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83 - One Normal Town

2016-03-01 | 🔗

The town of Desert Bluffs is no more. Plus, an update from Paul Birmingham, a look at traffic, and changes afoot at the Ralphs.

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breathed out: breathe in breathed out, don't breathe, don't breathe, don't breathe, don't Bree. Well go to night, our neighbouring towns of desert blots, is no bore. It has been swept from the map its borders, a bad memory, its name- I forgot
no joke. Blisters. I have long dreamed of saying these words. Although the circumstances are different than I could have ever foreseen, Mayor Cardinal, announced today that after months of extending loans and other budgetary aid to these struggling community, her and Mayor Cardoso of Desert. Bluffs agreed that the path to financial stability laying in I can't leave. I'm saying this merging the two towns. As of this, big night veils borders will extend to include the dumb buildings that used to belong to desert, bluffs and all the weirdos that, for some reason, chose to live. There Dana said that she understood there would be some adjustments needed from everyone
and then went on to say some other stuff that didn't really matter, because apparently it's fine that desert bluffs is now part of night veil, and no one has a problem with that and that's ok, it's fine! It's fine Our new sheriff SAM, who has been in spoken opponents to the monetary aid given to desert bluffs because of these strain it puts on law enforcement budgets reacted as expected press conference. They expressed their extreme displeasure in this development by singing selections from Richard Foremans Tony award, winning Broadway musical film his evil radio is good while weeping. Obviously, in response to follow up questions from the attending journalists, SAM quietly said. Listen, I just need this. Right now, ok before vowing, that they would continue their strong opposition to the mayor's plan for unification and then softly crying
a little more and now traffic there one It was a farmer who never much thought of leaving his land. He was come where he was and comfortable with, only ever being, merely comfortable. He had close friends, although a few p, Let the farmers market new who he was nets, I know who he is they might have said, although none of them ever did, none of them were ever asked one. As he was sitting down alone to dinner He heard a loud party happening out in this field. Music conversation laughter, more conferred whose than annoyed he went out to see who could have set up a party in his remote field, but there no one there. Instead, the party now sounded as though it were coming from his house. He ran.
Back. In now afraid he was dealing with intruders, but there was no one there, The sound of the party was again coming from outside from his fields. But from empty stretch of road that shadow from nowhere, much followed the a farm it was also nowhere much. He went out to the road, but there was nothing The sound of the party was now just over a gentle slope in the road he followed it. Nothing then is just around the corner. Then, where those trees covered the road in shadow, he follow and followed the sound each time. Finding that he was almost but not quite to its source He never came back to his farm again by us What happened to him? One of the folks at farmers market might have said, although none of them
ever did none of them were ever asked. This has been traffic. The roofs supermarket announced. A small change to their sale structure indicate that they will no longer be following the bring food you want up to the cashier and pay for it model that has been played out for years now, and stead will be structuring themselves as the world's first auction supermarket any citizen looking to buy food from roofs will have to come to one of their daily scheduled auctions and bid on the kitchen, staples and snacks, as they are brought up for auction and one by one. For instance, lot Four, oh two might be a banana. While luck for three might be a bag of Sun ships and a bottle of tomato juice, Charlie Bay, do weekday shift manager at the roofs said. We believe.
It will be a more exciting and fun way for consumers to get the food they need and to pay more for it. A lot more. He can you'd in competition with others, so that, if you don't get that peanut butter, somebody else will and then Del have peanut butter, and you won't better not those wallets and make sure you get the food you need. Fortunately, for me, Carlos tends to do our shopping, since I personally have a little trouble with auctions due to some traumatic experiences. In my past I mean I know that as the saying goes past performance. On a predictor of future results, but still, I think us at these auctions out. As part of the launch of event for the auction system. Ralph simply these will stand on these supermarkets roof pelting pass there is, by with water balloons and expired produce and drunkenly ending the lyrics to every cat, Stephen Song in unison until they have run out of breath, and
as locked with each other. In hunched. Over panting silence continue to mouth the lyrics they no longer have the breath to say back no to the news. The dissolve of desert bluffs into night veil, continues: Not only do people but new ways of life. Dave Morality, Karim YO, a former desert blots resident announced. The founding of the first ever joyous congregation of these smiling God here in night veil, on an old industrial stretch of the eastern Expressway, like this as a proud city of blood stone worshippers, but, Certainly there are many in town who know of the power these smiling God and
these and worship in the smiling. God is not a new thing here, in fact, A few long time night they'll residents attended the inaugural service at the joyous congregational church located near storefront. Used to sell leaf blowers and Leif blower accessories the City Council said that sales from their blood stone factory have fallen by as much as one percent and that this is totally not ok with them we're seeing someone now they said a high, pitched Wendy boards and it it's not a good time for us to be losing any income mayor Cardinal won't. Let us devour the joyous congregation, but we urge you to stick to the traditional worship of blood stone circles like your mother, and your grandmother and the lizard people before her Poland, Birmingham local community activist, who lives in a leading to behind the library, wanted ever
want to know that he was against it when question what he was against. Specifically, he shrugged and said I don't know it all of it or some of it. The bad ports totally opposed not affair. At all. He concluded he waved signs, all of which just said no all has a long history of political activism. Midnight bail, starting with ease a regular should be legal campaign that he waged ferociously for the better part of the eighties. Only bring it up when he found I'll bet. Original already was legal. Then shifted into environmental activism, marching every day in front of city hall. To draw attention to is controversial. If I see as road is what you see, is blue. What, if color, isn't even real campaign? More recently
