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89 - Who's a Good Boy? Part 1

2016-06-01 | 🔗

Who's a good boy? Who is it? Who is it?

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Produced by Night Vale Presents. Written by Joseph Fink & Jeffrey Cranor. Narrated by Cecil Baldwin. More Info: welcometonightvale.com, and follow @NightValeRadio on Twitter or Facebook.


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Who is it welcome to night all over town? The question painted on walls written in the sky by our flying aces, tat doubt in more. Code from within the walls of our whole, whose a good boy The radio station is unavailable, So much the town is currently available down for maintenance wiped off the map. However, you want to say it
the strangers who do not move but who seem closer every time you look, they have torn our town apart. They do not seem to have an agenda, no plan just Ruction. They only seek to rend to shatter Corliss has locked. The lab, with his team of scientists working without. To find a solution to this crisis as they found solutions to so many crises before He wanted me to stay there with him since with The proximity of science is, of course, the safest place to be in any natural or on natural disaster, but I reporter. I can't not report might own needs me to witness, and so walk through my city, and I will yes, my sister Abbe at her family to the lab, so they could keep my niece safe, keep them safe I said to my brother in law, Steve
oh geez. He said without the around. I can't imagine a bad thing that could happen. He loves my sister. To spend this time witnessing. Maybe I should start there. Maybe I should finally allow myself to see the depth of his love for my sister and their daughter. And and then he tried to hug me any smell like onions, and I shouted it. No, no! No! No! We better get you barricaded in their Steve. I think I see some strangers not moving. While I slammed the light door on him. The wreckage veil is complete. It is even worse Valentine's day, twenty thirteen when much Well, I slammed to rubble and him the hearts of night the desert flower Bowling Alley and arcade fun, complex sight of so the great and terrible memories. Old woman, Josie, throwing the ceremonial first pitch of the bowling tournament.
Did. He council and station management finding horrifying love on this gating rink, Other memories. To that I don't like to talk or think about how the complex was boarded up under siege from the strangers it worth. Many of them in its parking lot None of them were moving the only call the lot was upside down and on fire. Global records was somehow untouched was the only building in blocks without smashed windows and it somehow still had electricity We shall win and former intern marine relief casually outside smoking candy cigarettes, the Stick lot of relighting as candy cigarettes do not burn. Well it all marine Rochelle, I said you're. Ok, they both world the wrong.
Michel. How did you keep dark apple from being destroyed, along with everything else? She glanced at more She said well, oh Maureen, said say: some line was leading an army or whatever they and they could command that army to not attack a specific person or place or whatever. So maybe that's what happened anyway. If that's, why happened then that person wouldn't be leading that army any more you quit. Internship. I didn't like my boss, especially I found out what who, he is, I didn't while the details before feels like it was misled. That's for me. You're feeling Cecil, she said narrowing her eyes at me
At least you were just clueless what I said never mind: marine and I have like a plan- said Michel, it's very secret, but we're teaming up to save night veil. I'm so glad you too have become such good friends. I said they looked at each other we're alone moment. We but want to lie, put a label on this said Michel. Everything has to be made yet said. Maureen So anyway, we have a secret plan plus chat. Is now panicking about what the thing he summoned has ended up doing so. He's been trying to figure out how to reverse the ritual, Oh said, Michel L, O Al agreed Maureen. The lighter to the end of her cigarette and letting off the clock,
smoke that smell like over cooked caramel, let putting the lighter to the end of her cigarette and letting off the cloud of snow, this week or cancelled this week is also cancelled. You might be cancelled too, This has been the community calendar. I found Lucia. Ghost that haunts the haunted baseball diamond looking, sadly, at the nearby shambling orphan housing development. The development somehow has been hit even here, Europe and the rest of night fail. There was almost nothing left to show that I've had once existed. There Cecil. She said it is all happening, as I was afraid it would. Do you know how we can stop them. I asked no
I have no ideas only the fear arriving biting thing within me. She stopped respectful trust. But their spectral hand making a deep resident pop in the here Cecil she narrowed, arise and pointed at least I saw a few blocks away: a Beagle puppy cross, the street, the beast he is so adorable. Yes, just the cutest cute, then you would do anything for his little face for his DOM floppy years. Yes, that is how he can promise you that is how he controls everyone you saw killed. You would do just anything for him,
you will do everything for him things you never dreamed. You would be capable of doing ghastly things whose a good boy. I said who, indeed she said, I called Carlos to see how far along he was in saving the day He said that he wasn't very far along at all and it was frustrating to him. He said he's been led. Brightly coloured liquid bubble in beakers and here has been writing numbers all over chalk boards and it has. It helped anything at all even drew a structural formula for a psycho heck scene, but it also didn't help it's like he's This is somehow a problem that cannot be solved with science, but there are no problems that cannot be solved with science, science fixes everything and is always on the side of good. I just.
Figure out what these strangers want. They don't seem to want anything. You sound there the upset I told Carlos. You know that it's not good for you to get worked up like this. Take a break play some blood borne, that'll relax. You ok, yeah. I guess he said but I knew he didn't mean it- he was going to keep trying to save night fail. And I loved him for it either as I wished. He wouldn't be so hard on himself. And now a word from our sponsors. It is past Both the world is ending. If you cannot hide, Then you must run if you can, not run Then you must die this It brought to you by Clorox bleach two blocks past mission. Of park. I saw the House of France's Donaldson, the manager of the antique small
