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Bonus - PodCon and the 2nd Imaginary Symphony

2017-05-28 | 🔗

A brand new podcast convention, by and for fans of podcasting. PodCon.com

And don't miss the Orbiting Human Circus's between season, self-contained special presentation: The 2nd Imaginary Symphony. To hear the rest, subscribe to the Orbiting Human Circus wherever you listen to podcasts.

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Hey! It's me this guy and I'm here with a bonus episode for two reasons: one is I'll tell you about a new event were helping to create and the other is. I want to introduce you to the orbiting human circuses, lovely between season special presentation, the second budgetary symphony. So we organizing a brand new podcast convention with Travis Mcelroy of my brother, my brother and me, and the adventure zone and Hank Green and his team of convention makers behind one tonne of cool conventions, including bitcoin. This convention will be called pod con will be taking place on December, ninth and tenth in Seattle. This will be a pocket convention for fans of podcast whether you also happened to make a pot cast or not we wanted to be a celebration of podcasting as an art form by the listeners forward. The listeners we already have confirmed live shows for my brother, my brother and me. Lower Alice, isn't dead
bad with money. Dear Hagen, John and more plus panel workshops and games with the cabin crew of welcome tonight, fail criminal, the orbiting human circus and more- and that's just our first round of invites in order get a sense of the scope of the event we are currently running and indeed go. Look him pain, the more we re now, the bigger we can make the event and the more part cast. We can invite tickets with the are cheaper than they will be after, and some of the benefits just won't be available after this campaign ends. Plus there are options for remote attendant. So even if you can't, you can't make it Seattle in person. You can still make it Seattle in computer computer. So on that, and the indigo, though, at pod com, dot com is only a few days left on this campaign, so that pon con dot com and now from Seattle. I take you to Paris, the orbiting human circus is presenting a son. Contained between season special presentation, the second
generic symphony. What follows is the first part, if you enjoy it, be sure to described it, orbiting human circus, to hear the rest and hey thanks This is all this bloody or listening to them actual broadcasting corporation. Of course it is holiday time and across Paris we in celebrating the month. Long lead up to our shadow perceive distinctly. Holiday, now celebrated across the globe, observing the hatching so the great resided in platypus of the nor the traffickers, of course believed by generations. School children to visit them when illness strike recite poetry, sleep thereby restoring them to help by the time they awake and ass. We every year at the perpetual, broken
in collaboration. We begin at the start of this notable month without great parisian, platypus time tradition, the broadcast of the second As you all know, the second imaginary symphony programme now synonymous with the Platypus holiday, was discovered. Forty it years ago by a trash collective in a refuge in the draft collected making the home. The Cosette marked second imaginary, symphony, expecting music playing the strange story. It can and instead of his own families, Platypus Eve gathering, loving sorry, several family members requesting copies of the tape so again the copying and passing on of the symphony from suddenly to family from St Street until Listening became as much a part of the planet perceive tradition as sending
children to school, dressed as a platypus or constructing a gigantic platypus out of household items in front of one's own, bring us to the present where the broadcast of the second imaginary symphony is now considered this beginning of the holiday season in tears. And it will be broadcast in four parts. Each one ushering in stage in our month. Long celebration of the particles Officially beginning our planet was holiday. This is all plum, and I give you a second: These nice neighborhood
just over that hill factories soon to be full of busy grown ups hard at work, and this is nice, treat telegraph road there's milkman every morning. He delivers a full day. Supply of dairy products. Do all the houses on my street. And this big White House, this is nice house, and this is not he's running down the stairs, though his grandmother he's told him not to
ordinarily, it would now be time for night go to school, but since its vacation time, nice free to stay at home with his grandmother and play Nice grandmother is blind and sometimes needs help with household chores. Such as sweeping doing what we are taking the garbage and making trips to the supermarket.
