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74 - Civic Changes

2015-09-15 | 🔗

The city council makes an announcement about the dog park. Plus, the start of the new high school football season and an update on the hole in the vacant lot.

The voice of John Peters is Mark Gagliardi.

The voice of Pamela Winchell is Desiree Burch.

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night this nerves. To start things off, I've been asked to re. Read this brief notice,
The city council announces that no changes will be made to the dog park at the corner of Earl and Somerset near the roofs. They would like to remind everyone that dogs are not allowed in the dog park. People are not allowed in the don't park. It is possible. You will see who did figures in the dog park? Do not approach them. Do not approach the dog park, the fences, electrified and highly dangerous, trying not to look at the dog park and especially, do not look for any period of time. At the wooded figures, the dog park will not harm you. The dog park is as it were,
always was shut up about the dog park, the City council added in handwriting to the bottom of the notice. This reminder of city rules is apparently in response to recent complaints by nightfall citizens over these secretive and exclusive nature of the dog park, and these complaints are apparently in response to recent. Activity by certain community radio, hosts and local scientists who surreptitiously used the dog park to go back and forth between night veil and a desert other world and then announced said activity to everyone over the airwaves. Apparently, I'm not sure I mean I'm not sure of anything really who knows I dont
Let's have a look now at sports. The night veil high school scorpions already have their first district in the season, without actually having played a single district game. This Fridays football Game against fierce rival, desert Bluffs has been forfeited by the vultures because of lack of funding. Desert bluffs has been in a steep year long recession. I mean it's an awful city, but it's hard not to feel bad The town is facing record unemployment and major setbacks in city programming. After the buy out and subsequent major restructuring. Last year of the only employer in town stretched, Corp Debbie Hs has had to cut their athletic programmes as well as old, music, history, trial marking and math class is next week
night bill scorpions, take on the Pine Cliff lizard monitors who are coming off last year. Successful nine in one season which Is due in large part to all of their players being ghosts and thus extremely difficult to tackle These scorpions will need a lot of luck, as they will be without star running back from a leak Herrera this season after last the scandal in which it was revealed, he wasn't real Herrera quit football to pursue his dreams of becoming a conceptual artist is current. Media is, would carvings on living trees he's been at work, Indy Whispering Forest along the east side of night veil, etching phrases like you look thanks today, and I have always loved you into some of the cedar trunks. The whispering forest Usually lorries humans with compliments, and then,
subsumed them. Turning them into trees as well, but since my leak doesn't actually exist, is immune to such pressure, oh, I guess white we have of a new intern she's been with us the past couple of weeks. Killing our social media, I'm kind of an old fart. Poor and I'm not really good at things like the internet, o in fact, I think, have long since let my license to use a computer supplier. But new in turn, Daniele has really picked up the slack transcribed, My work emails and my Hannibal fan poetry onto a tumblr page in turn, Maureen used to do all that applied since she left. I've had to lean on doing l for all of her expertise, good worked and yell, o speaking of which.
The current controversy at the dog park. I'm going to leave you to go down there and report on what's happening. Daniel is indeed producers booth shaking her head. No hell, you look horrified is an easy story out. She's she's writing something down. Ok, Daniel, just held her hand up to the plexiglas she's written, her palm in black marker this position. Regularly puts in turns in harm's way, and I would like to remain at my desk where I am safe. I don't want to die. The dog park is not safe. Please understand and
spect. My concerns sincerely Daniel Daniel also has extremely legible, handwriting and large palms. Ok, ok. I understand that denial. I think you're overreacting, a Delay Last time I sent an intern to report a story of the dog park, she became mayor, but ok, you do your thing. Well, it sounds like we're getting our first. I witness reports from a dog park. We have on the phone right now, John Peters, you know the farmer John! Are you at the dog park right now address sure am what's happening down There are people demonstrating. Is it peaceful out afresh on your definition of patients? Cecil, I'm looking right now,
