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2016-09-01 | 🔗

New guests arrive in town. Plus, a bake sale the elementary school, the start of football season, and changes at the Night Vale chapter of the NRA.

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It quickly welcome to start the news today. There's a big sail this Saturday afternoon at Night Veil elementary, this to raise money for aiding sculpture two under the great contributions made by the current school board. President, the glow cloud, the glue cloud
is mighty and magnificent all hailed. The powerful glowing cloud which rules are every desire, our every action, our very existence, all hailed that which did not create us but can certainly destroy us. Sculpture will serve as a physical manifestation of our all hail the benevolent yet oppressive cloud. Who has helped increase standardized test scores at every school, as well as graduation rates at night they'll high the glow cloud all also help to build a brand new fine art centre and were hersel studios for music programmes at the junior high, so good work well deserved. In unrelated news, several I've had it. Dragons have been seen around like veil night, most famous five had a dragon really. The only dragon we know with night veil is higher Miss who is currently in
slated for execution for his attempt to kill Mayor Dana Cardinal none these new dragons, our Hiram, but they are all five headed and quite large. My internet green reports that the apparent leader of these new dragons is adasa. Nick Daniels, Hiram sister not sure what their intentions are, but I bet they're innocuous, just some dragons passing through Career argues that their intention seem rather sinister, for instance. They nearly burnt down the pink bury by them all. You know a few to go. I asked for motion on my order at that pink berry and they put crushed peanuts on it as if anybody likes that garbage. So I don't know it not give us sinister six one way half a dozen, the other one point five times for another way, listeners Can I just take a moment to thank our intrepid in turn. Karim he's
at the station for a long time, a dedication few of our interns have ever show in fact most radio to leave in the first few weeks, never to be heard from again. Korea truly loyal to the station and to his radio dreams. I think We have a long career ahead of him, TAT cream cocking his head and raising one eyebrows me kind of our face based thumbs up. I suppose you're welcome Karim Let's have a look now with sports, the night veil, schools, scorpions kick off their season, this Friday night at Memorial, stadium against the Pine Cliff list Third monitors night veil new quarterback sophomore Mallory Willingham Wonders darting job over Junior Henry Lexington, who really struggle last year with some of the basic concepts of throwing like which armed youths. These season finale last December, Lexington brought
a third arm. He found in the vacant lot out back of the roofs that arm to thrill for five touchdowns any victory over these stone- meadow shark nurses, but even with impressive finale Nasser allude to heed said he preferred the consistency. Willingham brought to the position, Willingham Ass, great vision, coach element, he'd said, while crouching behind a large cardboard box in the corner of his office, she can see No one else can the coach screened his body, quiver she can see your soul right into it. He whispered, while still screaming she's, coming hide she's coming. He said Thirdly, as he barricaded his office by hammering would planks over the door Willingham sounds like just what this team needs to make the playoffs once again. TIM Langley, head of the night Veil chapter of the inner ay, a no today some changes to their charter.
That, from now on, the inner re will no longer use the words gun rifle pistol, so my automatic or revolver. Instead, those words and related words will be replaced by the word given, as in kittens don't kill people, people kill people. And going down kittens a blazing and well. If you're, holding a kitten to my head Langley, said the word gun carries too many negative connotations. While the word kitten does not Langley straw. People and going down kittens a blazing and well. If you're, holding to kitten to my head Langley said the word gun carries to me the too many distributed flyers across town that kitten. Don't let the government take our kittens which language several excited to rally a public behind an
to know whether the government truly plan to come to their homes and take away their kittens, because the residents said their cat just had a bunch of kittens in their having trouble finding homes for them? So the government wants to take some kittens please by all means, come to our house and take them. This, then excited The members of the City Council, who apparently eat Kittens they rushed out answering every call for kittens, but then upon seeing that many of the residents who had kittens also had guns in their homes Council, ordered the guns, removed we have lost our appetite for kids, The council, snarled in unison, were now entering every home at night, bail and taking away your guns, an update on the dragons. Karim, scored a prison interview with Hiram MC dangles. I rooms gold, green blue and gray heads have been sentenced to death were true.
