Dodd Band camp dot com, this episode, whether was pyramid by Jason Webley, find out more at Jason, Webley dot com. See him play live in the UK and Ireland with the welcome tonight. Veiled touring, live, show comments. Questions email is that info at welcomed. Male dot com, followers on twitter at night fell. Radio chicken welcome to night veiled dot, com for more information on this issue, as well as all sorts of cool night veil stuff you can own and wider. Their consent you're throwing money at the computer screen that, because you today's proverb a rose by any other name is called something else.
High above Paris near the very top of the Eiffel Tower here in all new adventure featuring this janitor, I can come. These stage have petitioned, and this drunken out of control. Diva flattery, we'll get you nowhere, except my dressing room. The orbiting human circus in naughty ten new. You listen now found tat. The! U N Y, see studios a nightmare presents x.
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