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88 - Things Fall Apart

2016-05-15 | 🔗

Things fall apart.

Weather: "Palestine" by Sam Baker, featuring Carrie Elkin (sambakermusic.com)

The voices of the automated phone tree were Erica Livingston & Christopher Loar. The voice of Carlos was Dylan Marron. The voice of Sheriff Sam was Emma Frankland. The voice of Michelle Nguyen was Kate Jones. The voice of Intern Maureen was Maureen Johnson.

Music: Disparition, disparition.info.

Logo: Rob Wilson, robwilsonwork.com.

Produced by Night Vale Presents. Written by Joseph Fink & Jeffrey Cranor. Narrated by Cecil Baldwin. More Info: welcometonightvale.com, and follow @NightValeRadio on Twitter or Facebook.


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Where your heart on your sleeve, if it do that, whereupon t shirt on your torso. We have a ton of great Shirts and our night veil store torso, not included, be true, cool and creepy designs from some of our favorite artists, we also have t shirts and tank tops, say things like pain is just pain, Entering the body and if your happy and you know it. No, you don't work. Instantly, adding in removing things from our store. So few see something you like you now. To get it before. It's gone, go to Oh come tonight: veil, dot, com, click on store and hey. You deserve the best. citywide utility failures continue to haunt us, but not as me. Because the strangers who do not appear to move, welcome
The night veil public utilities online, if you're calling with a water, our gas phone or Sir the lens camera malfunction. Please press one. If you just called the night, bill is currently experiencing citywide power outages as well as polluted water supplies and several gas leaks. It's not our fault. But HR says? We should apologise for the inconvenience Sorry, I guess that's all
we're not experience in the same thing though, so maybe you could reciprocate the sympathies. I'm sorry. Thank you. To pay your bill press one to combat bent the fine work of the utilities department, press too. To wine about personal problems, lamenting the fine work of the utility is department. I can repeat that asked option if you need to combat the fine work of the Utilities Department Press to ok, fine To wine about your personal problems, press three to schedule a service, technician press! You pressed for I didn't give you an option for you just assumed next number and then cut me off MID Senate. I'm sorry is this hard for you. Do you need a hug? Do you need me to sing you a lullaby and feed. You here comes the herb
In Spain to feed the hungry hungry boy, tasty carrots feel better. Now, while the phone trees getting snoopy, don't be rude, I am a person not a phone tree. This is Our job to recur every possible phrase for every possible persons possible need, I recall, all of it, I'm a real human with a body and needs and a family, and I have a name. I am Maggie Penta Baker, I'm not disembodied lady boys, who will passively and nor your whiny entitlement I'm sorry Maggie, are speaking live you selected schedule, a service technician. Please hold our next available nervous date is between the hours of one and five p m on September forth. Two thousand and five in me,
an error that was eleven years ago. You have time explained to you, like you, were a five year old. Please hang up now and give up on ever having realistic expectations to confirm this point, press one to speak to a customer Service representative, pressed to us all operators are currently shoulder. The immense burden of societal displeasure. Please continue to hold court Wait time is before long. Hey Pooh, he Bunny listen Carlos the power is out here at the station. I can't can do my show. I've been trying get through to the utilities, but their slammed with calls? Oh, I, to my friend Maggie who works there. She said her cousin has an extra generator we can borrow. You knew a key yeah,
to work with me. Part time is a lab assistant. Also Josie came with her friends and dropped off some bottled water. Even Peter stop by you, Peter huge. Yes, John Peters, the farmer. I know no John Peter remember the pharmacist anyway. He dropped off prescription this morning with that was nice of em. Listen! Since you dont have to work today, you should come back home, it's bad out there and if you going to get killed or possessed by one of the strangers. I'd rather you do it here with me, make us some lunch and we can play cards in favour of humanity. That sounds great, but I still need to get to the bottom of what is going on in this city in turn, Karim pulled some documents for me that he says I need to read through, and I have some calls to make
The invasion by these strangers is a big story, and even if I can't broadcast it, I still need to find some way to report. It call you later your job. You work To Carlos how's your research going well. I've been examining some of the places where the strangers have been spot. It I have a meter makes squawking sound. Sometimes you know and I'm on certain if those last two sentences are related, Cecil be careful if you see one of the strangers just get out of their quickly and call me. Ok, we survived one at the station before I think I'll be fine asked performance is not an indicator of future results, but I love you. Ok, bye,
Howdy Sheriff SAM Share hi, this is Cecil Palmer over at night veil, community radio. What I said was off the record. Don't play it on that? You only said howdy. No, I didn't I'm not even on the air right now. No one is listening to this call except the secret police, the City Council, the mayor, and well some neighbourhood espionage clubs, but they have communities best interests at heart. Look, I'm cool, because I want to find out what the secret police know about the strangers were showing all over town? are these structural failures related to their presence here now by ranging do you mean the foreigners from desert blobs who are taking rob beautiful city after they managed to run their own city in the dirt or are you refer? into the people who don't seem to move except for that breathing stand and stare at seemingly nothing and who