the door was off its hinges. The mailbox had been killed in skinned and for real. I couldn't explained to myself. I crossed that ruined front yard and entered the house I needed to see I needed to report on this disaster. Three, eat into the door. I looked up to see a stranger before me. Her shoulders went up and down a deep, constant breathing. Otherwise she did not move At this distance. I could see the pupils of her eyes unfocused Frozen point in the room several feet above my head, her hair was greasy and it stuck to her face on a point in the room several feet above my head. Her hair was greasy and it stuck to her face her skin had made. Do it in the ruined living room, surrounded by a pattern of destruction that splashed out from her the x of a flurry of movement. Even if she was, perfectly. Still,
I was distracted by the mess and when I look actually was much closer to me. I could feel her breath. It was room temperature, unchanged your body area air out, but transformation oh Cecil. She said her mouth didn't move your voice came not from her, but from a so water on assigned table that some have been spared the destruction, the water vibrated site but the voice alone. They said the class. What do you want? The lamp hanging above me laughed. There was no joy to it, just a replication of the sound of laughter it went on and on slowly petering out to a quiet, choking and then nothing What do I want asked the girl,
water. I want nothing nothing at all nothing the lamp sniggered left shoe joined in and I jumped back, but the stranger was even closer than before. We want nothing at all. Every there is something of these things, like glass, the glass Water shattered, one less thing: said my left shoe soon. There will be no things. We will take away your government. Your laws your infrastructure, all of your possessions, all of you what we want, no thing, but why a? Why
a thing the lamp said: sternly we destroy wise. We destroy explanations, he knows the stranger behind the slack stillness there was a human face. It was Francis herself. In the wreckage of her own home practice, listen to you, at the sound of her name her. I spoke esteem for a moment and flicked down toward me before drifting back up to the ceiling. I was made strange. The lamp said so strange that I became a stranger. There is a cavern he looked at the lamp confused. There is a cavern. Cecil I was taken there. The ground is covered in mud. You walk through the mud in the darkness,
because you think there must be something else, but there is never anything else for years, you walk through the mud, you chimed in Sometimes you feel as though there might be other most people. Also searching through the mud- maybe you can even here the soft swish of them in the black, but your hands never meet and you cannot speak out. You are alone. Sometimes the mud goes over your head, and sometimes it is just a slight damp beneath your feet. Lamp spoke again years. Go by you feel yourself, hollowed out by time, everything that was you slips away. There is a great power that replaces you with his desires. He is your leader and you want what he wants and he wants nothing.
When did you leave the mud and come back tonight? We'll leave this time. Frances herself spoke very vocal courts. With lack of use her eyes, focused on me again. Her parched lips clung to each other ass. She spoke LISA. I still in the bud bill the mud Cecil, I'm still in the mud still in the bud. Set this over and over quickly losing control of volume in articulation tears rolled down her face from her unblinking eyes. I turned and ran behind me her cracked voice more and more distant, I'm still in the mud, I'm still in the mud
I had a vision of the beagle loping adorable e through a burning building, his big stupid ears, flapping its human screened and pleaded around him. He watched the bird and replied only Wolf, he said at length fail fell. I am passing Louis Let on the street right now, please, Glasgow on the street right now again tipping his had an evil sheep in time with a simple gambling set up is holding holding out his hat for spare change. Louis I'm sorry time saying to him, but- and here I am gesturing around at the- decimated street just say He is telling me, I am not responding, say
laughter hissing wit.
Whether the bags dog he abandoned the? What was that about? I asked Louise, but he was
on and in his place there was a stranger unmoving, breathing I guess I hurried on and I did not look back a black sedan drove slowly through the streets. The first functioning vehicle. I had seen among the carnage, I waved it down. Do men got out, one was not tall and the other was not short we had nothing to do with this said the man who was not tall and who is not short. Nodded vigorously do You know what happened. I asked the man who not tall stood between me and the man who is not short and said. Don't talk to him he's knew, though I had wrecked the question at both of them. The man who is not short, said the question: is it what happened? What is the question. I said, don't talk to him, he is new,
the man who was not tall said anyway. You know what the question is, you mean in close to me, I could smell Agnes on his breath, who is a good boy bird? Do you have a pen? I could borrow said the man who is not short sure I said handing him the one for my reporters notebook thanks. He said he opened the trunk of the Sudan, tossed the pin into it slammed shut and got back into the passenger seat. Don't talk to him he's, said the other man, and then he too got into the Sudan and the strange pair drove away finally I reached city Hall It's been ravaged, there was no sign of City Council likely they have fled. Is they often do during danger to our town or
I'm supposed to say, take a sudden fortuitous vacation, but I am not on the radio I I do not have to say what I am saying. Who's to say I wonder if station management is even in town, I suspect they may have taken the same sudden and fortuitous vacation is City Council, thereby strange and endless appendages entwined on some beach somewhere, deputy mayor, Trish Huge, came running out of the building holding ill, ask lamp in one hand, and she ran by me wild with panic. Huffing though she was barefoot were no. That was not her all wet, rapid, breathing, waving waiting for me at the door to City Hall. What
had been fleeing from the Beagle puppy padded forward. He was durable. Or was he thought he was a cute beagle puppy, but there was something off about him, a sneer in his lips, a strange bend, who is legs? His his body was misshapen. Eighty now he was not created. All breath in and out of his mouth, which was grey squishy within the beagle rose onto his hind legs higher and higher until he was standing fully upright his his spine, elongated and straightened. I felt something rising in my throat.
I did I did. I did not want to open my mouth for fear of an organ or by or hot black tore pouring out, but that was not what was pushing its way out of my mouth. It was. It was words that the words sputtered out of my lips against my will Who's, a good boy, I said good, see the beagle said You want it to witness South wait, I Good boy- and I offer
doc. Wet gather some you got it little Beagle had he stood so much taller than I thought a dog could stand. His breath was thick and wet and labored want. See saw nothing
and I will act.
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