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I Only Listen to the Mountain Goats: Episode 10, Jeff Davis County Blues

2018-02-15 | 🔗

We’re checking back in with our most recent episode of I Only Listen to the Mountain Goats to share with you what the show has become. Thanks for listening! “Jeff Davis County Blues” is a song with a particular meaning to Joseph's life. Julian Koster of The Music Tapes and The Orbiting Human Circus (of the Air) joins to share his dream-inspired cover.

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Hey Josephine think a few months ago we share the first episode of my new podcast. I only listen to the mountain goats. It was, I think, a very good episode, but It was also one where we were figuring a lot of stuff out both within how we were doing the conversation and in how we edited it, and so I wanted to check in with you here with episode. Ten of our part cast our most recent episode and one that I better represents. Where they show ended up going enjoy, this is looked at it. Took to Ireland on the aims to tell the house he was out, but the percentage ruined, o Peter I went over there. And then here's the original lyric tuition wonders it has made the Susie This was really wild about. Some of the Sahel is Texas. I don't think, there's a privilege who has drafted that, I think the amount of correction that went into it. You got one line, no,
Lincrusta like one word, crozier inventors change to learn his eyes again knows that we need invent somewhere else. Since It is also the fact that so now, I'm superstitious about pen colours- and I won't right in blue or read only right in blocking interest to hand. This is clear back then I was I I don't care what we know. Must have been a previous draft, you can tell I am Also, I am whole etc so there must have been a previous draft somewhere else and others a song. I never got written called you and your latin jazz. This note book went through a bunch of different generations like it was at one point: the then it becomes it hurt surgery. Nobody went through like he went through like this. One was around, and there is still a lot of white paper in it. If you will nobody around new songs and it feels bizarre
bizarre, even though she paper I hate. Writing one hand and saw my stuff. I have like all of my old stuff You can tell us the old stuff, because its inward perfect, rather than word wow, but have my father's of word perfect files, I learned a tape at seven so Basically, I really as long as I've been writing. I've been riding on computer, and adjust that's the only way. I'm comfortable doing. I learned how to type at twelve is summer school. In Portland and they became anywhere approaches and to this day I will very seldom right prose with songs have always been law. I can't, I can't imagine writing a solar it on on the laptop is like that's. I tat s. What I m typing it up, so it will be able to read it whenever For the most part, this whole takes of myself. I songs words. This is a good take oaks. I don't know what that says.
Welcome to Mavis Beacon, teaches the mountain goat spoke about typing and the mountain goats. I'm Joseph think, and I only listen to the mountain goat. This is the show where I talked with John DOE, Neil singer and songwriter of the banned, the mountain goat about music art life and anything else that comes up this season, we're going song by song through Johns, two thousand to album all Hail West Texas. Today song is Jeff Davis County Blues, which, as your here is a song with a particular meaning to my life later we will hear a cover the song recorded just for the spark cast by Julian cost her. But first this episode was a tough one. It would have been tough even without the subject matter which its little heavy, because this was the last episode recorded on my first trip down Durham. We had spent three solid day sitting and Jonas basement recording. Imagine us John Cross Legged on an old mantras me sitting in a small plastic. Folding chair outside the sky boils inside we sweat and we talk we're gonna talk this episode, Bout, Jeff, Davis, county blues,
Jesse was gay blues wishes, also Jefferson Davis County. I thank you, sir. The hyperbole, the people often criticise agrifuels, engaging of calling the best might have been. The best you're right. I want the best for the moment it is the best in some are in some way, as the other thing is the best. So as always, artificial, very favorite one, but I've been sandwiches and wonders you know, that's, maybe the bed written song on the album. As far as the lyric goes its really, you know, it's very measured but you ve Davis, think it is like to step up. Jackie was carry blues, has a kind of a maturity to the to the to the resolve where I'm not asking for attention, as it were, is best definitely does not abandon pretty much punches. You in the nose telling you I bet you can't not pay attention to a guy yelling he'll, Satan, Mr Allister at all, You gonna hear me now right and that's this punk energy, which I like em,
