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8 - The Lights in Radon Canyon

2012-10-01 | 🔗

Mysterious lights and sounds are coming from Radon Canyon. Plus, tips on how to win the town lottery, our newest (incorporeal) School Board member, and the abandoned mineshaft finally gets HBO!

Weather: "This Too Shall Pass" by Danny Schmidt. dannyschmidt.com

Music: Disparition, disparition.info

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Produced by Night Vale Presents. Written by Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor. Narrated by Cecil Baldwin. More Info: welcometonightvale.com, and follow @NightValeRadio on Twitter or Facebook.

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Hey. I want to tell you about two fiction, podcast from like their presence that you're going to love first there. Within the wires? A unique and immersive show that tells stories using found audio from an alternate twentieth century. Our new season season for is out, and it's about a mother and daughter as they attempt to lead an anti government commune surviving on the fringes of society and its all told, via tape, recorder letters home to her daughter and sermons to the commune. Next, there is the orbiting human circus, a podcast about the janitor who lives at the top of the Eiffel tower. It is back with a brain. New musical story. This fall that asked the question: does the janitor Lee exists? He hoped so tuna? to this sweeping cinematic experienced features Julian Costume, John Camera Mitchell, Susanna Flood and many more to find out. The answer you can in both within the wires and the
human circus in your favorite up or at night no presence dot. Com silence is golden. Words are vibrations thoughts. Are magic welcome to night next Saturday is the big lottery, drawing listeners ride out in full City Hall and York unity. Radio station has put together a few helpful tips for winning The lottery is of course mandatory, but how?
Can you get the best odds for drawing a blank white paper and not one of the purple pieces means you'll, be ceremoniously dissembled and eaten by the all that the night veil petting zoo when makeshift carnival I know that some of you, young people, this lottery, seems like a barbarous, outdated tradition, but if not for municipally plan citizen sacrifice each quarter. How else? we find satisfactory, meets to feed those sad scrawny animals so now are the three eyes of playing the lottery? I won identify Learn to sense, colors, purple a greedy or emotional aura than white I to ignite
set fire to your home one. It's not true that rules refuse to eat arsonists. It's a scientific fact that their unable to detect the presence of one three imitate If you happen to draw a purple peace, impersonate, someone who drew of white piece, you might be mistaken for a person who was colorblind. This, of course, will leave two months of painful color re education at City Hall, but in most cultures, that's better than being eaten by wolves, also make sure to visit the food truck Festival, which will be downtown as part of the lottery festivities. Popular truck treats include korean barbecue, vegetarian Chile and Veal ice cream. Carlos this stations, favorite scientist no offense
You doctor Dubinsky in the night veil, community College Chemistry Department dropped by they are broadcast location earlier this morning for a little chat, sadly, did or weaken plans were not among the topics. However, Carlos did request that We ask listeners for anyone who saw a series of bright colorful flickers coming from radon canyon this past weekend. These flickers would have also been accompanied by unintelligible noises possibly some form of coded communication or signal jamming technique called suggested that there could be some very sinister forces at work here. He D, To be interviewed, live clay, Only that he was scared for US scare for all of us in our strange town.
Then he drove away quickly in his economical but attractively sporty hybrid coop If anyone out there knows anything about these other worldly lights and sounds. Please contact us immediately. Night veil, school superintendent, Nick Ford announced. Today that the glow cloud has joined the school board, the glow, loud passed over the entirety of night veil several weeks ago, helping small and large animal carcasses controlling our thoughts and tertiary muscle groups and erasing every last recording device we're still unsure the glow cloud even existed. As no one remembers it, nor is any digital record of it. If not for a few. Intrepid citizens who used old fashioned pens and pencils too cord the event in their diaries, we would
I've, no remaining knowledge of that day, I of course, can only Thank those journal, writers anonymously here on the air as the Veil City Council long ago band, writing utensils, along with margarita, glasses and barcode scanners. And I dont want to get my fellow reporters in any trouble with the sheriffs secret police. According to Superintendent Ford, the glow clouds visit on that nearly forgotten day was simply an effort. Find a nice neighborhood with good schools to raise a child. Now, what kind of progeny a powerful formless cloud of noxious nightmares and spiritual d, destruction might produce. I dare not even speculate