people there all in a long row, standing upright and perfectly still may apps slat swayed each individual and breeze, but otherwise perfectly planet in stoic. There. Also, quite not a single sound, save some incidental Ruslan, the mundane din physical existence. That sort of thing afterwards, rain spoken. This is amazing. I am so proud of our town. Picking a non violent approach towards civic change. This reminds me of the Classic Sit ins where programme. Like I said so. They ain't certain per se, they're all totally upright Ok, sure I know I just met always say what you mean. That's a famous quote. You know who said that while I knowed
Lewis Carroll Road. Oh oh, who said it then were now they're a bird sore and above lots of blackbirds circling the rows of silence citizens. The birds are coin and landed on some of em there's one citizen in particular, who stand and on a would break. His arm spread wide. His head cocked bit to the side door in a straw hat and a smile of unnatural geometry. His eyes are solid black and seem to be protruding from his rough base. The birds are avoiding this particular man. I think perhaps Zizi leader these people, as he also stands perfectly still perfectly silent, is so Stoa So strong Cecil, yes, John she's, I'm looking straight at the sun right now. Oh John! Don't do that? That's bad for you, so beautiful
how beautiful it hurts. John here comes a cloud at such a relief. So are the p. Pull at the dog part carrying signs of any sort. Are they ring tee shirts with slogans are anything like that girl grain and leave we rising from the dirt little tough to brownish hair on top. Some of the birds are back in their faces. Now eaten the bogus golden flesh hidden beneath shoe, get going. You birds, good. I think the birds are leaving. Oh no, they're just circling back to some other people further away. Now there no never evokes head eyes rosy. So it's just brutal John Wayne are you in a cornfield? Well, it sounds an awful lot like a. Thornfield? I don't want to get into an argument with the about symbiotic Cecil, but I know what I see things through the update John. You bet she's, always nice and talk to the town, you birds and now a word
from our sponsor today Show is sponsored by knife, need to cut a thing. Use knife need book a hole in another thing! Dry! using knife. Have one day I wanted to become too were more smaller things you could. Try saw saw, sometimes works, but other times you need knife, just listen to knife. In act, shed maybe he's a nice. This has been a word from our sponsors to deal with the current Perverse surrounding d, no dogs or people in the dog park policy, mayor D,
no cardinal, oh hey Daniel, that's the former! In turn. I was talking about. You sure you don't want to go right, a dog park story. Ok, fine, has sent Her director of emergency press conferences, PAMELA Winchell, to deliver an emergency press conference here is what she had to say. Today is an important day in our cities. History, today, citizens of night veil have spoken and may have said something I wasn't paying attention. I can't hear and see and understand every single thought or feeling everyone is having every single moment. Someone is always trying to explain things to me: put the car and reverse to go backwards. Don't point that gun at me, PAMELA! Greenland is mostly ice, whereas Iceland is
truly Ireland misspelled please someone over my shoulder telling me how to do something or someone on my shoulder crying or someone below my shoulder in a headlong. It's just too much for me to take in so Some of you are against the dog park or Maybe you are against the people against the dog park. I dont know who can tell maybe you against dogs who are parking. Why would dogs park dogs can't drive. Wait. Did you mean dogs barking? Are you against the dog bark? I'm with you on that there is nothing worse than an idiot dog voice. Its idiot opinion keep it to yourself. King, nobody asked well
Maybe someone did I once asked at all. It was a good girl and it was silent. It didn't know or it didn't want to say either possibility makes me sad. I'm still sad about this. Let's have a moment of silence for my sadness. Ok, I'm still sad though, but the sadness it's better with me. Did you know it takes more muscles to frown than it does to think about being sad, strew, no questions, I'm taking no questions were done here. Oh before I forget Cecil, can we move our coffee date from Tuesday to Wednesday? I have a dental appointment Tuesday. I have, I almost forgot why they originally called call me back: okay, Oh, I guess
It's just a voice, mail from PAMELA, not a press conference never might, and now an update on the hole in the vacant lot out. Back of the roofs of the group of others that meet at the whole and huddle have now taken up. Nestling, we're done huddling, said a spokesperson for the group. No one knows who these former huddled ers current Nestle. As are north I regularly scheduled nestling times just that they like to national in the hole in the vacant lot out back of the rocks. They also like it. When other people come join them they formerly enjoyed huddle. But now there are new thing is nestling com. Nestle. We. Thus their press release reads. What's the worst that could happen, we don't know
