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79 - Lost in the Mail

2015-12-01 | 🔗

It's Remembrance Day, which means it's time for us to honor those who will someday be lost in the Blood Space War with the most solemn event possible: a fun parade! Also we hear from one young Night Vale citizen whose life has already been changed forever by this future war.

This episode was co-written with Zack Parsons.

The voice of Basimah was Aliee Chan.

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Music: Disparition, disparition.info.

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Produced by Night Vale Presents. Written by Joseph Fink & Jeffrey Cranor. Narrated by Cecil Baldwin. More Info: welcometonightvale.com, and follow @NightValeRadio on Twitter or Facebook.

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We brought something back with us. Some thing week had not escaped memories of a great vacation to deepest space and
The merciless distant prince welcome to night Bay. Listeners. It is a solemn day here,
in night veil even more solemn than last year's solemnity fast, during which three people were overcome and had to be revived with party hats and Whoopi. Cushions today is remembrance Day that special day once per year when we interrupt our routines to reflect, Upon those who probably sacrificed their lives for us in the endless blood space war, we not sure whether they are alive or dead. Because there is a thousand here difference between our time and those who fight for us on the best, intergalactic battlefields where time converges. But We assume that they are all heroes. This day we put aside our political differences even deeply bitter divisive difference is like the belief or
disbelief in mountains and we all come together to remember those who will die thousands of years from now and hope that the impossibility of victory is less impossible than before. Like any day Lee, painful and serious subject. It is remembered through the medium of civic parade, look out of the studio I can see, the parade route is packed with onlookers and everything is getting under way symbolic dead, led the procession, each of them wearing the mask of one of those who went into the distance of time and can never return behind them is afloat, getting the enormous serpent whose mouth contains the universe, people reminder to us all Even the stars must some a be swallowed volume.
That apparition comes our mayor and my friend Dana Cardinal in her ceremonial mayors, coffin behind her or the citizens for a blood space war. Still over six hundred million dollars, left to hit the fund raising goal for their bomb. That may destroy reality, as we understand it gets. Cookies in the oven for the next bake sale, a bridge departure now from the parade in progress. All this week, we have been reaching out to you, the listeners and asking for stories about how the blood space war has affected your lives. You her From the black doll fan on how to grow a victory garden inside your body and you're, a bismuth shared the story of her Etsy store where she sells dolls that represents individual soldiers in the blood space war showing the
actual wounds. They will some day suffer and now too in her own words. I bring you the story of a girl whose Father volunteered to fight. Let's listen, Together I may seem of a shower and I am a junior high, my father, the care Bashar left to join the blood space, warm unable six. I remember the glowing draw waken stepped through the tall, sober skinned, recruiter came to our house and the sound of it like a slide whistle going up. The most tragic slide whistle had ever heard. Tat was gone forever, but also he's gone at all. I think I'm a regular student whatever. That means I haven't ground wings like the cheerleaders, but I've had an imbalance.
I mean I used to be good, but I think I stopped paying attention it simply. It was pointing toward a truth. I didn't want to work, I'm really good at science and English. I used to be and marching point now prefer guitar me and my friends formed an autograph, the rash, we're called them misfits. I guess how it works is that once a year for the first hundred years, dad's journey, they are going to wake him up and allow him to send a message back to earth. I have a big family, so it's not like, I don't feel loved. Sometimes I feel like it would be easier, if maybe I can get in touch with me at all now wish that I love him and wish you never left. The messages show up on my night stand in these gelatinous sharpened councils.
They are warm soft in my hands. The words are printed on a tiny role of plastic inside you may gets the same one every year and he always sends it to mean right around my birthday, but about exactly what my birthday I don't know, other he's getting it wrong. Maybe it's just time being weird again, and I too believe that to my dad he laughed eleven years ago, but to me it must have my lifetime I'll, be an old woman and who still be on his way to the sending letters to me that he remembers from just a few weeks before it's not stupid. I guess It is true, but it is more from the cinema in a bit, but we need to update you on the parade Here comes the emissary listeners, it would.
And be remember its day without a visit from the only entity to ever return from the war. It has been hold up from the pit and yes here it comes. No one knows what the emissary ease or why the emissary inhabits a cosmic, not suit. Oh, it's lifting devised and giving us a glimpse at the void within the helmet and its it saying something I'll try to interpret all these things are meaningless and the war will, of course, that's the whole point. Isn't it listeners? If we end the war, it will go on eternally. We must continue the war to bring it to an end, its y, all those brave people enlisted and keep enlisting and willing list forever, and there goes the emissary a solemn reminder of why our volunteers continue to fight in the blood space war.
Would have grave being soon. We will trap it back in its pit Speaking of those volunteers, the night veiled veterans of a blood Space WAR Association is holding a fish ride this Saturday to raise money for a statue of the unknown soldier to be built one thousand years in the future by which time we may know who the soldier is bring friends. Family fish
