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72 - Well of Night

2015-08-15 | 🔗

Chanting dancers keep the town up all night. Plus, a seance at Dark Owl Records, traffic congestion in downtown, and a fireworks spectacular.

Weather: "Children of God" by Andrew Jackson Jihad (andrewjacksonjihad.com)

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welcome to night. We I didn't sleep well last night, None of you slept well last night. What, with all the Dutch Kantians dumping
I could see from my window a stark white v opening skyward just to the south of our apartment, with its inverted cone, long shadows, cutting in and out of vertical static. I could hear a distant repeated at about Bum Bob, something like that: again, that's not so unusual when you live in a city long enough, you get used to the nighttime noise of core alarms or howls of strength, cats or the occasional carers crouching by your front door, singing about some new God they invented in a night club. It's been. Urban life, but this chant was different. I first only the shouts of one or two people whatever
can't was, I figured. They were simply college kids, who discovered some dinosaur bones, which I understand is a thing college kids are into these days. Carlos was able to sleep through the sounds. He can see through anything alarm, clocks, heavy construction, even that God awful screeching. The sunrise makes, but I In and out of light sleep all night I just before dawn the handful of chanters had grown to a large crowd. What once then chant Why why why why intel, but there must have been dozens of them. Well, hopefully they keep it down tonight. Let's have a look now at the community calendar Wednesday night, these staff of dark our records will be holding a seance to try to reach the ghost of
a nurse with they'll be like been candles and holding hands and playing Swift's newest, album. Eight, seventy nine, which was there after the year, she was born into a human body or the fifteenth pie, record job owner Michel Wind says it's important that they get hold of swift ghost, so they can ask detailed questions about what kind of music she was into back then, because, well being dark? I staff is running out of music that no one else has heard of them divine music that no longer exists, so they can get into that when also wants to trash talk in the old Berliner. Who was swift exploit? brand and who totally stole Swift's idea to invent the gramophone hated music wind, said he had some pretty fly, ties so like I could I'm inventing a pocket square, but not
Turntable did I Just use the word for lie. When added this They all will be from ten p m to two a m, and there will be a live dj: snacks, whispering and darkness. Thursday afternoon the night veil community players will hold auditions for their fall production of David mammoths. Only Anna Rector genre Richardson wants to take a fresh approach to this controversial play, stating that cheap and on removing all of the words and stage directions. Instead, simply presenting a stage full of actors juggling and or getting things like candles and fruit and rodents Richardson says that the original ninety ninety to play took a literal approach to the broad topics of gender and power.
And she wants to find a more challenging metaphorical approach to this difficult material Talking in English directly about a subject is a very nineteen nine. These thing to do, I think we can up this story, by stripping it of its language and narrative and just juggling and eating things. Richardson said Hopeful actors should meet at two p m at the wreck centre and bring their own candles and rodents fruit we'll be provided. No, previous acting experience or understanding of any specific language is necessary. Friday night, is the night veil alive fireworks, but- popular put on each month by a vague, yet menacing government agency represent the aims for the event. Speaking through other representatives who we met, disguise you encode names in an undesirable
location, said this month, Edward, spectacular promises to be the largest and most exciting of the year. You won't want to miss it be represented, whispered from behind a granite, Colored Dodge Grand Caravan. But unfortunately the representative added. You will have to miss it because it is a covert and secret firework show Everyone must stay inside close our doors and Windows coverings, so prepare picnic in Gaza, the family into the panic room, Friday night. Saturday is already over before its even beguine. Where does that? I'm go That's not even a metaphor. This coming Saturday ended weeks ago, but no one where it went, or why an update
on last evenings weird lights and I getting word that the gathering of chanters was down by the old well in the south of town. Now of of course, we all know the old? Well, it's that well, that inexplicably appeared a few days ago. We call it the old. Well, because it's been a really long week this week, but with getting back, the creation and returning to work and school. Plus, it's been super hot here this August we're all just kind of over it. Though, like two or three days feels like age is that wells been there basically for ever. Apparently a couple of People- noticed that after sunset, the well emanates a bright light as they approach the well their eyes and hair disappear.
And they began whispering well of night too. By then repeating the whisper? Well of night to anyone who would listen, but given that it is bad luck to acknowledge a stranger most people hurried by without paying too close attention. Eventually, someone pulled their car over near the well and asked the whispers for directions to pull me the whisper Replied! Well, of night and in a blink. The car was gone And the driver was standing next to the two whisperers equal eyeless equally unless all three of them shouting well of life well of life, the three
then did a series of moderate calisthenics where they took large skipping steps, bringing their knees up to their chests and twirling their arms as straight sticks and conflicting circles above their heads or maybe this doesn't count their necks but ritual dancing, not sure both orally. Port in parts of a solid daily health regiment. More on this as it develops, but first a look at today's traffic there, an accident on Galloway, road beneath the overpass of root, eight hundred everyone is the airy sorry about what happened. They didn't we for it to turn out like this. They did me, before anything to turn out. It did It was totally an accident and every when apologizes profusely commute