he had joined the airfield earth society. The group doubly The earth is a precariously inflated orb that could pop or deflate at any moment now. He seems to have dropped all of his previous specific beliefs or the more general stance of negativity without target a no directed at nothing. Reporters report, his breath side reporters report, his shoulders, sagged reporters, sport is shouting waned, his signs drooped all by his brow just so thing has to be true. You know he said go with sponsored by a happy looking dog, that's whipping and wagging his tail. He just wants you to play order pet him or maybe just stop feeling sad then. Maybe I would understand he wandered back. To his lean to see me
a grove years, older is defiance burned out of him. And now a word from our sponsors today show is sponsored by a happy looking dog, that's wolfing and wagging his tail this, wants you to play or to pet him, or maybe to stop feeling sad for a moment he wants. What's best for you, even if he doesn't know that he wants it. His in things have been tinkered with me into aligned with your interests and now his happiness. Is yours he's a big I'd, whiffing dog and he's dancing from power. Nepal because he was so excited to make your life better. Are you about it? again for a walk. Oh no did some and say the w word did that,
Physical needs of an animal companion for someone to also go outside and move their body. Both things that will chemically make them feel better what a convenient system, but a good boy. What a good boy This has been brought to you by a happy looking dog, that's wolfing and wagging his tail breaking news. This. Its secret police and the City Council have taken a unilateral action. This Unite night veil and desert bluffs, the sheriff, backed by the He hulking figures of the city council led fleet of secret police cars into neighborhoods that used to be desert bluffs announcing that All these buildings were now night fails and that everyone being there needed to go. Nothing you personally, the sheriff said as there secret police chased after former desert bluff citizens with what could be described as comically sized potato sacks if it weren't
the grim seriousness with which the police conducted their cheeks. The, we're desert, Bluff Citizen started to flee. Panic set pay glistening on their faces, but they stopped when they saw yet another car coming at them from the other direction. Black Sudan, did windows on Miss Take a bleak governmental pulled directly. In front of the sheriffs group bring everyone to a momentary, confused halt out of the car stepped mayor, Cardinal, She looked around at the scene as it lay couldn't have seemed younger or more tired. She took a slow, deliberate breath go home SAM. To the sheriff, go home. All of you, the sheriff
Looked around at their police officers for support and then shouted back. You can't stop us Dana. We will drive these people out of our town. No SAM. She said you won't you vote because its Air town to now you won't be There is nowhere else they should go. You won't because it's a bad thing to do and I think somewhere in there you aren't a bad person. Maybe I'm wrong about that, wouldn't be the first time, but primarily you won't. She concluded, because I won't let you did she folded her arms and she said nothing more. The secret police, still held their potato sex unsure now of what they should do. Their share if no longer ordered or even goaded, but just stared thoughtfully at them
the former citizens of desert bluffs stopped fleeing. Looking back at this first figment of hope, and The sheriff got in their car turn it around and drove away The secret police all got in their cars and followed the did he council, roared and stamped, but without the police to back them up they you eventually retreated and still in a stood silent arms folded until the last of them was gone. She turned to the new citizens of night veiled who had moments before been fleeing high. She said, I'm Dana, don't hesitate to get talk. If you have any problems. Ok, she got back in your car. She too left eye.
I don't know where I stand on this scene as it just unfolded. I need to think about it, while I think about it. Let's go to the weather.
Here's what.
We all have a regional isms for stood said many parts of the country there is a sandwich known as a sub sandwich that is in other place. This is known as a hero. A hoagie grinder along Burger, a prince is the light or a bread burrito. This is one example of a difference in culture. There are others It is in these little details that we see ourselves. Define how we are not others, and thus how we are ourselves when can did with someone who is normal is not our normal. We are forced to confront the most frightening prospect of all that there is no such thing as normal. Just the acts gentle cultural moment. We happen to be born into a cultural happen,
dance that never existed before and will never exist again, our The of normal is a city built on sand, for it it's for us. Our city is literally built on sand, and this is our normal. We resist difference because it requires knowledge that the culture we grew up with as normal is just a momentary accident ever. Could we accept that the word we were born into will never be the same as the world we die in. The longer we live, the more we be. Hum interlopers, even in our home towns. But if we let it happen, also, the more we will learn I cannot say I am always happy about desert bluffs, it can be said,
that I have ranted about them on the radio sometimes for hours. While this it's called into complain that they wanted me to talk about something anything else. I have things at the microphone and attempted to cast spells upon desert bluffs. That would drive them into ruin, but my hat this or unhappiness is IRAN to their existence, they exist, and so too and now our differing normally in such close, Proximity perhaps will edge. Just slightly toward each other night. Winning may never again be the night veil I knew, but it will be. Some kind of night Vale,
It will be a version of our town that some day some one will look back on and think those were the days that was what was normal person will be wrong and that person will be right stay to next for tomorrow's winning lottery numbers broadcast to everyone simultaneously and so reducing each jackpot share to a small but fair amount so the town that isn't the town it was before and then won't be. The town has become and then will change again and then again after that and all of them, the same town and all of them, our town, good night, night, veil, good night
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