without any noticeable motion suddenly appeared much closer and who cause our citizens to stand. Trance like until they taken or kill Was subsumed or converted into not moving strangers themselves? The latter Sesar to think holes opened up on route eight hundred the day A long night fail make work. Unfortunately, our lake is just an empty dust off, but it still broke wide open. Also, I have a copy, even though I don't drink coffee, Sounds like a headache, then look, I don't want the media dictating to me. What is or is not a Catherine headache. The point is the boarding apart, but not in the way in the a full. There's a fun way. Yes, like during a scheduled at play. When the misery people big new tunnels below our buildings are of course, of course, what
the former desert Bluffs residents who move to night veil are are the Strangers doing the same to them. Who cares what I care The people who know them care their humans sheriff and ask rapporteur. I will report that you set that well I'm the sheriff of a secret police force. So no you won't. You won't do that at all. I'm just playing. With you have a dry sense of humor. You might have missed that. I was delivering a real threat to your life, but teasing way. You definitely want report anything I tell you some of them Does a people we can't even track and not all of them stay here some of the moved away in
regular interrogations and detentions of these non EU citizens. We learned that a lot of them move to some other place which base I feel a bit more like home. I don't anything about that, except that I am happy to get them out of vacancies. The the joyous congregations. Smiling, God did they want some other place. Just tell your list. Is that everything is fixed and everyone is saying the sheriff saved but you didn't do anything got today sets out just got some new calligraphy times. I need to break in before the press com. Prince to announce that all is lost its Cecil thanks, dark I'll records. Please
Proper that music, before you embarrassed yourself, Michel hate it Cecil. I hate to bother you, but I'm trying to attract on marine. I heard that you too are friends. I only talked about marine privately into my audio journal. Did you listen to the monologue are accorded? Yes, I pleaded on the air six weeks ago. I didn't want anyone to hear that that was personal. Shall you make me a cassette with the note that said, here's my mom long to play on your shows easel, but that was me from more than a month ago. I hate that me. Haven't you Made mistakes in your youth? Yes, many. Shall you ve talked marine recently? How is she she's? Fine, I mean she's, but that into leading an army or whatever, but it's just a thing she does for a living. I sell records you talk on the radio marine life. The army of unmoving strangers. The leader of the strangers or whatever marine, with sweet. And let me see one of the strangers up close. They smell like compost and are all gray and they may
you feel cold there really beautiful but they'll, devour your soul and turn you into one of them Marine says it super in full when they do that the transformation is for forever. That's why Can only stand and breathe and not really move because brain, so much pain for so long trapped in a mortal bodies. It was cool kind of cool, I don't know where you hate me. If I like something show, how did you get up close to one without being devoured marine, said she'd Kate, me say from them because or each others, only friend Marines Kind person She does like country music, but I think friendship is some about compromise. If it mean getting to be around her, I'm perfectly happy. He covering my ears and humming the Bob's burgers theme. What about the We in the hoodie who hangs out with Marine Chad chats, ok. Hey, I guess he's just Marines boss, though
She has to hang around him a bunch and watch his evil dug its just work. You know, shall I say for music from I'm coms me, you wanted the song. I really like sure. Ok, here you go.
As we see in her very kind people came from road traffic noise re, she took his hand and from the chair to the sixty.
A few months later I got a few more mass rose sharing. He was he's luggage chain, webbed he'd, never walk again. It was an accident so dry when they had mine. She worked ass. A servant ritual, she grew up. She's got picked out a magazine of houses and plea. She ran away where the boy sat in bad across lack shriek terms, state.
She caused her from a man down, and that is not exactly what dreamed yeah
we got. As a Dane, we got citing the wrong.
What was a wonderful song Michel. Are you still talking about that song? I started playing five minutes ago. I've moved on from that glad you, like. All these much anyway? Marines do phone number is old town, two, five, seven, six one for banks, Michelle hi. This is Maureen. I am probably at work or asleep or somewhere else somewhere listening to the sound of the moon, so they trying to peel off our oceans with its gravity pulling its weak, little chalky speck of a body grabbing this blue giant and tearing away its watery skin a few.
