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Dreamboy, Episode One: Goodnight, Esmerelda

2018-10-23 | 🔗

A brand new fiction podcast from Night Vale Presents: Dreamboy. Dane, a spun-out musician spending the winter in Cleveland, Ohio, has two main goals: keeping his job at the Pepper Heights Zoo and trying not to waste all his time on Grindr. What he doesn’t expect is to get swept into a story about dreams, about forevers, about flickering lights, about unexplained deaths, about relentless change, and about the parts of ourselves that we wish other people knew to look for. Oh, and also a murderous zebra. To keep listening to Dreamboy, find it on Apple Podcasts or wherever you listen to podcasts.

Dreamboy is co-created by Dane Terry and Ellie Heyman. Starring Dane Terry, featuring Cecil Baldwin, Avery Draut, Gianna Massi and Morgan Meadows. For more information and full credits, go to dreamboypodcast.com. You can also find us on Twitter (@DreamboyPodcast ) and Instagram (dreamboypodcast).

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Hey there, we have a brand new fiction podcast preparing today, and it's going to be your new favorite podcast. It's called during boy all one word and it's about Dane Spun out musician who spending the winter in Cleveland Ohio, while there he gets, swept into a story about dreams, creepy girl, scouts and murderous zebra named Zoe, the guardian called dream boy and instant night veil, classic that's full of mystery and rich characters, as I just said, your new favoured, podcast, after this epoch, make sure you subscribe to the show at dream, boy, podcast, dot, com or what four podcast up you're using right now, just a quick morning, They showed does feature adult language. The milky way: Galaxy Planet, earth, Cleveland, Ohio.
Twelve year old, as Miranda looks out, the window of her fathers single engine, airplane role under the trees, look just like rock, and the late looks like one of her mind and it's getting anxious. Nonetheless, Morel that doesn't know this. Probably, but a hundred years ago, were so her great great Grandfather Johnstone for the oil taken, bought all the land currently rolling, underneath her for a suspicious these small sum, but rather than build on a man like everyone expected, he instead had it all Doug leading mounds of dirt. Every much to the chagrin of the locals petitions were signed. Ladys groups had bunches. Finally, as a compromise, stone fulfilled most of the holes built a summer home on a small piece of land and donated the rest to the city of policing for partners still falls ended up liking it. Despite the controversy, they were happy there in a bread, like rabbits becoming more and more cousins with cleaner and cleaner money, and that money eventually settled, came locked up and foundations, orchestras zoos. Many these cousins left click a few states their lives, buoyed by the steady pumping trusts and was one of these customs. A guy named Roger, a man may foggy from a life of never having had to know that he took his little daughter as Marilla pouring for a ride in their single engine. Now later on, that night show their flight path on a single red line that ends abruptly in solid blue section at the top of the map. Apparently, their engine began to malfunction, as they were right over pepper heights, and people on the news later will save incoherent, a sound like a saw in the sky, the wild.
A plane, was still in the air above pepper heights. I didn't hear it. I was far below sleeping late in old bed in my friends, guest room, Huge white clouds were racing through the sky, making the light in my bedroom change from bright, dim too bright to dim. But I didn't notice tat either. I was deep in a dark dream now. My dreams are prey, You fucked up, usually like me, my mama astronauts and she's floating away, and I can't do anything about it. Like the train. Car I'm on is full of a thousand big fat SAM. Oh black flies landing on everybody's face and lips, and they don't notice there. Just reading there, kindles that sort of thing Dream about sex that often, but when I do
always something really awful like another day. I'm a guy behind the counter is making me fuck, my cousin Brian, and for a line of old Ladys waiting for their hey I've seen a kick it hard and interviews weeding anyway. Ever since I got to Cleveland I've been having this strange recurring dream, it always starts the same. I'm in the water hanging suspended in its deep water and its dark. I can't see anything. The water is the same. Temperature is my body. It feels pleasant, mahars, just gently, swaying and then I feel a little bit of cold on my legs and at first I think it feel sort a nice and then a little bit more coal and then slowly. I realise that something huge is moving underneath me
They start to freak out my start to try to get away, but I cant get it where the water is improving and I feel the cold was coming out more and more like a thing is getting closer and closer. So I started crash good minority screened by the icing. Russia's. It hits the back soon now I feel zigzags explicitly intestines like a color, the knife and just before it gets to the back of my ass. I wake up. Throw off the covers, and I look down and my dick is rock hard like so hard that is actually like bobbing up