But I also and more drawn two in part, because my natural tendency is to jump up and down and yell and I enjoy it. Always wanting to try and find other ways to you know to leave an impression yeah. This has similar to, which is why It has an over many over a minute long. Instrumental yeah. We when I talk about maturity and songwriting, I consider like the ability for the singer to shut up and stay out of the way of some nice cords. That's me is mature, Right, that's where they didn't used to have that. Could I couldn't by the courts at nice either under and there's an eighty seven in here, a minor seven that keeps coming up? I'm pretty sure, the first signs of road ahead at a minor seven it and ass. It deserves some space. I just left there someone being listened to the same facts here it is,
Are you suggesting this song really get used to? This is maybe the most specific to you said that This album came out of driving through s taxes, This is maybe them a specific to driving through us access to the point where it's basically giving direction just do as I will not return is addressed. You can go do if you issue so desire. So there's a summit has created a Google map shut up. That person thanks for doing that, because I did you learn it. You have a name presently which they ve mapped out on Google. This route. Yeah I was facing, is it's a super long route and it fell those long when you're saying it in the song and it feels long ethically it's a lot of ours, but it's what you're saying about less taxes. It is when you see it against the state of Texas, there isn't a higher sounder is maybe five percent of built, the width of say I know you're, not even you can drive through this thing and it would take you away
and you wouldn't seen much of Texas, so the entire Dr. According to this Google map that who created Serenity, clicked where are they get? every person doomed to unanimity. It is a five hour drive here is what it looks like against the state of Texas Yeah I saw its diversity is a very small upside down v in the middle of it. Sir was the was the border always right there yeah, you don't go find in Iraq's kindness, giraffe. I just go very briefly into it. I only hit back Mercury Eldridge is our dude. Thank you. Agri, Eldridge appreciate it what's up so, five hour drive is how long it would take to do once butter but he turns around where he would take them. There's a probably an extra twenty minutes for the deterrent. He's gonna keep Goin yeah, decides the Midland. But yet is something about that that impression that going through taxes leaves on you. It's like you go it's a place that that
teach you about your own ignorance, because a lot of people, especially we will never be the south at all. They think they know something, but taxes, and they may know something about taxes, but there's a lot of access to know and that's instructive, because it's true every place taxes happens to be a good place to learn it junior take no matter what you think you know about this the people have a lot of sir. It S. Rooms were Brooklyn right, which became popular place, to move to Circa two thousand span. I spent five years living and Williams area and the end, and probably like people your age would move around the same time. Exciting and help people dismiss it in a way that everybody, Everybody has taken part in dismissing Williamsburg as history or whatever, but there's a lot to know about we re. Actually we would we took her who had a bad hoopdriver, not lift driver, bad lift driver through their a couple weeks ago, as all kinds of blocks I had never walked down at all cause. There's no clubs there and there's no.
Restaurants, that I know they're and and never seeing or has people Emily Hussy Dean right, They had never see. Oh yeah, you go south from Winesburg yeah will you that's what he was too? yeah you get into the neighborhoods where there are no signs in English and yet ass I did. Thing is, I think I told you I didn't tell you one I almost did when I was studying Hebrew ETA Pomona when I was gonna pitcher picture, but he ruined. I was in classical studies and I was really getting pretty into the tradition of other he was scholarship and stuff. I was looking at the postings for summer stuff and there is a huge library thing in our seas: Massachusetts where they had like this vast repository of your dish, books that needed to be catalogued and They said it was a great gig. The one thing is: there's no air conditioning in the warehouse where you gonna do this and its July.