But I do know one thing- that little cloud is going to get one heck of an education in the night Veils school district and isn't it heartening to hear that that little puff despairs, father or Mother Wilson early on the school board. I mean No matter how good the school, a student only get out as much as the parents put in. We should all take Such an impact full role in our children. Scholastic lives, specially you Steve, Carlsberg, you'd, do anything except bring unacceptably dry scones to Peter meetings and take grammar. Clean disastrous minutes on your shifts. As meetings secretary get it together, Steve Superintendent, Ford offered the following statement of support: for the newest school board, member or
all hail, Neil for the glow cloud, sacrifice: pestilence sources All hail the glow cloud and now traffic. This morning I saw a running man. He passed by my home panting limping running desperate. I tried stop him, but he would not meet my eye. This noontime. I saw a running man. He was coming down from the mountain holding a bag. His knees were bloody and face covered in tears. This evening I saw a running man. He was leaving town legs pumping like a terrified heart. I think
he was missing and is it that he wouldn't meet my eye or that he had no eyes. I wish I could remember all over. I wish I could remember This has been traffic. New billboards have appeared all over town bearing the image of a turkey sandwich and the single word harlot in large block letters these oh boards, have caused some confusion. Both due to their ambiguous message and to the fact that the entire our structure of the billboards
T realized overnight in places bill words are not usually constructed, such as the living rooms of local homes the middle of busy thoroughfares, causing multiple car accidents and one case directly through Hu, a living dog who is now appeared harmed by the addition to his body and as care the entire billboard around town while going about his usual canine business. The department of health and human services. Recent he claimed responsibility for the billboards saying they were part of a campaign to promote nutrition and health. Living among children, the
Original draft of the release also mentioned something about and offering to a long dead God, but this was third to fund active. Life. Styles are important for kids of all ages in a subsequent addendum We are receiving several phone calls from listeners and from the parks department that those Flickr lights and unintelligible noises we reported on earlier we're coming from the pink Floyd, or peons have laser spectacular allegations Carlos about this, and he said that the situation is even worse than he agent, he again did mention weaken plans,
sport scandal has shook our quiet little town, the night veil scorpions, have faced multiple allegations of possible gain tampering, this football season, representatives for the desert, but school district speaking an unpleasant and how pitched voices, indicative of weakness of will and character complained, the regional football and Traffic Code authority that night veil quarterback Michael, send arrows recently grown. Second head counts as a twelve men on the field. Thus- invalidating the winds brought on by his also recently acquired superhuman. Agility and strength, the or asked You see a said that they would look into these allegations with the utmost seriousness, along with their concur,
current investigation into whether night veils, invisible crosswalk policy is actually a desperate bid. To save town funds at the cost of pedestrian lives. Meanwhile, the school board is due to announce its decision in their ongoing hearings as to whether appealing to angels for a win constitute illegal game tampering. Several angels, agreed to testify at the hearings. However, Her testimonials were cut short when it became apparent that the here Things were actually elaborate traps set up by the City Council to finally captured the angels, whom the council does recognize as actually existing. Fortunately, angels easily escaped from their cages in a blaze of heavenly liked.
Presumably returning to old woman Joseph House out near the car lot which has become something of an informal shelter for local angels. When about the controversy over his teams winning record coach. Now, Our mood you he said our boys are good boys. There the boys at football, we wyndham with the boys, the football, then he smiled vacantly wave No one and wandered off in the direction of the woods. More on this story as it develops. And now a word from our sponsor- Step in to your nearest subway restaurant today and try there are new six inch, mashed potato sub top it.
With the delicious assortment of fresh vegetables like french fries and new Tela they'll, even toast or poach it, for you. There are several subway locations and night veil. All easily accessible through witchcraft and chanting, Between now and November, thirtieth by nine reverse colonics and get a free for the out soda or freshly baked tobacco cooking. Subway the flower, your own, empty heart. Exciting news about the abandoned mine, shaft outside of town, where people who vote incur Lee are taken by the secret police, it should be. Oh on demand will be made available to prisoners during their indefinite detention. All your average shows such as the wire sex in the city,
