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2016-02-01 | 🔗

Night Vale High School’s AP Auto Shop teacher demonstrates some of his inventions at the Museum of Forbidden Technologies. Plus, a visit from an adorable puppy, an update on the Trial of the Century, and a look at the Community Calendar.

The voice of Maureen was Maureen Johnson (www.maureenjohnsonbooks.com).

Weather: "Table Song" by Katie Kuffel (www.katiekuffel.com)

Music: Disparition, disparition.info.

Logo: Rob Wilson, robwilsonwork.com.

Produced by Night Vale Presents. Written by Joseph Fink & Jeffrey Cranor. Narrated by Cecil Baldwin. More Info: welcometonightvale.com, and follow @NightValeRadio on Twitter or Facebook.

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Have to find another test to reveal which of us are secretly box. Welcome to, let's start things off with the community calendar. This, after, soon the museum of forbidden technologies will be hosting elect, you're by night Veil highs, AP, auto shop, teacher Nick Teller, here be demonstrating some fun devices. He came up with, while tinkering around in his garage.
As usual for talks at the museum Nick will be covered with a burlap tarp White noise machine will be played through a state of the art, surround sound system so that a dangerous and secret technology can accidently be learned about Tuesday be the annual day in which we leave offerings of fruit and roll lades for the Eternal Scouts on display in front of city hall. These brave children right It was through the ranks from Boyscout too, Eagle scout blood Pact scout Weird scout dread not scout dark scout and fear scout. Before finally achieving the rank of eternal scout. Now. These two brave boys, Frank and party, stand, in their glass cases as they have for almost three years with wide.
Unseeing eyes. Why unseeing mouths and long Seeing air it is rumoured that one day and night veils hour of greatest need the eternal scouts? Will awake and walk among us once again till then we all bow our heads in silent, reverence so that we don't have to look at them because they are very creepy we all look at the ground instead, because the ground is not creeping except that it consumes your body when your body no longer belongs to eat ones, is take your daughter to work day, Wednesday, I use put your daughter to work day Wednesday his teacher daughter how to do whatever simple task it is. You are paid to do and then, when she has mastered it slip away and leave her as your replacement day. If you do not have a daughter, one will be assigned to you
If you do have a daughter or use are you do. Thursday is a lost cause. Why even bother with Thursday. We all tried and tried, and still Thursday, is what it is. That's all give up hope for Thursday and just let it do it's thing. Friday evening, legendary rock band the clash and the great Amy Wine are joining together for a free concert in Europe, machination saturday- There will be a sale at dark. I will records with breathing wildly reduced in price, cheapest of all set dark. I will owner Michel win we'll be there. Idea of art, which has been degree, did to a point where it holds no recognisable value. It's like what are even mean outside of the intention to make art said win in
statement she burned into my long this morning and just the intention to make art alone define what it is. Anyway, you can take art for all care. I moved on to the intricate fractal happenstance of Nature Lake years ago she concluded, if there's a particular album you're looking for. Please do ask for it by name so that Michel can know. The album is too well known now and she can put every Copy she owns in the garbage with all the rest of the popular music Andy is someone else's problem. What you have to worry But every day yourself, this has been the community calendar, my former in turn, Maureen has dropped by the studio and, oh my God
she has the most adorable beagle poppy withered Luke you lucky I near to oh, of course, hello, Maureen you are also here- yes hi whatever- I guess high marine- it's just a delight to have you and your little body here. I bet it's delight. Ok, what's been new with you, let's see oh yeah, I had to start a new internship because I still need those credits to graduate the new internships. Pretty sweet. I guess I led an army or whatever you lead, an army or whatever it doesn't matter. I mean I don't have to. If you could write my intern credit letter for school, I wouldn't have to do this an internship I could just graduate. Oh, your new internship sounds just great. I hope your truly applying herself I've been talking with another former in turn of yours. By the way, oh Dana,
So proud of her my best in turn, ever she's really doing some great things for this town. You know she's mayor now, right, I know their cargo is everything's about Dana. Isn't it oh look at me? I get college grades and I get to be mare not like Maureen Maureen has to lead an army, or whatever, to get those credit and army whatever it's not important did sounds kind of important both does it is that what sounds important? You know that there are people starving to death somewhere my God, where we should help them. I don't know, let's wasn't being specific, wasn't actually suggesting making the world a better place was just using theoretical human suffering is selection. Oh, have you been taking those art of conversation classes at the community college to a receptionist. Lance got me into these asses and I've learned so much about how to better talk with people techniques like intense almost invasive listening- and