God, and I knew I had never spent time in these close to those like. I bet it's unlivable among Those books I didn't apply for the Irish most scholarship thing. If I did, I didn't get it, but I sort of you know what I was thinking about. Doing I looked at and the whole tradition- viewers, literature, so I mean like- is over you. Your utterly just floating on. That's gonna be my area that honour study you know, and so so you have a negative priorities recognised this I'm dazzled. I know so little emigrant, you know, andor and there's a sort of for me anyway. I am ignorant of your intensely curious about yeah. I have a second different reaction to the massive community Gloria course, because yeah as it as like a reform do and like a liberal due to me ass, its make me a kind of sure, but remember also the tradition that they come out of, whether whatever they are in practice. Its
static tradition where they lay worthy radical yearns, but they were the radical ones and the midnight in the long term, yeah. I guess it's a thing: it's a thing where it's like I get to hate the hussy: it's because it is an I'm not hitting them because their choice, then that, because of the way they treat women in the way they treat other people on. The city, I only think of them in scripture, cultural terms, the AIDS, a sibling anger that, like you, get to have because Europe close to them in some. I know I'm I mean like at core, whose is it I saw filler repose, whereas five and to this day identify with with terror. It's like I want. Will you works is about how we would be to reschedule. He has even mean it, but he says that what he likes his life. The way it is you know, but I am the same wording. I would if I was a guy who just just read the Bible,
Oh shit and I saw a man ass ours. How do you know that the last episode we talked about? How play your cut? All of that it was we who I mean. I am completely uniform law on I dislike of hazards, because again it has nothing to do with the fact that there are totally has to do with the fact that, under that it's a good luck, yeah the! So we lesser this last episode, we talked about how, can become tied up in who you were when you wanted us places I it is exactly the same with songs when you went to those places I it its exact. The same was songs. And this is a song that just happen to get tangled up in a pointer. My wife wrote anywhere in New York. I wasn't it so so We ve talked about this. That win the mountain goat went from a band. I liked to a band that was kind of tied into my life when my father died earlier. Isn't two thousand eleven right, I'm here,
the heart condition fur seven years or so beforehand. We knew she was going to die. We just then, and so it was it was this very long drawn out process. I went through like summers where I couldn't function because of any anxiety and then I know what you mean is the thing, will you summarizing that one sentence is here? His walk right past as a european I went through a period where I was too anxious to remove anyway I will, I always want to respect those moments when you pass them and go like yeah No. I hear you say when I talk about my crying well awake period. There was real like you. I would try and keep it together until my wife left for work, just not by her out, you know, and then I would go. It's one of the things that really bonded my wife and I powerfully wish she and I started dating the summer. I stopped function
because of anxiety. She started dating me like right before that happens. So his great thing where she started dating me and then I start functioning good new boyfriend. So around my wrist I have a piece of bankers string route. She has one too. We have friendship, bracelet sauce and I dont. Actually, where wedding ring, I really hate wearing jewellery. It bothers me, but I've I've learned this baker string or weep. We switch it out about once every six months. So well force prolong of Megan. I've been together almost eight years over years. Oh God and so it was too As a nine year, eight years, so it was really early on and I was living in New York. She was living in New Jersey and I had this point where I couldn't get out of bed. I was so anxious and she came and she brought me chocolate covered strawberries and a bakery box, and then we made friendship bracelets from the bakeries around the bakery boxes and I've worn this. Around my wrist ever since, to remind me that moment anyway,
now, the edit summer. It was an interesting one could see, I couldn't function, but I was also the start of our really. Shep. As so do you now when new, like? If you get it anxiety, sources Ellen and you feel, like maybe you're functionality, decreasing new some goods about to happen. So I had that wave and then I had another wave after my father died were again. I can function for a little and then I started writing night fail and said. Night fell started along Out of my anxiety has now gone away at all, but it has become extremely manageable because I just I just started, Putting all of my anxiety and night fell, like minded elicit a fairies all of the stuff about death and about Uncertainty? That's all meters stake taking all the exciting there was building up and putting it into this work and sends drawings and how to live inside of me anymore, young others desolate into gold. Herman understood this without is
because terrible thing I have talked with my therapist about how you know. Somebody size we go well. That was a terrible thing to live through, but look what came out of that? That's nice yeah. So My father is sweet. He would Peter around we minor surgery and it went completely wrong and he died. But then came back kind of thing where they they got him out and they, Cedars Sinai, and so I flew back from New York and we just spent a week with him at Cedars Sinai Andy I see you, it's always really works. We done night pills done a bunch of stuff at the Largo, which is literally around the corner from cedars. Sinai and Largo is a very exciting places. I've had a lot of really amazing career moment. Some of the first night fell shows where the Largo days literally around the corner, from the room that my father died, and so we have Week with him, and I really take that as a gift in that he very easily died that first night. Instead we have this week in which we could say goodbye,