even new hits like game of thrones will be available in every cell, additionally, the sea police announced they will be randomly executing one prisoner a day until all incorrect votes are corrected. thing said: the council, in a very stern just in We are receiving word from the city council that there was absolutely not a pink Floyd multi media laser spectacular this weekend at Radon Canyon, There never was a pink Floyd multimedia laser spectacular ever near night. Veil, pink Floyd is not even a thing. Said the council in a very stern but quiet statement just saved by me here, the phone. The count
and this is strange- the entire council not As the representative of the council, the entire council issued this statement all speaking in unison just now over the phone. That night veil citizens are prohibited from discussing any lights or sounds coming from radon Kenyan this past weekend and that they just stop remembering pink Floyd shows all together The council reiterated that there is no way that they are huge Floyd fans privately using public funds on a laser powered seance to talk hard. Rock in classic jams with the ghost of original front. Man said, bear it and that Sid
wouldn't even say anything juicy anyway, because he is such a gentleman and an artist. This did not happen at all, so listeners, we urge you to look away from radar canyon, virtue, your eyes ears. And memories from that which is no longer allowed. You comfort, a structure with dense food until the vision programme, as the old adage goes a life. Of pain, used, the pay of life- you can never escape it. Only Hope it hides unknown drawer like a poisonous spider, comes out again. Even though it probably will in unexpected, and mythic fashion, scaring. You being able to comfortably conduct even the most.
Mundane day or tb tasks, or at least That's my grandparents always phrased it, and now the weather yeah to shall pass better Carmen on your forehead or tattoo on your eyes when plans strikes twelve. If today's termed Mars,.
Thanks to this two shall pass better carbon on your forehead or tattoo and on your eyes, when the clock struck twelve, if today you can't bars solve the sound of my friend makes ways she swirls and singing season. They stick and says she still mystified by. Thank you scared me. Have you nothing seemed last cancer in your body. It all starts to rethink, to rethink our self. Is one all Fang and reclaim this collection. It has a name is being Mcgreevy every cell. It sets out the role that states self interest is divine hands which bothers golden rule must be one to the other than the others on to you. All that is all that I accept so we can have is like a buffalo with all respect. Don't ask just hollered Skype. I should tell you plainly and clouds whisper by an enterprise the way they change, not rate applied without prior to re, integrate a blade of grass forgiveness. We never saw them re myself, except story. Go away that I was told there was a king that always felt too high a man he felt. So we call on the wise men back, therefore give rise and fall back where the rain was simple and plainly befitting frame where it had no from bad words around man said no.
Teddy Williams, over at he desert Flower Bowling Alley and arcade fun. Complex has an update on the doorway into that asked underground city, he found in the pin retrieval area of laying five He says that every window of the city is now a glowing both day and night, and he heard the shouts and footsteps of what sounded like an army marching upwards toward the world above He also said that, given that Nothing really matters now bowling his half off and each game, comes with a free basket of wings.
Nothing like those desert flower wings. Let me leave you with this. Dear listeners, we lead frantic lives, filled with needs and responsibilities, but completely devoid of any actual purpose. I say: let's try to enjoy the simple things. Life should be like a basket of chicken wings, salty. All of that, and surrounded by celery, you'll, never actually eat even when your greedily sopping up the last viscous streaks buffaloes sauce from the wax paper with your spit stained index finger, yes, that is, as life should be night, fail
to next for a special lie: broadcast of the night Veil Symphony orchestra performing Eugenio meals classic play the. Men come it. It is a good night good night, night to at commonplace books, dot com, check out commonplace books By Joseph think, and Geoffrey, cleaner and produced by Joseph Thing, the voice of night Cecil Baldwin, originally by dispersion, olive it can be downloaded for free disposition, DOT Info This episodes, whether was this too, shall pass by danish- meant find out more at vanishment dot, com want to have your music featured in the weather section want to contribute your talents to show just want to say: hi email us
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