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2016-09-15 | 🔗

Everything is all right.

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Where your heart on your sleeve, if you can't do that, whereupon podcast T shirt on your torso, we have a ton of great t shirts and our night veil store torso, not included featuring cool and creepy designs from some of our favorite artists. We also have t shirts and tank tops, say things like pain is just pain entering the body and if you're happy- and you know it- no- you don't were constantly adding in removing things from our store. So if you see something you like, you need to get it before. It's gone: go to, welcome to night, veiled, dot, com, click on store and hey. You deserve the best, an important text. Note. First off this episode is intended to be listened to with headphones. For the best experience. Do that cool? It's all right. All right all right
dry. Welcome, listeners, your headphones or not, malfunctioning to whom you are wearing headphones, as instructed by that sheriffs secret least mandate last week. This was for your prayers safety and also to boost heads
sales. Now that the city has acquired a local headphone manufacturer as a municipal asset reporting today only from your right ear or if you have difficulty hearing in that year, simply reverse your headphones, so that you can easily hear me with one ear. Please remove the headphone from the year that you are not hearing me from. I need you to be able to hear the world around you. This is vitally important to your continued survival We have been informed that a very dangerous creature has accidentally been released into night veiled by the federal government, and it could any place that this radio signal reaches. It could be near you now hungry hunting
When asked for specifics about the creature, representatives from the government said what creature and whistled nonchalantly, while tossing out leaflets with titles like running a healthy hobby but futile against the beast, and what to do when you are doomed please throughout days, broadcast keep one ear open to what is around you. Listen for, it could well be stalking you. This creature is an expert at stealth, a brutal, perfect killer, any noise. You hear no matter how slight no matter, how seemingly normal could be the clause step. The Tipp of the tentacle, the opening of the jaws of this monster, keep one ear open and keep one ear on my voice, and now the news
Citizens in old town night Veil a reporting, a weird sound, it's not the usual racket. On setting which just seen get louder every day, note its something underground: aid, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, here I now put your finger in the ear that doesn't have a headphone go on. No one is looking create a seal around that your canal, mouse, likely lift that finger now, put it back slightly up and then seal to get. That is the exact sound old town like fail is hearing from below job finger slightly up and then up. Oh no, somebody saw you with your finger in your ear. That is so embarrassing. You must be very embarrassed right now. Try to play it offers an inch We were just scratching your ear, no weird stuff, I don't they.
I believed you, the local water, utility says that the sound is just routine super work designed to maintain and efficient waste system in our community. And provide better defences against the snakes tools, Then the sewers and often come up out of pipes, curled up in toilets and bathtubs waiting for us. If you are in Europe, through, go ahead and listen for snakes in there. Never at that time to check for that add on over, go inside Do you hear a snake? No, ok, the snake. That's in that bathroom is very quiet, snakes or even more dangerous, simply seal up that back. Room and never go back inside it and now back to the creature that, who killed one of my listeners very soon, picou sitting
since the world around you trying to pick out the noise of the creature. It could be any noise try separating the noises around you by type the artificial sound. Radios, a car engine, a plain engine, a microwave, the natural sounds Birdsong wind. The rumble of earth the unnatural sounds ghostly footsteps: the crackle of your aura, a psychic scream for help sent to you by a stranger did anything in those sounds seem out of place. Maybe instead sort them by pitch first taken the low sounds the rumbles that you feel in the base of you.
Who's the defective physically that you only here rather than experience, then the high sounds those that touch first, the teeth and the eyes that scratch at the ears did anything in those sound scene the thing in those sound seem out of place. It's vitally important that you identify being out of place sound around you as just now a dangerous creature is coming for you, it's eyes are on you from a he didn't place, the only chance you have of survival is to hear its approach. What was that sound from behind you? Probably nothing better to check right
of course you have one ear covered during all of this and obvious weakness. It knows which side you can't hear it from so that is decided will attack. Maybe we should switch sides see if it has been coming at you from the right. This whole time put on the other headphone and take this one off. Ok, hello from this side. Listen to the sounds coming from your right. Do you hear something like a running toward? You were hissing growl? That could be. It here, the hum of an air conditioner that could also be it. It could have switched off your air conditioner and then imitated that dull breathy drone. You had long since to doubt using that sound, to cover its approach only seconds now from its teeth tearing into your neck. Ok, Jim to decide didn't seem to help anything. Let switch back.