no no servicing by. We thought he was gonna, get her transplant, I'm an injustice. Happened, but we spent that weak singing. Because again he was a musician. We had always Sunday other as a family. We spend a lot of different stuff You know we sung lie the stuff, you a few very until a lot of different music Who is the guy? I cannot believe a forgotten. His name dying cups, founds last request. Oh guy's name, that I know it. I know the song jungle remembers. I guess that's not it. My favorite song by him. He was great, Steve, Goodman failure. All sorts of great stuff The fairly is not that well yeah, my dad, I liked him sites like that. I was with you a lot of stuff, so we think is over. We also saying we are we saying this year and we sang I told I was telling you this a couple days ago. We saying never quite free, but I without telling her
we were at the end of the first is to make them happy, because I wasn't, I needed him to be singing a half his it's just. You know. I just became tight that music came tied to that moment, which they fear has outlined certain size, its crashed into our sole yeah exact but it's it has, and it has nothing to do necessarily again. Never quite free had nothing to do with that moment, but it became a very different meaning. Very and after that's why I came back to New York. I was train figure things out. Six months later, I would start running night veil, which it wasn't until years. Here then, I realized that wasn't direct reaction to the grief like that was me. Meat processing grief, it didn't occur to me until three years after it insightful thing about Greece that it's weird yellow is not just that. The first thing people say about yeah, it's you don't even know what you're doing you realize how your processing it until you have a lot of distance to see what you are doing. I went who played Musicale Williamsburg, and I were
to see it. I have she didn't know. The centre right and no, I didn't know that song Thou reform issues, not a song. I listen to much and you were playing it and I do solo, it was the middle of said that sound right, we're being solar sees terrifying, Jeff, Davis, cannibals and you got to the line about sunset magazines, old issues, a sunset Maisie, yes and my dad was a avid scrapper two cents a while and- there is always it was always around room when I was flying, back to New York. You know we were there for the funeral and all of that it happens pretty quickly when your jewish, can't do it right away. We stayed for the funeral, and then I was graven some stuff to read on the plane, such as grabbed a capricious sunset magazine. I open up. My dad was an avid gardner. He he burned all the time we had a fairly complex garden answer yields any word from homes. It's been allowed
They doing them and all through that it was the latest issue of sense, a magazine and came out prep the month and it was all these notes. He had written about well hardening ideas. You want to try. There is gonna. He had like circled a type of planting method that we want. Try out neighbours. All this stuff is handwriting my dad in this issue Sunset magazine: the song. That was why right up these old issues, a sense of magazine and this idea of dreaming of home and one different ideas of home. Became a song about my dad and so this is weird thing were forever. This will be a song about my dad, even though nothing in the lyrics supports at its not a song about someone missing somebody who died, I dont think, and it's not. It's not a song about grief nest seriously, but it is hundred percent. Those things from it was a big loss in that zone, though, is one of the like. I say it's worth more mature songs in part because it doesn't need an object of romantic affection or even
even indefinable object. It sake it's it's actually focusing on the feeling. Most of us want focus on feelings that level very often when we feel, if I feel, if I you say, you're angry, I might ask you who you're angry at well. That's I a very dim understanding of anger, ensuring that people or adored injustice or whatever you know, but to sit with the anger and an end to have that be the feelings have be focused on this were the song? Is it, but with with with absence and grief, you know eighty is looking at something to pictures you know. Well doesn't matter was in the pictures. We know that the pictures of something that their pictures- music whatever's on them- you're, not with that right. Now, so. It is a sign of solitude and a leg of the euro solitude. Just when you buy yourself solitude is also win. Win stuff is, is missing from you, so funny
after three nights north from switched to re read, want smile, steady eyes like Lama, sixteen paused with television sound idle feels
all the issues of silencing to read sleep. I dream about gas stocks, it one twenty coming scattered passengers rights,
dream about
You ve talked about people. And I actually did this when I read- I humility- you about my dad dying to remember- there's something about you. People want to bring their trauma to you, and Think it's because so much music is about not even not even like here's sure, some ways to get through trauma, but that. It's ok to have trauma yeah, no or to have us able to sit with your stuff yo whatever your damage is. What have you? Traumas, whatever your issues are have a space where you can sit with that and to understand that the house- much of it is you're still there It doesn't actually have a knife in his hand and actually get assault you, just feels funky. You know, but but yeah that
that's what music is for me in a lot of ways: musical, listen to day, I think about dress imperatives, us nothing. Nothing is beyond buy a rich mullins in the version by a meagre. And andor that song was not written for people to to suffer with, but it was that for me you know it was like it was. It was a way of situating myself in the vastness of the universe and yeah see. You know there's more simpler way of looking at it, which is like you, talk a lot about the nature of your experiences with music. The music is sacred, really is it's like when, when you ve gone that place with something you know whether its democratic Cato requesting fellows whoever you know nothing you say about: it will ever be adequate to what happened when some piece of work help liberate you from something you know it's like that's. That's is indescribable, for sure that it's a maiden yeah and hence I also I was like I'm gonna- be bring.
