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A Spy in the Desert, Excerpt 2

2020-02-03 | 🔗

A second excerpt from A Spy in the Desert, now available on Bandcamp and iTunes! For the very first time, you can hear Cecil Palmer’s secret! This monologue was only performed to one person at every show, but now, you can hear it for yourself! Plus, over an hour of brand new material which has never been heard on the podcast. Our scouts on Patreon also get two exclusive bonus tracks featuring Dylan Marron as Carlos the Scientist and Hal Lublin as Steve Carlsberg. Join our membership program at $5 or above to listen.

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This is another excerpt from our new life according once again Is a live album of our recent touring live, show a spy in the desert, we're talking in our of welcomes nightmare. That has never been heard on the pot cast. Plus those who saw that show no, that there was an entire monologue that was only ever heard by one audience. Member each night, the secret of so Palmer. And yes, this life. Album includes the audio of that secret. So, for the first time all of the rest of you can hear what this be whispered on. That stage wrap this fool, live, show album on night veiled, that band camp dot com or on Itunes and enjoy excerpt right now, plus we are making a couple bonus. Guest recording set were only performed at a few stopped on the tour exclusive toward don't remember, scouts who helped are broadcast get made. So if you want to hear
New material with State Carlsberg, Carlos scientist, head on over to welcome night, fell dot com and click on membership and help us make more of the show for you and hey set. A new shirt looks nice. So the stars I am joined in my studio right now by the most vigilant, different of night veil and of literature. Please welcome to the air sixteen year old to MECCA Flynn
these meagre now you must be learned that there's a dangerous spying on the loose. Of course, it's not safe to have an interloper learning our secret for what could they learned? That would hurt us, oh lots of stuff, what if they start, uncovering all the platte twist of our favorite novels, like murder, on the Orient Express Agatha, Christy's brilliant, who done it to one. If they read ahead and learned that the murderer turns out on paper spoilers admissible for seven rhetoric, it I'm just teasing that book doesn't even have an ending it's the only murder Agatha could never solve, but learning secrets can be harmful like one time
I was waiting in line at midnight for the release of the sixth Harry Potter book and some jerk drove by and shouted sniping Dumbledore above featured prominently in the new novel ruined I've read the six Bork. Oh I've, only with the food and the seventh. You know the whole experience is ruined. Well, if it makes you feel any better. I chased that fool down and I punched him until his bruises spelled out don't mess with ample puff, but I do have a plan to catch this spy out, disguise myself as the mink and then I'll walk around town. Until I find someone that stressed exactly like me and then I'll grab them and I was spur
that famous, oh and then out I'll, grab them and shot on, shouted them, and I say you want to spoil the ending the books pal. Why don't you try Stephen kings, it that all ending is terrible tomorrow and I like the ending of it, really gonna win. It just turns out to be the friends we made along the way you view its place to make. Now I have a question: how are you going to disclose yourself as the mink when nobody knows what the mink actually looks like love, but fine, then I'll dressed up as a Manila folder with top secret stamp on it, and then, when someone tries to take me I'll, grab them and whispered that favours moving speech? I dont know
you are, I don't know what you want. I don't have any money, but what I do have our very particular set of skills Is that I have acquired through reading? Would you like a list of book recommendations? there are a few. I think you joy, ass, mere that is my favorites. From say anything at all in jammed use that holds that boom backs above his head outside the terrorists headquarters I mean, and so good guess, knowing the mink is a real front and they are interested in learning far more than just books. Boilers I mean you in particular might be in danger to MECCA Cecil. I was sixteen years old. I know everything there is to know about taking care of myself and Kay,
but listen if you catch the mink, bring them here to the studio, because I need to have a moment when a reform that yeah like alpine him down and then you take this copy of hanging. Ghana, her as a little life and just like that pact back this book made me cry now taking Eucharist sucker Sure something something like that. Well, I think I'm off to get that make all right. Thank you to MR be safe to make up for everyone. I know another word from our sponsors today show also brought to you by a sent here. If you ve ever felt anything at all. There's a centre talk to your doktor about it.
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Got a refill. My proscription once again get the complete life recording of a spy in the desert at night, veiled, dot, band camp dot com or on Itunes.
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