oh fuck, I'm late for work, I jump out of bed. I throw my faded raids in our cooperation teacher and I took my boner in my short. As best I can run down stairs gravel pop tartan dump. A glass of water on the counter somewhere near the plants are usually walked through the neighbourhood which are to York too. We look to see to it and then I cut through the woods, but now I have to run right down the ministry area of pepper height, serving to really cause I'm running late. I get to the four we stopped and people who are we to polite. Prefer we stopped over bridges with six. There was no, you got you go for it. I know you're, please. I had said please: I've spent I actually right across the screening. The about really do road is to pursue a street, so he's different kinds. Food and immunity, opium of Romany places, too, should place a Chinese would place. A toy, sharp and independent bookshop record second impose peruvian import ahead. Shop gave our own like a few blocks, and always crowd is always some kinds of people. How suddenly, knowing that we see anything like that right. There was such a mix of people from every country and every income bracket all living in the same level, but like some sort, lefty public tv fans, all these different kinds of loved ones right here, unremittingly single one of them had a walk. The right is being turned right when I'm yours- and I see a truck, I almost run into some sort of utilities. Truck- is part half on the grass and half in the street. Your cussing coming from somewhere close Sucker Brother Bugger, STAR batch in itself. It is coming from above me, so I look up in there's a sort of cream coming up from utilities truck to a bucket and there's a man, the bucket feeling with the light pole, but occasionally seem because he silhouetted by the sun, but he's just causing up a storm, and you ve heard somebody cost so blatantly and out in the open- and I mean this is a neighborhood there's like old Ladys in like little kids,
girl comes out of nowhere, cheerless runs mule runner bike. Jesus. just one box, I'll have to run anymore. I think I can just walked briskly and I want to be a complete sweaty mess when I get there and I'm only thirteen minutes late, that's not so bad that close to ten, it's almost immediately I get to the side entrance this big that'll building and above the door. There's a sign that says: Zennor Corporation Shuttle beat five, I stopped form it will take a breath and then I hope,
epic metal door. The cold air instantly hits me. The security guard gets up from his chair and block the hallway crosses his arms and stands in front of me is eyes Nero as he demands to see my id badge. I am working for three weeks late after a ridiculous amount of looking at me up and down. Looking at my bad, when looking back at me and then he lets me pass for more heavy metal doors and finally,.
I'm in the shared vision, long term eating twenty one. Thirty five project objective: to survey the sixty nine, no moons of Jupiter for possible helium to deposits you or to report any signs of helium to directly to your superiors, I'd, send our cooperation upon debriefing. All sixty nine target moons are classified as lifeless but nonetheless, new revised to keep your scanners on be safe and happy hunting. Minors. ok hold on for a second. I note your thinking, Cleveland. Why Cleveland? Why did I go to Cleveland. I was tired, tired in attired in like a cosmic sense in like a big sense, not just like day Not just like data day, tired, not like, I need a nap tired but like I need I need a nap tired but, like I need it,
Six month, soul, nap, tired. My friend, Emily was gonna, be gone for six weeks, so she said, come stay in my house wider, my plants. And you can be alone- and I thought alone alone time. That sounds great. It's what a gift to somebody who has been living in New York, especially a musician, so I thought All right, an album, and so I went. I took my keys bored I set it up and are living room. I turn it on sat on the bench and grandeur. And my way, through an Amazon chipping error of the Doritos, but. Every once in a while my free hand, would reach out and blindly finger a random cord greater. For some people, I think, is fun like they can list up into it and then pop back out of it whenever there done. But for me I've never been able to stop having fun, but I'm like a
like I'm always having fun kind of away, but in like a like there's so much funding, it hurts kind of away. I'm just it's all my time, obsessive Lee But after three days I still haven't grander laid and started my for or orange so I delete a grander again, and started looking for a job. But after literally walking into a mirror, while dropping off my application of the american apparel and being given what I thought was a rather gauche button. Less classic run around by the assistant manager. At that your portly, I was running, Of options within walking distance, but Finally, squirrel late season, job working this tiny little Neighbourhood amusement park called the pet, her height, zoo. This place at risk. Free tax havens, since before plastic was invented. It was like a nursing home for old oil money, And the zoo part, with a motley collection of creatures, gotten cheap for various reasons, but the most
