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2017-07-11 | 🔗

A brand new podcast from Dylan Marron (the voice of Carlos the Scientist) and Night Vale Presents: Conversations with People Who Hate Me. 

Conversations with People Who Hate Me takes hateful conversations online and turns them into productive conversations offline. As a writer and video maker who focuses on social justice issues, Dylan Marron receives a lot of negative messages on the internet. In this new podcast he calls some of the folks who wrote them to ask one simple question: why? What follows is a complicated and sometimes hilarious navigation of two strangers getting to know each other.

Season 1 premieres on July 31, with new episodes released weekly.

Produced by Night Vale Presents, the people who brought you Welcome to Night Vale, Alice Isn't Dead, Within the Wires, and The Orbiting Human Circus (of the Air).

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Hi. Is this Josh yeah, it's just so back in January, you wrote, you are the most pathetic human being. I have ever seen on the internet in my entire life job what inspired you to write. That message I am Dylan Marin and I'm starting a new podcast called conversations with people who hate me. It's an interview series where I get to know some of the people behind the negative and hateful messages I've received on the internet. You wrote to me: you're, a moron you're. The reason this country is dividing itself. All of your videos are merely opinion and an awful opinion. I must say: Dylan Marin represents some of the worst aspects of liberalism. When the police aren't there sensitive young men like you, will be the first to go, also being gay as a chemicals thing in your body but similar to addictions, that people have it's an addiction that you can control.
Good thing. Nobody watches your shit, but hey you're, probably getting ten bucks, a video, so whatever so I wanted to use the serious not to shut down the people who disagree with me, but to actually talk with them. What sparked you to send that national message I would agree about it. I'd actually started a few different popular people on Facebook, but your back, the only one message fact. Although Ledged bought of easy holders, especially on abortion or add a couple of heart, build them, let me tell you, I fear, Bible. What did you think that I would read the method? Not really. I see this pod cast his away. The ticket full jobs online and turn them into productive conversations, coughed you're about to graduate Thyssen right. How is high school for you. Am I allowed you to you double hockey world? Oh yeah,
you're allowed to really there right now, even though I do I mean that that's awful, I mean I also just want to let you know Josh. I was bullied and high school to know it doesn't always go well and you said for the most part. I agree with what Dylan Marin says, but I want to launch out his smug sanctimonious face whenever his videos appear on Facebook? I was often ambassador reached fuck, but this podcast is ultimately about the fact that behind the keyboard, we're just people do you regret writing this post about no, because I'm having a wonderful conversation with you right now. Do you hate me now? I don't hate you. I hate my boyfriend. I did so by for him
because he's missing out on all the if you hated that's ok, maybe you'll be a guest on the show. This podcast is actually called conversations with PETE oh, who hate me, do I dont know more, hey you. Don't you no longer haven and say you did I no longer you, you know why? Because you're willing to listen, I'm listening to you, you listen to me and that the most important the conversations people who helped me coming very soon to a place where you listen to pack casts.
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