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Bonus Episode 6 - The Investigators

2016-05-20 | 🔗

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Hi, I'm Joseph think what you're about to here are two clips from our last touring. Life show the investigators which is now available right now for sale at night, veiled, dot, band, camp dot com and it will be available on Itunes soon or it might be already depending on winder. Listening to this, this is over two hours of brand new night veil with live music at a ton of gas stars plus ten bonus tracks of guest stars that we couldn't fit into the main recordings. Even if you saw this show live. There is a ton of stuff in here. You have never heard also available ban cabin Itunes, our previous for live recordings, and the welcome tonight audio book check those out and we will see you with our brand new life script. Go stories in the U S in July and in Europe in October I can't wait enjoy and now an update on last week's power outages.
The night bail electric utility announced today that there may be more power outages incoming weeks this time due to its sadness, we ve. Spencer this week dialect utility said not for any reason, just sometimes make it sound, what do we need a reason for last week were feeling vengeful, so power outages this week were feeling sad and we're going to continue expressing ourselves through the medium of power. Outage is Power outages were, of course certified by the Supreme Court as a protected form of free speech in the nineteen seventy three case of the Hayworth Electric Company versus the Hayworth hospital.
And the court stated that reasonable causes great power outage include the celebration of a special someone's birthday expression of undue erected. Anger at an intransigent political system and periods have just feeling sad for no reason, but the knight fail electrocuted. I would like me to remind you that power outrages are no ex. It's not to pay your electric bill. I mean electricity. Is, after all, a privilege, not arrived failure to pay your electric bill. May result in localised lightning storms shrouded figures standing silently in the back of familiar tv shows doubt so so a spokesperson from these sheriff
Secret police has just handed me a note explaining that I am not required to attend the mood mystery Duma Theatre as it was here in my booth broadcasting during the time of the murder. Oh they just here me. Another note bought it reads: we don't know. Here that scientist is please let the scientist no. He is required to attend now, look Carla has been busy all day in these science lab I am saying if, if he were even able to leave the lab, he would certainly not just murder a stranger we. Stopping by the radio station to say hello to me. First, I'm gonna pull Carlos right now
You I was just thinking of you. I I'm so sorry to bother you, but I've received some bad news from the secret police I knew this would eventually happen. They discovered that my team of scientists studying geology right I know I know it's illegal and as France, that key wrote in his famous poem rocks or just rocks mind your own business pal, but I find geology so scientifically interests. I cannot believe that NATO's it's it's not that it's there's been a murder and the sheriffs secret police. Need you to attend, be mandatory murder, mystery dinner, theatre.
Oh, but that is great news. I love dinner theatres. I am. I took something In college you know, so I can play like a bunch of different role, also really you're. Ok, so the part that everyone wants to play in a murder, mystery dinner theatre. You know who it is it's the butler, because the butler gets too were pastel tuxedos and carry this pet rat, and I can do like a really really good snooty british accent I would never mother anyone money bags. Take your coat, sir
No, that's really a british examined is: is it Yannick neuron like another great role in? murder mystery dinner theatre. Is the rich heiress their heirs? She gets to wear this like type black dress and pearls and feathered bow which you know. I look amazing and I do I do so. The rich Europe, of course she seems like the murderer, because she always is around this old bloodstained acts, but that's the thing she only carries the acts because her mother was the owner of the world's biggest acts manufacturing conglomerate and their fair. He made a great fortune by chopping up people and taking other money anyway, the rich Airbus has this glorious,
and smooth romanian accent, I will never only one now go. Give me another during the job now I've never been to Romania. That's a dead on X, oh ok, I'll, write, not least Carlos. I'm actually really surprised to hear this side of you. I mean I had no idea that you were such a theatre, Nerd YA, like I'm, a scientist, door, but that's not all I am you know like getting act in a murder. Mystery dinner theatre would give me the chance to be not a cent
and test anymore, you know like em like like. I could be anyone like like a train conductor, I'd, shout all aboard a hum or a pizza maker, and I would shout all aboard anticipate. Or I don't know like. Oh, like a writer showed. I am terribly alone the curlews. I think the ideas
everybody has just themselves so that with the police can easily scanned the crowd and find out who looks the most guilty. I mean. I don't think that murder mystery dinner. Theatres efforts must be fine. They are gruelling exercises in abrupt and arbitrary. Just they know who I wanna play. I wanna play a librarian. Oh, I don't think I do area to be very interested in young adults. I fight adventure novels, but I recommend get what's yours, the secretive Now there are social security by John Crash. But how really good and sound a good living here, but I would really really need to work with the director you now on how to get the pincers another long Harry Legs just right, We would really mean to rig up a poorly system so that I could fly
around the room and then descend from the ceiling like a normal librarian, O Carlos. I was just handed another note from the secret police Reed's. No more, please tell me. Does doesn't have to come to the dinner theatre. At all I wanted to come as no bother you well we will just have to put on our own murder mystery dinner theatre. This weekend, ok, I love you. I love you too, although you running away, do Carlsberg Impression goodbye Coroloni, though
night veil, dot band camp dot com to hours a brand new night fail and go to welcome tonight fail dot com Click on live shows to see our upcoming toward dates.
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