To kill mayor Cardinal according to cream. I room has been shackled inside a large stone room? Just outside his barred window. Hiram can see prison guards, inflating colorful mylar balloons that Red Execution Day and Congrats and lordy lordy guess who forty, but forty has been cut stout and replaced with a hand. Written being terminated is I looked head will be spared since he did not participate in the attack on the mayor and in fact Where did the assassination attempt? Just last month I rooms, It had received the sheriffs black heart medal for bravery and service to the community, sheriffs themself, pinned it right onto violets thick, scaly, skin Karim RIP. What's that, in spite of his impending execution, Hiram is in good spirits. I rooms gold had told Karim I'm not worried? I got the plans and the words some really smart plans
then Hiram winked four times with one eye on each of his foreheads upper execution. Violet did not wink only flowered saying it'll, never work. The government will find out. I rooms green, had snarled complaining is not a strategy. We need solution based contributions, Karim asked high remit. These plans involved inviting his sister and all the other dragons into town. I silent. No now, that's not it at all. These gold had replied. That's not logical It makes no sense for her to be here. I rooms blue, had stated veil is doomed, but I am too so who cares his gray had concluded or on this as it develops, but first a word from our sponsor: draw rectangle on your war. Make it a bit rectangle white then it is told who did at I love.
Across from your sofa, coloured in all black. A big black rectangle on your wall now erased the black colouring and then draw a picture. Let's say the of Nathan billion the tv show castle next to him draw the after Molly Quinn, who places daughter Alexis on the show you like castle, it's a good show. I'd say it's your favorite seen from Castle where Rick and Alexis reconcile their differences after an important court case. So they're talking to each other Rick is about to say, I'm sorry, look. I've got that! you raised that and draw the same scene again. Only they moved ever so slightly. Rick is just beginning opened his mouth now got it good. Now we raced that and do it again, Rick's mouth slightly more open, as he begins the first sound of the word, I'm
maybe draw Alexis gently lowering her eyes to receive his statement still it unsure about what is to come, keep doing that fixing and redrawing framed by frame each fraction of a second until you have fully animated the scene. I can to isn't it Perhaps you should get a Samsung Smart TV will Flickr all these images and stories at you without you even having to move no offense, but where much fast rather than you are also Nathan billion, looks nothing like that think. We said Nathan Lane. I mean he's a talented actor too, but he was never on castle. Were you thinking? family. We bet you were thinking of modern family SAM's stop drawing on your wall, turn Karim says he has seen Adasa in downtown your city hall, accompanied by some
other multi headed dragons she's, a full ten feet taller than Hiram and like Hiram Adasa, has exactly five heads, but instead of being several different colors each green each one shouts simultaneously overlapping, though not in unison, things like bring me my brother and will crush your human skulls in my clause and That's not a knife day says I know I've and in working towards Guy, a great breath of fire, which Karim said not resemble a knife at all. Just an aside, listen cream has always been a bit of a cynic, use but he didn't think Hiram Daniels was really a five had a dragon, but I have read metaphor. I made up for a dangerous man, the strange point of view, for a young man who openly acknowledges the existence of angels, so I hope be under
now that her daughters, knife comment is a metaphor. The dragons themselves are literality anyway it's good that these young interns get a chance to see the world for themselves rather than just in textbooks in classrooms. I do hope that dream is getting a lot out of it. And I just got word from Korea that he thinks he broke his ankle diving out of the way of a docile blaming breath ass. She storm toward City hall, I dont, use metaphors lightly. Karim dragons are real young man Mayor Cardinal, an sheriff SAM, have appeared on the steps of City Hall Green. Who is to maintain consciousness in the face of crippling pain, says they are confirmed. Adasa directly Dana. Extending an open palm as a welcoming show of peace. Sam is reaching their shot gun and shouting at the dragons your wig on you overgrown salamanders,
behind them. A large cloud glowing and rumble Dropping dead animals, a few of the dragons. Are we bring upon seeing the cloud approach, but not adasa. Dana is way, a hand to both SAM and the glow cloud to stand down, but the dragons or closing in on her listeners has had also to finish what Hiram started. I told grieved get out of there, but also to get closer to the action really tried to get that story. But also to get very far away as we wait learned, Dana's fate. Let me take you now. Do the weather
black virgins. Seven sailors servants, merging bloodshed saw the baby's shadow sees its enemies to steal. Some mistake is to see the crust stood still.