Some trauma to unload I'm here, and I apologise for that. Oh no! No! No! Look! I say this a lot. I always wanting to see it in a way that its hearted always really hit the right tone here. When people want to share their trauma with me, it is an honour it can. Like in the signing line or something you can be. It can be a lot. You know that I'm not therapist thing is: there's nothing I can say That wasn't me shows a trauma with if you share it with somebody whose job it is to do therapy They know how to shepherd you through that right, I don't I don't I make. The thing that seems to actually in some way by itself know how to help with that. But I personally I don't know what to say except thanks and it's an honor. You know, but it really is. But found on her, especially because muse, because how many times is music been the thing for me yet ending. You know standing at the abyss, saying it's not really an abyss, so you can go in there. You can go there. Is your come back?
Yeah we occasionally get you know. People often do you know it's people that are trying in high school. My trying to come out and night fell, help them with that, and I try to think of this that it's like when I usually respond to them with is I'm just. So glad that this could be useful to you in a way that art other art has been useful to me. Do you know this? to be of use by Bill Callaghan. We talked about this had now it sir I'll look of Lewis and read it to you, and you will think from the opening text you'll see. Why are you reading this one better, but we'll get there? It's a remarkable is expressing exactly what we're talking about. Most of my fantasies are making some
What else come most? My fantasies are to be of use to be of some hard, simple undeniable use. Like a spindle like a candle like a horse, you like a corkscrew to be of use to be of use. Most of my fantasies are making some one else come on a horse over palms, it on the threshold of the coming day, coming Billy Billy saw is, is one of the greatest we have ever and is essential. People talk about the soldier with he had one, I think the lowest point ever. I was listening to us on by him called too many birds I just couldn't get away from it and it was worse things where it was like you can
Thank you all the way down to the bottom and show you. The bottom is not a place that has to hold. You have that other people have gone there and come back to that. Is that it's a real place and, like any other place, you can breathe. There's not outer space, so you join cost or as a member of the music tapes and neutral milk hotel. He also creates real and beautiful audio fiction, including the pod cast, the orbiting human circus of the air that takes place in a ball room at the top of the Eiffel Tower Julian Approach, the task of covering the mountain goats, unlike any other guests, on the seas, but before we get there. Let's talk about how Julian and John meant We psychically found each other in London at a hairy cushion the cafe. Day was wild because I was on my honeymoon and and there was doing neutral milks, do you like to do just that?