popular attraction by far the animal and all the lunch boxes, the star as an elderly zebra names, so we. No one really have any experience with animals myself, so they gave me a job as a right attendant on one of the few rights. This law
indoor rollercoaster called Jupiters lifeless moons, it was right. Next is always exhibit everyone's referred to it as the moons, who is a pretty team ride actually, with a writer minimal, might only forty eight inches. Forty four, if you hadn't done no idea, was that it was a space shuttle that took space prospectors out the moons of Jupiter to look for helium to deposits. My job as an employee of the fixed space prospect in company designer corporation was to unload the kids instruct them to report any helium to deposits during their need briefing in the next room. Land use, my most official sounding voice in the park did a pretty good job, making it all seems spacey and fund. There were flashing lights and space props. In line you heard a robot voicing the mission objective on loop. There is even like space adventure, music playing from hidden speakers during the right itself. There was a cool thing about the pepper, hide zoo. They piped in music. All over the park like specifically made for the park a lot of it was recorded years ago by these three ladys. They were sisters. Ferber did something sisters, I don't know, but you you can buy the city.
Yeah, To that end, Why won't you. Age? we. Do we.
But they also recorded a theme song for so none of them may be, and since the right shared its huge mental building with part of zones exhibit, I did have to listen about unlooked for my entire shift other than that it was a pretty easy, though I just had to stand behind my party and see my one line in this frank microphone. Jesus smelled like a hundred summers where the spit Attention all minors aboard shuttle. Five, please report your helium to findings in that he briefing room the labourers plank open and the kids scramble out. They all run into the next room, the deep briefing room.
But one girl lags behind. She stands there beside the track. I realize slowly that I recognise her. She has written the right several times this week and she's dressed like a catholic school girl or I don't know what would I think they dress like the lap, our slammed down automatically on the coast or behind her what she doesn't jump. The empty card disappears into the dark tunnel to pick up another batch of kids in the next room. Leaving us alone. Are you ok I perfectly fine, you, you need to report to debrief, please I'm here Sixty interest all I know it's all pretend ok. Will you still have to leave before the shuttle comes back? Ok, I know I just thought I'd wait till they clear out a little, the other kids
she nodded towards the debriefing room, but she wasn't really looking at it. She wasn't looking at me either and she spoke like a small adult from nineteen sixties and that creepy way the kids were raised by their grandparents sound her eyes settle on a far door. I instinctively step out from behind my podium. Then another door opens and a man enters. He walks quickly towards me. His nice suit makes him will completely out of place, but he stops when he notices the little girl, oh Luther and winked at me, as he walks over to her and bends down to her eye level. So tell me: do you
If any helium deposits to report, she says nothing, she just players at the kind of clear that stays anchored on his face ass. She walks around and disappears into the deep breathing room behind him. Oh that's a great age! This man is, he like Rich, the director of the pepper height sue. Dwayne. It summed Dane. Actually, yes, of course, I'm Sardine Day Day, Day in day, to day day, Dane Dane Dame date. I knew that Dame Dame you liking it over here at the moons. It's fine somewhere else in the building. The old roller coaster. Car makes a turn in the hall
Or building responds with soft metallic grown okay well I wanted to give you an updated set of keys changed locks last night. I can't be too careful what, with the current, rigmarole situation said securing under the podium to shiny new keys on it The broom closet, that's the front of the right, and that should do you Then he smiles and there's an awkward moment where he's just smiling and smile turns off like a neon sign any walks away, but he stopped
Short in the middle of the shuttle Bay and turns back around that green shuttle approaching light flashing on his nice o d. You do know that door leads to always nighttime inclusion. Is he points at the far door? I nod slowly. I've always loved the grocery store at night, like it twenty four hour, grocery store is like my church and its Sleep because there are no people, yeah sure, but because if it he's been restocked and straightened and it's perfectly need. This is row upon Rove brightly coloured boxes with little cartoon faces all picking out the same way. They think it's because everything so neat and there are no people moving around and theirs is bouncy music playing that if you