Walking home from the supermarket now here's the distant song of the fire siren the sun silence its perched higher targets, red brick engine house luring Simon away from their homes. It is now the dinner our time. But the turning sound of Latchkeys to echo throughout the land, has grown ups arrived home from work
some of my automobile. some of my bicycle and others on foot this is Mr Ackerman, Nice neighbour and friend, Mr Ackerman works at the big factory just over the hill. Now always looks forward to see Mister Ackerman, you see some time ago Mr Ackerman confined to deny a matter of great importance I had begun to wonder just what it was that the big factory over the hills making having wild away many twilight, admiring the great factory
had come to know each of its towering smokestacks and flashing lights, but as for what it was the great factory made of this. Even his grandmother was not quite sure when asked at first. Mr Ackerman did not answer He regarded nice silently and after on pause said only now of interest nigh nothing of interest. And continued on his way this, however, served only to peek the nine year olds. Curiosity, upon arriving home a common fund. The little boys to following close behind him I promise you nigh what goes on inside. The walls of the factory is of no interest to little boys or anywhere else for that matter now, he's nigh I've had a long day and I'm tired and with that draftsman wage goodbye,
appeared into his house, the door firmly behind him. There was nothing for night do but just for a moment at the closed door before him, suddenly way Mr Ackerman, had never spoken, so called me to him before and I was unsure how to react. He did, however, no one thing for sure. Sure. Ackerman was not in the least bit interested in discussing what he did all day at that factory. Why he wondered. Nice thought about the sorts of things grown. Ups do not like to talk about. Usually no had found that they fell into two categories for things that embarrassed or made the grown up uncomfortable in sex. And this was a good one thing,
Unfit for the ears of a little boy, he decided that he would have to be patient and show Mr Ackerman. That, though, not entirely fond of most grownups. He himself, was grown up enough to be trusted. Even with things unfit for the ears of little boy, he would have to play and wait until the time is right. Before asking again However, it was upon arriving home from work the very next day that Mr Ackerman found a little boy following close behind him once again Hello, nigh mister. Come in said. And with a sigh opened the door and back for now to come in. Once inside me, common remained silent for a time he, At night down at the kitchen table, clearing
from its several tools in Austria, two pronged object, but he appeared to have been working on. And put some water up on the cattle to boil pacing back and forth across the kitchen floor, Mr Ackerman, Appeared to be lost in thought Until at last, the small kettle came to a boil, and Mr Ackerman began to speak. Do you know where clouds come from night asked? Mister sir, said the clouds now clout sinister now shook his head. Try ass! He might not could not remember learning much of anything about clouds in school. So no one has ever told you will, of course not. It is a secret
Mr Ackermann, Clear just throw in the manner of someone about to give a long speech. It's been said no by the clouds are made up of fine droplets of water or tiny ice crystals, which are continually evaporating from new droplets or crystals appear to the condensation of water. Vapor wow by this is not true. Falling again just sounds as though he were about to say something very important. I'm going to confide in you die again with Trackman a great secret and the men who bear a great secret such as this must never never read the word of it to another, not even to their grandmothers. Men have given their lives, he said, and seeing that night was visibly impressed fell into a dramatic silence than I was sure betrayed his enormous respect for the dead.
With an air of great dignity, Mr Ackerman, for himself a cup of tea, Added told a drop of clear liquid flags and sat himself down fifty within, just as it seemed he was about to speak. Something strange happen: look on Mr Ackerman face changed. It was no longer one but the look of someone who would suddenly come to his senses to find himself quite ashamed and all at once. It looked very much tonight as though Mr Ackerman had changed his mind and was about to say nothing at all. Please, Mr Ackerman, please pleated! Nye who, in all his wildest dreams, had never imagined that the big factory harbour to secret so important. It could contain his curiosity. No more. I would tell anyone I promise.
Mr Ackerman glanced at the little boy and looking slightly defeated clasped his work worn. It was quite clear to him. There was little hope of shaking the boys interest now. Ok, he said and talking to date,
deep breath? I am a member of the secret society of cloud makers. My father was a clockmaker. My father's father was a cloud maker and now I to the Mcleod maker, our clouds are distributed across the globe and I made right here and sent wherever they are needed to shave people from the angry son. This is our secret night, our secret and call me a solemn duty, for which we must never ever take credit. How come that's not how come repeated? Mr search Well, you seen, I began mister.
A cloud is a powerful thing. As long as a cloud is Considered a happenstance of nature, then it's a helpful in friendly thing. But should this power to create and control clouds be in the hands of all men? Well,
considerations at work, I imagine what would happen if one nation were simply to steal all of its enemies, class leaving the others earth inferred or scorched or worse still, the others sky with thousands of cumulative perpetuating the torrential don't need not ever end why it will be the innovation. That is why the cloud makers have always been men and women without a country or face with no allegiance at all to the clouds themselves. With MR looked up with a gleam in his eye is, though, we could see right through the kitchen sealing the clouds in the sky. Above our secrets are passed down from generation to generation. We poems always as ordinary citizens are factors disguise to look no different than any of the others in their midst. Why, as far as the outside world is concerned, our factory exist solely for the production of a three pronged one slot widget at this, Mr Adventure trucks philosophising travel to and from our factory all day they arrive, and so they leave. Of course, we do keep a good deal of these regions on here in case of a visit from the outside world, but who
to visit the widget factory Men and women toiling for hours on end with Melton or soldering irons, riveting rivets until they can no longer even feel their fingertips. No one, and if they did, they never be love has to fund gate. Not without An appointment Wicked factories really close factories asked now Mr Rack mentioned is yet known. I know I suppose most any factory could be a clone factory. You never know, and that's the point no one does. That is except for the car makers, and I have even heard tell of people who worked a car factories security reasons, hadn't even the slightest idea. How asked Nigh by the same process, usually reserved only for unexpected visitors autonomy.