I too understand how something like this could happen to any one. Can you try to forgive them? Can you, since a cruiser on hand to help clear debris and to offer hugs and empathy to all those affected directly and directly. Moving on theirs congestion in downtown right now, because of construction, narrowing Somerset down to a single lane. The issue, secret police assent traffic cops down there to shout and school and point which has considerably oh, it's actually made the traffic worse, but every one in the traffic feels stronger, more emotionally prepared to deal with adversity than they were before getting in their cars roads and bridges are completely clear. This hour they are most hours because there, either totally secret or off limits to public use
but today there especially clear of even be black Sudan's armoured vehicles and windowless bans that normally Claude those roadways listeners, the night they'll highway department would like to remind you to buckle up. Then to conquer down then to forget everything then to remember everything then open your eyes to what's really going on don't you see what's really going on the highway? department would like to call you all shameful shameful they scowl as they roll their eyes. It has been a public service announcement from the night veil, highway department. Here now with a message from today's sponsor is Deb a sentient patch of haze, high deb, human broadcaster, hello, mortal listeners. Its back
school time again and the kid still need new clothes bags, lunches falconry gear, repelling equipment and other basic school supplies, so stuff. Where will you find time to go to all of those stores? Well, you don't have to go to a bunch of different stores. You only need one store, Joe in fabrics cool. I thought Joanne fabrics only sold fabrics. They simply untrue. Why would even say that well? I just assumed from the name that joint fabric that talking Julian Fabrics welcomes any parent to overwhelmed by school or a life or parenthood or whatever anything maybe you're afraid of flying and you have to get on a plane soon. The threat is really no. I think There are actually much safer than they used. All my God sees. How can we have a conversation for once you you're you're right, you're, right, I'm I'm sorry! Dub I mean,
the thing is Joanne Fabrics does fabrics better than any one, so a creative person could make clothes and back eggs and all kinds of stuff for their kids year, obsessed with fabrics well go on about your fabrics. What do I care about? Your petty human, instead of Carlos bought a nice boutique Joanna recently, it's got you dont know what petticoats, dont Joe Worm fabrics what the heck use their eyes dont know. I've never heard that voice before all your back to school needs. Oh my god. It's really weird yeah. It is a matter here. I'll take my job list. There's I'm just getting word that right this moment the old
well has begun to cast array of darkness upward as the sun reached its apex darkness cut across the bright day in a thin long v, the chanters? whose numbers have apparently grown into the high hundreds. Doing their strange dance or exercise around the well and chanting more and more are joining this throng, I'm being but all of their eyes are completely overgrown with skin and that their hair doesn't actually fall out. Apparently each hair retreat rapidly back into their heads like a scared worm, I can from my studio that whole final of black against the blue sky and and I can faintly the chanting here it is
Why that's it. That is the treating a heard last night, well night. Well, Of life well of night well of life, listen I can feel the power The chant I I can feel my hair, shortening and re entering my scalp, oh feel so so rewarding well of night well of life. My eyes are be covered in skin, but suddenly cs much than I ever thought possible. I must go to this wealth. The well. I will see everything well. Of night well of life, well
of night work. Well I almost forgot today's weather well of night well life. Well, night.
And came by coming from a guy rises, read as it dogs following you see
oh wow. What for that was nice veil, oh those El of life. People are wild, but so sweet. I what a bit nervous at first, because its many years since I've been unwillingly inducted into a call door chanting circle. I kind of thought get there, and everyone would see how out of practice. I was and boy if you I'll make steps. You'd know I hadn't done a jumping, jack or prayer dance and for ever, but here comes old Cecil with his hair withdrawn and his eyes covered in flash right for the teasing and they welcoming without judgment or hesitations, and I wasn't too steps into their circle before someone drew blood from my neck and everyone cheered. What fun then some one else turned into a bird like animal, a little
career than a normal bird, and we all followed it into the well down in that. Well, we all chanted until the bird person touched each of our four heads with its bird hoof. We're whatever birds call their feet this joint hands and droned for a little bit a few others were watching baseball highlights A few more were enjoying the hum is that someone had made then I was back here. Skin covering gone from my eyes, air return to my scalp, the only different is that now I'm wearing a black plastic Poncho years and yellow Goloshes Definitely not what I bore to work as I do our own, yellow, goloshes, their orange Oh they're kind of orange dish. The letting my studios weird, maybe is It's all mine
I'm wearing exactly what I was wearing before? I think anyway, I'm Some amazing people today, people- I don't remember anything about except the feeling of love and acceptance. I felt when I was with them the their faces and bodies are blurs, but worse, time we all chanted and did aerobics as one we all mattered to each other, even though we knew we didn't matter at all that seems wrong, I know, but to conflicts. Things can exist simultaneously and they did- and it was a great moment one. I will cherish and when I hope to never have again because it would be ruined by the unattainable perfection of nostalgia. Ah, the old well is gone now in the old, barely noticeable bulge in the earth, slightly pink and soft to the touch
works department has already erected a historic plaque to commemorate the well. The plaque reads Nothing unusual happened here or will happen here you I've been photographed reading this black. What were you hoping to learn stay you next for less of what you once were, but more of what you think. You are good night night veil, good night. Welcome to Nightvale is the production of night veil presents. It is written by Joseph Think and Geoffrey Cranor and produced by Joseph Think voice Veil Cecil Baldwin, the voice. Deb was MEG bash winner. Original music by desperation. Oliver,
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