stayed on tour for so long and because I had seen them a little in San Francisco like a week before right and then that I will then there was when I was onto a heading down to my wedding and I'm married, and then we flew to England like we can have later, and there was usually milk hotel at the windows in them can equipment within the narrow who took a very populated neighbourhood, but you I always used to seek out the deficient restaurants by think, Julian? Do we discuss? Were you on the ninety four neutral milk hotel to the played CUP of J in income? Monica aid remember the cup of J, but lately I think, as we were saying, I don't really remember a lot of stuff from then I think he lay so Do you remember finding you and in London because we then yeah we ve been in California, we moved in playing out. There is tourists to restock festival, which is an amazing festival. And then we had flown out to London, and we were,
starving in, and we were trying to find vegetarian food in London, which was- This is before. I knew that there is no new. There is a thousand in restaurants, every ten feet in London, and and so we Somebody is like others. Is this, commissioner, the restaurant which we sort of new, the freshness stuff, because they would set up free food on college campuses and stuff which we were all pretty addicted to cause. They were, you know they give you free food and it was really nice. So we went stumbling through London, where our jet lag and we found the place and standing like right in front of it was John, whom we is left in San Francisco, so very, very confused. And in their remember, you are incredibly energetic you're. Obviously you must have an you're on your honeymoon figure. You looks well plus me me
thirty, two thousand three or so had a really I'm a huge amount of adrenalin I'd like that. You now allow people really bombed when I started a little older- and I was very really is the the amount of just free energy I had floating around at any given time back in those days was pre scorching this chill. It's exactly how I remember you that's a funny. I married you being your kind of like a squirrel. No, Zack lose. It was an incandescent energy. I mean a thing is like: I can't complain about it, because The totally like you know, that's what people found entertaining on stage is like codes visit. There is, I looked kind of like the sun didn't, but the boy I was. I was a little relieved wins. So little of that started to ebb as it was a lot yeah. Yeah Tiffany, I'm sorry about that. Cuz. I let you know. I haven't really seen you since then, but that's that was. You were yeah and I always feel like every time I saw you. I was either jet lagged her or I just like woken up or something- and I was just like I couldn't even keep up
but that didn't and now so that here's the interesting thing, though we ve, so we found you in front of this Krishna restaurant like bouncing off the walls, even more so with happiness because you are on your honeymoon, And we're a gelatin in interest half out of our minds, but then it turns out you're act, Leah, high Krishna. That moment the I was going to say I wasn't like in in his gun the disease for regulations. You spoke follow, and I really only ever followed. Vegetarian is one that gives us a chance. Sixteen rounds today that takes three or four hours stood to chant sixteen rounds of the modern beads and an early return to full sixteen rounds a couple times I chant at every day, but the city rounds. I mean that This was why govern like three or four in the morning he around started, and I couldn't do that by then, if I said it up again. Now I have a better chance to this. Leave a lot less
The US is for rags to supposed to follow that didn't follow, but I did keep deities to have them actually about, but I don't offer my food to them anymore because you are just doing the vegetarian, so we were actually one quarter, a hurry, Krishna, at that point, we are doing the detained thing. Serbia will exacerbate values. If only doesn't work. That way very well know the thing is so there's a teaching in the religion that says that even the smallest amount of service counts is he gets. One was gentle teaching? is that, if you I mean one thing always liked about it, there was that you know in in Twentyth century Christianity or nineteenth revival, Christianity, its That's what you mean It's is. How do you feel in your heart is what counts, but turning to show the probable part is not about what you mean it's about. What you do so. If you chant Hari Krishna is not about whether you feeling it or not. It's about whether you do it right
and, and I always thought I was gonna- call lose its less about your feelings than it is about your actions so so so even eating illegal windows, you get a little bit of of benefit teaching them. As I say, I dont really followed anymore, although I still look over there bookshelves, as you have all my is con books from back then and lake. Well, I dont really rhythm anymore, but it would be. You're funny to get rid of them. We were talkin a few upsets ago ass, Craig fan about that approach to religion that it's the one that makes the most sense to me having been raised, jewish that to me, religion is a thing you do and what you think about. That thing or believe about that thing is kind of a relevant, So I have a hard time wrapping my head around a lot of faith based religions, but where it's it's a set of practices and those practices become your life and that life becomes a religion that that totally makes sense
I think the older religion is the more likely to follow that precept is what I think I think. Eventually, religion becomes a collection of behaviors and younger religions. Like Christianity tend to be about your feelings, you now and then I think, as Christianity, Christianity, ages and grows. It will become a things like so the catholic church grows out of order tradition. So it immediately goes. Look no one cares. I feel I hear if you pay the Roseman shop at church answer, but the protestant moment besides, the enlightenment That kind of stuff we were man becomes the center of the universe, Qatar We of course for humankind. Well, what do you think? That's birdie think really has become more or less forgiving as they get all I'm not much more yeah agri.
