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90 - Who's a Good Boy? Part 2

2016-06-15 | 🔗

Who's a good boy? Who is it? Who is it?

Weather: "The Queer Gospel" by Erin McKeown (erinmckeown.com)

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you wanna go outside you. Do you do. I bet you wanted. Go outside. I bet you do night eagle puppy stood fully upright on his hind legs breathing heavily. I inched back from the dog
here's. What I want to tell you why drill glowing sword and he drew a sword, made a fire I want to tell you- are mighty blades clashed above our heads as our elbows and faces met. I think, could be a really the thing to say that I then pushed him back with a kick to the chest and swung my down upon him ass? He tried to deflected with his own my son, shattering. He is causing it. Burst: open with white light and dogs and order returned for good tonight. Veil, I'm going to tell you. Is I don't wanna sword or to real, and the dog had destroyed everything we are without a single conventional weapon. Plus I tripped wall trying to run away I was standing over me. There was a boom
deemed my hearing and the dog was jolted backward violently SAM our sheriff stood, I meet a shotgun in their hand, come on SAM said, they grab my shoulder and pulled me up. I turned back to see the carnage, but the beagle was standing again exactly where he was the moment before perhaps a little closer, actually he's adored a puppy mouth distended horribly with each labored breath. Don't look at it. Sam says they pushed me into city hall and through a door marked forbidden SAM slammed the door shut and bolted. The lock, we were in the city councils chambers? The council was there, they had not the city. After all, they all broke in unison, their black robes undulating, like a storm tossed ocean, the o,
The details of the council's who'd shrouded faces. I could discern where their reddish brown teeth have re opened. The dog park. Council shouted. It sounded like an accusation, sound the plans to lower the strangers into the dog park and lock them away there. How do you? How do you get them to go into? the dog park. I asked. The council was silent for a long time. Finally, muttering were their leader, is a beagles so and then trailing off SAM interjected We get every person left in night veil in front of that dog park. If they want nothing, they'll have to go there and create it. I was thinking about what nothing meant about beings that don't exist.
Who better to fight awful Lord of Hell, then sounds good. I said: is there away out of you that doesn't go through that Beagle than you do a friend of mine? Let's have a look now at traffic. There's a metal great about eleven feet off the ground. Its large enough for most human bodies to fit through. There are eight, An millimeter hexagonal bolt holding it in place sitting at her A person shoulders who sitting atop another person shoulders and then using a simple, torque wrench. It is not difficult room. These bolts and pull one self through into the ducked work eventually ends at a similar large great. Then there is a twelve foot dropped the ground behind city hall next to a dumpster, a car driven by mayor, Dana Cardinal. Is there then that car drives too old Joseph House out by the EU.
Car lot. This has been traffic. Can I speak to Erica I said, the old woman Josie, which Erika she asked all of them need to speak with the angels? old woman, Josie winced a couple of miles off. I heard The angel acknowledge siren go off down by the firehouse, but I will certainly enforcement was dealing with bigger problems than a radio hosts to happened with knowledge and angel or too there are. We more than two, though a bright black light, the old old woman, Josie Living Room, illuminating at least a dozen tall wing. It beings, Dana Nigh shaded our eyes, my body tingled, I swore I could hear a shallow and smell confectioner. Sugar and I explained the we plan to having the strangers to the dog Park How do you lower something that wants nothing? One of these
Erica's asked technically wanting. Nothing is actually wanting something one of the Erika is explained. We are not, having this argument with you again Erika another Erica shouted. We just need to do something I said, What they want is nothing did. We must make sure that we are always doing something. Can you help us the black like grew painfully bright. I took that as a yes have a look now at today's horoscopes The stars were silent. They have been absent from the guy for weeks now they were is to tell us anything. Perhaps the silence is for our own protection. This has been torn scopes.
Drive back to town with data.
I know he tried to kill you. I said carefully. I know he's on death row now for his crimes, but what? If? What? If we made a deal Dana interrupted, I'm not offering high remedies, we drove past the dark and empty radio station. I thought but caution her station cat who hovers for feed off the ground in what used to be the men's restroom. Oh all of our restrooms are unisex now, which is great because everyone can visit. Cossacks he's been much happier with the extra attention buzzing and licking visitors with his chest tongues. But when I had last checked in on him before we lost all power to the radio station, he was gone. His kittens were also gone. No sign of a fight just gone, I missed him. They missed the radio station, Oliver tone, no electricity, no gas, barely any twinkle water. I could smell distant smoke. The sky was completely gray, even though there was not a single ploughed. Dana said I'll talk to Hiram Cecil find out if he knows anything about the strangers and if he could be of some help, but I'm not cutting a deal with him. We pulled up to a mob of about fifty people in the field.