salute denial of the reality of truth and changing the subject, your best line of defence in Europe be a credit letter or not. That's a good question. Another good. Question is a good one. Are you. The good bull dog is obviously he's beagle. Therefore, he's a good boy. This was a mistake, I'll talk to you later or whatever, more whatever than later boy booty gloody suitable to dog. I would do anything for that. Little face that tiny adorable face in those flabby dummy years. I would do everything. Oh no, the big leaving in the arm Maureen Maureen, is also leaving Dubai Marine. It was nice of you to do by and talk about your work, ever it was. You were talking about listeners she
leaving in the company of that same boy. I saw her with a couple weeks ago. The one with the baseball cap pulled low over his face. I definitely recognize him. Where do? I know him from man I'm certain. This won't come up again. I wouldn't worry about it. A small up to On my previous community calendar announcement, things have gone. Off track during a The auto shop teacher Nick tellers presentation on his inventions, it seems, that he somehow accidently remove the unsecured burlap tarp from his body and turned off the switch from the white noise machine next to him, thus far, The usual safeguards against learning his cabin The audible talk covered, simple life, hacks he's developed to lower your electric bill. The fur is a way of transmitting energy over great distances to that end.
He held up a little light bulb not visibly attached to any power source. The power mixer came wirelessly from a coil situated twenty six miles away in the desert here, other power saving tips included, setting your thermostat just a bit higher, improving the insulation in your home and use free energy generator. He invented that can provide power for an entire household indefinitely on now You will at all the world government has made a statement poligized for the technical errors that are allowing this speech to be heard. Have released a response that consists of just the words not drawn in red crayon on construction paper. So too, interesting sides to consider in this story. Update, the trial of the century as four of the five,
heads belonging to five had a dragon. Hiram Mcdaniel are tried for their role in the attempted coup against our beloved mayor. The first witness of the trial was college to the stand tricked by it was Harrison and their co professor of archaeology, yet the night bail community college. He was once tricked by high rooms heads and there HO conspirator, the faceless old woman who secretly lives in your head into summoning a sand gala that wreaked havoc throughout night veil. We covered all this, of course, in our two part report. Last year, Harrison had been so ashamed of his role in the destruction that he fled into the desert to live the life of a simple hermit. Lee reaching out to civilization to procure the bare necessities of life
and occasionally get on Skype to remotely teach classes and hold office hours. Mr Kip did his best to describe what had happened, but mainly all that happened is that he was tricked into raising a sand gul em. So his testimony wasn't that interesting. The only highlight came when he was asked about his months out in the desert. He indicated that he found the desert, mostly peace but that he had recently seen something in the middle of the night that had disturbed him. He seemed very shook up about it. Slumping forward and mumbling. What was, I believe, the word appalling over and over that part his testimony probably didn't mean anything and probably doesn't indicate anything is going to happen as that famous tv lawyer, Buffy, the vampire your Slayer, always says in her big closing arguments. Bass prefer,
comments is not a predictor of fuel. The results Nick tellers, each at the museum of forbidden technologies is disease strictly continuing to be heard by attendees and even more disastrously. The contents of this speech are being repeated on the radio moved on from his energy tips to reminisce a bit about some projects of his that didn't go exactly according to plan. For instance, he said He once did some work on a boat in Pennsylvania and a few mixed calculations meant that, instead of the boat becoming invisible as planned, it jumped through both pie and parallel universes horribly, altering every human on board, but Nick I want to emphasise. He didn't failures like that get him down. Even though that forty
killer. Failure was so spectacular that he had to change his name and fake his death in order to evade the consequences of this Inspiring stuff though, hearing it is completely legal, as is probably Putting it on the radio would see more from. As I continue to accidentally, tell you what he is saying, but first today's traffic, a spectrum of grey. The topmost gray is that of sunlight filtered through high altitude clouds. Then through lower altitude, haze, darkening down on a Manu chromatic spectrum toward dirt that his grey or appears gray, due to the equality of light built up from the dirt. Our great buildings full of Grey
people speaking greatly yes, I'll, have another slice of pi. They say he's This is looking as good as this pie. They say, pie, tastes, good and is better nutritionally than most people think they say. Colourless Tom words, grey faces slacking onto gray, necks and gray bodies, gray dreams of a great future. That is neither good nor bad, but just what's next a grey life, leave to greatly gray, dreams through gray nights, electric lights too bright to ever. Let dark settle into dark, no great absence. To contrast, the stars: no rich black of the void, a grey night