I'm because immature, because we know this in miniature in your own life that as a person as you grow, you become more forgiving and more able to see other people side of things and and and less likely to say of somebody who messes up. You know well you're off my list now you know it's like you, of doing that was when you younger you more likely to go, we fucked up and you fucked up for good. I can't be friend anymore, you know and as you grow you stop doing that I think religions are you know Our people do in a sense. There is a bigger expression till it takes longer for them to reach that face there there's a nice story, but I think its basic denizen. I think it is about a there's, an abby as it is here that word. A baby is already I think that we have only ever seen it written yeah yeah yeah, that's what it's from those things were so he's. Gonna is on a ship on a voyage and in this in the middle of the ocean and theirs this island that some of the sailors are getting sort of excited about passing because their these there's the
three hermits who live on the island, their brothers and this in their apparently forever. The Abbe can't quit make sense of the stories, because all the others sailors tell these stories that seem impossible. But how long you, ve been there in the abbey wants to go, see them and There are a kind of religious aesthetics there. They actually just sit on that island and pray and taste team, incredibly old, and he doesn't even understand how they they eat or anything and the Abbe but praying all wrong. They don't actually know any anymore, her prayers and so he started teach Stan and heat. It is then one of the kind of Maine. Proper prayers that you say and an end, and he gives them, I think rosaries, and then he goes off on the ship and leaves them behind and about
half a day out in the middle of the ocean, suddenly sate they. They see this crazy light approaching the ship and the like, gets closer and closer in the abbey on the deck and The three brothers and their running on the water and to get closer and closer and they run up under the deck of the nation they're out of breath and they grabbed the and Abbe Uneasy Abbe Abbe. You have to come back. We we try. But we forget that prayer, you taught us and ass the story, you know it's weird Julia exist, I think it's probably earlier- and this season since for recording out of order, I'm not sure exactly where. But I told us a jewish story that is very similar to that where, where it's a rabbi, except for now
one it's their rabbi, tries to teach. Someone had a prey and later he finds out that God considers this person's prayers, the the most valuable prayers in the world, and he goes back to find out how the person has been praying and the person explains that they immediately forgot the prayers, but they just been saying, alpha bet, assuming that got well figure out how to put it into the correct order? I love that one and now I must I have to share my homily joke the one that I remember, a priest tilling way back when I am very fond of because I remember when I first heard it. I was like a teenager and I thought that's corny man, that's really corneas, hell and then, as I grow, I remembered egg, that's a she really good story. This. I really is not as funny like it its nervous laughter from the congregation you know as I do. Oak is not a great joke, but as as a story about God. It's totally excellent, so here is It is a lesson from her it before.
The town is gonna flood right did. The rain is coming in, the river is rising and, and the the mayor goes, tv and radio and says Hey it's going to flood. Everybody needs to evacuate the town and most, nobody says you're back even of a pious man in town says you have to stay here. I trust God to rescue me and if the water comes and begins to rise and a rescue team comes by in a in a boat to the house, says: hey, we know you're still in there come out, come out and save yourself and the guy. You know I'm trusting in God. God will save me. Ok and they but goes away in the water rises in the guy gets up on his roof any sitting there. A helicopter comes via this year through a mega had yet you have to evacuate, you're gonna drown and the guys is me I put my faith in God. I don't need a helicopter anybody and so there after leaves in the waters rising demand rounds and at the pretty gates
he's letting you just look like. I demand an audience with God. God has betrayed and failed me in this. Okay, what you guys went over there and he goes up and he says Lord Put my faith in you. And you did not rescue me- you know I remained faithful to the very end and you let me die and guides you, the mare, I sent you a motor boat, essential helicopter I think I that's very profound one because it is actually true is actually looks for looks to speak for the burning bush. But actually God is the guy you run into gives you good advice. Do you guys know the flip side of of of John Story, the one about the guy looking for the parking space no to the sky is is driving been driving in New York City. And looking for parking space for on the upper West side for like in spent three hours and he's just beside himself he's going to miss what he's? What he's there to see you there to see if you had Peter Tickets- and you just says God if you give me