It was the sheriff then hand with a woman in long yellow, robes and a wide rectangular hat. I reckon the medallion on the front of her chest. She was the leaders from the joyous congregation of the smiling God, the church that, most of desert, Bluff, send a few night bail residents belong to, In the crowd. I saw John Peters. You know the farmer and also John Peter remember, the pharmacist I saw too, Flynn and her teenage militia into Meek has left and was Sarah Sultan, who was a Sized river rock and current president of the night Veil Community College around them were many faces. I didn't know former does Bluffs residence. I could see, in their eyes, and I got out of the car and joined them a prayer March against a common enemy?
How strange humankind is that too? cities night veil and desert bluffs could hate, each other so much and then hold hands so tight. In mutual hatred of something else. We marched toward the center of town chanting, prayers we ve never been a believer in the smiling God, so some of the church, that's new to me, but alive. The more similar to rest Haitians, verses and prayers common across most religions, basic stuff like please, God, story. Are enemies, amen, some really long. Gurgling sounds and one chant that sounded idea. The call to an old prayer. I was taught in tourist school everyone just shouts the fence, the fence or clapping and rhythm Our crowd grew. We
strangers on the street, not moving just breathing and watching. We were near a thousand our mob feeling thin you know to save our town, a town. We all loved and believed it. No matter how long each of us had lived there, Let us join us, with my sister Abbe, her husband Steve and my young, these Janis, I was worried. Their safety out here, surrounded by the strangers but I was also worried for their safety at home, hiding from the strangers worried for their safety always and everywhere huge crowd stopped near the dog park. There were who did there is in the dog park. The gates were open, they are rarely open we look to the strangers. Their numbers had grown as well, and we'll motionless mob to our. Here
praying one being at the front of the crowd. I could feel the steady breath of the stranger directly in front of me. They weren't dead, they weren't undead, they were nothing I was afraid of dying of becoming one of them of this thing only in the dark, wet cavern prince his voice in my head. I'm still, in the mud. I'm still, the mud and also her voice from right in front of me, suddenly at the front of the crowd of strangers eyes wild as those struggling against the complete stillness of the rest of her body screaming. I still in the mud, I'm still in the mud, the crowd of interests parted although none of us all the move revealing the beagle puppy on his hind legs his front PAWS Day, the dogs breath came from their mouth
wasn't coming from the dog from behind me. I turned to see Sheriff SAM their jaw hanging. An open. The dogs breath from their mouth who's. Our boy said the boy coming from SAM, who's good. have a good boy said he her voice from right. Next to me My brother in law, Steve his eyes locked confused, and am I the good boy he said. I cried out no and held him tight, Generous Albion Cordless all put their arms around him. To trying to hold them in place, keep him from being
taken to the cavern, helping him to resist the pool of a dark and muddy hell, dragging at him from within we heard a sound above us like wings, many wings we looked up and All of the Erika circling above there angels A generous in all. No one corrected her There was also the sound of a different kind of wing, not angelic reptilian. So the five heads of high Remit Daniels bore them with prison. Tracking colors fire spewed from high rooms mouth and for a moment, the gray cloudless sky shown Blue, and I finally noticed in the heart of all this fear and tempest how com Whether was no not call the weather was it was,
us as we are see as and where ha, Shall we be wholly yeah. Well, take us far praise. The sun will shine. Two holes glory has.
They will be lost, and rather we got is and will always take us ritual lips sanctity electric, if not, can be where you as we will thank us, we'll show with us.