You'll, find a spinning battle of large and small at in the sky. You can hear the whirling of the battling siblings, or maybe I just don't wanna, take your call- or maybe I'm TED or maybe you're dead, and this is the voice mail you get when you die high Maureen here sorry you're dead for some reason, I'm the one person you wanted to call the moment. You left behind your short life and I'm not even sure to take it. So sorry, newly dead person make sure you leave a phone number where I can reach you, because I certainly don't know how to call dead people on the phone or maybe I lost my phone added to my car hundred pillow or I left it in a movie theater or raccoon, ate it. Maybe there's a raccoon somewhere in the brush or in a trash camera Hannah House walking with a limp because it just data phone, a rectangle of glass, metal and electronics. That's a quarter the length of the records body. Another phone is inside the raccoons guts, stretching its tiny tummy, impossibly long pressing against the mast. Procyon little harden lungs. It walks tenderly to one side till we leave me the discomfort of such a truce of foreign object. The raccoon- and this is kind of cute kind of had to think about walks diagonally all the while emitting a little to do my duty boo ring tones muffled from within quivering torso and questioning it. It everything it confined dogma and thinking, perhaps just limit that life philosophy to trash cans. Of course, at the people throw away phones all the time. So that's probably not a big help, although in my case I'm positive, I didn't do that because my job is to important just throw my phone away to two important to many evil beings to manage to fragile portal into another dimension, a dimension which is probably idea, I'm not a religious studies. Major, although if I were I bet it would have graduated by now I mean so much can go wrong. If I lost my phone like no one could get hold of me to help you fix it, which is not to say, I know how to fix an inter dimensional portal between Helen this world, but just that I could be a person to be like. Oh no, I'm sorry to hear the portal is not functioning. The mechanical little bit make some phone calls to fill. It were all doing something about it, and that would be helpful because sympathy is critical to good teamwork and if you don't care about your job, you're not gonna, make anything of yourself. I am I making something of myself sculpting away. Here's a clump of marine, that's worker whip it with these hands yeah. This is great. This is a really nice Barinia already to be put in a fire cooled painted set upon alabaster pedestal the foreigner. So they me a message, and I imagine you read:
I finally figured it out: Chad Ballinger that boy I've seen you with here that in turn here, just like you, he went to report a story on that used sporting goods store that we thought was a front for the world government and never came back out. I guess it was something much worse. He found in that shady old building. Now the two of you have a really successful start up. I'm proud of our internship programme here at the station I am also proud of you for becoming a professional,
your leading an army Maureen, that's very impressive, much more so than filing papers. Fetching me luncheon, updating my erotic fan fiction block. It sounds like a great job, with good benefits, a it's, a tough job market for you, young people, these days, lots of changing technologies, making old jobs like print journalism, cardiology in computer programming, obsolete plus all these new people moving here from desert, Bluffs kudos to you, Maureen. Here's. My question though, and it's an important one, so Carlos my boyfriend. Earlier when I talked to him, I forgot to say I love you at the end of the call. I was. I was preoccupied note no big deal. My love was implicit in the way we talk to each other. Love needn't, be verbal lized when it exists in intuition and physical contact. He knows. I love him.
But pardon me wonders what, if one of those rare times, I forgot to hug him good bye, Ill to say, I love you turn out to be the last time. I have that chance lots can go wrong an indifferent universe, I'll, see him in a couple of hours right. See Carlos later right, Maureen. Please call me back. I want to talk more about what you and Chad are doing to my town. I owe him another call from an unknown number I'm hoping. This is the sheriff call me back hello, hello,. Who is this
not tonight now is the production of night veil presents. It is written by Joseph Think and Geoffrey trainer and produced by Joseph think. The voice of night veil is Cecil Baldwin. The voices of the automatic phone line were Erika Livingston and Christopher Lore Voice of Carlos was still in Marin. The voice of Sheriff SAM was Emma Franklin. The voice of Michel Win was Kate Jones. The voice of in turn, Maureen was Maureen Johnson original music by disposition. All of it can be found at dispersion, dot info or at dispersion died band camp dotcom. These episodes, whether was Palestine by SAM Baker, featuring carry oaken, find out more at San Baker. Music, dotcom comments, questions email I sat in fell at welcome to night failed dot com or followers on twitter. At night, veil, radio check out welcome to night fell dot com for more information on this show, as well as all sorts of cool night fell stuff. You can owned like a horse just kidding.
We don't have a horse, we We should get a divorce. And why do their consider clicking? We donate link that be amazing. Today's proverb want to feel old people born in twenty fourteen have already graduated college. Dont know what a trombone is and are all named after gourds. Hide your freed marine again, you dont know it's me again. I've knowing this over and over an attempt to nail this thing and one he would go well more time Napster, I am definite. Tat. This time here we go
They say you shouldn't meteor heroes and Joseph think, and I like to introduce you to. I only listen to the mountain goat. The show where I meet my hero and have conversations about songwriting, art and life this fog has is going to be weird for me because I'm proud of what I do, but I always try to change the subject of people. Tell me that myself, as I only listen to the mountain goats, find it wherever you listen. The pot casts x.
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