parking place. I will stop smoking. I will never look at another woman again other than my wife. I was eating properly and I will pray and that you weren't church every Sunday are talking about how music becomes. Because I was made for church jokes, I love these jokes. These are my favorites so we know in the in the earlier part of this episode the part that you weren't around four talking about how music becomes what it's written and it is out there it s kind of The musician no longer has the quake control over it and it becomes something that belongs to each person at listen to it, and for since it is song, even though thing in lyrics, is really about this. It became very much a song about my father's death and Your cover is, is I think, of very much an illustration of this, because its, I think about it
our from a straightforward cover, as we have in this season. In it it came let us have of arranging at this way, came to you through a dream rank yeah, it's from a dream. It was a dream Two prefaces. By saying that I am incredibly conscious of music and dreams. I often weak myself up if I hear music in a dream, because I try to go recorder irc it into a tape recorder, something this I was having the stream and us remember these dreams really well, because I do that and in their dream I was in a city, but it was in New York City. Where I live there was is, and I was holding I had a bag, a plastic bag. Full of will, utter with the goldfish in it like like yet when you're a little kid, I actually got one. When I was at school, I think they can first greater kindergartner, something it it was,
currently this feeling of one as a child. I remember, and it is very much the same in the dream. It was this kind of precious feeling his as you know is. It is maybe a small fish balls amount of water, but it again it was just like in a plastic bag that was tied off at the top or something in, and there is little fish swimming around in it and I'm holding its entire universe in my hands. And I had to com. I was a kid in industry- means as working like, I said in some city and in some kind of holding it up and for my face, and I'm watching the fish which is sort of like watching the big fish swim around the city and it was sort of it sort of amplified, and you know more banging into each other in cities and there's a lot of walking in a lot of cars and so that part of the dream was very scary because, as is the same, please just trying to protect the fish, but then I was at a party which is, I don't know how that happened, but that's how you knew dreams are and
This cocktail party and everybody was incredibly well dressed and it was very fancy and I didn't have the fish anymore, but I remembered the fish and office parties really scary for me, because I am not greets of terrible socially, especially parties. That kind of a social situation. And in this is full of incredibly fancy people. But the thing was that I realized that I didn't have the goldfish, because I it down on this bad. It was in this bed where people were throwing their jackets and I suddenly realized, like someone, could throw their jack on top of it in and enter her the fish no socially incredibly anxious but for some reason I couldn't go back to the bedroom right into the bedroom was I couldn't find it but the sun, was playing. Meanwhile, and everybody was really into this music, and it was this. This kind of very strange, spacey, crazy music, and I it actually started coming me down listening to it comforting me,
and also just interesting me, and I think it around that time was when it sort of kicked in the musical arm in my brain. What offers like music dream? Your dreaming- and I woke up- and I went, I sang it to make Cassandra quarter and then I think it was until the next day that I was listening to it, and I remembered it. I remembered you because was really distinct thing. It was crazy, is a crazy record on and like an old record and suddenly listen. The millionaires like, oh, my God is John Song. It's that song idea and saw I just want to cover, was done basically like I knew that was. It was like. Ok, that's what I I have to do is just recreate that, but it was already done. Can I say if there was a podcast called Julian's dreams? I would listen to it, I love this dude every week subscriber and I would- and I would I would support your patriotic. Thank you. I have
news. There's a podcast caught orbiting circus. You should give it a listen. It's I think, is clear so that as its two thousand, we better get a patriotic man do something about that you about looking at a thing going law. at my mind, approach this before my before my conscious, mind gets at it, you know and then, and then something about when you're cover resolves into the melody was just so. You know It is a way of hearings. I think you know if you listen to music, were you going to sleep, the light, sing. You here before you, drift off is kind of the truest encounter with the music in some ways. I think yeah yeah thinking about stories or music? at that moment, when you're almost to sleep, that's yeah! That's that's, really really really, article I love have you ever begun
realized that you're beginning to see two hallucinate or that you're beginning to dream. I mean in a funny the dreamy, hallucination yeah, oh yeah same thing and it's so wonderful, it's so wonderful to be conscious. That is happening in it's ok and an end, and your is falling into it and that's that's exactly what you gonna do its decision nice moment. Yes, very intense when that happens with dreams regal, oh
oh I'm, I'm I'm getting to be present for a little of this before conscious me slip. So really incredible to think and we need to do.
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