Right headphone in this one out. Ok, I'm going to go on with the broadcasts now, but keep one year on the world death could come at any moment. Now a word from our sponsors. Today show was sponsored by a company that makes more than you'd expect sure there MR that one thing, but did you know they make a whole lot more than that? Look around you do you see an object that immediately jumps out? Maybe it's on the coffee table or in the cup holder of your car on the ground, next to the quiet country, road, you're, walking down. Yes, that thing that's the one we made that aren't you proud of us pick it up Hey did up to your left ear. What do you hear? Does the object? Make a sound? Is it possible
but other sounds you thought were coming from. Other sources are actually coming from the object itself. No are we are very confident about how the world works, rabid against her face. You don't want to do that because it's heavy or it was just sitting in the dirt or because it's alive we made this thing we made, Just for you, dont be ungrateful. Just touch once to your cheek scene can feel the quality we built into it did the sound but it's making change it all. Maybe you ve made it happy or angry shake it once did that changes that change is it me buzzing sound if it is put it down. It's definitely angry now, in fact,
baby, you picked up the wrong thing and that wasn't the thing that we make that might have been a wasp nest. We're sorry, we told you to hold a wasp messed up to your face. Next, we make more things than you think, but not wasp nests, sorry and now for the children's fund science corn. Today we will be exploring the mysteries of interaction, say, hello out loud alone, good did anything, say hello back then you are now, conversation nothing say hello back then you might still be in a conversation with something very quite best to be polite. And carry on so as not to rudely call attention to their sights. How are you you should say? Listen for the answer I myself in doing well,
You will say now and then say troubles that seemed insurmountable turned out to be just a tone of the wind. You know see if, whatever you're having a conversation with knows and Howard, the kids, you might ask, maybe they don't have kids in which case indicate that you were asking about the general state of children, the condition of the youth worldwide. Maybe they recently lost the child and the is a very painful topic for them. You should have thought of that, your words are knives and like knives. They could be useful and constructive, but with one careless slip, They can seriously hurt someone. You should apologise, even if they weren't hurt by these words, they might have been hurt by Words, words. You never considered as potentially hurtful
I'm sorry, you should say now and then say: well, ok, goodbye, sorry again, and that is how interaction works This has been the children's one fact: science corner city, until this announcing that efforts to capture the terrible creature, terror Rising like they'll, have not gone well. They fear they won't be able to capture it before it has even someone someone who is listening to me speak. With one ear right now it might be best
if everyone listening to this moved to a different location, maybe someone else would be safer if possible, move to a different location now try to find a new and completely different set of sounds to work with that might help it probably won't. Probably nothing can save you, but worth a shot right. Have you move somewhere else? Listen to the new set of sounds available to you. Do here, one specific, sound above the rest, good city officials believe that sound is safe, move toward that sound, wonderful! You are doing great is something it would be good to believe. Just in case you die right now that way, you'll die thinking, something happy get as close to the sound as possible. Do you feel safer near it
City Council said that they miss tight by the way You know that City Council finally got a cell phone, just one cell phone. They share one and so there's a lot of fighting over it and most of the text they send are random letters or the dance emergency over and over anyway, Their text was wrong. That noise is actually very likely the sound of the terrible thing hunting you. You are right on it. Get as far from that noise is, you can get away now for those who weren't devoured, when we accidently told you to get close to the sound let's have a look at traffic traffic. Is really humming along today, hey speaking of humming, you know it sounds completely different when you have hum to yourself louder than that, like when you have half of your ears cover d, you think hum to yourself.
Louder than that will never. Discover new things about the world. If we don't put ourselves out there if the creature restock, you than it already knows exactly where you are trying to keep quiet. Won't save you hum interesting, so thats. What that's! like in your own time, compare it to having both ears open and both ears closed. Also, a horrible accident on Ninety nine happened while I was talking about humming and the highway now closed in both directions until everyone feels emotionally prepared to drive again. This has been traffic. Oh no, I'm being told visa, several frantic texts from City Council that the monster is going to attack in just moments. They also said another long string of dance emotions. If you are the top,
of the monster than the end of your life is imminent, I need you to pay close attention to the sounds of the world around you to listen for the terrible creatures so close to you that its breath could easily be mistaken for a slight breeze or for a stream of air blowing from a window or event turn around slowly in a circle. If you can turn just pivot, your head try twice If which of the sounds, you here is going to kill you when you have her a sound that seems most likely to kill you stop and fix that sound. Try to keep your eyes on the apparent source of the sound hope. Then just wrong. He did you not moments from a peace and sudden pain. Actually are of chance that you are about to die. It's Robin.
Best you don't see it coming close your eyes put your other headphone on yes, listening to me on both sides. Now we're going to keep our, eyes closed and wait to see we die. While we wait, let's have a look at the weather,
toward her diary started. Fragrant listeners
those who can still hear me hey. You can they'll hear me, and you can go here the world around you. Yes, we're back, over here now please take the headphone off there other ear. So you can save the sounds of the world around you and your ability to hear when you are not dead, so you were not. Eaten by a hidden creature watching from the shadows a false alarm. Every thing is why, in the first warm for you. I mean not for night bill resident Wayne Fairy who was in fact the target of the creature and was horribly devoured during a rather forecast blood smeared on the wall like an ancient language that can express only suffering and terror. The dank smell of the bee heavy in the air, the signs of its passage
shattered objects, the smash Wars and the heavy final absence of Wayne. So for everyone else, everything is fine we got all worried over nothing. I know my role, you come to me for escape listeners to forget about the World WAR, not to forget about it but to hear its dangers, organised, put into a narrative framework turned into a story that can safely end, but no matter how deeply. You enter into the stories. I am telling you you can never fear the escape the world use around you. You can here it with one of your ears right now: listen closely. What you are hearing is not the sound of a monster. There are new spirits in that sound, no lurking or lurkers
world you live in and you can put headphones on. You can listen to Oh, you were hearing is the sound of the world you live in and you can put Phones on you can since my voice, but you can for fully escape that world you are always half their no matter where the rest of you is, but in those sounds in that area. Capable world. There is every joy you will ever experience every beautiful person you will ever meet every wonderful, surprise that will ever wonderfully startle you. It is the good and the bad It is the sound of the world, a world that will kill you, but also a world that will allow you to leave
and ass you exist in this work. After hearing my half voice, remember you're, all right You are right, I'll, write, night veil, good night. Welcome to tonight veil is the production of night veil presents. It is written by Joseph Think and Geoffrey greener and produce I chose a thing: the voice of night well, Cecil, Baldwin original music by dispersion, Oliver can be found at dispersion, dot info or dispersion doubt band camp dot com. This episode. The weather was ploughed by speedy or teams find out more speedy or ts dot com comments
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stage have petitioned, and this drunken out of control. Diva flattery will get nowhere except my dressing room. The orbiting human circus in naughty ten new. You listen now found tat. The! U N Y, see studios a nightmare, presents.
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