And whatever else you would like, fried over to the v s W hive located in the space between the walls at the abandoned cannery. While I vert my gaze from these shiners homunculus, let's have a word from our sponsors: do you have dry eyes, red eyes, goat eyes, a fit eyes, any other eyes you're not currently using? We want your eyes at Richter's, eye glass hot. We give you money for your unwanted eyes and turn them into glass for affordable windowpanes. How don't ask questions come on down to Richter's eye glass hut located conveniently off the highway? He lives in the shadow of the immense, precarious rock, no longer accepting potato eyes or the eye of a storm not responsible for our windows, watching you, while you see, and now, let's.
Returned to story shippers, that makes me think of Burke Things Bassi, that's what he calls me It was my nickname when I was six: I'm not sex in Aachen,. Out of him at a jumbo. They see what we are going too far It is an idea like a color or pride, but it can tell us if the idea gets inside then it's over. Does he do you remember the songs to send you to put you to suit our Abdul rush, and then he wrote the whole song out, but you got a bunch of the lyrics wrong legacy. Doing it from memory. I gotta catch two months ago telling me he wants me to be a doctor, so I can cure one of the big diseases. Like cancer Reich cancer. There is nothing like cancer. There's just cancer church accurate that space tat the pressure.
Most of the messages my father sent me lists of ways I need to have my wife things. I should do and should do you know. You want me to pray, everyday and obey. My mother I was nine. He warned me not to disappoint till I was sixteen which well, I guess, goodness, within their divergent started, with little things you said I should get a puppy for my birthday, but it got us now when a stiff He wanted to make sure I had started wearing my job. Mom said I should make my own choices. So sometimes they wear it, and sometimes I don't like
a recent mask, but not that often at school. That sort of thing my father is talking to a person who isn't me to a person that doesn't exist. He had imagined my entire childhood and young adulthood. He brings up obvious milestones like starting high school. I that first kiss, but he doesn't know about that car accident I spent most of my forty three recovering from. I can't tell him about the palms. I read the fact that I have the place is a ghost, maybe since he's going to be around long after I'm gone and the one who is opposed to him a text, Comfort, knowing my dad got paid a lot of money for joining the blood space war and after them give me and mom for a long time in really having a space. It's just another way to have a family evidence something you isn't a nuclear family
Cry isn't a nuclear family street from an eighteen fifty, but like literally from the nineteen fifty is even ass. She wants her life and twenty fifteen. Musha has accounts or fathers japanese. Spider You loved it doesn't matter somebody space ghost I can deal. I just wish dad left me up the meagre I was eleven years ago and we do not agree with it. Moving would come. I wish you would be a dad to mean that the ghost war with Bessie my coming up, but first the web
you don't understand why you understand.
The parade has ended most The onlookers have ceased to look on and the wind is gathering up the paper remembrance day masks and depositing them in a random scattering across our sidewalks and streets. Alone, dog, I recognize from a recurring dream, is staring at me from a block away a dark. And rumbles past everything is calm and quite it once again and be startled me listeners The emissary has appeared in the studio without warning. Without When opening a door, It is sitting in the chair next to me and slowly rotating. Its visor is open and I Being forced to stare at the ineffable darkness within the emissaries helmet.
I believe it is asking. If I understand the nature, of unreality. Sorry, I understand dreams and and to seize, and this do we sometimes incredible, sometimes painful world that surrounds us, but I can only experience it with my seven senses. Mistress. The emissary is saying that the nature of unreality is that experience. And reality are linked, but separate. What is experienced may not be real. What is real, they never be experienced.
Well so far this has just basic geometry, like we all learn in the third grade, whereas the emissary going with this. The emissary is saying In a thousand years, we Will turn the vastness of space read for A reason there was never a purpose to this war we made, but if remembered stay, has taught me anything under strict or of the sheriffs secret police. It is that war is a purpose, unto itself the emissaries asking me to end the conflict.
But I am sorry emissary. I do not have the power to end the blood space war after all, The blood that has been spilled in space sore we'll be spill door. May be spilled at some theoretical point in the future. I I'm just a humble radio host and you are, as sentient, nothingness, inhabiting the suit of a dead cosmonaut. How could the two of us here. To stop a war I don't know just don't know, the theory is gone ass though it was, never here. Maybe it wasn't. After all. This moment was only something I experienced not some I know, is real. Let's hear the rest of the Cmas tape
You must be proud of you rather going off to frighten the blood space war. I used to say yes not anymore if it makes a selfish or ungrateful. My dad made the wrong choice and I want him back. He wrote down the lyrics alone, We're going to run and going to fly, I'm going to bring the snow back to. What are you, what are you. Daddy.
This news don't know how the emissary ended up in this taped recording dropped off at the studio, three days ago give that the emissary was only released from its pit this morning, but then I dont know My favorite type of pie is made, but When I order it there, it is steaming and delicious. I dont how the male gets delivered, but every day like clockwork, it doesn't I dont know how lost pets end up on the moon, but they do and they have built extensive city up there. The clock it is now twelve or one remember
or day is over. We can all return to our lives and too forgetting that the blood space war is going on or we'll go on. Maybe at that years from now, and maybe. In one thousand years plus a day or two, though brave volunteers we sent to fight in a war, none of us understand will allow the most dangerous idea of all into their heads, they will turn back. And return home to us, against all laws of time and space. Paraphrasing the half remembered words of an ancient profit. Perhaps they will. Bring this love back to us, or maybe They already have state to next forever
that will or will not happen Order that they may or may not occur and from the present, as I am currently experiencing it good night night veil, good night,.
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