look for it. You can really glimpse the shape the terrible screaming skull behind the gorgeous face. That is the grocery store and it hits you you're standing in a warehouse of death plant and animal morgue tonight. I want a pie, But the bakery section of the stores dark, like lights for out and just that Corner Naso. Pie case. I know exactly where it's out. I can see it from here, but it has a shorted light tonight. Its blinking randomly. Giving the whole bakery section a sort of bad part of town feel now I'm maybe a bad boy, maybe not a bad boy depends on who you ask. I am certainly not afraid of the dark and I mean sort of a red line and have the cart with squeaky will. So I like squeak right over that bakery section squeak squeak youth week if
soon. As I crossed the threshold, I see him. Sitting in shadow three little girls, girls ass may be. Behind a table. But twelve years old, give or take Dollar lies everything. And smiles. Good morning. Oh didn't! But it's just after midnight technically morning, Sir Pretty by the book enough lies there all wearing matching uniforms and they will have different patches, and I recognise the one girl from the ride earlier. It's the girl that lagged behind in she recognized me and the other two are twins, but with different hair
Are you were selling something now, but if you like to donate treaty, most appreciative tone? Oh, oh, you don't have like you know, I'm cookies or anything I just thought you know bakery section girl scouts that maybe you hey you're, not affiliated with the girl Scouts in America,. I reached my party, and I thought I ll just give them a dollar and behind him on donation is three dollars for the pamphlet, but that's called sewing something. What's what's up here, What about they hold up a small paper book, the title elegantly printed in dark blue ink on cream colored card stock. It reads friends till the end advocating for animals. What are you reading money for anyway? So
Zoe the zebra we're raising money to save her. Apparently the zoo is too broke to do anything about it, even though they seem to have plenty you have money for that: stupid new exhibit gardens still big. How do you forget all day you work, They are don't you yeah part time. Little voice inner weird little cold blue eyes too little hard cash, Said the word spanned the if he's weird thing out in the open, cold blue eyes, but too little candies Swansdown, the sidewalk now Just want to get home, it feels we Europe being out in the open and despise hurting my arm.
Thank God. I walk of Emily steps. I opened the door, but it hit something. I've been down to pick it up. It's a small cardboard box. It feels warm in my hand. Meta name, written on top of the box and beautiful cursive look Prescott I'll know anybody named look, look around nobody's out other windows and other houses are dark and the smell hits me cinnamon and cardamon. I looked down. I opened the box and more of that smell pillows up it's a small spice. Kick it smells like a thousand Chris
this is, I instantly feel wrong for looking so I closed the box back up again I go inside and put the kick in the fridge I think I'll just text Emily tomorrow and be like do you know anybody named Luke, a fortune. I sit down with the pie box in front of the tv. I open it my way For a pillar of delicious smell, the hit me, but it doesn't the I seems to have no smell compared to the cake. I take a bite anyway. In turn on the news. Some millionaire and his daughter crash. Their plane into the lake. Search and rescue operations are under way people on the news or pointing to the sky talking at the camera. They should pay. To the Father, positive social, meaning right before the flight, its it. Good, I'm standing. Next to the plain, her smile, really big news.
Option as world is first plane ride. I take a bite of pine staring stared world face. Then I stopped doing. I think, of the bottom of the lake. I think an airplane lit up like a sleeping bird down there. I think that man, some over the crushed cockpit. His daughter trapped in the back seat behind him and then suddenly I feel I can in that back, seem unable to move looking at the back of my tat head is blood ribbons of red silk. Water, and then I have a feeling in mind. I just now Never gonna find this plane. They will never find Esmeralda pouring
put me down there alone forever. The bite of pious mush in my mouth I swallowed. And turn the tv off. And then there's only my reflection in the dark glass. Looking back at me,.
Dream boy has calculated by Dean Terry and telling him and developed interrupted by telling him written, composed and performed by daintier, featuring Cecil Baldwin, every drought, Jonah Mossy and Morgan Meadows, sound designed engineer, mixed and mastered by Chris Weingarten at Banana deal studio, creative, producing and assist in direction by ashen hash, editing by Alexander Charles Athens, marketing by Adam Cecil. A very special thanks to Christie. Draftsman and I built a sense. And remember, if you want to hear more of dream boy subscribe at dream: boy, podcast dot com or in your podcast app.
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