gray dreams, gray, life gray, words, gray, buildings in a grey world and the light graze Greyly through the gray MRS, been traffic, and now a word from our sponsors, today's answer is Google looking pictures of a monkey. I a pony just their it's on Google and it will probably be they're looking for picture, of a dog named table, search that I bet someone named their dog table and took a picture How about an image of the exact moment of your death, not to know that might be down there to give it a search, the internet is huge whatever it is, it's probably on their google. Search for super weird stuff will prove We find something at least kind of similar. This has been in a word from our sponsors
well it's almost time for our brother report and, I have to admit, I'm surprised. I'd have thought, give some of the forbidden information. We ve been repeating from Nick Teller that we would have been shut down by now. But maybe I was wrong wrong wrong about ran out that shot down by now wrong wrong long long. brother, you again,
You say to withstand your split laws that land and saw you please last said last evening, shot hatch
Finally, back listeners, I'm sure you ve noticed over the past several days that our usual broadcasts had been replaced by harsh buzzing and the occasional shout of your not hearing right now. This isn't sound, as I had kind of hoped the world government, shut down our station, which meant that I got a couple weeks off. He'd been needing a break and the extra legal closure of my place of work and the forced education of all of us who work there gave me just the chain Hence I need it between re education sessions. I did a number of household chores that needed doing, painting cleaning and the like the picking up and the putting down and amending and the clearing reciting. My lawn after Michel burned her statement into it. I had some quiet time. Carlos
I re watch the entire series of Buffy, the vampire slayer does love at the end of every episode after she successfully wins the big court case when she's, look cigars and cracks wise with her law, firm partner angel, not so good. We also dropped in on Nick Teller at his auto shop in the high school. He just finished up. Eating the cars and was grading some papers, but he kindly made time for a chat. I asked him if he wished things had turned out for him differ. If you wish tat, he had had to flee his old life and come to. This town, where his best inventions are suppressed by order of the world government. He smiled no He said honestly, I get it. The world is now I ve been accepting of what I do and I am happy with my life here. I,
teaching auto shop. I like working with young people, I like guiding them into a life of creating new things. That will never see the light of day because they threatened the system as it is, and the powers as they are rewarding work, I was glad that he seemed to have found peace in his life. He said he was too. After all, he said What other choice would I have it's not like? I could go back and fix my mistakes or wait. He turned pensively and told me that he had some old papers. He wanted to look through for purely nostalgic reasons and asked if I could leave him to it, and so I did list Yours, maybe at some point Nick one to be something other than he wise, but what doesn't mean. He is beholden to that dream. He once had it's ok
for him to be all right with who he is now. Acceptance is not failure Sometimes, acceptance is just acceptance. Of course one was always be open to new dreams and new ambition, and if, at some point Nick sides that he no longer wants to be and Ap Auto shop teacher or if he decides he wants to alter history, so he will never have even come here night night veil good night, to gain and cabin pressure, no mascot. Help you we weren't prepared for things to go this way and fell night. It is.
Not tonight Dallas production of night fell presents. It is written by Joseph Think and Geoffrey Greener and produced by Joseph Thing The voice of night veil is Cecil Baldwin. The voice of in turn, Maureen was Maureen Johnson original music by desperation. Oliver. We found at dispersion dot info or it supervision that band camp dot com this epoch. Its whether was table song by Katy couple find out more at Katy couple: dot, com That's k: U S! S DE l comments. Questions email aside, info at welcome to night veil, dot com or follow on Twitter at well radio check out
welcome to night fell dot com for more information on this issue, as well as all sorts of cool nightingale stuff. You can own Why does air consider clicking that donate link, daddy They call of you. Today's proverb. You know what would be great if someone made a movie showing Spiderman origin story. I'd love! to finally see that on the big screen hi it's just a thank my Jeffrey Nigh, created, welcome tonight, fell back in twenty twelve, normally worthwhile, turning our ideas into writing, but our brand new show start with this. It's you who do the creating on each up assembled. Talk about a topic as the creative process. Then we
I'll, give you two short assignments: something and soon and something to create, you can share your work on our membership for him to see what other people are up to? We want you to start creating one simple assignment added time, because the best way to start writing is to start writing, find it where ever you get your part casts. X.
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