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Bonus - Excerpt from All Hail

2018-08-23 | 🔗

An excerpt from our latest live show recording, All Hail, featuring Hal Lublin as Steve Carlsberg. Get the full recording on Bandcamp and iTunes.

Get four exclusive bonus tracks from All Hail – featuring Wil Wheaton as Earl Harlan, Jasika Nicole as Dana Cardinal, Molly Quinn as Melony Pennington, and Dylan Marron as Carlos the Scientist – by becoming a member on Patreon. Help support the show and get exclusive Director's Notes, bonus episodes, merch, and more.

And don’t miss our new live show, A SPY IN THE DESERT, this week in Edinburgh and around the world starting in September! Tickets available now.

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Hey our latest touring life show all hail a story about the glow cloud and about brute chanting is now available on Itunes and Ban camp. This is a fool hour or so of night. Fail that has never been heard on the pot cast and won't be performed. Live anymore. Here is a brief sample of what there is in store and in the meantime, let's take a quick look at the community calendar see this Sunday afternoon. Is these semi annual craft bear held that the no bail alimentary Jim so come on down purchased some handmade arts and crafts. Like starves, Afghans, shrouds death masks, there will be symposium available to beginners and experts like some of demonstrations include darning those darn sucks.
In your entire attire level. Point at nice it: whatever it takes to meet a deadline and crochet the crime that You're, not speak this Monday evening, the night, Community theatre is holding auditions for their summer musical. Forty second street actors must be. You're one one log and one song memorized, maybe sealed training or mixed martial arts experience is preferred. This will be held on a private island in the Indian Ocean and audition ease will be given a compass across bow and a thirty five minute headstart break away Tuesday down last night. It was abuse
your full and historic day of the week, one of the oldest the per se that they have no plans. We build Tuesday. However, they are put, Applebee's this Wednesday, there will be a dense and you, with your screens and you'll, feel things in the fog slimy things and you will hear screaming, and occasionally you feel like you were falling because you probably Willoughby and you will not be able to break up because you are not to sleep and then pass I do not remember what happened but because you can't because of this. Community event is sponsored by sprite right
old last register trademark. Is the start of the annual night veil has best sponsored by the last bank of lake they'll for more and that we have in this, for more and that we have in the studio the bank's VP of community Outreach with this can be right, sir, Chloe's Burg, Do the news? No, we work. Did you later hurry: Cecil, that's right, your brother in law is a vice president of Steve. Did you get a job at a bank. You can't even remember your own house number, who have always been good with man stuff Cecil,
minors and counting in college. You mean counting no counting whose I got it. I ate my world exam by listing every number up to ten million two hundred and eighty five thousand five hundred and three is a really high number. Yet I advise or said, no student at ever memorized that many numbers in order impressive, ok, it's been a few years and I'm a bit rusty, but I might be able to do. Straight for your listeners. They'd be really improve. None of sleep, a Nazi He. One two: three
do you need it. Maybe I am minded and counting Cecil's or one two. Three. For gas, I received, Why don't you tell us about chess best, okey dokey, the goal of jazz It is about discovering jazz. We want to tell you, to find musicians, they never would have found otherwise, just best begin. He's at DAWN Admission Grove Park. The moment we hear that First, metallic Greek of the sunrise, a soul. Low trumpet will play an unbroken de flat as jazz lovers race out of the park past, the sand wastes the gorge of Radon Canyon, but the other side and then another fifty miles you Baron Sandy, nothing, we so it's not!
mission grow park. Why is just ass all the way out in the desert, who even knows a true jazz love Doesnt, listen to jazz a true jazz lover, looks for jazz. Like just said, as this is about finding jobs, musicians and who knows where their hiding, space, the ten these will fan out in small groups. Yelling Europe will follow but then, as night balls, and the wildlife wakes up. The judge. Levers will grow cold and fearful, just when they thought they had no energy left to actually find any jazz music. They will be hunted by coyotes chased
by venomous snakes encircled by vultures as their lungs bird and their heart clamours and their muscle seize up. They will fall the drawing up of the wilds, your tenure sex. They were whisper. Sonny they will crawl, their school gray and pink lips. Pulsing sharp pains throughout their mere lifeless bodies, but, like all of the performing arts, tell me you will be a mirage. A meaningless series of tones be rest of musical wait. This was never jazz. There is no such thing as art and has the birds go and call the jazz lovers were back for a swift and easy death.
But it will be, neither the animals Steve. Do member last year for that guy from Pine Cliff found where Esperanza Spalding was playing, but then, but then he held up his festival risk. Back to the show the bouncers than the buzzards, came down and fully plucked out his eyes and then like no, no I'm fine. My ears were fine. I can still be here the jazz, but that the bouncers notice that it was for supper, only and then they wouldn't let him in
I was so what's your dream, like a million love jazz bluebird may seriously how many people are gonna, get attacked by birds adjustments this year, all absolutely all of them great anyway, all also from jaspers, go to support research for a cure. The throat spiders it's gonna, be a black hawk. Is I almost forgot. The most important part makes it seem. I just gotta get back to the community. Calendar. Really quick. You just take a second, I'm doubled Nord. Nor are they don't want you just take a moment. Okey dokey community capital more in the community calendar this Thursday is skin health awareness day well enjoy. The doors can be fun. The sun is doing Sure thing separating clinics will offer free screenings where they will check your skin for unusual moles, ancient beliefs or
a birthmark that you fulfilled the prophecy or bird insect colony is then I go. Medical board reminds you to wear some scream and had we know the sun? There not sure how this helps because the sun is essentially a million miles wide nuclear explosion, but you know pay whatever What are you still doing here? You're segments over, he told me not to leave. You said you'd just be a minute. I got like we're important things going on like you, gotta go okey dokey! not you, I don T, think you see Carlsberg
he's a moonlight? Is a clear procedure And finally, Friday These are so much fun, though we are going to schedule all of our Fridays were this year, all litter, oh yeah. Ok, it's can be nothing but finishing that work, weakened and tearing care free into the weekend. Now the bad news is that The rest of the year will have no Fridays at all, but you know what that's future with future us? If you liked that please do get the rest on band camp or on Itunes links in the show notes and join our patriotic we're. Not only can you help us keep making,
the show, but you can access bonus tracks from all hail, featuring, Molly Quinn just seek in the coal will weaken and Dylan Marin asked Carlos. These bonus tracks will only be available on patriarch and beast. To check out our newest touring. Life show a spy in the desert this week at the Edinburgh, French and then coming to cities all over North America, UK and Europe check out. All of the dates at welcomed. Night fell dot com slash, live, see you soon, with a new episode of night fail and hey, keep it up.
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