Night veil we have power. Once again, we have electricity and water, I'm back on the air. And many of you are back in your homes- strangers and the dogs are gone. Defeated. Question Mark Francis SAM Steve, those who were taken or who were about to be taken all humans ones, but here's where we run into the problem of my narrative because no, what caused it to happen are crowded and prayed, I'm not a religious person mostly, but I do think we had. Impact driving away that being someone from the dark, wet taverns of hell, and even if it were
the blood stones or the joyous congregations, smiling God or any other kind of God, the mere Spiritual coming together of so many people may have been enough to read the town of this hound and his army, but then in turn, Karim reported that CALL Shack he's back in the station. Restroom cossack was badly scratched up as though He had been in a great battle and Korean noticed that inside cossacks second row of teeth was a small piece of fur covered, flesh, Karim, thought It was a piece of dogs. Ear is cautious our hero, gender says to me. Flynn drove away the strangers with her militia of book? Loving children, Abbey and Steve told JANET too young to join a militia and to make us running drills out
the desert and will not comment on what happened. Old woman. Josie claimed the angels use their powers of heavenly good. To push back be, Raising the evil of the Beagle who can destroy a creature of hell other than angels, maybe that's true we believe and angels, which you are not. To do Melanie. Pennington celebrated computer programmer manage to get the power utilities back on and claims that, with the help of young prodigy Megan Walpi, she wrote a deadly compute, and these city Council claimed their plan to Lord the string. Really an expert on programming, but I feel, like you need a computer to catch a computer virus. What Karim is telling me you don't anymore, Computer viruses are totally airborne, ploughed technology,
Sheriff SAM and these City Council claimed their plan to Lord. The strangers to the dog park worked perfect, and these strangers were rounded up and locked away. Sam also added now the visit nation is under control, the don't talk is no longer open a folded in Origami sea urchin, elaborate been spines and everything you know it. Limits once again. Sam set Michel in Marine over it dark I'll records, claim they were playing a copy of beyond sais. Newest album be follow up too limited, an album, nobody else is heard according to Michel, the strangers wanted to fear that album quite badly and this human desire field in the hollow that these years in the mud had carved in depth, turning them back into non strangers into friends Michel in Marine claimed to be the real euros or whatever Michel? I could hear the she said. No because beyond
in turn, who summoned the Beagle legal in order to destroy the world government says that, honest that machine knew such a famous musician. Well, lawyers call Michel said they were really angry and also confused and scared because beyond say, hasn't actually written or recorded. The album Chad my former intern, who summoned the beagle in order to destroy the world government, says that he thinks the reversal of his summoning work is No hero, he says, but perhaps he is not a villain either he's pretty Ok, I guess Maureen said at least like Like internship credit and there was high remit, Daniels Brave, fighting against the strangers? If anything,
was more powerful than our coming together as a town, it was the brute force of aid. Eighteen foot tall dragon with five heads. He fought valiantly for a town. He had once threatened a town who had recently condemned him to death. And we all saw his bravery and we all knew that he must be pardoned. Harden him. We cried. He was not part, they locked him back. He is still scheduled for execution, so perhaps Hi room was the hero, but there is one more one more possible story. Just before coming on the air. I felt a presence behind me: It was the faceless old woman who secretly lives in your home. We didn't
drive them away Cecil. She said we didn't win. They chose to leave. I argued that Surely it is because we you're someone forced them. They don't. Need a reason. She said never did they left they may return it. Will before any reason, but it could be at any time they want and need nothing. Cecil the computer programming and the dog part and beyond, say album, all noise. She added they left. Because they decided to leave they return. It will be because they decided to return, and it
be unrelated to anything we do. I fail we live, with the illusion of safety that we can use caution and care in order to preserve our lives destroyed, there's came and we don't know why and then they went and we don't know why we are always in danger. It was just that, while they were here, we were made aware of the danger. They simply revealed to us that personal control is Andalusia we live and die We never get to learn any reasons for that. In any case, strangers had gone and we go back to living the lie of reason and control once again and it is,
very, very comfortable lie stay to next for a deep sigh, deep, deep then, you know deeper than that. Good night night bail, good night, welcome to veil is the production of night veil presents. It is written by Joseph Think and Geoffrey trainer and produced by Joseph Thing the voice of night veil, Cecil Baldwin original music, my disposition, all of it.
He found at dispersion dot info or at dispersion dot band camp dot com, this episodes, whether was the premier of the brand new song, the queer gospel by Erin Mcewen, find out more at Erin Mcewen Dotcom, that's Erin! Within a and c k e o w end or see Erin onto thus this July as our alive. Whether schedule on our website comment questions email, us that info at welcome to night Vale COM or follow us on Twitter. At night, Vale radio check out welcome to night Vale com for more information on this show, as well as all sorts of cool nightvale stuff you can own and while you're there consider clicking the donut thing. I'd be amazing Today's proverb, you can tell a lot about someone
coming into our office in confessing everything you know about them. Friend it's cavern, so many of my old pals from desert blouse came to live here in the desert other world. With me, we feel quite a little city with roads and the school and a radio station. I've back on the air so weakened built. Are you little town to look just like our own little town? In fact, we just decided to call this new place. Desert love to Two is also not the number two, although
debated bad, but we thought it was too Charlie we need to build on that level of charming. One day we will the day will be so charming will hurt Yeah. They say you shouldn't meteor heroes, I'm just a thing, and I like to introduce you to. I only listen to the mountain goat, the show where I made my hero and have conversations about songwriting, art and life. This fog has his. Will you be weird for me because I'm proud of what I do, but I always try to change the subject of people. Tell me the myself. If I only listen to the mountain guts, find it wherever you listened outcasts,
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