Cream has gotten himself to the hospital to get his ankle looked at seem so to be an Casper few weeks, but fortunately, before he passed out from the pain, We managed to get a report of what happened at all Your cordless step toward Adasa and welcomed her to the city. Dana was cautious. Graceful Adasa sneered at salmon, their shot gun until Dana told SAM to lower the weapon. The Gaza Strip The data we do not These we come with lawyers, then several dragons behind her wretched fire into the sky. Apparently, or to signal that they were the lawyers or perhaps they saw some Idiot bird fly to close them down? introduced her cousin, Miriam able men and two of her close friends tariff Partridge into Andrews. All lawyers brought here to discuss the imprisonment and threatened execution the citizen of their world
SAM, said you're, not welcome here and then to have beside their point. Crafted a paper. Mache horn o plenty filled with artichoke, hours later after SAM Finish, the sculpture, Dana said, but you are welcome here. We welcome all people, Adasa said we are not people Tina Discreet. You are sentient, cares where families and careers in community law then you fear others. I respect you and you respect be because we are all people, even if we are not all human or dragon respected. I need to include getting along with or fully understanding, but please knowledge being that those things are possible because of sovereignty sentience, because we respect people as people. You are welcome in nightmare there was a long silence then Sheriff SAM's,
therefore headed groaned. What are you doing this? so blinking disaster, the globe have shown way disappointed or skip or possibly board, or something it's hard to tell exactly how clouds veal, just by looking Dana and SAM argued over how welcome the dragons work until a roared. You may are agreed urban head saying this he'll, do nicely find us a suitable, extended, Spay hotel. Maroon had said trust humans, but she soon find Miriam Purple had muttered kindness and trust, not related data. Shook hands. Slash clocks has SAM reluctantly Adasa shouted. We begin negotiations next week, so
looks like we have some new residence. A nightmare We appreciate Dana and her openness to people from all backgrounds, she's, one of them. This most fair people. I know I cannot think of a better mayor, but given what happened to cream today worried about these? violent nature of dragons, not that they'll intent really destroys, necessarily, but just the physical destruction that comes with being a dozen times. Your size, green, just texted me I guess he's us into the show right now from hospital. He says when elephants dance, the grass gets trampled green sounds confused. There are no elephant, town and very little grass. So you know what I'm going to text Green explained him. What an elephant is I mean, you may not know stated.
Next with the sound of distant drums, and can it is always good night, like veil welcome. Tonight, veil is the production of night veil presents. It is written by Joseph Think and Geoffrey Greener and produced by Joseph Think, the voice of Veil, Cecil Baldwin original music by disposition, all of it can be found at dispersion, dot info or at dispersion dot band camp dot com. This episodes, whether was marrying on a wave, a brand new track by occur, Urville River from their new album away, September night, find out more at after veiled river. Dotcom comments. Questions email is that info
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Symphony sanders, pod, castor and friend, with benefits. We are happy to tell you about our show good morning night veil, it's your hip to recent trends like drool cardy being collusion, then you, like, we have already started listening to our official welcome to my bill. We capture, I read about jewel in the new Yorker. Why was on the toilet,
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