and we'd like to find out. It concludes a spokesperson for the group issued a new statement. Just now. Oh, do not assume we like nestling or dislike huddling, nestling, just its huddling. Just what's. This is every, I think so. Girl vessel also as a proud sponsor of our station, so maybe get some having done as well probably do the shopping part first we're getting word that the people at the dog park have begun shouting at the wooded figures who inhabit the dog park? They are shouting things like I do not like the dog park policy and
Please can my dog and I come play in the park and that's a nice park. Some of the dog owners have begun, holding up spit, soaked, tennis, balls and well chewed frisbees and they are demanding that they be let into the dog park so that they may get some exercise with their loving boil canine companions, one of them even shouted. My dog has p, really badly sea, and then they pointed at their dog and the dog was shifting its weight nervously from leg to leg its eyes, anxious and its cheeks obviously flush underneath the dark fur. In response to this, heightened civil disobedience Mayor Cardinal announced that she and the City Council will hold a meeting today to discuss their various options for changing the dog park policy.
Council speaking in unison said they ate it this idea and then they sent a dozen or so helicopters across the city of night. Vale sprang every citizen with sedatives. Well, it sounds like maybe some headway will be laid at the door park. I hope it is soon, as things have gotten confrontational, I hope we want a better take us before I drift off the weapon.
Do you think that energy is a meagre. Near Lyndon Johnson to Africa. Even then I turn now to laughing. Nothing, but she keeps news and read them, and his friends escape into strong pasture tea, we got to stop
It's CS gave a strange thing: that's good news that sedative!
assisted MID Day, nap left me well rested and full of vim an pep morbidness. After hours of meetings between the mayor and the City Council, the dog park has been officially opened up to use by dogs a first in its three years of existence. There are some rules and guidelines for dog park usage, of course, as outlined just now by the City council. First, anyone wishing to take their dog to the dog park must have a dog second dog owners must submit proper paperwork, proving that they are blood related to their dog. Third,
After a municipal Review Committee approves the application, a wooded figure will take the dog into the dog park and played with the dog using city approved, frizz. Bees, sticks and balls. Doll. Gunners may not accompany the hooded figures during this time and will be safely pact away in styrofoam containers for the duration of the dog park programme. The City Council added that there will be a slight bump in gasolene taxes to pay for this new programme. Also, they will be Building do higher obsidian fencing around the dog park. They added that dogs who go into the dog park as part of this new programme will not be returned to their owners
Finally, they ve hired, Troy Walsh landscaping to plant new white Lily gardens around the perimeter of the dog Park toy showed great at everything he does so that should be real, pretty well good job night veil, it's a small step forward, but your voices were heard. So often we think that politics is just arguing about who should pretend to be president, but real change starts here at home with your streets and neighbourhoods and communities, I'm proud of the great work done by our citizens today, we all came together over it issue important to the people and we were heard by our leaders have inspiring. As the old saying goes, horses. Leave of prints on your heart. Doesn't have anything to do with togetherness or change. It's just a warning.
Horses are dangerous and will try to kill. You know that and you can accomplish anything state due next week. The review of the popular new film on edited ceased. Tv footage sit, go number, forty, one. Seventy two left rear am and as always good night night veil, good night Welcome to night veil is production of night fell, presents, it is written by Joseph Think and Geoffrey Greener and produced by Joseph think. The voice of night veil is Cecil Baldwin. The voice of John Peters. You know the farmer was marked goggly artie. Voice of PAMELA Winchell was desert, Re Birch,
original music by disposition all if it can be found dispersion, dot info or at disposition, dot band camp dot, com episodes. Whether was I love you, oddly, by Rebecca Angel, find out more better angel dot band Camp dotcom comments, questions email I sat info at welcome to night fell DOT, TK or follow us on Twitter at night veil, radio Chica. Welcome to night veil, dot com for more information on this issue, as well as all sorts of cool night fail stuff you can own and why are there consider clicking that donate link that be cool of you. Today's proverb, The word motel is an amalgam of the words hotel and murder,
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