Hypnosis atomic hypnosis, it's just like ordinary hypnosis, only much much smaller. These people go to work every day, completely unaware of how entirely replaceable an important they are always sees an ordinary factory in which they are asked to perform the most mandate of tasks, never for a moment, suspecting the incomprehensible process in which they are taking part today ever find out. No, I don't believe that most of them ever do outcome will be seen. I atomic hypnosis is a very powerful. It doesn't seem fair, said. The little boy white visibly disappointed fair, said Mister Ackerman, Fair, I dont know
I am afraid, though, that it might be necessary. It's just not easy for people to believe themselves capable of such great things, and I it's simple insecurity. It is a matter of security, security is simply not to be tolerated, a secret such as this can be put at risk for no one. You told me, said nigh causing this, of shame to return to Mr Ackerman face once more I I live alone. You and I I haven't any children, shimmers mister, Men poured himself another cup of tea, emptying into a more of the clear liquid for the silver flask in his front pocket. The life of the Cloudmaker nigh its anything.
To the outside world. We must purposely appear as unremarkable is possible, we lived designed to attract very little attention, and sometimes nigh sometimes retracted our intention and Mister, Humans gaze turned down upon the kitchen table when you up some day nigh you'll, come to understand that there are some things in life that is Share well, they conveyed Mr Adam and look tonight to be far far away. You're a good boy, those still in the room with him. Mister Ackerman look tonight to be far far away. You're, a good boy- and I said Mister Ackerman, and I believe I can trust you with that. Your argument excused himself and withdrew to the bathroom.
Now who had been sitting quietly and attentively for much longer than would normally be expected. Boys age on vacation, begin to wonder about the house. Mr Atkins absence. After all, talk naughty. I have never been in the house on Cloudmaker before in the living room a little to the left of the front door. I noticed a large, yellow, raincoat hanging from a wooden coat rack. Whereas normally a large, yellow, raincoat hanging from a wooden cobra would be of little interest to a boy like nigh. This large yellow raincoat appeared to be covered. From top to bottom in no less than a full inch of undisturbed dust. This drew nigh to be rather odd. It has now reached out to touch the dusty coat with an outstretched finger. Mister, stepped into the room and
booming voice that scared and startled my cried, don't touch that I told you never ever ever ever under any circumstance. May you ever so much as touch that raincoat do you understand backed away from the wrinkled. But his head vigorously This ring code is for use only in the most severe of drought. Emergency is now. Never heard of a raincoat that was only to be used in the most severe drought emergencies before and was quite visibly shaken by the severity of Mister Collins tone. You didn't didn't stammered nigh. I didn't what only about the rain code. I didn't my god, I I didn't they The two of them stood. Neither. Nor man, no inquired what to say Drag him inside a sigh of such sadness that it made nigh shiver.
I'm sorry, I I shouldn't have did you like that. I had no right, I was afraid you were about to Our common trailed off Look of embarrassment upon his face now the height of the little boy. I'm afraid. I'm just not feeling very well known. I even Very good boy. Did you know that? Don't you know shook his head yet because the way Mr Ackerman was looking at him, he thought he locked, I think all Mr Ackerman, these little rest now he said, and I You won't forget what I told you here today will unite nice. His head: no ok, now You go, went along and late now.
This August, You have been listening to part one of the second imaginary symphony on behalf of all of us here. Actual broadcasting corporation. We wish you a the holiday season. We will return with up to just a few nights until then try not to too many partnership cookies, Good night, everyone. You go run along and play. This August.
I mean you have been listening to part one of the second imaginary symphony on behalf of all of us here, the perpetual, broadcasting cooperation we wish you a, the holiday season. We will return with up to just a few nights until then tried to too many partnership cookies good night. Everyone.
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