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Bonus Episode 3 - "The Librarian" Horoscopes

2015-03-12 | 🔗

An excerpt from our recorded live show, "The Librarian," recorded live on January 16, 2015 at Skirball Center, New York, NY.

The complete recording is available at nightvale.bandcamp.com, for whatever you think over 90 minutes of new Night Vale content is worth, and at iTunes (search: Night Vale).

Music: Disparition, disparition.info

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Produced by Commonplace Books. Written by Joseph Fink & Jeffrey Cranor. Narrated by Cecil Baldwin. More Info: welcometonightvale.com, and follow @NightValeRadio on Twitter or Facebook.

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What you are about to hear was recorded, live at the screwball in New York City on January, sixteenth, twenty fifteen, if you weren't there but would like to see what that was like. We happy behind the scenes, video on our Youtube Channel right now, just go to youtube dot com, slash, welcome to night, fail and subscribe. To get more bonus behind the scenes stuff in the future. Are it I'll see you in a bit, but for now I take you to that strange little town, New York City, more of this story, as it develops but first today's horoscopes areas. Areas you have. Much in common with a treat. Sadness that no one can see or understand communication only through silence and win.
Skin made of wood. Though you collect sustenance through roots buried in soil. You are very, very much like a tree almost impossible to tell the difference Torres or today is the day that you change everything, Oh I'm sorry, I misspoke I'm sorry Let me try that gonna get to do is the day that everything changes you, you will be completely under recognisable. That's a very go gemini House Scared are you of centipedes Gemini.
No reason, The stars are just asking our youth super super scared, because I can say for sure, but you're pretty brave rides like you could handle a couple of centipedes. You could handle a bunch of centipedes right, Gemini, no reason I'm just asking cancer today is an excellent day for you to demand a promotion to approach the one that. You have been secretly thinking about four years to try your hand at that new hobby that you are considering on
Fortunately it is eight air rural day for getting that promotion. Having that person saying yes and not injuring yourself badly on power, sander, You should at least be a great about the attempt LEO there's just stuff greens merge here and the Word crypto toxicology. So I guess that's a good thing right now. Wait. There are still some of you left
How did you survive the great culling of Burgos that swept through? Oh, you know what I'm sorry, that's not till next week Sorry, I get confused there. Oh yeah today looks very good for you. Virgo maybe use this lovely day to get all your affairs in order. Just a thought, Libra, all your dreams will come through today. Or I mean one of them, will you know that recurring dream where your chased through a house that seems like your own, but it isn't quite by a swarm of bees that you can't see, even though you totally know that their there well, it's not that recurring dream, it's the other one,
and I am so so sorry. Bio, your arms look, we're dead your face is a natural irritant, personality leaves much to be desired. Simple desire. Being your immediate absence, you disgust me Steve Carlsberg, I mean Scorpio, those or videos rights Sagittarius by attorney get.
The best that money can buy. Capricorn. Today's lucky number is imaginary. But, coincidentally, so, where you and your entire experience of the world Aquarius! You want to make some money fast. I don't know Rob somebody commit fraud, There's lots of ways I see. Is you ve just one another brand new you stare obliquely at your whole filled with stacks upon stacks of new cars.
You buying every possible space at impossible angles. Today's brand new car is we'll din and, as you feel, its bulk progressing against you taking the last bit of your home that had still been yours to live in. You feel two years hard upon your cheeks. Congratulations on your point is well, that's it for the sample, but if you want more, the full recording of the librarian with over ninety minutes of new stuff, just like that is available at night, failed dot. Ban camped out come for whatever price that much new night veil is worth to you or on Itunes. Just search night veil hope you enjoy the sample and I'll see you on March, fifteenth with a brand new episode and some huge news about the night fell book for you will see you then.
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